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  1. but,but but, what about our artificial million dollar races coming up.Can't he see the potential.
  2. Free admittance today so if nobody went then things aren't looking too good but then again who goes to Hamilton for a holiday.
  3. Joe Doyle winning jock in the 1st at Rotorua here for the English Winter or NZ summer.
  4. When a child is going into surgery i would guess that the parents don't care where the money came from to pay for it.
  5. Womans rugby to me is as interesting as mens netball.
  6. Covered 20 mares had 8 live foals a fertility rate of 63.16% 7 of the mares he covered died if i read it correctly.
  7. I myself rarely go to sports events these days as i'm not sure if my car will still be where i parked it or some criminal decided that something of value in my house to me is of more value to them.
  8. They certainly weren't in the Waikato last night watching rugby thats for sure. Nobody wants to go to watch racing these days ,far to drawn out thats why 20/20 cricket was invented.
  9. Will WORK SAFE NZ be involved in the process at all?
  10. Many years ago it was possible for a Waikato country 1st fifteen to be very competitive against Hamilton schools.The likes of Te Awamutu with Baker,Bartie,Adam,and Serancke and Matamata under George Simpkin who produced many Waikato stars.Now it Hamilton Boys High,St Pauls and St Peters who dominate and the parents wouldn't have it any other way.
  11. Unlike trainers whose horse runs a bad last the AllBlacks can get well beaten and still get a cheque until the contract runs out.
  12. The problems within rugby cannot be solved with handing out money. Young kids don't want to play the game. So many other sports on offer and they don't involve the brutality thats often dished out in Rugby and league. More and more college kids opting for an education rather than rugby. NZ Rugby will end up like the AFL with nothing below the main team.
  13. Gotta be honest and say that my wife and i both tested positive for Covid about a month ago but didn't inform the authorities. So we aren't part of the stats.
  14. He has also had 21 starters at trials on the track since April.
  15. So the 2 he is starting today must be crap horses ,so if i was the owners i would pull the plug.
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