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  • Blog Entries

      Today we have seen the only remaining truly independent racing industry publication "hang the bridle on the wall."  The Informant has ceased to publish.
      In my opinion the blame lies firmly at the feet of the NZRB.  Over the next few days BOAY will be asking some very pertinent questions to those in charge.
      For example:
      How much is the NZRB funded Best Bets costing the industry?  Does it make a profit?  What is its circulation?  800?  Or more?  Does the Best Bets pay for its form feeds?  Was The Informant given the same deal?
      How much does the industry fund the NZ Racing Desk for its banal follow the corporate line journalism?
      Why were the "manager's at the door" when Dennis Ryan was talking to Peter Early?
      Where are the NZ TAB turnover figures?
      The Informant may be gone for the moment but the industry must continue to ask the hard questions.
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      • What would happen if there were enough late scratchings on the front row that left more on the second row.  Some horses would have no horses to follow!  Unless of course another rule comes into play.
      • Thanks for that. I had no idea such a rule existed. G thornley obviously just doing what she was told to do,so sorry to her for that. As to the rule It makes me wonder why on earth the contradictory logic of that rule.  If the logic is they want the second line horse to still follow out the same front line horse ,for the protection of the punters,then why not apply that same logic when  the late scratching happens to a front line horse. By moving the front line horses in they are immediately changing who the second line horses follow out. And it appears that it only applies to mobile starts,not stands.  Talk about a rule being confusing,contradictory and sending a mixed message.But i learnt something new today.
      • Thank you for the clear explanation. As a Driver it wouldn't be all that easy to work out either let alone keep your horse in the right place.
      • Yr.no use a particular computer model which would be more reliable over a large expanse of water e.g. the Tasman Sea. But as you know weather over NZ's unique geography is harder to predict.  Reefton is a classic case where the wider weather pattern gives a general picture but local knowledge refines that further. Rotorua is similar to Reefton in that it is effectively in a basin and the weather is affected by the terrain that surrounds them.    
      • It was a field of 16, of which 2 were emergency’s who would have been scratched the evening before (not late scratchings). And then there were 3 more late scratched the morning of and that’s where the confusion has come from.  Rosie Richter originally draws 6 the second row (number 15) and would move in for the standard scratchings of the emergency’s but not for the late ones.   It’s definitely a tricky one to follow. 
      • Six-time champion jockey has delivered the legendary trainer nine of his past 12 Group One victoriesView the full article
      • Excellent thanks for posting the rules.  So Rosie Richter originally draw the outside (inside the Unruly horse).  
      • Isn't there?  I just thought I'd join the crowd for once in my life and I have to be honest and say that while I probably wouldn't ever be that rude again, I did enjoy it. 
      • Rosie Richter was still required to start from out wider as 12 & 13 were both late scratching. 

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