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  1. Anybody know if Mike De Kock is still going to set up in Aussie?
  2. Plenty of people been on the idiot box complaining about turnover. If the press ask,then you answer.
  3. Used to be a horse called BOSTOCK that from memory raced twice in a day up North at Kensington Park. Trainer may have been F.D.Hill. (
  4. If the NZ Racing site is to believed,Lisa has 86 in work. As i say believe it or not.
  5. Only thing here that would concern me is the acceptance of an ""online anger management course''. Should have sent her to a pro who could perhaps pick up on other problems should there be any.
  6. Wouldn't classify Garner as a staunch Nat supporter.The others 100% agree. IMO the biggest b/s artists are politicians who say things in Parliament but under Parliamentary privilege.Pity a few of them couldn't be taken to task.
  7. Just imagine if the RIU and JCA existed in Germany pre WW2,Adolf would have never been able to get the Nazi Party off the ground.
  8. From what i have read he is taking it day by day and looking at his options as far as race riding .Looking at his options in August. Myself i think his weight will dictate what happens to his career.
  9. IMO its looking more and more likely that Victorian horse racing along with other sports and events will close down in the not to distant future. Infection rates seem to be climbing,doesn't look good.Decisions regarding Spring Carnival will have t be made.
  10. Didn't see any races today by choice.Prefer midweek Aussie country racing now. How many onlookers at Ellerslie in your estimation.
  11. Provided they don't get stuck into her and with natural improvement i can see her saluting the judge again soon. Still looked a bit shy to stretch out imo. Don't forget she beat plenty home.
  12. No expert but imo i think that the Reliable Mans will get better with age.
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