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  1. Yea this site used to be fun and enjoyable but the certain few have ruined that for sure
  2. This post just backs up my statement of the toxic thread that is dogs. Too many personal attacks
  3. I see you have taken the ability for me to private message you. Whole mailbox is gone?? PM are the initials of person i speak of. Dont think she needs to be named as she has been called enough insults on here by several of your dog posters (i call them keyboard trolls not posters though)
  4. You have locked the threads down so you are well aware what i am talking about dont play dumb. unless you dont know what your locking ??
  5. Admin to be able to edit club members and my own posts e.g updating resulted bets without having to write another post etc. And im not going to bite at your other comment you dont know me ,you only know what you have heard about me and to this day i still dont agree of some of the low comments made about woman on this site but posters still remain to be able to post them
  6. Support is a broad term CS. At one stage my admin rights had gone and was also outted for reporting personal abuse that should of been squashed immediately but wasnt and again the same person was not protected on your site which was the final straw for me. Maybe we have a different meaning of support
  7. And also would like to point out to my knowledge BOAY platform had not been used by myself to discuss alt site this has been done by my own personal email
  8. From me? I approached everyone the same way and she was already out before the move was even mentioned.
  9. I will give my input on why the club moved. 1. PJ's comp moved and some on my members do both so seemed wise to be on the same site for ease. 2. There is a forum on here that is IMO very toxic and dont see a positive thread on it (and if you try positive you get shut down)- by negative posters not BOAY admin to be clear 3. Final straw for me was the constant attack of a person on this site and the hurtful personal accusations towards her and not the first time. seems to be once someone has a axe to grind they just keep sharpening and wont stop. I have no ill feelings against BOAY nor the chief whatsoever and i hope the feeling it mutural.
  10. Hi CS Is the charity comment directed at me? As charity in last club was declared from the start and agreed on by members.
  11. I personally have not had any dealings with you and you did not factor in the move
  12. I have never had any dealings with the poster named but i think some of the club members dont like the way they act but he had no bearing on the move
  13. Sorry only just realized about this thread. Too be honest strike rate has been poor but too be honest its been more about friendship and a combined passion for racing. And for small punters watching $400 worth of bets going around instead of their $20 has an enjoyment factor. We have been close to the big collect so many times.
  14. Winners Hall of Fame Andy- $820 Smiler- $731 Nek- $707.90 Moosey- $692.20 Steve Paul- $689.50 Tom- $677.50 Tiger Tim- $677 Group 1- $551.60 Mardy- $483.90 Blind Sq- $454.90 Bryce- $440 Brownfox- $336.20 Chestnut- $327.75 Porky- $307 McCooks- $236.20 Al F- $170 Richie- $161.70 Sir G- $143 TOTAL $8607.35
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