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    • Hope we get a telecast again...my Sky planner is telling me that channel is unavailable.
    • This could be the first time you've been 'right' on something for over a year?? Its a disgraceful episode of mammout proportions.... ...however it's symptomatic of NZ's naivety when it comes to wagering 101... ...competition for the wagering dollar, rails bookies, minimum betting limits et el are a complete mystery to our TAB white shirts and NZ's wagering community ...hell, even Bernie Ordinary couldn't understand wtf MBL's were when popped the question.... ...he thought it was the responsibility of the TAB to adopt them...when it's in fact the Governing body...NZTR Whats clear is that our TAB are shit scared of the sexist Boyz get pLAYED... Theyve threatened to go off shore before so Thad and his boy wonders started bawling their eyes out and aq wee essed to demands issued Girls blouses unbuttoned are them
    • I’m in paddock on spell, but Trojan Horse walked by so close, close enough for Karrots to take a nip at him. Some facts not fiction: Harness side The last 100 topics on here, none have been started by JJ (Trojan Horse). Yet JJ (Trojan Horse) has started 11 out of the last 25 topics on RC. The latest topic JJ (Trojan Horse) started on RC was called “2y-os” - 20th Jan. Karrots started a topic here called “2 y-os & yearling sales” - 13th Jan. INTERESTING FACT, JJ (Trojan Horse), has never added to Karrots 2y-o topic here, not ONCE posted a comment. Karrots turning around and swishing tail in Trojan Horse face on exit.
    • You are missing the point Gammalite - the Fixed Odds Bet that BGP took was not available to ANYONE ELSE at ANY ODDS.
    • Why was the Quinella tote pool for the race nearly twice that of any of the others and disproportionately different to the Win/Place pools compared to other races?   JJ once again you are showing your ignorance with regard to wagering.  The takeout for the tote pools is a declared % - it has to be by law.  THe Statutory Deduction is 21% NZ Only Pool and 17.5% for a Commingled Pool.
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