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  1. Not sure now, I wasnt listening too hard as the studio presentation is less than average now. It was mentioned in a series of bets on something! Thing is that $100 shouldnt really deserve a mention! The thing is that other nets far larger than $100 are never mentioned lol
  2. The TAB bookie, is now announcing on Trackside, that $100 @ $10 is a big bet lol????? WTF?
  3. Lol how on earth the NZ TAB thinks it is even Acceptable to offer punters 60 cents or all of $1.88 as a wager? I thought Phil Holden said that he was driving turnover?? Happy you must now be on their restricted punters list
  4. The NZ TAB still have a $1k limit for placing and collecting money without identification!!!!!! When the AML Act currently states that the FIU only needs notification of bets of $10k, it is very clear that it is the NZ TAB that wants this rule so they can control all punters!!! NZ TAB I can guarantee you that it is costing You a lot of wagering money and at this time you should be encouraging as many people as you can get. The fact is that you nave told porkies about the Department of Internal Affairs wanting the $1k limit, as in this day and age $1k is such a pathetically low amount. to be thinking that money launderers are going to waste their time gambling thru the TAB such small amounts to cleanse money is just blatantly ridiculous. Seriously, NZ TAB you should reconsider your decision that is costing you money, but then again many of your decisions are just plain stupid!!!
  5. If HRNZ was interested in making Harness Great Again, they would need to be reading BOAY!
  6. Radio Sport gone as well, which is very disappointing! There are many changes going to be happening with everyday life due to the extended over reaction to the Covid19 flu! They reckon the virus that the virus that the pigs in China have is far worse than this Clvid19, and yet apparently this is a one in one hundred year virus! BS!
  7. Happy, wouldnt take long at all! Pretty straight forward, they either want punters offloading on harness or they dont!
  8. Couldnt see why HRNZ would have been paying BFLF as it is pretty average really. Promoting the Whale’s Tip Line is fair enough, but the tipping is nothing spectacular, throwing out shorties that any mug could sort without any effort!
  9. A very good effort and show so far, on a shoestring budget, I would say. Whereas the Box Seat, wouldve cost a lot to produce and was pretty boring most of the time! It was all about the All Stars stable and races that have already been run YAWN! Good to see to discussing things of importance to the industry, and long may it happen, unless they try and shut you down!!! Personally think they should be chucking some cash you and Andrew’s way, as they must have saved a packet?
  10. To be fair there is a helluva lot more in Fitzgerald’s and Markham’s show than BFLF! HRNZ would be better off paying the young fellahs,
  11. The TABs are being closed! As Noodlum says, they need to sort their shit out first, or they wont have anyone coming thru to wager!
  12. Totally agree Galah! Far better than Cup Day fields anyday for serious punters
  13. Harness hardly has enquiries nowadays, Chief. They probably dont really need Stipes, as what do they actually do? Check frieze brands and tell us what horse gallops!
  14. I wouldnt think that Craig Thompson and Michael Guerin are getting paid anything! Think they are plugging Whales Hotline to make it pay! Matt Markham and Andrew Fitzgerald are enthusiasts that want to keep harness racing going unlike some of the suits that are only in it for the big money unfortunately!!
  15. Wet track at Addington was always going to be a difficult day. Plenty of tired horses a fair way out! Turnover looked pretty small in the tote pools but there seemed to be a bit of movement on the fixed odds. You wouldnt know how much was being put on though, as it doesnt take a lot to have the Bookies taking cover.
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