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  1. The only policy the Greens have is a compulsory learning of KUMBAYA. They are hopeless
  2. mumbles


    AWTs and the return of Tony Lee have both been put forward as the saviours of NZ Racing. Both appear to have failed thus far; The futures not so bright so i will dispense with the Shades
  3. From what i could see he hardly touched the horse when in contention early on in the straight,and then when no longer in contention and close to the line gave him/her a couple more. Poor judgement from rider,thats if i saw correctly.
  4. It's the story that just keeps giving.
  5. mumbles

    Go the Warriors

    Looks like 2023 could be our year
  6. I recall Gary Bell riding Ocean Monarch in her Boxing Day and New Years Day win.She had a half sister by Grey Bird called Kauri who was very slow. How many wins did Paul get?.I recall Doncast. Bonnybard i recall him winning at Paeroa with Howie Mathews up.
  7. Remember the days of prominent people on race sites calling for the return of T.Lee. He was going to be just what racing needed. Guess what,he wasn't and will never be.
  8. KIHIKIHI KID being from that town just south of T/A you probably knew W.Robinson the above average jock and now stipe and if u knew him you would know Mr Percy who i last saw when he was riding work for Graeme Pepper many moons ago.
  9. Des Riordan former trainer and jockey,brother of John and Noel has passed away.. Never forget the day when Noel rode the double at Trentham on IL TEMPO and GRIZZLY who was. trained by Des. Another highlight for me was when OCEAN MONARCH won on Boxing Day and New years Day at Ellerslie and AKE AKE provided the quinella both days.
  10. It doesn't, its the total number of horses lining up which is the concern.13 at my count.
  11. How is that move to March looking now. 1 filly and no colts.
  12. Surely within that 30% there must be a high % that don't support certain parts after all there is more than just mandate protests.
  13. Send him to the Wgtn protests.If he can sort that s..t out then maybe,just maybe he can be employed by the RIB. Whats thats, he already is, bugger.
  14. I can lose a kilo a day till race day which should take me down to 105kg.Anybody prepared to put me on?
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