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  1. On one hand you say"its very easy today to detect any anomalies" then in the same paragraph refer to the new york indictments which involves 29 defendants,the bulk of who either used or supplied performance enhancers that were not detected in testing.Maybe you are coming round to my way of thinking. Also you continue to say i believe there is widespread corruption in harness racing when i have never said that. You see they have recently caught those cheating,do you not read the papers?
  2. You complain about certain people in the media giving a one sided view of some recent harness riu cases,yet your guilty of the same thing. You either can't see it,or most likely just ignore it.
  3. So your saying they didn't pre race treat any of their horses that were scratched on the day of the race?Simple yes or no would suffice as an answer.
  4. Well i've actually come up with ideas about that in the past.Just as i have in the past re the training facility issue i posted about earlier today.All these issues are intertwined. Theres a flow on effect from everything. Thing is no one seems to do anything.I believe many that lead the industry are out of touch with those at the grass roots level who have left the industry..There was always going to be a decline,but that decline need not have come at the rate it has.It has applied to both the racing and breeding sides.You actually get tired of talking about it,so i won't add anything more.
  5. So now even the big trainers can't find training facilities. The latest story on hrnz is that Josh dickie is quitting NZ and heading to victoria.Why? Well it seems the main reason is because he can't find any suitable training facilities now the training establishment he was leasing is being sold.Whats that going to do to ATC field size? I've being saying this for years. If HRNZ and clubs like the ATC can't even have a plan to address such an essential for the industry to continue,then its downhill slide will start to spiral out of control. Why has this issue been around for so
  6. Hopes driven 40 winners and over half a million in stakes this season.So you can't deny he is very successful. But personally i don't think he's fulfilled his potential that he showed a couple of seasons ago.He may look more tidy in a finish now,but tactically hes not as good in my opinion.I'll give you an example. Last night he's 4 back the fence on rockntommy rulz,following sugar me the hot favorite. Now anyone watching knew sarah o'reilly would have the brains to not get trapped if someone came off the running line with 1200m to go. But that thought seemed to escape Hopes thinking. Instead
  7. I don't wish to go on,but your playing with words. Your saying canterbury as a whole doesn't have the levels that the southern region has,as if that contradicts what i have said. Well i have only ever been referring to the region South Canterbury. I've said it more than once. The South Canterbury region has historically had the highest level of cases per 100,000 people.I don't know what the last couple of years figures are,but thats something thats always been accepted as fact. Its easy enough to confirm it if you google it.Its been widely reported. And people who live in that region in
  8. We are going in circles again.I don't know what article you refer to,but i know i have been talking the whole way through about same area,which is the area with the reportedly highest rates of bowel cancer in nz,which i believe to be South canterbury.Thats what there DHB says. Thats why the free bowel screening test. I think its time we agree to disagree.
  9. South canterbury,means the southern part of canterbury.Check the map. Its not a southern region as you suggest.
  10. Same old same old. Like i always say, your consistent. I just referred you to an article citing a recent study undertaken by victoria and otago university which specifically refers to the effect farming,in particular intensive dairy farming has had on the nitrate levels in drinking water and how that relates to bowel cancer. Ignore it if you want.
  11. You like rubbishing what i have to say. You often keep your head in the sand. Ignore what the experts say if you wish.Your at odds with what they all say.Doesn't worry me.
  12. No.Canterbury district. I'm no expert,but i have just re read an article earlier this year quoting a study overseen by jayne richards done by victoria and otago universites,concluded 4 decades of intensive farming,in particular the high stocking rates of dairy farming,had exposed between 500,000 to 800,000 new zealanders to water with nitrates at a level that would lead to greater risk of bowel cancer. The study found the drinking water was as much a factor as lack of physical exercise,smoking ,consumption of processed meats, and behind just obesity and heavy drinking as factors. It said the p
  13. Interesting that in all the write ups there has been no mention of A Butt getting suspended for 4 weeks for causing interference to king of swing.It happens to drivers occassionally,nothing unusual there,just strange the media don't think its worth mentioning. I see Butt and r thurlow were warned for a verbal exchange in the birdcage after the race. Probably both exchanging views on each others tactics.
  14. all interesting points and of course there's merit in what you say. But your lack of acknowledgment of the degree of the dairy industries contribution to the problems being discussed shows a very bias point of view in my opinion. The bowel screening kits have been sent by the ministry of health for people aged 60-74 in the region with the highest bowel cancer rate in nz.(The one with so much dairying). I can just see you now,looking out over the paddocks as the effluent is discharged,observing the fertiliser truck spreading its load,you thinking what a wonderful rain we've had,ah, t
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