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  1. AJC can CHOOSE to merge, can't they? Negotiate a deal for a merger that guarantees them recognition of their proud heritage/contribution in the past and INVEST in the industry's future by applying the proceeds from voluntarily selling their land for the survival/growth of racing in Auckland. They need to stop thinking tribally/parochially and create a workable solution with ARC (and/or Counties). eg ...Australian Clubs own hotels, clubs etc where pokies revenue yields a fortune every year for them ...eg Melbourne Racing Club (Sandown/Caulfield tracks) got about $20M in the 2018/19 Fin Yr.
  2. When was the AJC grandstand built? When did it last get any R&M done to it? Why did it fall into a state of disrepair (eyesore material)? It strikes me that the current situation is a bit like the 'white man' arriving in droves to overwhelm the native American Indians in the 19th century. Fight and die, or come in to the reservation AJC - get the best deal you can for your members in perpetuity, protect and promote the rich AJC heritage from a new base etc ... cos you are not going to be racing at Avondale any time soon - whether or not the 'land grab' is successful. Better to use the value of the asset(s) to play a significant role in horse racing (via merger) than be irrelevant forevermore and your hard-earned asset(s) handed over to 'charity'. You cant beat em so you may as well join em.
  3. dont know, but crowd size at provincial meetings is not as much an issue as facilities for major carnivals/days. Why did they modernise Randwick in the last 5 years? PROGRESSIVE PLANNING/THINKING AHEAD. centralising resources/facilities in appropriate places. NZ does not need more than 2 racetracks in Greater Auckland, but if the showcase carnivals for the forseeable are going to include Auckland (and they must, cos that's where most people live), Avondale has to go, cos its got the least going for it ad the most going against it.
  4. Because Ellerslie doesnt need to pull its Grandstand(s) down ans has invested in upgrading facilities. If Avondale had done the prudent thing 20-30 years ago - built decent facilities for its members and racegoers - it' would've had a stronger case for retention as a venue going forward. But its heed is now above the parapet as an obvious target for rationalisation.
  5. you have to have at least one 'flagship' track/club in your biggest city...but you don't need three in a population of 1.5m or whatever Greater Auckland is. Avondale has by far the worst, ugliest facilities of the three in the big smoke. ad the land is worth a fortune for housing. You HAVE to grow/ improve Ellerslie site. Money from Avondale asset (land) could be used to make Ellerslie like Randwick, with Counties the back-up. If Avondale JC members are too 'tribal' to take the sensible option, they deserve what's purportedly coming at them - compulsory acquisition.!
  6. I have very limited sympathy for Avondale JC members, who have consistently failed to address the 'elephant in the room' - ie their appalling facilities, starting with the main Grandstand from Hell. A disgrace and symbolic of the decline in the Club's fortunes. Is there a good reason why they have not bowled it over long before now and built a new one? Don't tell me...no money!? Best thing they can do at Avondale now is sell the land, negotiate the best deal for members into a merged NEW ORGANISATION with Auckland RC and/or Counties, pool their resources, and INVEST IN NEW FACILITIES/SERVICES at the TWO courses that will be used over the next 50+ years.
  7. They don’t all of a sudden develop an interest in racing when they are in their 40’s and start punting on horses. oh yes they do ... two mates of mine discovered horse racing as owners in their 60s, hadnt been to a racetrack in decades. didnt know the difference between a hock and a hack
  8. and the lack of permanent fibre connection is the reason the best winter racing surface in the north (Ruakaka) is not on the calendar! Ruakaka hosts at least 4 meetings in June/July, track hardly ever worse than a Dead 6
  9. Prior to COVID-19 we already had a lean organisation How can this statement go unchallenged?
  10. Weasel

    Grand Annual

    ..and Tavistock leaves a Group 1 Oaks winner and a Galleywood Hurdle winner in the same week. RIP
  11. the ones with any brains and time on their side will be off to Aussie
  12. all fair enough... but one upside of the 'distancing and hand-washing' mantra is the huge reduction in exchange of germs of all kinds in and across all age groups. Grandads not being infected by their kids/grandkids etc ...leads to less pressure on health system/resources etc ...I predict fewer Kiwis will die of influenza this year than any single year in the last 20-25 years
  13. you're being very harsh. At the time, WHO was simply fulfilling its responsibility to communicate what it knew. Note the word 'preliminary'. So little was known at the time about a potential global threat. WHO was not wrong. They did not 'get it wrong'. They subsequently declared a public health emergency and later, a pandemic.
  14. We went into Level 4 lockdown when we did because, having closed our borders but with Covid already in the country we still had to allow Kiwis to return home if they wanted to, and couldnt quarantine them all at once. Going into total lockdown also allowed us to flatten the curve and avoid crushing our health system with too many serious cases (requiring IC care and ventilators etc) all at once. I expect there will be plenty more cases of Covid through the next 3-6 months BUT we are much better prepared with people, equipment, and information gleaned from its impact overseas. Whats most important in my opinion is to minimise infections among the elderly, especially in rest homes, villages etc. We've already seen what it can do in 'clusters;' like Rosewood. Hygiene and physical distancing will remain critical through the colder months. And we have to get creative and clever about rebuilding our economy, esp tourism and hospo. Opportunity knocks.
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