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  1. I've been watching online. My TV is old and I don't have SKY.
  2. You are missing the point Gammalite - the Fixed Odds Bet that BGP took was not available to ANYONE ELSE at ANY ODDS.
  3. Why was the Quinella tote pool for the race nearly twice that of any of the others and disproportionately different to the Win/Place pools compared to other races? JJ once again you are showing your ignorance with regard to wagering. The takeout for the tote pools is a declared % - it has to be by law. THe Statutory Deduction is 21% NZ Only Pool and 17.5% for a Commingled Pool.
  4. Like who for example? Come on JJ show your colours? Two sides to every story.
  5. 202 as well. I like 205 the Ocean Park colt.
  6. Make sure you tune in today at 1pm. The first five lots today are crackers. All well bred, correct and good lookers. The next five aren't that bad either. Certainly overall the draft today is a step up from yesterday. Perhaps the end and beginning of the Alphabet has a better collection of mares!
  7. I can see the JJ scurry backwards starting! See that is where you AND the TAB get it so wrong. In their (and your) arrogance you have no idea of what makes the average punter tick. You confuse a promotion that is available to all with this "one bet" as you call it. The irony/contradiction of encouraging punters to bet onshore rather than offshore while openly rogering them is beyond belief. Cause and effect! Did you know that some offshore agencies have been offering Fixed Odds Quinella's for some time? Unless you are the BGP and you want such a bet where are you going to go? You w
  8. It doesn't matter if they did or didn't offload on the tote. The bet was still subsidised by other punters. It was a ONE bet book with no other players. BGP vs TAB. The TAB was playing with industry revenue!
  9. Geez you have some "unfathomable arguments at times!" As it has been pointed out to you more than once now that: It was an expensive way to "promote" a supposedly "new" betting option particularly when it had negative impacts on their loyal customers; The issue that most intelligent people have with the bet had nothing to do with it being a winning or losing bet however if you look at it in those terms - BGP won - the TAB lost (aka they lost OUR revenue); The issues are - the exclusivity of the bet, the premium price offered and the offloading of their liability on the t
  10. That's one of the biggest issues. A question for TAB NZ - will you offer a BOAY punter's club an exclusive Quinella this Saturday? Please contact admin@bitofayarn.com with your offer. It appears that they may have offloaded on the tote pool and as you say robbing the loyal punters. Probably did that offload at the same time as we saw their Advert encouraging us not to bet offshore!
  11. They did respond and the questions we asked were quite direct. No - I asked YOU to post YOUR questions here. Our team here will gladly answer them for you without any spin.
  12. Please do go out in sympathy. If you are not here promoting another forum (your echo chamber) why don't you post your questions here for us to see?
  13. So they promote losers like BGP? Give them exclusive betting options at premium "gift" prices and at wagering amounts that are not available to anyone else. Why?
  14. BOAY was the first to initiate contact with the NZRB/RITA CEO. Others were followers. As for it being "a good read" - it is in the same vein as the manufactured spin we see pumped out regularly from NZRB/RITA/TAB NZ/Whateverthenextname and regurgitated by the likes of yourself.
  15. Waikato Bay of Plenty Harness Inc night meeting to be held atCambridge Raceway. Details can be found at: https://www.hrnz.co.nz WARNING: Details are subject to change. Please check at the above Website. Published by HRNZ as at: Sun 24 Jan @ 9:10 pm.
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