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  1. Whiplash, very well summed up! Brodie, doesn’t mind anyone having a differing opinion to myself, your prerogative! However, do not say that Brodie tells porkies or is a liar!!!! Mehe,ffs, once and for all,Covid19 is not classed as a SuperBug!!! Whiplash, you are correct, the NZ TAB have victimised many punters in NZ to their detriment and not just from restricting punters. Personally speaking, I don’t need them whatsoever, however I did enjoy the challenge that it provided, as their motto was “you know the odds now beat them” This was changed obviously! The TAB business plan has been seriously flawed for along time and the decision making by some of the hierarchy has been appalling, and they are going to f8nd themselves with a big hole in their finances, which flows onto stake money etc. I do feel sorry for the workers in the racing industry that actually produce the product for punters to bet on, rather than the ones that receive huge salaries for doing bugger all! Hopefully, we can get back out sooner rather than later or the consequences for many are going to be helluva lot worse than catchy Covid19.
  2. Reality is that the side affects of this lockdown is going to be far greater than the virus itself. We have a dozen in hospitals around the whole country and hospitals are only half full. We have had one death unfortunately who already had issues. People’s mental health is going to suffer more from lost revenue from business and severe strain on relationships are going to have dire consequences unfortunately. There has to be an exit strategy that needs to be put in place rather than blah blah blah from Ardern, Robertson has gone off about this $585 per week but didn’t say that it was gross and needed taxing! He waffled on about these Bank loans, but these are not being given out silly nilly! Business still need to show that it is responsible lending as they will sell you up and make you Bankrupt if it is not paid back, so if you have a suspect business why would you bother? This government has a bad habit of spurting off without any details and without thought of the consequences!!!!!
  3. Needed an interpreter to understand what the goobledegook read! Anyway, you want to continue to have a go at Brodie, I will not respond to your trolling! Go and do some charity work to occupy your brilliant mind!
  4. Chief, none that have been approved yet! There are several things in the pipeline that do kill it! The Don announced this morning that he has said go for it with a medicine with the hard to pronounce name. It ain’t no Super Bug or virus. Catchy virus yes.
  5. Answer the question? Where have you read or heard that it is a SuperBug? It has been clearly stated that the virus doesn’t like temperature! Don’t need to research anything, doesn’t affect me and I will leave to the scientists! $1000 on an Ozzie horse? How do you suggest I do that?
  6. Well take your meds! Please show us all where you have read that Covid19 is a SuperBug?
  7. What is your point Chief? Where did I say that you could not catch it in Countries that as a temperature over 25 degrees. What has been stated is that it does not like temperatures over 26 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you saying that the scientists that have done the tests are lying????? To be fair this is from WHO, who are as much to blame as China so how much credence can we take from anything they say????? If WHO had done what they should’ve the. We would not be in the Shite we are in worldwide!
  8. Mehe, where on earth did I say that it was a cure????? I said it was not a SuPerBug, and it damn well is not a Super Bug!!!!! If there are things that kill it, it is no Super Bug!!!! Anyway, don’t bother again as your mum is calling you!
  9. Chief, once the virus is inside the patient then it is too late, they will have some discomfort generally! My point is that it is not a superbug that can not be killed. There is things that are showing that the virus can be killed and it will be! Personally just want this bloody thing fixed so that we can get back to some sense of normality and I can not see the value that this Mehe, whatever his claim to fame is, coming on and trying to say that Brodie is telling porkies??? It is a fact that scientists have stated that the virus dies off at temperatures over 26 degrees, that in itself, is a FACT that has been stated!!! I am many things, but not a Scientist and I am only stating what authorities far more knowledgeable in regards to this virus have stated!!!!!!
  10. FFS, piss off with your trolling! The Covid19 virus doesn’t like higher temperatures Mehe, and if you had the ability to read or listen you would be well aware of this. If all you want to do is try and troll, piss off back to where you came from, the Darkside, or your mothers side!!!
  11. I think after the shakeup from this lockdown that will be stuffing so many businesses, I may well be on the Rich List!
  12. Mr Knowledge expert on CoVid-19, can you please show me where it is being described as a Superbug? It has been advised by media that it doesn’t like heat over 26 degrees Celsius!!! If this is not the case then don’t say that I am telling porkies, as I am not responsible for the media and their fake news or am I?
  13. Of course not Ranga, more worried there won’t be enough to pay them out!
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