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  1. So many great songs sung by this lot so this one is just random. Do they still make music like this.. The Seekers - Love Is Kind Love Is Wine(1968).mp4
  2. Devlin is a bit short fused between the ears, I use to love radio sport until Brendon Telfer was replaced, after that I only listened to live commentary as in mainly cricket, Waddle and the cricket crew were very interesting. Senz the new setup who bought the trackside frequencies I had great hope for, and in reality they do a pretty good job sportswise but as they treat the racing fans like a bunch of idiots I just don't bother with them now, Ian Smith is ok, he knows what he's talking about, the rest, I can take it or leave them, I see Mark Watson is on there sometimes, another nitwit
  3. At the end of the day, if they fail miserably before or during the World Cup then it's not only the coach and his assistants but the appointees of the people in those positions that will be judged. Scott Robertson or anybody else can't do themselves any harm if they ain't there, he ain't the only one who could be in line for the job ,will we have the worst bunch running All Black and NZ rugby, that's the big question, they have made their decision, as I say, time will tell.
  4. I thought Saundry had gone back to Australia, or is going.
  5. I don't give a shit about Warriors or Auckland for that matter but we keep hearing the same old crap. I don't think anything will change with Foster still in the job, time will tell.
  6. Well Winston did give racing 70 odd million
  7. Well I was wrong about the ABs, all back on track again, and with the Warriers winning it's only up and up from here, but the phrase next year springs to mind😁
  8. Canterbury and Auckland as is the case mostly starting the NPC off well but a lot of close matches, apart from Manawatu who are struggling, Southland went ok last week in Blenhiem and play Auckland who are playing the 3rd match in 8 days, be nice to see Southland go well and get some points, problem for the lesser team is depth. As for the Abs well that all remains to be seen, personally I think South Africa will win and win well, probably after that time to push the reset button moving forward.
  9. Did I hear correctly on tv1 news last night, I wasn't watching but was kind of listening in the background that this guy Molloy said that despite pulling out of the mayoral race whoever gets the job he would have done a better job than them
  10. Dont anything about Mr Molloy but we pride ourselves on our democracy yet with first past the post in some mayoral contest one could win with 35% of the vote, thus meaning 65% get someone they dont want, brilliant.
  11. Judith Durham was a women of some class, moving to the other end of the scale, Serina William's is finishing up at the US open, see she said that she should have won 30 slams, didnt mention that if Steffi Graf had stayed playing as long as her she might have won 40, always went on about females getting equal pay, I'm all for that but one needs to do equal job, Could she foot it with Federer, Nadal or Jockeyitch or was she best suited clobbering the shit out of the ball and beating real females by force, not skill. I always say, sometimes it's not what you got that determines ones human qu
  12. Wonder how Judith will get on when KBW hits town, what a duet.
  13. As I've said before I have a passion for music, this week has been a sad week with two aussie music legends expiring, watching you tube and some of those clips of Judith Durham tells me two things 1, Just how good The Seekers were especially Durham and 2, Just how good you tube is, stuff there you wouldn't probably see anywhere else. The world's a better place with the likes of Judith Durham and Olivia Newton John and the timeless music they leave us with.
  14. We all do things when young that are silly, in reality I dont care as I always believe in the saying, he who is without sin can cast the first stone,I actually believe there is tall poppy syndrome soon as someone might be on the up lots want to pull you back down again.
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