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    • No. But the article says the personal issues and the allegations are separate which I consider to be fallacy.
    • Chief,  No doubt,  you will have a crack at me  again when I post about this arsehole of a man.   Cameron George is one of those people that takes advantage of the very same people he is in positions to Protect.. Just go back to his start here in N.Z. when Steve Davis interviewed him on a segment when Brian Martin was commentating at the Manawatu Greyhounds.. about what he was going to do to help  with the Greyhound Industry  for starters.    It is all on record.!!..   The prick went on to greater heights when he was in Total Charge of the R.I.U.  to Molest girl jockeys through the power of his position... He harrased male jockeys that dare look at him the wrong way..  I have not posted for a long time and will more than likely resent that I have in the morning, Cameron George is not worthy of a position of Trust and I can't understand why he is still High Flying..    Clarkie
    • What has this got to do with JJ Flash? He hasn't even posted on this topic. Why is that? You don't know that.  
    • You being mean to me Happy. Hehehehohoho Actually, I did have a dream, I was checking out the Gavel House sale last night, just before bed. Then funnily enough I dreamt of it. That 1 horse kept getting bids on it, every minute and the system couldn't keep up lol. You know how dreams can be.  Talk soon  
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