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  1. Harness needs to get people back on course to enjoy the racing to entice them to wager on harness! Without new people being attracted to harness racing it will certainly disappear. Without the wagering there will not be any money to pay stake money and therefore there will be no owners as existing owners move on to greener pastures. Reality is that harness administrators and the NZ TAB are just going through their paces at the moment and hoping things will improve. Unfortunately I can not see things improving while so many have their heads in the sand and collect their remuner
  2. Harness racing is in a dire situation in most parts NEW ZEALAND! It is due to many decisions being made by HRNZ and the NZ TAB! However, I do not believe we have seen anything yet as the true cost to the economy shows up in 2023 from the shocking performance from the current Communist Labour Party that over 50% of the population surprisingly voted for! Many People that currently own horses will just not be able to afford to to race the horses , due to the cost of living increases that havent hit us fully yet. Auckland will continue to provide small numbers of horses and some m
  3. The drive was very poor, no thought went into it, as the lead was never going to be there for Hurrell, with Nathan Williamson in front with a hot favourite! MArk Hurrell can drive, but that drive was very poorly thought out. They went a 1.58 mile rate on a slushy track and you deliberately put your maiden 2 year old filly parked as being in its best interests???
  4. Lol, quite the opposite ! No point bothering when they dont let you on for worthwhile amounts.
  5. Kane, how on earth can you say it was a GREAT drive? Sat 3 back on the fence and didnt have to do anything?
  6. Didnt back Melody Arden but still maintain he shouldnt be hooking out and sitting parked when he had no show of getting the front over a lap out on a wet track. Pretty average field so a sprint from the 400m wouldve been more productive for the horse, but always poor drives in most races.
  7. The wet track is a great leveller, and you can often throw the form book ouT the window! Didnt have a go today, and not bothering at the moment, until the NZ TAB Bookies pull their heads in and allow punters to net 2k on any fixed odds bet rather than win bets! They also need to allow punters to offload oncourse and agencies on the Power Plays. Thought it was a less than average drive by Mark Hurrell on that Melody Arden! Why would you hook out from having cover on the outside to go around and sit parked on a wet track, when it had no show of getting the front????
  8. Mr Cockhead, If I chucked a plug into the Avon River, can you guarantee that you will jump in with it?
  9. Yes it is a choice Galah whether they wear a mask still or not! That does not alter the fact that they are Dickheads if they are still wearing them! Sorry but how could any respect someone who continues to wear a mask when it has no benefit whatsoever and quite the opposite. If you are worried about catching stuff still you are always going to always wear one, as viruses are always going to be with us! They are doing more damage to their lungs than catching a mild virus that has been grossly over done.
  10. if anyone at HRNZ are still wearing masks then they deserve the “Don’t come Monday” Only total Dickheads wear masks now and if their thought process is that masks protect them from catching the “Deadly Covid” then they have nothing between the ears! It is now a know fact that being jabbed is bad fir your health and Pfizer has admitted it never stopped transmission, that is the repugnant thing about the BS we have had for well over 2 years!! You are either disqualified or you arent and the stupid decisions are continuing to made!
  11. Lol Blackie , they would bet on flies racing! It is the challenge I enjoy, sorting out my own rather than others! The NZ TAB are a monopoly that just do not play fair😩
  12. I think you will find the turnover is also hugely boosted by the TAB giving back heaps in Bonus Bets like nothing else on earth. Do I believe that TAB turnover is increasing by more punters betting, then no I dont! Most meetings around NZ have buggerall people on course to watch the racing unless you are an owner trainer or employee, or there for the hospitality! As a punter, there ks absolutely no reason for me to go on course now, when you can bot get reasonable amounts on and this Anti Money Laundering BS!
  13. Lol it aint going to get any better if you look at the new ones coming thru😩
  14. Yes Needs to be promoted Eljay. However there is next to no one training in the area and no young trainer is going to set up in the area as too gar away from the Metro tracks! Once Michael House gets the stitch, racing in Central NZ will not be happening. Just reality unfortunately. You will note that even the Nelson and Blenheim trainers have basically stopped trekking across the strait now!
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