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  1. thats one aspect that does make you wonder. Its easy enough to understand someone arguing that the data so far shows if you've had the vaccine then your significantly less likely to have the same serious health issues as someone unvaccinated may be. Of course the length of time protection levels last after having the vaccine still seems to be being analysed. So to your question.From what i've read, until recently studies indicated the transmissibility of the virus by the vaccinated and unvaccinated was not much difference. But a couple of weeks ago i read a study involving over
  2. The trainer of the favorite meetmeinsorrento,rogerson/ferguson,were fined $100 because the hopples that broke weren't of an acceptable standard. That fine seems too small given having proper quality gear seems a no brainer. And ohoka achilles. Looks like you can drive aggressively into non existent gaps and not expect any questions from auckland stipes.It sure looked like he ran into the back and contacted the 2 sulkies of a couple of horses.At least it looked like the horse was quick on its feet. Maybe its used to that type of driving?
  3. He certainly said it. Its on the box seat show at about the 58th minute. He obviously believes in freedom of choice to express an opinion, and that should be his right,but in doing that he has shown he doesn't believe in freedom of choice by individuals when it comes to making decisions as regards their health.His deliberate divisive comments are not something that people will forget.People don't watch racing shows to get insulted. Peter moody made reference to his staff after winning the Caufield cup with incentivise last saturday.Part of his comments referred to the win being a te
  4. Well i watched the box seat,and at that end i get to see mick guerin lecture everyone on how bad the unvaccinated are. According to guerin the unvaccinated don't get to have an opinion,people are sick of them,and as far as the races go,should not get to go to the races ever again if they want to remain unvaccinated. This bloke just comes across as a smug,pompous prat. Why he feels he has the right to condemn others without knowing their circumstances or reasons is beyond me. I will tell you this though. I am not against vaccinations or getting a covid vaccine,but i would rather
  5. Well we got to look at part of the head on,on the box seat,with the key word being part of. No ones arguing south coast arden didn't move out 1-1 1/2 horse widths at one point,but they are arguing that self assured ducked in prior to the incident and that contributed to the incident. Now showing the head on from the point AFTER self assured ducked in is not addressing the argument that self assured moved in. You can only be left with the one take from that, and that is the footage shown on the box seat has been edited to fit the official narrative they wanted to portray. Now mick g
  6. I read this,and just think its a joke. Natalie rasmussen effectively giving evidence that her horse should be relegated.Would she have said the same thing if it wasn't her training partner. Of course not . Just a joke really.
  7. You would assume the trainer would point out the poor decisions he made in that race and hopefully he drives better next time.If he can retain the drive he should be getting his first winner soon.Maybe he is feeling the pressure or lacking confidence in himself. Who knows. Drivers like that should just focus on moving forward at the right time in races instead of trying to drive too clever. You see experienced drivers making similar mistakes. I referred to one in the first race at winton on thursday. It happens.
  8. The key to john dunns success in my opinion is firstly,hes always trying to drive tactically so as to give each drive its best chance,and then he is able to judge pace so well no matter what horse he drives,and he is a driver who is able to keep the horse in its comfort zone even while improving.
  9. The bublitz driven horse looks to have some promise,but someone needs to tell him that having an inexperienced trotters head on an angle as you come off the back of a horse, and pulling the ear plugs at the same time is likely to cause your own horse to break. And of course that is what happened. His tactics in the first part of the race looked like he wasn't trying as well. Having said that he looks like once he finally gets his first win,that he may get a few more a bit quicker.
  10. Us agreeing ,that can't be right? Thats the thing though,self assured did move in more than south coast arden moved out just prior to when he came alongside rasmussen.If you look at classie brigade,its forced closer in to henry hubert,because self assured has run in. Oh well,at least it wasn't the nz cup, because that would have a bigger audience scratching their heads.
  11. Maybe that was a factor. But you see that type of minimal inward or outward movement all the time in the straight in races. We all know self assured has shown a tendency to lay in as well in several races in the past. Its just unrealistic to expect a driver to maintain an absolute dead straight line.The stipes know that and is why they don't mention every horse that deviates slightly in their reports. As i say this sets a precedent,although i'm guessing other drivers won't bother protesting for something similar,which really sums it up.
  12. I see the stipes did note that south coast arden lay outwards at the same point 2 starts ago. I'm not saying the stipes got last night wrong,it was a jca decision.The stipes report states Mark purdon lodged the inquiry.I am saying the jca base how much weight they put on a drivers evidence on who gives it.
  13. Was that not a ridiculous promotion last night. Think about this. The precedent now is every horse that moves out or in, even a horse width or two in the final 250m, then its a goner.If there is to be any consistency there will be many more inquiries to come,and many that should have been. Of course we know that won't happen,which is why last nights decision was stupid. Lets just tell it how it is. And that is because it was mark purdon lodging the protest,the jca based their decision largely on the fact it was mark purdon saying something. And heres another question. Why was R
  14. Just watched the replay of race 1 today and have realised they will give the ottley drive some attention as she gives the 2nd horse a flat tyre. Just one of those drives thats hard to work out what the driver was thinking,but if you gamble thats part of it i suppose.
  15. The wife just read what i posted and told me i was just a poor loser,and she's probably right. I think i have a point,but probably should have kept it to myself.
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