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  1. Sorry to disrupt site Happy . I am sick of all the negative trolling so am out of here so not to cause anymore disruption. Debating with some , will only make you miserable like them, and you blokes have already lost a lot of contributors already from it. Better to acknowledge Champions than knock them. All the best and Happy Punting.
  2. Sorry Hunter, I should be more honest. Lets go with:- Blossom (the very honest One) is a true credit to the sport of Harness racing.!! Not one negative Post. No accusations without Proof. No Insults to anybody. A pleasure to chat with. His/her support of the ALL Participants in harness racing and forum posters is Second to None. Full of bright cheer and enthusiasm. Highly recommended !!
  3. There is your true colours , after trolling my UPBEAT article on how well KIWI horses are doing in Aus, I responded with courtesy to your negative 8 point backlash with answers and you come up with more personal attack. Typical troll. Overnight, I had some messages that is your 'usual form', also 'you're wasting your time with him, Gammalite' and 'ALLSTARS stable staff horror stories' is part of your TROLL method with lies. Haters will hate . That's what they do. Not at all good for one's respect and honesty in life. That answers my question that you refused to answer of 'Do you actually like Harness Racing?' Answer obviously No. Just actually like Trolling strangers on the Net forums instead, Good grief, why not buy a horse or something.
  4. Fair comment, I guess I am talking Australia mainly, where the top barns have owners that are consistently buying each year, to keep that stable competing in all the top races like the ones I said, Bond, Hall, McCarthy, Gath, etc, buying from New Zealand. Your 2 best drivers should be Peter Wolfenden MBE and Tony Herlihy MNZM as best ever , both won many, many races for the famous Purdon barn as well, so yes a good trainer/ driver combo does work well as you suggested.
  5. Politicians are always grizzling about something all the time as well as talking crap. Are you a politician ?
  6. Thank-you for your feed-back , most of which seems fine although you lack any positive spin nearly all the time. Harness racing is fun! Not proving anything , just hinting to owners to not undervalue their stock should and when the Aussies come knocking. 3 of those Bond horses won their last 2 starts at Gore before being sold. With this latest success they'll be back. Yeah agree with you the Aussie drivers are poor compared to kiwi ones. including Luke . Maybe because all the Speed racing has to effect your judgement after a while. Albion Park here is all speed racing , instead of stayers and driving ability is limited for sure. Going back, the Reid's breeding nice horses and 'Black Watch' with the Purdon's, they have had lovely bred horses over the years and always competitive , you and I could make a grand list of Magnificent animals, over 3 decades if we wanted Blossom. Dunn's and Cran seem to be struggling in just regular races with a lot of horses these days. Good to see Dr Susan doing well though , yes? Is Barry main NZ rival now? 2nd in the Interdominion with Mach Shard and Belle of Montana winning G1's . Is he under your scrutiny as well ? seem to be abnormally good performances. sorry but have already said I don't know the ALLSTARS staff , Canadian or other. stuff you know that is making you disturbed maybe? (just kidding) give you some credit , at least you say it how you see it hahahah only way to be.
  7. I'm totally in with you Globe. Count me in for a share. Have already done battle with Blossom about 'Chase Auckland's fine record. NZ FFA win, Cambridge Mile win, 3rd Hunter Cup, 4th NZ Cup, 4th Auckland Cup. Fine by anyone's standards. You have somehow picked up HunterthePunter Post quote, off my Post. Definitely Not something I would say.
  8. Some good news Hunter, is Dexter Dunn WON the last World Driving Championship they had down under in 2015 for NZ. Shame he's still not over there to give Mark a run for the money
  9. definitely the "Elsu" man and of course AGH and Nat over the years are in the World's best. Aussie drivers are quite poor in comparison hahahaha. I Love Vinnie, but poor drives were common really lol.
  10. Blair is in top 5% of drivers in the World, along with MarkP, Dextor and AnthonyB. Importance to winning a big race ? 5%minimal. But congrats on the NZ Cup success to him, albeit Lucky that Mark drove Spankem.
  11. In Australia , the answer is two-fold with main winning formula being Have big spending owners and 'Buy the Already racing' NEW ZEALAND standardbreds. In both countries the Importance of having owner backing is Paramount (Brodie knows this)) I rate the ratio of importance to get results as 75% owner, 20% Trainer, 5% driver. No Stock = No Wins. Our great horseman Vin Knight didn't win an Interdominion driving for 10 straight attempts.A couple of stable staff did. He had owners buying from NZ and Tas for big results. In very recent times Mark has a FANTASTIC, TOP level bunch of owners supplying the stock. No surprise are the Great Results. In Menangle The McCarthy Clan are winning many lately (kiwi Craig Cross listed as trainer so that Luke can do catch driving when required) West Australia has just had it's 2 big races. The Fremantle Cup recently won by CAVIAR STAR picked up 200k sold to Aus (Hall Stable) after winning Manawatu 2018. you already know of all their success with 'I'm TheMightyQuinn' from NZ. The West Australia Cup (450k) was won by the Greg Bond stable. they ran 6 of the first 7 placings !!!!!!! Better than ALLSTARS and no cheating accusations either. All kiwi bred horses purchased while racing in New ZEALAND. Mighty Conqueror 2018, Vampiro 2017, Our Jimmy Johnstone 2014, Galactic Star 2016, Our Alfie Romeo 2018, El Jacko 2015, Anna Malak 2018. The date is year of purchase from New Zealand. When two of these stables combined recently (Hall +McCarthy) with KING OF SWING (another NZer from Ray Greens 2017) that proved UNSTOPPABLE in the Hunter Cup last week. Too much for ALLSTARS to beat even. In SUMMARY , Having Stock WIns BIG Races, Trainers help them keep fit and feel good, KIWI Breds Are the BEST !!! Add a couple of zeroes on to your horse price when the Aussies come knocking again shortly. They'll be back after All this success. Nothing left there for Mark to beat.? No wonder he wins everything.
  12. great to see AG Whitesocks get that big win for sure. Chase Auckland bit unlucky as the Supremo Master Driver Mark only drove the once recently, for a big win at Cambridge. Mark with 30 wins from 60 odd drives this season. Rest of the time Tim Williams drove who has 30 wins from 300 odd drives this season. Not quite as sharp as the Master Driver. but did win the Group1 NZ FFA with Chase Auckland in Nov, so not too bad.
  13. Yeah, doubt they were shaking Greg Hopes hand after the Ballarat Cup, even though a fellow kiwi beating them (Whitesocks). 'Blossom Lady' was pissed off as well as thinks Nat could of won that without the piss-poor drive with Chase Auckland. But hang Tough there Hunter, Self Assured who ran second there, will be winning again soon at Menangle, maybe even Miracle Mile to make you all smile again. Go kiwi's
  14. You are actually quite correct here Blossom. I did already confess to being Ignorant about the staff stories and Heaven Rocks that you mentioned. Can't help you with any of that. I am disturbed myself (not scared to say it like you, but at least you sound more jovial today, with the hahagoodone comment,) because you seem disturbed or should I say Upset?? through your assessments . Apologies if I can't find the exact word you would like. What I have been trying to spell out to your good self and Brodie and others is this................................. NOT ALL Stables Use the same training methods and lets go with 'Supplements' . If it's not illegal , you can use it. Simple. You are Not being Ignorant to the fact that the performances by ALLSTARS are incredible , but you are being ignorant to the fact that ALLSTARS do not have to run up the road and give all their 'Training methods and Supplements" to everybody else. McCarthy's are absolutely flying with Wrangler, Cash and Flow etc at Menangle at present. Incredible performances as well. They are not going to tell the opponents what they are using / doing /training to make your Level Playing Field , that you crave. If any of the stuff these 'mobs' are doing is Illegal, they will get caught
  15. Brodie you are a smart man, Did you see I agree with your 'perceived Race-Fix' summary 100%. Well written mate. Big Paying owners Are a major contributor to any stables success, AND you know it. This thread was about the ALLSTARs failing in Aus (which is just poor opinion discussed earlier ) more so than NZ recently but if you say they are disappointing you over there at the moment, I have to believe you. And I know it. If it's NOT illegal , you CAN use it . Whatever IT may be. and you know it. Personally I hate those nose ugly white nasal Patches, and notice the Dunn's (are they 2nd best there) copying trying to stay in touch. Should be banned like on thoroughbreds. Blair might'en want to give up their secrets mate? He is their friend.
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