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  1. Meantime....sad business. I've just added a rehomed grey to my own canine family, he's such a lovely kind dog....I hadn't really taken much notice of the greyhound world until now, and I'm appalled at the apparent goings-on in the industry. Having said that, the GAP programme seems to work well and is ( apparently) funded by GRNZ...which is more than the galloping lot can manage.
  2. What reserves? Have some savings been discovered under a mattress somewhere? I am guessing that the loan has been rolled over for another year [ don't loans have interest to be paid as well.....? ] until the BIUC and POC windfalls come rolling in to save us. And they can't 'live within their means' because Winston has instructed RITA to maintain stakes at their current levels. I'm told - gleefully - that stakes will definitely go up next season. I should have thought that debt servicing would take care of a fair chunk of any realised extra income.
  3. Yes, agree - and better brains than mine have suggested same. Successive Ministers from either persuasion have indicated ' racing, get your house in order ' first, before approaching with the begging bowl. That said, a Minister does have the prerogative to intercede with the R.B on certain matters. Not the codes, which - IMO - are as big a problem as the runaway R.B.....but the last few R.B appointments have been dire, as was the last Minister. I was told , by a very experienced administrator, that he once had a conversation with the then Racing Minister Annette King. She said ' how do you deal with these people? I would gladly help - if I could - but there are so many factions, all wanting this and that and no-one can agree. It's like herding cats . '
  4. What's happened in this sorry saga ?
  5. To get back to the Weir biso - I was trying to work out how to put my thoughts, but Thommo had it in a nutshell. The ' torture' aspect is all to do with the horse's confinement. Many legends of the training ranks have used 'jiggers' or 'prodders' to get a specific response. You would be surprised at the great names in the list...my former boss used jiggers on the odd occasion ...there's an amusing story connected to one incident but I won't digress just yet..! How does a human train an animal to modify its behaviour ? a horse should ALWAYS be confident, relaxed and happy to be with you, he should understand [ if handled sensibly ] that a rub around his head and ears is what he can expect if he brings his head to you. He should NEVER be handled roughly around the head. But how does one explain to a horse what is wanted outside of that? write him a letter? put him in the naughty corner ? The best operators present the horse with options. The preferred option should always result in a pleasant experience for the horse, the not -wanted option should be less pleasant. Whether that is a firm tug on the headcollar / chifney if ignoring the leader, hand pressure becoming a dig in the ribs if moving over is required; or a stronger leg aid, or a reinforcement of the leg aid with a whip or spur - the horse has the OPTION . He can remove the stimulus he doesn't care for by responding - in this case, go forward - or ignore the request and receive a stronger command. His reward is the cessation of the stimulus. The hammering of horses with whips raceday is an extension of that principle. The whip is applied to [ supposedly ] galvanise greater effort by the animal. But, if the horse is already doing its best, and the whip continues to be applied, what message does that give? it can't remove the annoyance by going faster, and eventually, it has to slow down...at which point the encumbrance on top sits up. That horse has now been taught to give up when hit. To think that a professional horseman could confine a horse and repeatedly apply a stimulus that it cannot answer is torture indeed. Nothing to do with electric fences. Any smart horse won't touch one after the first lesson, and I've seen clever ponies carefully listening for the pulse of the current and diving through to greener pastures at the right moment. No fear there, just [ again ] a conditioned response.
  6. That's pretty much what I meant, but obviously didn't express it very well. If a club hands its licence in, surely, in that case, it's assets would be unable to be touched? ...and sadly, yes, I'm aware of the Plunket scenario described above..
  7. Many of the rural areas are National-held electorates, I have spoken with Andrew Falloon for one, I can't see how Winston will ever get the support for this. And another thought just occurred to me; if a racing club de-registered itself [ or whatever is the appropriate action ] and then ceases to become a racing club, NZTR /NZRB can whistle Dixie, they will have no authority over the land even IF the unthinkable legislative change occurs.
  8. Yes, of course it is..most of us concur there...but, again, as I pointed out to Reefton, you'd be staggered if you knew who and how many think that course is perfectly reasonable. A must-do, in fact.
  9. That's the point though, if the legislation to support that stance ( and I can't see how that will happen, but still. .) is enacted, it will be legal to take the land and assets. Not moral or ethical, but legal.
  10. Agree absolutely. That is, however, how the process will be justified.
  11. You'd probably be surprised to realise who and how many think that nicking land assets is the way to go....as well as swallowing the notion that small clubs are costing megadollars.
  12. That is how I would interpret things. The mantra is that ' assets have been accrued as a direct result of industry funds ' ....but if a club is NOT licenced, and its land assets have been acquired through a direct gift, or leased from a community, I fail to see how NZRB/NZTR can dictate.
  13. I can see a lot of time spent in the Courts over this land grab...again, no one will win out of this scenario - IMO.
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