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Harness Punting Selections

Harness racing punting selections from Guest Selectors.  BOAY'ers post your selections for a meeting and earn BOAY points.  End of Season Prizes.

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    • com'on Walt . Cecil (my fellow Tasmanian ) got a bit lucky there ? 😆😂 you are more likely to see the '1' rather than that '2' next to the great chestnut superhorse.  maybe i just wanted you to have a nice evening out 1981 november evening and let him on past. What if he didn't run ? liked to Not Score Up at times . A lot of travel to dwell at the start old mate 😎 Better manners you get from the beasty Gammalite 😎.  At least he gets going and gets in the mix ? even to this very day 😂😁
    • absolutely ..Surely the only way you are tarnished is if found guilty and convicted. the horsepeoples reputation as a good horseperson might not be damaged anyway. Mark Pitt is constantly winning Big races driving for Emma Stewart these days , and had a moment of madness at Cobram with another fine horseman , Nathan Jack . who is back doing well too. i think even though they were guilty and did time (did the crime >>  paid with some time DQ ) now back winning races (as is Shane Graham in Queensland ) and all the tarnish ??? well just a thing of the past .. more of a blemish... only just ? 😆 so the kiwis are effected mentally for life ? Surely Not ???  they weren't named officially , and were found Not guilty , and continued training/driving right through the 5 years ?? No Problem then for anyone . wouldn't even register a blip on the blemish meter lol...😂  
    • I think the mark would of been Very Black indeed if they convicted a swag of the professional Nz harness racing folk. Probably better they didn't . now it can fade away quietly. Funnily enough ,  even though many race fixers are convicted in Australia , no -one takes much notice as the reputation for 'red hots' is already there lol 😆 .. the persons do their time and then get re-licensed and then get on with it. positive swabs are more of a problem as the offenders are like drug Addicts and keep re-offending lol.... no INCA needed but maybe we need......... Oz Harness Re-Hab ???😂
    • when you are saying "ratting on". No idea who you mean but it sounds like your suggesting someone who may have evidence that someone else may be doping a horse or even maybe race fixing,should just keep it to themselves.Forget the victims,keep the no ratting code. So can they mention it to their mates down at the pub,or do you think that shouldn't be allowed? your statement reminds me of the recent live baiting in the greyhound industry. You would have been proud of all those who worked at the cole kennels who kept their mouths shut and allowed that pratice to continue and for no convictions. And what about when the media that got hold of that story and made such a big thing out of live baiting being a known practice and industry people looking the other way. Do you blame the media for that?Just because it contributed to an inquiry into whether greyhounds should even have an industry,at least they kept there mouths shut i suppose. my point is what a silly thing for you to say.  As to tarnished reputations. I don't agree with that either . Who thinks Inca has tarnished the reputations of the drivers and trainers who were caught up with inca and ended up getting off.I haven't met anyone who does, so i think its an exaggeration to say that.
    • Ranga, I am not that way inclined! Would be very nervous if I was! Lol
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