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  1. Add ELITE trackwork riders to the list which includes TRAINERS,JOCKEYS,OWNERS and STUDS. The small owner trainer is gunna get hurt for sure.Just another play at getting the Racing Industry to return to being known as the SPORT OF KINGS where the ELITE will mix with the ELITE.
  2. 7 words in no particular order come to mind COT,THROWING, OUT, THE, HIS,OF TOYS,.
  3. What if your an owner with a prospect for Wellington.What would you do.Change stables? I Would.
  4. Hasn't got a track record of giving parole.Might have to serve all of her sentence.Can think of a couple of his that are going around now who should be out.Both showed a wee bit earlier on.
  5. Lets imagine that every horse gets the run they wanted,then the trainers would have no excuses for poor runs and we would find out very quickly who could train a horse and who couldn't.
  6. My old mate(ex jockey) says he should have gone forward and slowed them down.Does that sound right.
  7. If he had gone back with the sprint home he wouldn't have been anywhere near them at the finish Top run with no luck.
  8. How many horses leave Rogerson and achieve.Not too many i can think of and how many does he sell with him in the ownership.?
  9. Stratford seems a good choice.If people want to stay in the game they will move just as thousands of NZers have over the years with their jobs.
  10. Will any of his top staff tag along or will staff be the concern of the HKJC? Thinking mainly of his Dad.
  11. Has the ownership changed?
  12. Toni Street appears to be the goto person for sport on TV1..Pretty poor effort.
  13. Small fields for certain yet 20/30 trials at Cambridge nearly every week. 3/9,6/9,14/9/21/9
  14. Sorry Aquaman i got it wrong.Should have been Robert Gates Obamas Sec of Defence. A thousand apologies.
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