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  1. Personally given up wagering on Palmy . Not sure why young Wilson drives so conservatively ? They aren’t Locarno!
  2. So how is Manawatu going to be able to race continuously when they have only 30 to 40 horses? Snowball effect, numbers could drop lower and stakes dissappear? Turnover can not be flash now!
  3. Death knell for Palmerston North once Michael House quits. Too much of a drain on the coffers of harness just like Auckland is.
  4. They wouldnt get away with it in NZ Gamma. The standard of horse in NZ is so much better in NZ.
  5. Gavel House Standardbred Auction House which closes in the next day or so has some interesting lots in the catalogue! Michael House has 13 of his race winners from his stable up for sale! Mostly the ones that are currently in Palmerston North and raced tonight. Most are multiple race race winners so clearly acknowledges that they have met their mark and do not have a future racing in Canterbury. They mostly have reserves but some are sold for as little as $500. Is this a sign that this Michael House is about to give up campaigning at Palmerston North??????
  6. The photo of the horses in the dust paddocks are shocking conditions for any horse. How is it possible for this Ben Yole to be able to train so many horses when clearly the wins are due to the fact that he wins becajse he has the whole field! Does he own all of these horses himself or does he actually have owners paying training bills to have their horses mistreated? Personally do not bother wagering on ozzie harness nowadays since the NZ TAB stopped providing race info on their website. Yes I appreciate harness Australia website has it!
  7. Well if our esteemed racing minister, bully McAnulty approves them then yes my days in the sun are over lol. More time to enjoy life without the time spent doing the homework. Ladbrokes Australia owned by this outfit, stopped me from getting a bet on harness racing after only a few months! Tried to speak to the Socalled BOOKIES department over there and they would not even speak to me lol. All the receptionist would say is that she couldnt put me thru to anyone to talk to about wagering! Just more BS that has been entrusted upon all of us in recent years. They ar
  8. Very young when he was racing but you are only as old as you feel, Paleface lol
  9. Interesting, never heard of this Entain outfit before, but googled them! You are probably right that I will be culled if they do get the nod . It could will be the death knell for harness racing in NZ as well because they will be ruthless by the look of it and concentrate more on the Sports. Plenty of people will be outside the WINZ office looking for work which is what the Reserve Bank Governor is wanting! Anyway “The Brodster” made hay while the sun shone and all haymakers eventually put their feet up. Back to the SLEEPERS I would say lol
  10. It is a pretty good bet to say that the NZ TAB will be outsourced to one of 3 overseas betting agencies if McAnulty gives his approval in the next week or two! Initially apparently they are going to retain all current employees for a year but then many will get the DCM! Will this help harness racing to survive or will it be the death knell for it? Hopefully it will be for the good of the industry as the TAB have been in the whole doing a less than average job. They have suits that are being paid massive salaries and on the face of it unjustifiably, so this is going to chang
  11. Gamma, we send over a lot of horses who have met their mark in NZ! Ozzie bred horses generally are inferior to NZ bred horses and that is the basic reason that our exported do very well in Oz! Yes there are some Grand Circuit horses bred in Oz that go good.
  12. Personally believe that our current group of Junior drivers are not a bad lot, by way of talent in the cart and personality wise! Ben Hope is certainly one of these! From my perspective, Ben is what the industry totally requires for it to continue. He is always enthusiastic, great with the media and a totally hard worker! If his father Greg and mother Nina were not happy with his performance in the cart then they would not allow him to drive so many. Yes there have been times when he may have caused issues but that I reckon comes from youthful exuberance and he is alwa
  13. Spatchcock will suggest he is a KNIGHT in shining armour !
  14. SpatchCOCK is only here to be antagonistic, clearly by his lack of ever posting anything apart from attacking posters! You are correct, if he is so unhappy then he needs to either not read anything or actually post his opinion. Brodie will post his opinion whether SpatchCOCK agrees or not, but he needs to express his opinion, however doubt he is capable going on recent events!!
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