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  1. Madness now rules in HRNZ,even Guerin on the box seat suggested that if people and trainers want to go to Orari then let them or words to that affect. Also stated when discussing the big meeting at Addington,its a sunday, it's on trackside 1, on saturdays harness racing gets poked on to 2, and the big races from ozzie get priority, yet Invercargills big race is you guessed it on a saturday, just another HRNZ cock up. Getting back to Auckland, we all know two meetings in two days dont work, no reason why they couldn't just have 1 meet with more races, maybe if its after 10 it might be
  2. Winston i think has stated he wont go with labour, dont leave many if any options, maybe he should just be a expert commentator like Hosking, all talk but no action.
  3. Ok Mr smartarse lol, I was merely pointing out in the article written it stated that cup day was the biggest turnover for 10 years, which is newsworthy I would have thought, I'm done on this thread, have a happy day all.
  4. I'm not interested in Mr Mcgrath, but I did note that cup day turnover was the highest for any meeting in the last ten years, that's worth some news but I ain't seen nought, maybe it's been reported, I ain't noticed.
  5. I cant see why if Orari finished why they couldn't race on the grass at Washdyke, just a thought.
  6. One wonders what some would say if I expired. If I ain't posted for a month then better start come looking for me, probably no one would notice.im not circulating. And yes condolence to the Cubas family, one never knows what life is gunna hit one with.
  7. Going from grass to all weather, harness does it but the gallops, seems a different story.
  8. Some of the stuff I posted on my free for all forum, in political yarns would have been frowned upon on another site, sometimes I just try to jazz it up, nought wrong with a bit of humour, music or comment to add a new dimension to a website. I note Djockovic is welcome back to aussie for the tennis despite no vaccine, good on him for standing up for his principles.
  9. 6500 yesty the late quaddie., I checkout all the quaddies, I note a lot of the 25000 guaranteed or whatever dont go over, the commingled pools are large from Vuctoria and West Australia but some of the doubles, place 6 etc etc from aussie are very small, I dont think there is as much bet on aussie racing as we may think there is.
  10. Doomed is in the UK, was just wondering what a NZ block of cheese is worth, or put another way, what it is selling for.
  11. What is a block of 1kg cheese priced at where you are ?
  12. On labour day,that mini meeting,the late quaddie at palmy was over 10 grand which compares well to a lot of other harness meetings and a lot of gallops too,(southern Fridays spring to mind) but on a Tuesday afternoon, the Melbourne Cup or the trotting Cup may do ok but palmy today, probably not.
  13. I think Forbury gone has taken away a dimension that added interest, the Canterbury and Southlandes meeting in the middle, I'm sure if some of those good pacers were racing there as once before then the interest would have stayed. Invercargill have scrubbed 2 meetings this season, not even a mention of the second one, it's all becoming a bit uninteresting., seems the bigger tracks are more popular, yet the North only have two pokey tracks, spouse they have no choice but just take it or leave it.
  14. Gamma, team Orange was taken, no team banana sadly lol, anyway which team won.
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