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  1. Harness racing at the moment is pretty dour stuff,tomorrows fields are small,if you miss tomorrow's racing then chances are there will be repeat screening next week,Invercargill race thursday,what will the numbers stack up like,?...turnover wont really change much for any code,only so many people who bet and only so much money for those who do,the reason why stakes have gone up maybe because of the operating cost cuts the TAB did last year,be fair to say that the spike in stakes might be a one hit wonder,things will probably level out,as for harness racing it's pretty average stuff,but when yo
  2. I think the racing on a saturday afternoon has a bit of the glass half full tone around it,we have become use to the aussie gallops that the problem is that the real hardcore racing fans will either be watching on tv or maybe tuning in through the apps,websites,ideally a super saturday with the nz racing coupled up with the main aussie gallops would be ideal running from say 12 pm untjl 7 or 7 30,maybe it will happen in time,maybe not,they have a morning show which seems ok and they actually have a punters club where people can text in and if selected have a chance for some free money,that is
  3. It's been a week,thoughts about senz as a setup and senz racing coverage.
  4. I reckon a couple of feature saturday meetings at Washdyke instead of Riccarton would be better for both,that grass track at Riccarton does get a hammering,sometimes it looks like it too sometimes,the AWT probably does have a place but 15 million or whatever does seem a lot for 8 days or whatever,however it's done,spose the trainers training on it will be happy.
  5. It would certainly be a different landscape if Oamaru and Timaru were to close,the problem here though in Timarus case is at present they have lost 3 days for next year yet they never have feature days like Oamaru have on sunday,they just seem to be getting a shit deal. A lot of southern horses lining up at Oamaru,if Oamaru and Timaru were gone would that kill off racing south of the Waitaki?
  6. I read a article online yesty about Tyler,went to Southland a few years ago and are in the dairy industry,the horses come second so in that way he is fortunate all his eggs ain't in the one racing basket,sometimes one wonders why you would be at the furthest point racing wise but it is what it is,having said that the travel would be a pain,the lack of race days in winter in the south could be helped by the AWT,not hindered if the days at Ricarton are new days,not pinched off others.
  7. Good nomination numbers but it seems a heavy 11 track again,starting to wonder if this Oamaru Timaru complex about better winter tracks is a misnomer but good stakes by nz standards and no where else to run probably has a bit to do with it too,these are noms only though,how many will front up,well that remains to be seen,
  8. I see that the trackside simulcast on the computer,I pad etc is now gone and been replaced with the radio which is ok but you can watch ,listen to trackside on the app only it seems,I have a listen,it's ok but not a all day station for me, a fair bit of reruns too and the same old senz this senz that every ad break gets a bit monotonous,still have to wait and see what if any racings on,I know how I would do things but some people seem to think differently,as I say we will wait before passing judgement.
  9. You will have to enlighten me on your subject,I havnt watched trackside for a few days.
  10. You will have to enlighten me on your subject,I havnt watched trackside for a few days.
  11. It says on website some places coming soon,Hamilton is one of them so dont panic it will arrive someday. Ian Smith comes from or lives in Hawkes Bay,i wonder where he is working from,sometimes they can work from home/
  12. Senz starts monday morning,this time next week,first radio racing show,if its shit then the only way to get through is to tell them but let's just see first aye.
  13. That was at Wyndham and the irony was it was on April 1
  14. Never lose sight of the fact that Winnie let the snake out of the bag,people didnt forget,I have to say that despite labour supposedly being over 50% in the polls I dont know anyone who voted for them but I suspect a lot dont admit it.
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