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    • 'L' day sees some L ovely horses in action in the quiz. Can anyone guess some of these ? have a t crack at one or two if you think you have it.... Q1/ This great horse did it all really and this beautifully built horse might become a siring sensation ? Q2/ This great horse , also a stunning 'Looker' knocked off the Aussies in the Miracle mile in his fine career and you could always see him 'Flashing' home late in race with his mane and tail very flash indeed.. Q3/ And some double LL's in the horse's name. This bloke clearly the best with a great career and resume with junior driver Mango piloting him to numerous wins before the Iceman took over and kept it going. Q4/ This double LL caused quite a sensation when 'face-planting ' into the Addington track in a feature race , and taking out 8 of his opponents in the process ? Q5/ This double LL horse was one of the 5 left standing (racing) when horse Q4 bit the deck. He sadly ran 5th. He was good enough to make the Interdominion Final at Addington 3 years later but found the great Q6 Aussie too big and too strong lol.... The Aussies to get to Nz shores and make an impact ........ Q6/ This brilliant Aussie (kiwibred really but don't tell anyone) is the One and Only Australian trained horse to win both the Interdominion Final and the Nz Cup on Nz soil. what a little champ .... Q7/ Kerryn Manning not only did well with Arden Rooney in Nz but took out an Auckland feature with this great trotting mare one year as well .? Q8/ Picture Clue./ Have a go at this horses brilliant Gait ?? why did we need American breeds with Pacing like this? Without hopples and all ? And this horse set a World Record ? Who is this magnificent animal and what was the record?
    • Freda, you were robbed. Your lass got caught with her pants down and by the time she had pulled them up, the race was over. Next time for sure.
    • Ash Barty won Wimbledon last year at a young age and was getting better each year. Now just retired ??!!?? The Idiots running tournaments, pay them TOO MUCH money and some are happy to go and play golf instead lol. Ash retired at 26 years old with roughly 20 mill ....lol.... And now we are stuck with this Horrid Nick Kyrgios repping Australia , and once again abusing all and sundry for the umpteenth time , Including members of the Public now ..... NO Other Sport would they tolerate his antics. In the heated battle of footy any abuse of the ref is just not tolerated. Disgrace to Tennis this Kyrgios Mug is ......
    • The most appalling display of race riding I have ever seen in Race 1 at Riccarton.  Evey Jockey should be hauled before the Stipes and charged. Doesn't any Jockey in the South Island know how to judge pace? They were literally walking at one stage - describing it as a canter would be overstating the pace! Appalling.   I await the Stipes report with interest.  I'm sure they have the stopwatches working in the bunker now measuring the sectionals.  Maybe not.....
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