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  1. I think he means Not as 'daring' and 'grandiose' Chief... as you would be in younger days 1000's of drives ago. A lot of the older players get more 'safe' if you like , by just taking up a position and not having a 'Crack' as a younger and more vibrant driver might. AGH a notable exception. young vibrant Nat driving South Coast Arden for a while, was better judgement and winning, than old Mango. Mango was a great driver younger days driving Luxury Liner and others, but like Maurice and Ricky May and a few other 'safe' players, is more likely to take a back-seat to the Dexters and Pet
  2. yes he seems terrible with now 10 out of 10 unplaced runs in Aus.... an abnomily. On the bright side the young kiwi horseman Jack Trainor won tonight with another Southland horse BRAEVIEW KELLY . to make it 2 easy wins in Aus since coming from Nz where only won 2 in the last year in New Zealand. she is better than that obviously, and can now reap some wins !!!
  3. A few do already Paleface!!. The leading trainers Robert and John Dunn while busy winning all the big Trotters races in NZ , sent their Pacer to Australia to race. ALTA ORLANDO picked up another $20k the other day when 4th in the' Blacks A Fake' Group1 in Brissy. Has picked up $70k from 12 starts this year. Probably better than what could of earned in NZ. also $50k when 3rd in the Interdominion Final last December. I think he'll get 3rd again this year too in Vic Interdom. (or hope so for the Dunn's anyway)😊🏆
  4. Some more great points you have made. yes not worth the effort does apply to the financial area. as Brodie has out-lined. The enjoyment factor too, is a priority in racing a horse. you have syndicates owners, breeders, leaseing owners, and purchasing owners. so 4 groups. The last one puts the Trainer under pressure as you need a result to recover the purchase price and things go awry just when you don't want them too. seen it happen a few times. Syndication as Brodie said is great for bringing groups in. The 24 hour horse racing station on TV has ad's for the thoroughbreds every hour and
  5. I think the Brodsters 7 points are near on the money Mr Galah. Nearly all trainers have 'arrangements ' with their owners to gain the most profit and make it affordable for all parties. All stables need vets , and is one of the major costs. usually itemised out separate to the monthly account. Training in the 90's was around your figure of $130 per week per horse. Everything is double that now , and having priced the cost of racing a horse in Queensland with local trainers . (I imagine would be similar Nz) I could itemise a few things but generally it cost you $1000 a month in the
  6. just remembering Young Nz lass Ashlee Mundy was back home riding in Nz on a break from her home base at the Gold Coast when tragedy struck about 10 years ago at a Kurow meeting. They were saying at the time the young ladies were copping a horror run of injury and tragedy , that has continued at the rate of about one death per year from the young female jockeys. (the last jockey death Australia was Marina Morel Feb this year) a sad story for the lasses doing something they love, with that ever-present danger involved. here's an article from 3 years ago ............ MELBOURNE,
  7. That's what i'm saying. What a model to follow . Mr House could win a lot of races if fills the fields ?? not great from a punting angle though. Give it a miss altogeather? and starting 50 horses at one meeting takes a few trucks ! lol. a few junior drivers could 'get a Go' on the up-side.
  8. Maybe Housie can turn into the 'Ben Yole of Tassie trotting' and pick up all the rejects around the place and dominate Nz trotting through weight of numbers ? Yole sometimes as 8-10 runners in a race in Tassie and 40-50 race starters per meeting lol.
  9. Haha funny as..... the trotter that broke and lost 150m after the start, caught up and then started pulling lol. so it broke again . what are the chances ?? Phoebe Majestic left it's run a it late I feel. could of won it. The leader driven by a junior who hasn't won a race yet. Derek Balle's daughter i imagine. quite a chilled driver too lol !! relaxing in the armchair, into a 70.5 second last 800m as you stated. Do they Fine maiden drivers ? used to get a slow quarter fine once. maybe she got 2 lol?
  10. Gammalite is the answer to that question ... 😊😉👍 lol. we're all grandstand driver's in a way , and Hunter just having a laugh along with it. All good. Your race in question , I thought Harrison did fine. (not to hit wheel and gallop) The horse coming around her was hanging very badly indeed on Tony. It damaged her sulky and guard , so is amazing she didn't steer into the inside horse's wheel harder if you ask me. Once when that happened to me , I collected the inside horses wheel altogeather , and went down in a screaming heap on the track 🙄 , while trying to physically push the hanging
  11. Freda , I was watching a few Nz races lately as in a comp on another channel and my initial thought was they're going full bore 600-700m out in most of the races I was watching. And racing tight with it , and generally fan out and survival of the fittest up the home running , without much drama. is this the norm ? I bet on Melbourne and Sydney Saturday races (Sydney seems way tighter than Melbourne so has more incidents like the Bowman one and the Berry one) but the jocks are More Patient ? I thought . and seem tostill be angling for a run after they turn for home , and time their runs we
  12. Lol .🤣🤣😂That reminds me of Daryl Douglas , who was one time leading Victorian free-lance driver. He got a disqualification, but in 2017 while disqualified , there was a stable-raid by stewards and to avoid being caught on the premises (where he was assisting training while DQ against the rules) , he went and hid in the Dog Kennel !! (didn't appear after to the hearing either lol, so coped fines, more DQ and even warned off to a time he did appear) hope he didn't get fleas 🐕‍🦺. he's back licensed now past year or 2 anyway.
  13. Old Gaita has been 'booked' that many times it's almost funny. she's 65 odd now , think she would of had enough of pushing the envelope. They (stewards) threw her son TONY out for 12 years about 10 years ago. He might be back in a couple of years. Look Out for that one lol....
  14. Just a bit shady lol. THE SHADY ONE just won the last race at Brisbane today Race 8 and was bet plunged in from 7-1 to $2.80 Fav. quite amusing I thought 😂 as here is his history for past three years.)...... His last Win before today was May 2019. **Spent the next year bashing around Brisbane without winning. **So spent Winter 2020 in NSW trying for a speed win at Menangle. unsuccessfully .... in 11 starts. **So off to the 'Graveyard' of horses ..Tasmanian harness racing and the expert chainsaw Yole stable. Unplaced in about 20 starts in that 'poor racing' state. ****
  15. What does it explain .? Is only 3 hours away to Oz . and 600,000 kiwis live here. Very similar really. takes me longer to get to home town Tassie lol. another 'off-shore' island full of people that would prefer to be on the mainland 😉. Nice kiwi horse in today I've been waiting for to resume racing, since last Spring. If you're feeling like backing an old kiwi horse, he is showing 12-1 today which seems generous enough. ALTA SENSATION in Race 7 today Albion. Won a trial by 70m the other day and his 4 races in Oz last Spring at Albion were very fairly good .
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