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BOAY Punters Club 2019

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TOTAL AFTER WEEK 18 $8437.45 ( $421 PER SHARE)

Well not our week this week with all the roughies but hey we still got $161.70 for our efforts. So onto the second to last week and Al Foxton Beach to get those wheels into overdrive and get that beach buggy full speed to the closest TAB. Please find enclosed below receipts for the agreed $20 per week going to Ronald McDonald House and then decision needs to be made re the next donation whether it will be a set amount from the prize pool (eg 5 or10%) or if up to the individual to advise me how much they want taken out of their personal share? Then I was thinking we keep the wheels spinning and start the new club maybe after a 2 week break(quick freshen up, allow for new members if any are keen and back into it). Also if any one has a charity they would love to support for the next club I am open to ideas as I love the idea of giving back and I am pretty sure no one is missing the extra $1 they put in each week. If no one has any that are close to their heart I would love to put forward Heart Kids Otago as they really looked after Sarah & the kids at this end while Connor and I were in Starship. Sorry for the big write up have an awesome week all




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