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  1. Small fields for certain yet 20/30 trials at Cambridge nearly every week. 3/9,6/9,14/9/21/9
  2. Sorry Aquaman i got it wrong.Should have been Robert Gates Obamas Sec of Defence. A thousand apologies.
  3. Former Sec of State was quoted as saying that Biden has been wrong on nearly all major foreign policy over the last 40 years. Ain't that the truth.
  4. I don't think a lot of people did.
  5. good jockey in his day,one of 3 brothers who were all jocks. Sailing Home and Ballybrit are 2 horses that come to mind.
  6. Should have been at Paeroa,but vision was lacking when it came up for sale.
  7. I recall my interest in racing dwindling substantially because of Saturday school sport.Had 3 boys in various sports,Summer and Winter, which mean't Saturdays attending Racing was over.Although all thats over i find my level of interest in Racing has never returned.
  8. The law is indeed there to protect all,however some get protected more than others. As far as name suppression go's they all get it or nobody gets it until proven guilty.
  9. Did what he thought was right and also what the public thought right.Its the only way you can bring change to anything. A lot braver than me for sure.
  10. Ian Smith,thats as good as any reason for me not to listen.
  11. If it were me in charge i would designate one country track in the SI as for jumping only encompassing a 3 month period. Everybody would know that every 2nd or 3rd Sunday jumping races would be held on this course.Financial assistance could help travelling horses or the club concerned could supply permanent horse and staff facilities.Make the course all about eveyrthing of a equine nature.JMO.
  12. Maybe they can turn the unused Waipa track into a jumping hub or turn back time and purchase Paeroa.
  13. In the 75/76 season Ballybrit won 7 races and the Sanders team had another 7 2 year olds win.How many they won i don't know.
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