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Blood Spinning

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10 hours ago, Happy Sunrise said:


I really don't know how you come to that conclusion.

At the bigger meetings, the All Stars win most of the group races so if that suits your betting style that is lucky. The others are trying but are generally not good enough.

You should bet at Auckland where the prize money is the similar to Cup Day in the lesser races. I can't be told trainers are not trying up there.

I imagine you don't bet on gallops either as there are so many variables (excuses), far more than harness. 

It is hard enough to get a win let alone mucking around pretending a horse is good enough to pick and choose.



No, i think both addington and auckland have too many relations, mates, driving and training for it to be fair. 

Christ, team driving has been around a long time, just more obvious in the past few years. 

Just hope inca biff a few out for a few years, will tell others involved that the dodgy shit wont be tolerated. 

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