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  1. More $ in renting out the boxes and track to others! If David And Catherine had been serious over the last decade then they wouldve been in the top 5 trainers in the country for wins without doubt!
  2. Extremely talented horseman is Davey Butt and I am sure he was successful due to Catherine keeping things going as well. At the end of the day, training horses is a very hard way of making money, as it is a labour of love really! All the best to both of them in the future, well deserved semi retirement.
  3. Can I politely ask why citizens of NZ that have made an educated decision not to have 2 jabs of a toxic substance injected into their bodies, are also not allowed oncourse?
  4. Can not have any sort of holiday at the moment! It isn’t the fact that the horse went out for a spell for 3 months but has not had a race in 3 months! They may well have not been out for a spell, it could’ve been in work but not working well enough to actually race! So the question needs to be asked why do they bother showing the fact that a horse has not actually raced for 3 months?
  5. I note that Sundons Flyer is having its 75th start today since it had had a 3 month spell from racing ! this does seem a helluva lot of starts to be in work for without a reasonable spell! Would this be a record for a horse actually racing or is there others that would have even more. Bearing in mind Sundons Flyer has also travelled so much as well. Must have a very good constitution but also maybe needs a well deserved matrons paddock?
  6. I must’ve missed it in the news and it is probably been advertised! I notice that Ashburton tomorrow has a couple of races that are for horses that are graded as low as 35!!!! Since when have we ever had horses graded lower than 40??????? Is this a new thing fkr horses to keep dropping below 40 for this new season?? Seriously if a horse was down to as low as 35, you would think the owners should consider whether they had a horse worth paying training fees for?
  7. Once again Nelson has run a meeting with predominantly mile races! Yes it gives a bit of variety from our 2000metre plus racing but it is not a great spectacle or an attractive punting medium! Yes there will be some that enjoy it and say they are trying different things and the clubs perogative! Seriously though, when you have less than average horses running 1.53 it gives a false indication of a horses ability! You have got maidens going mile rate times well under what open class horses are running it becomes a farce really! Akuta went slightly under Celtic Spirits time
  8. Brodie


    Every now and then there probably is value in Group races, however I never look for value in the tighter assessed races. Prefer to sort out the horses worth investing on in loose class racing, just the way I operate and has worked for me. Personally not bothering much at the moment for several reasons lol.
  9. Brodie


    Happy New Year Booby. Not sure I mentioned anything about the trotters? The trotting races are normally better than the tightly assessed pacers. They are also not very good races to bet into however unless you want the shorties.
  10. Brodie


    Gamma, Brodie incorrect? Maybe boring is not the right word then! The tighter class horse no.s are well down on what they were a decade or two ago. Many good horses are sold off oversees as it generally not profitable to race them as the no.of races for their like are more limited. You only have to look at the size of the fields at borh Auckland and Addington at most times of the year. Addington tighter class races and I am not talking Cup Class necessarily, often have 6 or 7 starters and on,y get off the ground because of-the Dunn and Allstars stables providing all th
  11. Brodie


    You are correct, the standard of the open class horses are well down on years ago. Personally don’t enjoy the tighter class horse races as they are pretty boring most of the time. It is only enthusiasts that don’t bet like the clown that uses the Bob Cameron open class horse non de plume from the Darkside that get off on open class horses. Wonder what the TAB turnover is like this year when they are stopping the intelligent ones from betting with them?
  12. Hopefully Reefton club track manager is a reader of BOAY! In this day and age where we can all be locked up, surely there is a far better way of doing things?
  13. There are bad drives in every race, and we see them mote when we have supported them! There were many less than average drives on the first day at Westport yesterday! Wont bother naming them but if you watch the replays they stand out like dogs! I reckon some of the drivers do not bother putting their horse into the race as they knkw there are 2 other days to go on the circuit and dont want to push them too hard in the first! It is a problem but at tne end of the day we should be aware of this! Probably be a pretty testing track for the second day tomorrow!
  14. Doomed, we had many weeks last year when we had no race meetings in NZ! We are all Doomed!!
  15. Thing is though Chief to be fair, racing is suffering due to the what is happening! I always post with some relevance to harness racing! It is healthy to discuss what is going on, a major part of the problems we currently have is because of the ignorance of people as to what is happening and the acceptance of people to believe in the BS coming from the media that is under the control of the Govt.
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