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  1. My brother still has his Escalado set in his draw in mint condition,will that do.
  2. Always strange...when somebody sticks their head out of the trenches,they get shot,but in a crisis(eg NZ Racing) people get criticized for not sticking their head out of the trenches.
  3. Mr Molloy just been on Magic Radio with John Archiebald Banks.
  4. mumbles

    Parker v Fa

    Story of my life.....so far.
  5. 1...Couple make an ass of themselves as they make daring escape from covid 19 level 3 2...Jackass 3 ..Keith Haub 4...1 dozen beer 2nd ass Linda Jones and Lean Over
  6. Unlikely that the jockeys will say anything as they may offend an owner/trainer somewhere resulting in a loss of rides.
  7. If they don't get the calendar right first time we will still be arguing the point in 10 years time. Having said that North of Taupo is where all the action appears to be headed rightly or wrongly Big question should be where is Winnie.? One of his big supporters appears to be going offshore in a small way to begin with, and another is now at an age where his opinion doesn't appear to matter anymore or is just not reported.
  8. I am presuming he was echoing the thoughts of his members or was he
  9. The taking over of NZ Racing by the elite has begun no doubt with the blessing of those in positions of influence. When i say begun i should say it started sometime ago while everybody slept.
  10. Last raced 8/11/16 out of Mark Purdons barn. Had 5 lifetime starts.
  11. Worked for (PROBALY NOT THE CORRECT WORD) NZ Rail for many years and Muldoon and his salary increases for Govt workers were something to look forward to every year.I think they were called Cost of Living Adjustments.Always came with 3/4 months backpay.I miss you Rob. )
  12. mumbles


    Still fat,bald,old and ugly plus unemployed for good measure.(not a burden to the tax payers). Wife employed in an essential industry,so i do my chores her chores and pick up after the dog. Excercise the dog and myself,prepare meals,so nothing has changed at all.
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