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    • On reflection and listening to that excellent Ray Hadley thing from Brisbane this just smacks of the utter contempt that these big clubs and industry hierarchy have for the ordinary run of the mill blokes who are the absolute lifeblood of the industry.  It has clearly permeated down from Petone and Parnell and outfits like RACE(and other 'big' Clubs)have developed an arrogance towards the stakeholders.  If it is the owners they are providing them with shiite facilities, crap tracks and(given the cancellations) no guarantee their horse will even get to run(and a piddly $200 if it doesn't), the trainers get talked to like shit, provided with disgraceful tracks to work and race on and, in this case, ejected with little or no notice.  The punters have to play lucky dip as to track quality, form reversals and whether the races will even run from one day to the next and the jockeys - well there is no better example that Awapuni in recent years of the absolute cavalier attitude towards safety. And then there are the starting gate issues that dive me nuts. If you are not Pike or Te Akau(and no doubt now Sharrock) clearly you don't count in this game.  I really ought to be chucking the towel in as far as racing goes.  If I thought  it would get traction I would be setting up a vote of no confidence petition but I know there would be a lot(even mates of mine) who would not sign it for fear of recriminations raining down on them personally. And so we all just put up with these non entities, none of whom have ever actually done anything of note in racing themselves, driving the game into the ground.  I'll say it again 'it makes me sick'    
    • Horse trainer and driver allegedly sexually abused young woman Blair Ensor15:56, May 20 2022             ALDEN WILLIAMS/STUFF A horse trainer and a driver are due to appear in court next week facing sex charges. (File photo) A horse trainer and a driver allegedly sexually abused a woman during last year's New Zealand Cup and Show week in Canterbury. It comes as a police officer says more needs to be done to stop a small group of trainers from exploiting a power imbalance that exists in the industry. A 25-year-old trainer has been charged with indecent assault and aggravated assault, while a 29-year-old driver has been charged with indecent assault. It’s understood the charges relate to an incident that happened at a private training stables in November last year.   Detective Sergeant Daniel Isherwood said the two men were arrested this week and would appear in the Christchurch District Court on Wednesday. He declined to comment further about the case while it was before the courts. However, speaking generally, Isherwood said it was clear from his inquiries and observations that the harness racing industry had a problem it needed to address. “A lack of employment contracts, coupled with young women who are motivated to progress their careers has unfortunately created an environment a small number of trainers have chosen to exploit. “Trainers are in a position of power and really need to take a hard look at what they are doing to ensure a safe work place.” Harness Racing New Zealand chief executive Gary Woodham could not be reached for comment. nken crash  
    • Which kennel?  Which dog?
    • The Dunns have not got any top pacers. Classie Brigade is their best as you point out mate. The horse is consistent but is unlikely to win a G!. Henry Hubert is Ok but not really the type of horse to feature in G1 races.  There are not many up comers because many are sold, or sent to Australia to race. I don't blame them for either selling or sending to Aust to race because the horses have more chance of earning over there. The Tellers have some handy horses working through the grades. I think the stable is the one most likely to challenge the All Stars in the next two or three seasons. 
    • Hey Gammalite, I'm not seriously saying he'd beat any of the Blue Army in the NZ Cup. If FM made the cup field he'd need to go an extended unbeaten run. Even if he was able to do that he'd still start at long odds. I enjoy math's and gambling. Truth be known, with FM only being a 3 race winner it would be a miracle if he even made the field. Because I rate him highly, if the TAB offered me 300-1 on him to win the Cup today, I'd happily put a couple of hundred each way on him and then cash out on half my wagers when he starts at 25-1 and ride out the rest. Still be a very nice earner. You will know about the glorious uncertainty of sport.  I'm now in danger of looking like a fool at about 6.55 pm tonight
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