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Go the Warriors


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What a fantastic start to the season for a team that has failed to deliver for several years, they are playing 80 minutes and seem to be better in the 2nd half whatever the conditions. The ref's calls tonight appear to be against the warriors but they haven't dropped their bundle and that's against the top of the table. I take my hat off to them as I have been a non believer but enjoy the fact that they are winners and getting good crowds to the games as well.

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Not a big league follower, I played with Dennis Williams many years ago for Te Atatu...............I think it was about the 8 year olds grade:) He was head and shoulders above anyone else even back then

Always remember he scored a try under the posts, with his first touch of the ball in his debut test against England

Really enjoy the NRL and the amount of promotion it gets on SKY, although all the shows seem to have a preoccupation with female presenters............ is that something to do with correcting the male macho image of league in Aus

Gave up on the Warriors many years ago, but really good to see them winning and sell out crowds at Mt Smart.

So what has changed, that NRL is a brutal unforgiving comp, you don't just start winning, unless you have it all together.  they don't seem to have any stars like Melbourne with Slater and Smith

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Fitness and a good team approach, even without the supposed key players, they keep putting in. They came out of the top of the table clash with the points look like real top 8 contenders this year. They should be relatively unaffected by the state of origin taking players and that's a bonus.

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On 24/04/2018 at 4:20 PM, Brown fox said:

Old habits die hard.I've backed their Opposition in the last 3 games expecting the Warriors to fall over.Always worked in previous


To true. I hope they keep going, the diehard Warriors fans deserve. Even more so looking at the Blues results ?

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