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  1. Poor 'results' is what I see.... I don't know the bloke but I come from Tassie, and they now call it 'The Killing Fields" I disagree this is keeping Tassie racing going. This is possibly destroying it. ? Because you couldn't possibly support runners in these races , so punting must be minimal and public interest even less.... I'm a harness racing fan and can't stand Tas racing nor enjoy seeing it going this way !. Webberley and Barry Rattray used to put Tassie on the Map !! now it's just a remote Island for has-beens .... yes I'm sure the Yole 'Training Fees' would be 'smal
  2. You guys think things are Bad in NZ ? you ain't got nothing on Tasmanian Harness racing and Mr B Yole. I'm having mental Health issues just looking at the Tasmanian fields today , and having to Digest the Fact' that this bloke YOLE, with 50 horses racing Hobart today, is Australia's leading Trainer ???? good grief. very sad. How could anyone bet ?, or even a dollar on these things? . (hopefully no-one in NZ does) spose you just bet on the opponents, but who would watch this rubbish? What BEN YOLE does, Is load races with as many runners as possible to try and jag someth
  3. Hope they can Always Keep the NZ Derby as a Group 1 level ?? . surely the pinnacle for young stayers to reach. Occasionally the Victoria Derby has just nice progressive types , that don't win often at all. The last one (Derby last Nov) was won by an old AFL coach turned trainer , so something that all Trainers can aspire too. And still has enormous PRESTIGE. I can really understand the demand for 3200m at Auckland Cup level falling away. There's Just not enough two mile stayers around to support the race as a Group 1. I draw it in comparison with the time-honoured Brisbane Cup.
  4. A Funny Story for you Ludwig, in late Nov 1983 , a market gardener from Auckland took his gelding to Hutt Park for a BIG punt. It didn't come off . Down the track He finished much to the disappointment of all his supporters in Auckland inc myself. Thought the fields at Hutt Park would be weak , and he would win easily. But not to be....... Brian returned to Alexandra Park ,Auckland and the gelding blew them away by 3 lengths at his second race start. Roy Purdon and co proving No match for this now promising horse (that couldn't win at Hutt Park) Brian Notman then sold him for
  5. Of course She can do it !!!! What a fabulous win , and an 11/10 rated Drive by Mr Anthony Butt as usual , putting her right in the picture at the quarter and NOT leaving it too late, pure genius. Amazing Dream just wouldn't let the horse that followed her up get past ? She's as game as Gammalite or Pure Steel that used to be coming up 3 -wide to pour the Pressure On , and just Keep Going. !! she is amazing alright.
  6. Amazing Dream will have to be Top of her Game in the Big race coming up soon, the Victoria Cup. What a 'Stinker' of a draw tonight in the lower rated 80k Group 2 Kilmore Cup . Can she do it ? maybe. TRIPLE EIGHT in there too for NZ , also an awkward draw. But racing very well. Having a look at number 3 MALCOLMS RHYTHM, as been mixing It very well against Grimson, Trainor and McCarthy at Menangle lately , which is VERY hard to do, nice draw too in this, and at 40-1 sportsbet. so three good ones drawn 1-2-3 . Hoping they can 'Stay on the pace' and finish that way lol.
  7. Arapaho good (but left you broke it seems?) , so Rangatira has you Well Beaten Chief !!!! The NZ FFA on 3 occasions for Robalan, and not just beating Arapaho but defeating the mighty 'Young Quinn' as well. A true Super-Star !!! here's the photo of NZ FFA 1973 , (Arapaho a 'good' 2nd for you !) but not in picture. HEY !!! someone beat ROBALAN at Greymouth too !! Forest King ???? bet that was an upset ? lol......
  8. Right next door !!! lol..... Armalight could of jogged down in the sulky for a wee bit of excercise ?? ........
  9. Nz Cup, Nz FFA and Akld cup winning mare Armalight would run rings around Arapaho. She began her career at Westport (then Nelson). Isn't that same as Greymouth? nearly....
  10. Has the penalty been made yet or not? Are you unable to answer this? You have a set Penalty in mind. What is the charge? Incompetent driving? running and handling? What is wrong with you guys that you want a bloke to get such a LONG sentence who ran into a pocket? who drove well early part of race too. Trainor caused an accident and got 28 days. Ant's made King of Swing gallop in a Group 1 , got 28 days. Do you seriously think Cameron deserves 3 Months for running into a pocket ?? Happens all the time mate. Because of lack of experience , LENIENCY ???????? as I think Olivia sh
  11. It's a Catch 22. Harness Sport in decline as you say. You need betting to keep it going. Because of what we have been discussing , the Oz local 'sets' of drivers Oz small fields are enabling the results to be 'predictable' for some. The bets go on , the racing stays going. stewards know this as well as you and I and the important TAB. Occasionally they (stipes) dump someone out , Shane Graham did 2 years, Mathew Nielson who was a leading driver has just come back from something. Pitt and N Jack went out in Victoria , etc. NZ has very HONEST racing , so integrity very good . od
  12. Yes most local racing around Oz have their 'Set' of drivers, who can work things out well in advance. esp small fields like in Oz compared to NZ. Grimson and Trainor been under investigation the whole year. Jack Trainor just back from a month suspension for causing Big crash at Penrith , so they got young C Hart involved now lol...... Brisbane very good at setting races up. There is still big betting . from those 'In the Know' . so yes decline from any public or outsider interest is almost 100% lol... not called Red Hots for nothing. NZ on the other hand has a great Array of driver
  13. Stipes make their mind up as they see fit. I ALWAYS say blame the horse , not the driver. They can't answer back. And don't dob on your peers. I've been quite happy to defend Ross , by using KRUG example etc, but too much for you guys to suck on it seems. @Spatchcock . You can tell when a driver is trying or not , if you look closely enough. Ross drove that horse extremely well , in early part of the SAGINAW race, and landed a Plum running position. The Galah been doing a great job for some time spotting driving 'deficiencies' as like with 3 Barnes drivers in Brisbane. RA
  14. Hahha yeah lol.....a pom she is, must of thought she was an Aussie from having a star role in movie "OZ the GREAT and POWERFUL" lol....... I starred alongside Jack in a movie made in NZ. Directed by one of the best Mike Newell. Movie called BAD BLOOD it seems, sounds a good BOAY, or ALLSTARS or a solid NZ Harness racing movie . (after the blood spinning goes off) lol......... the 1981 theatre version with Jack, was about an NZ farmer who goes nuts and murders seven people . sounds gruesome.
  15. Four NZ Cup winners and an Oz Champ in one finish, will be very hard to beat....... We Could try this photo at Auckland ????(with total bias by me of course) with 2 Oz Champs, and 2 x Auckland Cup winning mares.?? (Bonnies Chance was in this race too, but met interference unfortunately) Delightful Lady (3rd here in photo) with 2 AKL Cups , Armalight (4th in photo here) with 1, and Gammalite won an Auckland Cup too. And how 'Nice' is it to see Vinny with Poppy running 2nd for a change !!! lol.........
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