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  1. dont like him that much over 3200m Cup day unless its wet.
  2. LOL.we all get proven badly wrong very often, esp in Futures markets. I've had my eye on Communique since late last season. not sure yet that 3200m is her go, but 2400m is not a problem. Her close relatives include Cronus who won an Adelaide Cup (3200m).
  3. personally I'd rather have a grand on Communique who looks a classy stayer in the making.
  4. Desirable skills of applicants at this time include: a) An interest or involvement in thoroughbred racing b) Proven experience in racing or sports administration c) Experience in marketing, including digital marketing d) Experience in wagering e) Experience in property development and/or property management
  5. On the same day, Ruakaka hosted 2 groups of up to 100 in 'defined spaces' with tote facilities, but they were not allowed to leave those spaces to access the rest of the track. The Club did a great job for owners and sponsors.
  6. my opinions on the (terrible) way Aalalune has been placed are well documented. Too many races too close together at too early an age, given her pedigree and racing style. Should have been given much more time to furnish and set for middle-distance campaigns away from hard ground. But its the owners' prerogative to do what they want cos they pay the bills. Wont be surprised to see De La Terre do the same as a spring 3yo. Looks a genuine type. would like to see Aalalune race on rain-affected ground at say Te Rapa over 2000m+ ...mebbe Waikato Gold Cup / Counties Cup horse? but needs to get
  7. Who could resist a trip on a very expensive boat with an exclusive 'live delivery' thrown in?? anyone want the placenta? Scalpel, please, Nurse ,bound to go viral on YouTube
  8. good to see the drought broken for LL ..first win i over 140 starts ...hopefully will win em in big chunks now
  9. NBS move to Te Rapa was a one-off caused by stupid decision-making by 'the powers that be' refusing to include Ruakaka when reframing the resumption of racing during the Covid/insolvency crises.
  10. Well, Mediaworks recently announced they've picked up cricket commentary from next summer. Twould make sense to add domestic horse racing
  11. GET ON is hilarious and informative. Love the show! Highlight of the week for this Mustelid.
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