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  1. Nathan Guy, very interesting choice for racing minister, he was the guy when they were touting for a AWT track in Christchurch he thought they had one already,at Addington, he could get a job for senz radio programmer, .maybe he is already aye😁
  2. What sort of place you living in? I dont have sky these days, dont really miss it either, I will say if you like league and rugby gotta say they do a pretty good job of it but I'm just not so interested these days. As for Mr Guerin hes ok, we are all different I guess but we do see or hear a fair bit of him, maybe too much but I dont change my view on the vaccine shit, even if you are jabbed 10 times as there is no covid south of the straight then keep it out, its fuckin pathetic so many events being cancelled for no reason, seems fuckin weird to me. And Ludwig, as Tuepeka are racing
  3. As he is a Aucklander or works and lives there until he and all the other bug carriers from there vaccinated or not should not cross cook straight again, because of them look at Cup week. No one should come cross the straight unless they are clear. Just to add he now works for senz,there racing coverage is poop, I wont bother with that lot much more if they continue to dish up much more crap back to magic music and fuck the racing.
  4. Listened to their sunday afternoon sports show, because I often do while out working, i think i heard one race from Rotorua and a couple from Oamaru, man these guys ain't up with it it seems but they did have a heap of add breaks mostly senz adds telling us about the new kids in town, way they are going wont last long I reckon.
  5. Ignore the typing error above, cant change it now, funny how they say you can watch , listen online etc etc as its free, not strictly true,. Internet charges at home probably more than sky, then you have sky, maybe spark sport then your mobile phone charges, gee phone company's are raking it in, just think how much you could save if you didnt have all these hookups, be able to take a large easy first four or trifecta bet on one of those maiden trots at Methven or Motukarara every meeting lol.
  6. A lot o I leave my I pad,desktop on overnight when in bed more times than not on zb, when they have the grand slam tennis tournaments they run a online radio station, it's only when one leaves home, driving working etc that's a bit different, the coverage can be patchy at times. Gee I'm a fussy basterd lol.
  7. I know but it is nice to spend some of our time not being glued to our technology, great as it is, sometimes it's nice just to turn on the radio , have a cup of tea and be informed, it works for zb, listen to some music, some sports commentary as in cricket, why not one day of good solid racing coverage? I dont have all day to watch tv, even if I did I still wouldn't.
  8. Guy hosting the show on senz yesty said over to Greg Myles for the Caulfield Cup, he retired about 3 years ago, I honestly dont understand how something so simple seems to be complicated, they broadcast a race or two from oz, even stayed up till eight, I dont know, let's just say their racing coverage can only improve, that's a starting point I guess, if it dont then few will bother I'd say, me included.
  9. Did you know or did you search? There were a lot of Waitaki horses then.
  10. Once again we seem to be going around in circles on some topics but it would be good if the Saturday afternoon racing show was a lot better,shutting off at 6, most of the top races start after 6, I dont think I would blame the presenters more the management, at that time of day I will be working, 2ky or app i still cant be fucked with listening through cell phone, yea for one race now and then ok but for 2 or 3 hour stretches nope. Didnt hear the show this morning.
  11. If you are asking me a question, I have no idea, the only Hamilton I know is a town or city somewhere up north lol.
  12. Come on people,dont go to hrnz site, 1975 Methven cup, horse by memory always had a blue shadow roll, won 7 races in all before going to US.
  13. Here a question to test the memory, and this is one that's stuck in mine a long time, I had just started taking a interest in the races. 1975 Methven Cup was one by the rank outsider, paid 48 bucks for the win, which in those days would have kept you going for a long time, this horse seemed to like Methven , finished third the year after, now without rushing to jgoogle ot hrnz site, who knows the winner.
  14. No idea on that one. Just a side note to the cup race Sapling missed a race at Forbury in 78 due to Flooding in Southland, there were quite a few scratchings for that race meeting,raced october 14 1978.
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