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  1. Walt, From your posts, you come across as a very educated person. You made a lot of points, and some I agree with and some I do not! I am only going to make 2 points which I have previously! Ardern does deserve all the abuse and more that she gets from the public now, as she is the most despised Prime Minister of NZ ever. She has caused irreparable damage to the citizens of NZ in many many ways! The second point is that the Pfizer toxic jabs has never been a VACCINE despite it being described as such! The evidence that the Court enforced Pfizer to produce in small
  2. Basil, go and get a second Booster in you! Brodie is the voice of reason and tells it the way it is! The fact you have little spine and just want to come on every now and again explaining how righteous you are is rather pointless!
  3. Lol surely it wouldve been better to have B1 as winning one Band race B2 won 2 Band races B3 won 3 Band races? To be fair though Gamma, the Ozzies have never been that good at school!
  4. Chief, you are so correct on every point you have made. The so called Vaccine Pfizer is having so much harm on people and even my Dr. who I hadnt seen for a couple of years, is even saying on the quiet that the Pfizer has caused major issues for his patients. The BS in regards to Pfizer being the best protection against Covid is abhorrent and yet they still want to keep the crap going. Dickheads still wearing masks everywhere is just crazy and you are doing damage to your respiratory system and that is a reason why hospitals are overrun. Anthony the evil Fauci has stated pr
  5. You are correct! Although the horse has been previously trained by an Amateur trainer, it has shown nothing for years. There was a lot of money go on it by the look of it for last Sunday’s race. Yes it won a trial at Rangiora, but it was flat out to win that against a couple of poor horses! Personally wouldve had to grow a couple of legs to be competitive in that race as it has absolutely very little speed or toughness. There should never have been any questions asked about Pocket Call’s performance as it is not a racing proposition in NZ.
  6. Walt, the truth is that the Pfizer jab is not a vaccine and never will be. The reality is that people were conned into getting it becausevthey called it a Vaccine. If you look at the facts that have come out from Pfizer but not published on mainstream media, you would never ever have taken the toxic jabs. The ramifications from having the toxic jabs injected have and going forward to peoples health is massive. Why do you think that the hospitals are overrun so early this Winter? People just do not want to admit that they have been conned, but I would put my last cent o
  7. Paleface, you are correct the stake money for harness racing has gone backwards hugely compared to Australia, Horses are able to be place much easier and there is little prospect of things improving in NEW ZEALAND with the decisions being made by hierarchy. Hopefully things can be maintained here as harness racing is an exciting industry when things were going well here. There have been many decisions made that has been detrimental to racing and I can see many participants pull stumps in the next few years!
  8. Not sure I would call her fluff! She is the most dangerous Prime Minister this country has ever had and probably ever have! She tries to portray this “ I really care” persona and yet if you have watched her Communist Rant when she continually used the word COMRADE” you would’ve realised that she was indeed a COMMUNIST! She is now spouting off saying that a woman should be able to do what she wants with her body in regards to this abortion being legal????? You what???? And yet this control freak has been ramming down our throats that we all have to give up our rights to
  9. Tend to agree National are not what they used to be and thought Luxon may be the answer, however many things he has said have been flakey. He is in favour of the jabs as he is in cohorts with the toxin makers! The thing is if you want to live in a controlled country kf !efty Loonies then you sill vote for Labour, the most incompetent evil bunch of incompetents ever!!! If you want a better run country that wont have the controls that our Communist Ardern has governed under then you will have to vote for National or Act. Seymour is full of hypocricies but he would be better
  10. Angry Andrew Little is just one of the most incompetent bunch citizens of NEW ZEALAND voted back in to control them!! Little has achieved so much in Parliament for the citizens, like spending mega millions and lying about getting out the bodies of the Pike River mine! What an absolute dropkick thinking this was going to happen but then the whole lot of them are just all talk and no success at anything. Angry Andrew has no idea about anything including hospitals but that is what you get with this conniving lot of nillers. Unfortunately having them in power when we needed int
  11. Totally baffled as to who would have been stupid enough to be backing POCKET CALL? Totally hopeless for a long time and was not worth racing it, although the trainer/ driver wouldnt exactly rate in my top 10 drivers. Yes it won at the Rangiora trials but it was full out to beat the other couple and they are both pretty poor horses. On that trial run unless it improved a ton, then there was very little chance of it being in the money. Matt Purvis is a very good trainer and always improves horses that are not going very well, but personally can not see Pocket Call being a pr
  12. Just how good was The Fiery Ginga? He was one tough horse, imagine him with Paul Nairn or the Dunns! Was actually not a bad days racing if you were selective with what races you invested on! There is always money to be made on the Sunday meetings at Addington. Not sure why Reformed was so short when it is more a short course horse and not very brave. Megarock did look the one due to the way it went last start and what it had done at Addington over 2600m earlier in the year in far better fields! $15 opening was great price so Keep up the good work Bookies!
  13. Boobs, I always talk sense, and disappointed that you do not agree with Brodie every time! Of course it is a conflict of interest and you would be pretty silly to be paying any Tip Line! If the tippers were any good then why would they need to get income from the Tip Line? Is there anyone on BOAY that has actually rung tip lines and how did you go??
  14. Be surprised if it was returned to air as I have heard HRNZ weren’t exactly for it! Well done for at least having a go but needs money thrown at it and where that is going to come from is a problem as they wont get from the NZ TAB. Jason Teaz did a good job under difficult circumstances I would say and the human interest interviews are far better than getting crap races from Timbuktu! Wonder if Jason is prepared to air his views on the possibility of the show making a return?
  15. Trackside hasnt improved over the years to much degree. The way they have wall to wall racing is an absolute turnoff for most people unless they are a compulsive out of control gambler. When they have racing from Japan on the same channel as NZ night harness, you can see where the NZ TAB priorities lie! Who the hell knows anything about Japanese gallopers a d the commentators are just so boring along with the racing! Harness racing as an entertainment leaves the gallops and dogs for dead and yet Trackside doesn't portray it as such. They quickly leave a race to show us
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