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  1. Tritons should do very nicely in the States, as they know how to train horses over a mile, and Shane’s dad has been over there for a long time to advise. The thing is that if the Trittons can’t make a decent living then there must be a lot of trainers not making much, just like in NZ. In oZ it is far easier to place horses and far more opportunities to race.
  2. Ranga, more like Chief Bull Shite
  3. Leave me out of this discussion or it could well incriminate me.
  4. No,it doesn’t Happy. That race was after the last time I posted about not having a go!!!
  5. Chief, why does it matter? Did you not read the other post where Ranga once again called me a liar! I said that I used to like the Greymouth harness racing one reason because of the fact that the AllStars horses weren’t didn’t race there! Ranga called me a liar because Purdon had raced horses on the Greymouth track! He came up with 13 starters out of all of the races that Greymouth has had, and how many were actually winners out of those 13 starts He didn’t say. My point was that Purdon did not dominate all of the races and stakes were shared amongst many owners and trainers unlike where the AllStars juggernaut dominate nowadays. Ranga just wants to be an antagonistic sod!
  6. Yes it was a moral and maybe the Brodster was on?
  7. Roman, I do have a policy of not tipping out horses on here, you are correct. When have I ever stated that I have backed a winning horse after a race? Finally, no I would never pick the card of any meeting at all, because I am not have “ a bet on every race” punter and never will be or have been. Betting on every race is a sure fire way of not making money, but that is what the TAB wants non winning punters to do!
  8. Ranga, so clearly he was into racing all his horses at Greymouth back then! So 13 starters at Greymouth, really active wasn’t he? Which one of them won a few races or group race? I rest my case!!
  9. Whinging, perhaps , passionate, yes! Point our injustices, yes! Cant be bothered with clowns in 2020, yes!
  10. “Fake News” as they say!! ”operation Inca” has got plenty of that happening as well. Dont bother Ranga!
  11. Geez you are an annoying xxxxxxx!! My initial point was that Greymouth was good enjoyable racing and NO the ALLSTARS were not prevailing with wins at Greymouth thru domination like they have in Canterbury over the last years whenever they lined up. You being the antagonistic sod that you are have to dig up a picture of a Mark Purdon trained horse with NO Mark Purdon in the cart!!!! Get a life you insomniac! Go annoy Globe!
  12. Couldn’t agree more Globe! Thats what I was saying to Ranga, who constantly posts BS!!
  13. Are you now saying you are a fruit loop?
  14. Seriously Ranga, you have got major problems when you are posting at 4.0 a.m in the morning!!!! Take a sleeping pill!
  15. Ranga, go and get a hobby! I warned you before about calling me a liar. You are a fruit loop! You need treatment that no one on here can give you unfortunately! Refrain from replying to any of my comments or I am gone, Can’t be bothered with your antagonistic BS In 2020
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