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  1. You are projecting Holey Pasta. You have no depth to your argument because you don't really understand what you are spewing forth. As for your ad hominem attacks they are as inaccurate as you political assertions. I did make the debating team three years in a row as third speaker. I had a reputation for quick wit, rapier style rebuttal and immolating my opponents. No doubt now you will respond with more slogans in your misguided crusade against neoliberalism not that you understand the term nor have any coherent alternative!
  2. Read your own posts. You talk a load of crap about things you obviously have no idea about. That is made even more apparent when you are questioned and found wanting. Then you roll out another set of slogans and dogma which you clearly have no understanding about.
  3. I guess that's why you repeat doctrine and dogma in the form of slogans and cliches.
  4. You are starting to sound more and more like an academic. Cindy needs you!.
  5. So what? You're obsessed with bagging Key. Focus on the here and now! Fortress NZ was first described and planned by Professor Michael Baker et al in 2018!!! Cindy bought it hook line and sinker! Wrecked nothing certainly by comparison to this current mob. Bollocks. Serious headwinds headed our way Shit gets worse - don't tell me you support the Maori Party?!
  6. As is NZ's ability to pay and its ability to sustain global shocks. You watch what happens to inflation when petrol is $3 a litre by Christmas. As for your illiterate rants about Key. I suggest you use your energy to tackle the here, now and future instead of wallowing in blaming the past. Adern has made many promises none of which she has kept. An absolute failure for the country and economy and now failing on Covid. Her only tool in her repertoire is to take away freedoms and democracy.
  7. The Government no longer has any desire to limit spread. The two cases in Northland were people allowed to travel from Auckland. I bet it is the same for the Blenheim case. Actually from Te Awamutu via Rotorua. The cynic in me says they are deliberately seeding the rest of the country to scare people into vaccination. Someone I know travelled from Whangarei through Auckland to Wellington, ferry to Picton and then onto Nelson and back again last week. All allowed and legit.
  8. It's not an exaggeration. The amount is fact. How else you describe QE? The purchase of Government debt bonds by the Reserve Bank with funds they created that have no links to real assets! Printed albeit virtual! The debt to GDP ratio was 16% and declining when this Government was elected. It is now ramping quickly past 44% and spiralling upwards. What's more this Government has been surreptitiously purchasing private assets with the printed money further fuelling inflation and property prices. Socialism at its best. You obviously don't keep up with the state
  9. It was by no means universal agreement. I'd prefer the targeted strategy that Sweden engaged which was per the globally agreed pandemic management strategies prior to Covid-19. That is just like ours was before Ardern lost her head and listened to the modelling idiots. You contradict yourself so readily. A poor economy leads to poor health outcomes. Many many countries in the world are evidence of that. NZ printed $120b in debt to fund consumption when $10b could have fixed our health system and provided 100's more ICU beds. The lack of the latter being the primary bottle
  10. Because New Zealanders don't want to work for low wages in adverse conditions which Filipinos view as luxurious conditions. New Zealanders would rather get paid $40k a year to attend 12 committee meetings and go to the races.
  11. Not when the disease is manageable from a productivity perspective and prevalent in all our major trading partners and competitors. You could compare it to the fools errand of fortress NZ and eliminating Covid-19. $120b debt and growing on that futile exercise.
  12. No you said there were more empty homes than there were individuals looking. That is not a crisis of supply but one of availability. That said Government regulation and intervention has restricted supply and distorted the market. This Government has made house inflation worse by entering the market with their QE printed dollars. This has happened at Central and local government levels.
  13. What prejudices? You are the one that starting posting political cliches left, centre and right! QE isn't a medicine. In my opinion it is a very flawed monetary tool. FFS getting back to racing it has given us three very unproductive and costly AWT's!
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