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  1. Excellent bit of misrepresentation of the facts Chief Cockwomble. You cant even get the organisations name right, its now NZTAB and has been for some time. Read below as that is the crux of the thread despite you trying to hijack it as usual The NZTAB does not publish Raceform. Fact. Any assistance from old TAB was historical and the only thing the new NZTAB provide now is ad revenue as do the other supporters in your supporters post. Its hardly unsurprising that NZ's gaming provider advertise's in a racing publication.
  2. Yes, and her and Dennis are doing this off their own bat. Private enterprise at its best but do the punters want to support it?
  3. Change your thoughts on your mates ability to talk rubbish The product you refer to," Raceform" has NOTHING TO DO WITH NZTAB . It does not publish, pay for or distribute it. Pretty sure anyone with an IQ above 20 who read the above and deals in facts will work out who the clown is F Wit
  4. Brodie will not be happy someone monopolizing Grp 1 feature races and those with big stakes.
  5. I take it your application is in the mail for the recently advertised CEO position at the operation you hate so much on social media, yet patronise. Seems like you and Slam are not in Sync re the publication judging by your respective posts on the matter above
  6. Your proving what a dumb F wit you are with this sort of shit, ably supported by grumpy Bob and Pam. So much for integrity but if you all need help with the concept i suggest you call jamie , he has it all sorted. Its probably why owners like to deal with him. Do yours?
  7. Farm income from Balfour track and surrounds is beneficial, lots of volunteers and sponsors
  8. I have not missed a thing, he was charged , pleaded guilty was given a small fine . End of story with his and his Backers reputation intact. Unlike some on here who suggested he should have tried a different tact which Nod and i showed would have failed just as Melham and co have found out.
  9. He already has based on your responses on here. 😅
  10. Cleaned up last night at Headquarters. 5 starters for 3 wins and 2 placings. great for the game and great to punt on unlike some other stables. Always in or on the money
  11. Star jockey Ben Melham will not be eligible to ride in races until March next year after being handed a further three-month ban for giving false and or misleading evidence to stewards. Fellow rider Ethan Brown received an eight-week penalty — partly suspended for two years — for his part in also omitting the name of Mark Zahra as an attendee at the Mornington Airbnb gathering. The significant sanctions ends the Victorian Racing Tribunal’s involvement with the five jockeys embroiled in the Covid-19 breach on August 25. All five copped three-month penalties for the b
  12. Precisely Nod, so thanks. As i have already noted, JR took the correct course of action and has preserved his reputation and that of brand Te Akau. Those that want to counter argue the obvious might also consider " he pleaded guilty " to the charges.
  13. No, he was penalised for breaking the Rules of Racing. Read below- if you and others think breaking the rules is ok as some on here have alluded to then you are part of the integrity problem that racing suffers from. Turn it around and you and others would be going to town if J R had been caught lying or the horse returned a positive. I'm sure Chief Cockwomble will see it differently but your playing by yourself from here on in. Prior to Race 1 Mr Oatham lodged an Information with the Adjudicators alleging a breach of Rule 534(1) in that “SHEZATHINKA” was declared a late scratching
  14. And if was caught trying that on he would have again got a harsher penalty. Just ask j Kah et al what happens when you lie and get caught. His reputation is intact, its worth a lot to many people.
  15. Why- if the horse wins and is found to have a positive swab he would get a far harsher fine/suspension. He takes all the credit so he should take the consequences as he would do on this occasion. He sensibly owned up and enhanced his reputation in doing so IMO. Over to Cockwomble to counter argue as per when i post on here
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