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  1. why on earth would CS be going to court, tommygun?
  2. indeed..my 'best guess' would have been 'further charges pending' and/or protection of an innocent party/parties...
  3. i have a feeling you are about to enlighten me tomtom
  4. Does anyone know who will Minister for Racing this time next year? It won't be Winnie forever!
  5. but Freda, the Govt has CONTROL ie the TAB is a Govt agency, so it's not as if this is a privately-owned business that needs to get its house in order without Govt involvement. Part of our problem is that so much of the industry depends on turnover from gambling and the (Govt-controlled) TAB is a MONOPOLY. Bookmaking is illegal in this country, is it not? To rectify the Stakes-funding problem (imo the fundamental issue to bbe addressed), we have to increase turnover from wagering. So the Government has to accept some responsibility for the future of NZ Racing, rather than take the historical approach (ie get your own house in order, don't come to us with your hand out).
  6. This is another example of the truth being spoken (well, written really) by the wise one known as Jess. Personally, I am irritated by not knowing the name of this convicted killer, but there must be a darn good reason or three why we cannot be told until after sentencing (February, I believe). We must trust in the wisdom of the Judge. Why it takes 3 months for a sentence to be decided is, however, beyond me.
  7. Kopia says: There is no doubt that there was interference towards the end of the race. Mustelld says: You concede there was interference late in the race. The key questions are: which horse started the interference? How severe was it? I only saw the head-on once (on-course) and thought it was obvious that Taroni began the interference by moving out and taking BLR's line, actually shunting LR sideways 2 or 3 strides from the post. Taroni led by about 1 length at the 100m and by a head at the finish. On that basis the Stewards made the right decision. Having said that, the JCA should not have allowed the process to be dictated by Ellis and should have questioned Sam Collett. MM
  8. and bravo to the stewards for making the right decision. Taroni clearly impeded BLR by running out UNDER PRESSURE. Taroni was tiring quickly the last 50m and would've been run down imo if it had kept a straight line. The crucial evidence is the head-on video. MM
  9. I only saw the head-on on a small tv screen on-course- and only once - and commented to my companions that the placings would be reversed. The leader took the other horse's line at a crucial stage and was tiring quickly. correct decision imo, though I feel for the Lindsays who have had too much dreadful luck this year.
  10. Weasel


    From the horse's mouth. “She will definitely be at the races at Ellerslie over Christmas and New Year. Which ones we don’t know yet.
  11. Weasel


    she is already Grp 1 and Grp 2 placed, CS...surely that would help her in eligibility for 3yo classics ??
  12. Weasel


    Definitely would be going to the paddock now if she were mine. Owner's prerogative, of course ...my concern is - and always has been - that too much racing over the shorter trips and/or firm ground will be her undoing. I'm glad she has broken maidens. Please don't tell me it had anything to do with the gear being on/off for the 2nd/3rd time, that's crap. Aalaalune can gallop, we all know that from her 2yo record. At last they found a field she could beat - Te Rapa on a Friday was a whole lot easier than the 1000 Guineas, I guess. So good on them for lowering their sights and getting her confidence back with an easy win. Time will tell whether the field she beat amounts to anything. 3yo classy filly by Reliable Man = Derby/Oaks path(s) ..and the best way for her to get there is to have a decent break when the tracks are driest (imho), ie from now. She's been 'up' since the winter to prepare for the Tarzino, so a rest now can only do her good. but that ain't in Rogie's DNA - I acknowledge all the experience and success i the stale - I also note the appalling strike rate in recent seasons, including the current one. 2 Stephen Marsh 33 20 26 $644,443 258 2 7.82 7 Team Rogerson 13 19 26 $355,058 231 1 17.77 Translation: More starters than any trainer except Marsh; 1 winner per (app) 18 starters cf Marsh 1 winner per 8 starters And in the most recent completed season, Marsh (790), Baker/Forsman (785) and Rogerson (774) had the most starters. Strike rates: 1 in 7; 1 in 8; 1 in 12.5 respectively). If they keep racing her this side of Xmas, I bet she don't even get to the Derby or Oaks ...
  13. Ufortunately Winnie's idea of the media 'doing their job properly' is to ask curly questions of everyone except him and NZ First. What is happening now is a reprise of the 2008 Spenser Trust saga that ended in Wini copping an official censure by Parliament for knowigly misleading the House ..which in turn cost him 3 years in the political wilderness.
  14. Weasel

    NZ Cup?

    You only need to look at the ratios of sprinting to staying races here and in Oz compared to say the UK/France. Then take a look at the $$$ on offer for the sprinter-milers cf the (poorer) money for the staying types - the Derby and Oaks are the only exceptions. Karaka Million for 2yo - sprint (rightly so). Karaka Million for 3yo -mile No million dollar race in that series for 2000-2400 horse. Which begs the question: why don't they add more $$ to the ($100k) Karaka Stayers Cup?
  15. Weasel

    NZ Cup?

    Flem track Soft Ricc track Dead 4
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