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  1. Love him or loath him,at least he has taken a stand and i would assume that he would have been well aware of the possible results of his actions. IMO he won't be found guilty,actually that is my hope. Well done for standing up.
  2. Also stood HARRISAND and stud when he was down Oto way. A few of those DEVIL horses weren't too bad.
  3. All prices appear to be inflated.
  4. Attended Claudelands on a regular basis until its demise. Have only gone to Cambridge the once and have never returned. The Convention centre loses money hand over fist but its a great place to let your dog off and defecate everywhere.
  5. Well it could relocate else where possibly south of the Bombays. Melton appears to be going well after MV disappeared.
  6. Was an apprentice with Sanders in TA many years ago.Rode a few horses for Gil Taylor including Rosetown Lad. Gary Dando was also with the Sanders at that time and possibly M Henderson.
  7. From left field however,would there be any merit in selling all of Alexandra Park and relocating to Avondale thereby killing 2 birds with 1 stone. The trotters have money and Avondale will continue to operate with horses
  8. While Rome has been burning who has been making the big money.? A bunch of breeders. They don't seem concerned.
  9. Any race club with vision should have been buying land in the 80s,90s and early 2000s. How many did? Plenty of Race clubs had farmers on committees etc and what were they doing at that time....buying land.
  10. Doesn't worry me who she mentions in the Racing industry,just mention something.
  11. I see no reason why she couldn't have got a plug in for the Racing industry.They need every bit of promotion they can get and she is employed in the game. If she was employed by the NZRU she would e mentioning the All Blacks every 5 seconds.
  12. mumbles


    I would also say that some trainers that use that method of training,on many occassions race them out of form.They empty the tank nd theres nothing left for another campaign.
  13. mumbles


    Imo i think they will keep her going. I hope she doesn't end up like Katie Lee,kept going when not going well enough to warrant it imo.
  14. Is that John Langdon aboard?
  15. mumbles

    Cup week

    Certainly some nice performances. Problem with racing as far as attendance goes is that its on in NZ 5 days a week.There is no defined season like eg Sept thru to June which means you miss a meeting u know that another one is just around the corner.
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