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Harness Punting Selections

Harness racing punting selections from Guest Selectors.  BOAY'ers post your selections for a meeting and earn BOAY points.  End of Season Prizes.

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    • Under the proposed law changes before parliament ,currently supported by the ruling party,if brodie had even 1 losing bet he would have to supply credit references,credit checks,bank statements and anything else they may view as relevant. Maybe the nz rules not that bad after all.
    • Well that's not @Brodie as he can't get a bet on.
    • it may not be a nz harness racing topic yet,but its interesting to see whats going on in britain.Who knows whether something like that will come here and when.Most probably i suppose depending on who is in government. in the 2022/2023 season,betting turnover on british racing was 9.12 billion pounds,a dramatic fall of around 900 million,or inflation adjusted 1.75 billion they say. It seems the most significant reason is affordablilty checks. In other words punters are being told that they are betting too much. And what they say is even more concerning is stricter rules are currently before parliament and are viewed as being a major issue if british racing is to survive. Currently a survey found 1/4 of punters were already being forced to undertgo affordability checks. The newest proposed implementation of the checks would be triggered if a punter lost an average  1.37 pounds a day(500) a year,or if they lost 125 pounds in a months.Once you hit those levels they do a credit check and you would not be able to gamble if your credit check was no good.   Also the harsher checks which most likely would lead to limitations would be if you lost say 1000 in a day. Wouldn't matter what else you were spending your money on or how rich you are,but gambling would be looked at. Obviously if betting agencies were proven to have allowed say someone to lose even the propsed 1.37 pounds a day and they had poor credit,then the penalties would be harsh. i havent read what the exact current rules are but it seems even wealthy people are getting notifications from their banks if they lose. One example i read was a wealthy owner who was contacted after he lost 1000 in a month.   they are even currently saying postcodes and job descriptions are factors in current affordability checks. The gambling commision is saying it will only effect 3% of punters,but a survey found 26% have said they have been subject to the current checks and half of those told them where to go and stopped betting. racing authorities have pointed out you can spend as much as you like on the national lottery,alcohol,ciggarettes,fast food,etc. They are also pointing to the major impact it will have on betting agencies who will find horse racing less attractive and instead will focus more on other betting products.
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