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  1. Tim williams has been vilified by many over the years for some of his drives! However, would I be correct in saying that he would be currently the best driver in the country? This season he has been on fire and has a far better UDR than Blair Orange who has been our best driver since Dexter went to the States. This season Tim has won 24 races from only 119 drives and UDR is just over .3!!! Experience has now matured this bloke and he just does not seem to drive poorly now and seems to put his horses in the race nowadays! Yes he drives good horses but he also wins with
  2. Lol.Jacinda just wants to be in the limelight, and control those that want to be controlled! At least there are some in Ozzie that have their eyes open and state just how non performing she has been! Reality is that there are going to be that many dissappointed people who voted for her, and to be fair they deserve that, if they could not see what an incompetent lot they were voting in! Seriously, what are these JOBS JOBS JOBS that she says they are creating? Watch around Xmas how many people are going to get the Dont Come Monday! Many of these people will never get a
  3. The interesting thing is that everyone I have spoken to since Saturday have said how poorly Ardern performed over the past 3 years and how they reckon she wont be any better the next 3 years. Got me beat how she got 50 % but anyway it is what it is! Nothing surer, some will do very well financially with Labour in power and the lower socio wont, and yet they still vote for Labour lol???
  4. Why is it on at a stupid time? Watched the first one and it was not really worth watching, has it improved? Not sure why they continued with the same format as it was not a successful one! Needs variety rather than the same old Same old blah blah! NZ Cup odds etc. who really gives a rats if Self Assured is paying 2.20 or 2.40 8 weeks out from the nz CUP??????
  5. Mike Hosking asked kelvin what he was going to do to get NZ tourism going? Mr Davis replied that he was going to advertise places like Queenstown to the NZ public. Mike Hosking said surely NZ public know about Queenstown and Kelvin says not everyone lol!!! Mr Davis when minister of looking after the prisons, stated that he was looking at reducing the Maori prison population down from over 50% to 20% or thereabouts from memory! Couldnt state how he was going to do this but that was his goal! Maybe he was telling the judges Not to send them
  6. Pretty relaxed I would say! How is Kelvin Davis going? Geez he has done a great job as Minister of Tourism! I wonder if we are going to see much of him or is he going to be told not to say anything?
  7. Quite the opposite Ranga! National would be more than happy to be in opposition for the next 3 years, as it is going to be an absolute shocker for whoever was in power! Yes I voted for National as there is no way I could vote for a party that is run by A dictator, that has only got eyes for control of the masses! If you voted for Labour, i think you are seriously going to be disappointed, however let us just watch what unfolds!
  8. Probably not! TAB hates harness racing and they treat it nothing like the gallops! Where are the harness head to heads for harness, whereas the NZ TAB runs head to heads for NZ gallops as well as Australian racing! The NZ TAB dont give a rats about harness racing and that clearly shows by the way they treat it plus many of its punters!!!!
  9. Davis, have no problem with any of them being a starter, if they are good at it! However, everyone knows that the current one is not up to scratch and for some unknown reason, they dont seem to want to replace him!! Hopefully the new CEO will know what is going on! The fact that he is also a Stipe is also ridiculous! Reality is that there are many people in positions of power that do a crap job, just like we are going to see over the next 3 years! Dont blame “The Brodster” for the BS on Saturday night!
  10. Pass! Just made a comment on Long Owners post that people think that the Police can do no wrong, Chief!
  11. Long Owner, with respect, you would have to be pretty stupid to believe that NZ Police can do no wrong! NZ police are here to protect its citizens and mostly do a pretty good job of that! Personally would never want to be a policeman due to the type of people they have to deal with on a daily basis, It is a known fact that they are far from perfect and stuff up a helluva lot but never admit fault! I can tell you now that there are innocent men that have been sent to prison by incompetence and dishonesty by the police in NZ, and they know it,
  12. Ranga, to be fair Madam Sass has won a couple of races and will win more if she learns to trot all the way. Averos Spitfire on the other hand will not win a race in NZ but would be very competitive in several parts of Oz, as it has got some speed! I am sure that it is extremely frustrating for the connections of Madam Sass, that they have a quick trotter that is just not able to trot a full race without breaking! It has shown ability and yet its form is as bad as it can be due to its manners. No doubt the Dunns are working hard to make it trot the full race and yes there wa
  13. I would not think She will be bailing out the NZ TAB again. What I would be suggesting is that the TAB sorts it shit out, and encourage punting on harness or harness will sadly suffer. No Labour will not be good for racing, people who think she has this halo over her head will wish they didnt put a tick for red! If it had not been for Covid19 She was gone!
  14. Did not bother having a go last night, but did watch Them all! Do not like even fields especially when the Blue and Silver have horses racing, and just not worth the effort! Give me a loose class meeting any day to invest, over Cup Day ! Love the harness industry but have lost some interest since the NZ TAB showed me that they only care about punters that are going to lose!! Just can not be bothered going oncourse now when I can not get a decent wager on, and they class me as a potential money launderer! Things need to be changed and quickly or harness js going to suff
  15. We can have our opinion, whether it is right or wrong does not affect what happened last night! Reality is that there are continually poor and inconsistent decisions being made by paid employees who are meant to be working in the best interests of harness racing! The standing starts are often a farce and many by the same starter! Have nothing personal against the Starter, however he is performing not up to scratch and he should be able to see this and stand down! There are many times that horses get knocked over in standing starts and yet these horses d not become late scratch
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