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  1. As Chief says, just another piece in the jigsaw. Such a dangerous virus is this Delta, everyone should be very scared now that they say it is in the South Island! Very convenient so they now say that the South Island needs to step up to the plate and get up to 90%! Yes they are the most transparent government we have ever had arent they? Totally the opposite and yet just so many Dickheads follow their advice! Well the news is all bad, watch what happens as they continue to change the Roadmap or Traffic Lights or while they transition! Even at 90% Ardern stated that Au
  2. Unfortunately Aquaman, people are just gullible and to believe everything that a Prime Minister with absolutely no business experience apart from working in a Fish And Chip shop, is crazy. kiwis need to wake up and slowly they will apart from the very weak minded. Watch the protests start shortly around the country as they see their businesses and jobs go south. Ardern’s continued threats are just repugnant and if you can not see what she is doing then you are easily brainwashed!
  3. No I am not an anti-vaxxer at all!!! This Pfizer is NOT a vaccine!!! This ant-vaxxer thing is just BS, but the way the Govt. tries to justify their agenda! I have had several vaccinations over the years, but there is no way I am allowing this communist government to force me to have toxins injected into me. The Pfizer just does not work whatsoever and you are just delusional if you think the Government has your best interests at heart. We nave not had a single death from Delta and this crap about overloading the hospitals is crazy. Of the people that test positive al
  4. Robalan, truth hurts! i can only try to educate, if you are prepared to follow the mob, then so be it! Watch this space as the mob changes their opinion on the evil one!
  5. Lol yeah Nah! You are delusional if you believe that there is going to be 90% double poisoned. You have been conned and Ardern knows that they won’t get there but an excuse for the positives to grow. She is out of her depth and a Commie. Control is her middle name but watch this space even many of the Sheep are going to turn on her now just sick and tired and over her BS Auckland is screwed big time and many will be financially destitute with nothing opening before xmas as the no.s grow and it is not from the unpoisoned ones. You only need to look what experts are
  6. No worse than Dickheads driving cars around wearing masks in cars FFS! Biggest con in human history, and people need to educate themselves and stop listening to the most incompetent government of all time. This Pfizer is a fizzer and you will soon realise that it doesnt work. There is another variant that they now say is 15 times more contagious lol. Go on go out and get some more toxins into you!!!!!!!!
  7. Gamma, I wish they would hurry up and ban the unpoisoned! The sheep will quickly realise that they have been conned bigtime, and that the so called vaccine is a waste of time. I am not a anti vaxxer, as the Pfizer is not a damn vaccine, it is a toxin!! If the NZ Government decide that the unpoisoned are not part of society and be treated as lepers, we will meant that head on! If the government say we do not exist and we do not get the same rights as others, then very simple, I wont need to be submitting a tax return will I!!! I know who will be the winner!
  8. Yes I know I am in self isolation from BOAY but had to post. Mickey Guerin if you did say what The Galah says, you should give yourself a big uppercut! You are in the media who are being controlled by both the government and Bill Gates! Pull your head in Guerin you are a disgrace by saying that. You have no right whatsoever to be able to comment like that, in fact quite the opposite, it is you the vaccinated ones that the unvaccinated should be wary of. You have lost any credibility by saying that as if you did your research fully you would not have got the JAB as it
  9. Hamilton’s think Surname was?
  10. Fair enough, just looks like both of them
  11. Trusty Scot and Sapling
  12. It’s all good Chief. I will take another enforced break and allow Karrots to post as many harness topics as she likes. Not a worry here, I will keep reading all posts but wont post again for a few weeks. Keep up the good work, Chief!
  13. I am sure they will have you Karrots. Not sure what your issues are with discussing issues that are affecting racing? Tell you what Karrots. You keep posting on BOAY here, and I will stop posting again for a few weeks as that seems fair enough, doesnt it?? I hope you accept this offer as I want to read what you want to post on harness!
  14. Karrots, what is wrong with discussing topics that relate to racing? This Covid is more important than harness racing at the moment as if it continues this way, forget about racing happening at all. It is great that you are an enthusiast and want to discuss harness topics. Your perogative and I respect your right. I also am well and truly over the BS we get each and every day from Ardern, Bloomfield and the media. However, I am more concerned about my fellow beings health being compromised than who wins the damn NZ Cup this year. If you want me to stop trying to
  15. Triple mask, social distance, do not spit when talking, do not get excited and dance if you collect or you will become a super spreader!
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