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  1. Round 2 Tonight at Shepparton nearly set to go...... One Trainer you mightn't of heard of , has a Very Strong Hand in both the trotters and Pacers Interdominion series. Trainer JESS TUBBS has the brilliantly performed first round winners BETTER ECLIPSE in the pacers R7 and JUST BELIEVE in the trotters R8 . Her partner a very good driver Greg Sugars drives and from the Beautiful draws over the short trip heats tonight look sure to Win . BOLT FOR BRILLIANCE has easy heat. we even threw in 'Old Bob' again for him to beat in his heat tonight who is 82 years old and horse is 100-1 an
  2. Well he didn't really 'GET KRAKEN' with this horse (the 3rd fav) in the last race yesterday running a poor last lol. Did get a 4th placing with his his other drive (the 3rd fav in a 6 horse field in Race 3 ) on CARRERA RAPIDO so I guess that is pretty good for him ?
  3. Addington today again ! well it's good to see (maybe) the 'Telfer Barn' once again showing their ability with a Trifecta in race 4 !. did very well, and like BD Joe and co, show the gap to Allstars is greatly reduced , with some fine training efforts this season. Natalie only 4th with the Allstars runner after nice trip in that race. Any tips today from you guys ? Time to 'ARDEN' Up 😆 and looks a great chance of a 60-1 double with STELLAR ARDEN in the junior's race R6 >> with SarahO steering should be a great chance ??. and MELODY ARDEN in Race 8 with Hurrell driving , who s
  4. The BOLT has 'Bolt'ed In and looks set to clean-sweep the series with No Muscle Mountain around to knock him off. A great start for NZ at the Interdominion !! A G Whitesocks (3rd )in his heat , and Alta Orlando (4th) for their Nz owners . The all Powerful Emma Stewart Stable Won 2 of the pacers heats and were 2nd in the other. They are going to be strong on their home tracks. Young Jason Grimson went well . After winning the GrandFinal last year at Menangle , he knows how to get horses through the gruelling 2 weeks of 4 starts. MAJESTIC CRUISER (3rd tonight) and former Nzer I CA
  5. Best of luck to Tony and Suzanne and other owners, with their great little trotter BOLT FOR BRILLIANCE tonight at Ballarat. The only Nz trained runner having a crack this year in the time-honoured Best Race there Is. Interdominion Grand Finals. Times are tough , covid rife, travel costs high , so Not the turn-out you would like for the great series over the next 2 weeks. A few NZ owned runners having a crack. Maybe John and Robert Dunn can take Victory in the Pacers section with the lovely old warrior horse ALTA ORLANDO that they have had great success with at the Luke McCarthy
  6. Think he has less than a year DQ to go now. I'm sure Weir will be back having a go. Moody recovered well , and Danny O'Brien went on to win Melbourne Cup coming back from their DQ's. The problem for Nigel McGrath is he got a very long sentence. (to try and stamp out the old milkshaking thing for good I suspect) The usual sentence in Australia is/was 3 years for exceeded Bi-carb levels . Nigel would be back in licensed next Winter or so if trained in Oz.
  7. Hey HunterPunter and your shadow Lowner, why don't you answer this question above then ? instead of just both being rude and disrespectful by down-voting my question to Chief Stipe ? . It is a relevant question about the involvement in horse-breaking by disqualified persons as was the topic in this thread. Your silly downvotes do Not indicate whether you would approve a disgraced trainer having involvement in horse breaking or not. Just a bit of disrespect to site posters more important??
  8. Not really . I was first on here to say how cool it was to see Sam Ottley in the Allstar colours and winning recently. Labelled Blair Orange home for all money on A BETTER YOU the other day. along with the john Dunn winner for a 20-1 double. what more do you want ? The amount of 'BAGGING' that goes on , on this site about everyfuckenthing and you and Lowner want to criticise me who has given nothing but SUpport to nz harness racing and drivers ??? lol ? I Backed BEACH BALL (driven by Williams) amongst the 6 out of 6 on Show day that i backed so have NOTHING against Tim .(Natalie was
  9. I'm the least likely on here to dig at drivers matey . my posts are nearly Always in Admiration of them. The NZ FFA was Full of great drives from a few drivers , I RECOMMENDED it for you guys to go back and have a Look. Tim Williams was driving to instruction and they came 'UnStuck' with BD Joe by attempting a failed 'team effort' . Plain as Day ..whats your opinion on it Mr Imperfect LOWner ? take it you must be connected to the Telfer barn to get your knickers in a knot. Who are YOU to judge my performance ? I read races quite well having been in a few hundred of them , and was a
  10. Do , or should I say WOULD, you approve of Darren Weir (currently doing 4 years DQ for Jigger-gate) a Very prominant Ozzie thoroughbred trainer over-seeing yearling breaking while on 4 years holiday? I think most would Not approve of such a thing happening.
  11. That was a long day Chief !!! November 11th. ......and Tim had just driven to Team instructions in Race 12 the NZ FFA the race before this drive on Fernleigh Cash in race 13..... and it all went pear-shaped. IMO he gave his horse less chance of winning that race by 'trying' to look after a stable-mate, than he did with Fernleigh Cash in the last race..... Alta Wiseguy eventually running a long last , after being driven out of gate 'Hard' by Tim, to set up for BD Joe (his more accomplished stable-mate). Natalie drove very well early on in race Spankem and shoved BD Joe back in (who was tr
  12. Great question Chief !! !!!! can you move to another code if Disqualified? don't know for sure. probably not. the licencing folk would frown at the application ? maybe Darren Weir could of played with trotting horses past 4 years after being jiggered out 2019?. he was listed as training over 700 thoroughbred horses at the time. back next year too. Still definitely 'Part of the process' of preparing standardbred horses for racing is the initial breaking in, and the possibility of interacting with older horses is 'through the ceiling' high, if you dabble in the area where horses are
  13. Martin Van Beynen has done a great job in the article.!! Points out>> McGraths penalty , his history is listed, and his almost remorse at getting 'special' treatment if allowed back early . Good on him (Nigel) for withdrawing the application to break in horses. Shows he actually does have some thought for his peers (fellow Trainers) who were against him returning early before DQ penalty served. Points out >>The 'silence' of the named Board members is mentioned. so shows they were making an 'error'. and hopefully will learn from this to avoid future recurrances. The
  14. No such problem for The Galah . He'll spot any 'trot rot' from up high, or a bit of the horse grain if hungry, at very least while keeping a watch-out. Ideal RIU potential.
  15. May have developed his fear of vaccination needles from this nasty incident as well, when the wrestlers were giving each other 'flu' shots lol.... Brodster tried to help his opponent early on, impaling his face, but went for the wrong needle unfortunately lol. 😂😂
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