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  1. What are you trying to say hunter? If your trying to say that you believe the horse having the early stages of a respiratory infection/virus, was the reason he performed poorly,then thats for you to think.. I will stick with what the horse did pre start as more of a factor.I thought it was obvious myself..I've given my thoughts on why that happened. Just common sense . Have you heard the saying "pulling themselves into the ground". There is a reason for that saying....you should know that lol
  2. Which just proves my point doesn't it. Obviously they took them off because of what he had done in the preliminary. Any trainer makes gear changes with the best of intentions, but sometimes they get it wrong. Looked pretty obvious from what we saw on tackside pre start that the horse had used an awful lot of energy before the start of the race, As you said,the stipes report said early signs of a respiratory infection,and poor recovery.. Again,the poor recovery would have been a result of the energy expended before it even started,then having to run a race where it bur
  3. The dalgety stable had been quoted in the media as saying they were hoping to see a statement performance from the horse to ensure he got a spot in the grins race. Therefore you wouldn't be surprised if they had trained him in a way that would mean that he had an aggressive mindset. The horse has been known to over race previously and last night they took the ear plugs off and added the blinds. The vision of him pre race where dalgety couldn't pull him uop in his prelimanary indicated it was as much the trainer not getting it quite right,as much as it was the horses fault.
  4. Do you think there is an opportunity for a trainer who lives close to palmerston north to step into his shoes. After all they seem to win plenty of stake money and travel costs wouldn't be a factor. Or would it not work as m house is a better trainer?
  5. Hes trains lots of ex nz horses Brodie. For example of his 69 starters tomorrow, 30 are ex nz horses.Many more than those from nz in his stable. A lot of names you would recognise as having been winners,some quite successful. Your right there rangitara.The former all star horse has won 6 races in tasmania for yole. All in races with stakes of around $6,000. Going by the reports you read,it seems horses like him mostly don't get the retirement they deserve if trained by Yole. Yopu can't help but think that when someone operates on such a scale,and they treat the horse as just
  6. One possible path forward would be for leadership to recognise that centralisation isn't a philosophy that improves the overall well being of the industry. Centralisation doesn't necessarily increase the overall $ wealth of the industry,it just transfers the $ wealth into the hands of a smaller,supposedly wiser group of decision makers and administrators. The down side to centralisaton,is it erodes the main asset the industry has,which is the vast web of industry participants. Its a bit like a spiders web. The threads of the web are held together by relationships forged by the comm
  7. I assume she took the vaccine otherwise she wouldn't have been allowed on course. So her drawing the line on wearing a mask and not on injecting a vaccine into her body, that many had justified doubts over, seems a bit strange. So those who had chosen not to be coerced into doing something they didn't feel comfortable with,knew a consequence was not being able to attend race meetings. So given that, its a bit hard to see any justification in her comments.
  8. I thought i must have been reading the coverage from a CNN reporter or comments from a nz green MP. But no. It was in fact a decision dated 23 march 2023 on the RIB website, surrounding ms waretini's comments to a stipe when asked to wear a mask almost a year ago,when masks were mandatory. Waretini's comments to the stipe when asked to wear a mask...well he accused him of being a racist and picking on the only brown skinned person there. Then when spoken to again and directed to wear a mask she apparently kept yelling out that all the RIB were racist and she was going to ta
  9. It seems the story just gets more publicity each day. More industry participants willing to openly talk about what they view as blatant corruption. All seem to have no confidence in the integrity unit,some even seem to believe the Integrity unit,and in particular one employee are corrupt. Also some have indicated they feel they have been targets of the integrity unit for having previously raised concerns. The racing minister,after originally announcing an inquiry into the allegations was to be done by the integrity unit,now saying it will be an independent review given the
  10. When you look at the on course attendance of some of the meetings that no longer are allowed to race at their own venues,it does make you wonder if forcing clubs to move is the right path. Waimate is just half an hour from oamaru,but it looked like none of the general public from waimate turned up. Contrast that to if the races had been run at waimate,and you could have guaranteed the club would have received good local support as it always used to. A fine day always brings out the locals. And if you were a local waimate trainer/owner,part of the experience of having a horse is
  11. You have been saying for years now that the nz tab ipolicy of discouraging winning punters from investing would one day cost the industry dearly. At the time you first said that i wasn't convinced,but from speaking to others and my own experiences , now believe you were right all along. for example i know someone(not me) who the tab's takeout of money invested through the TOTE would have been somewhere around $350,00 to $400,000 per annum not that long ago,which would have gone to the industry.(mostly harness). Then the tab had the bright idea not that long ago,well because this per
  12. Well done for trying to have anyone take action and be pro active in helping the sport,honest participants in Tasmania and the welfare of the horses that race there. Its easy for the likes of me to post anonymously on a harness chat site,but you backed up your convictions by at least trying to do whats tight and push for change for the better.
  13. I'm not here to defend Archie butterfly,but clearly your comments are a totally inaccurate description of his articles on tasmanian harness racing. Aid and abet means to help someone do something illegal and wrong. Clearly he has been doing the opposite. And he is being proved in this case to have previously reported accurately. For example of a headline for one of his earlier stories was "a sport rort run by one-the man who will destroy it". seems Seems the wheels are in motion for that to come true. Also of note he is predicting more media coverage to come about wha
  14. Reading all that and watching the australian TV coverage, you would have to wonder how authorities ever let it become so bad. Gammalite has been telling us its bad for a while. People may either love or hate archie butterfly/peter profit,but most of the time he is on the money.I'm not a subscriber of his, but you can often read some of his stories if you goggle them. He has given the yole stable a thrashing on his website for a long,long time,but its seemed those who ran harness racing in tasmaina and australia just ignored what he said. He currently is suggesting more shocking
  15. Don't know what archie butterfly would comment. My thoughts are Sams Town the type of horse,who gives 100% every time,has great manners and is in career best form. Hes trained by what i consider are currently nz's best trainers,and has been beautifully driven by gavin smith,blair orange and tim williams. In recent weeks i have thought he won't be able to reproduce such a tough effort next week as I think its unrealistic to expect any horse to keep winning in such a grade,unless you are a self assured or copy that type horse. But sams town has done it. Sams town reminds me of one of
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