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  1. When i looked up the tab takeout figure a couple of months ago,i found in 2018 for every $ spent it was... 15% win and place 21% quinella 25% trifecta,first 4,double,treble 26% quaddie 27% pick 6 and place 6 when i rung the tab recently they told me you got rebates if you spent over $98,000 per year. I know the rebates on their website says 1% win ,place and quinella and 2% exotic bets for a spend of $10,000-25,000 per month 1.5% ....... and 2.5%... $25,000-49,999 per month 2% and 3% $50,000-99,999 per month 3% and 4% $100,000-250,000 per month 4% and 5% $250,000+ per month. I agree. Its even worse if your putting on a place bet on the nz tote. I think the big changes in the prices on our tote is because of the small pools and as the chief and i have referred to ,the website being so slow to update. I think the australian bookmakers do lay some money off on their trots and dogs on their totes. They only have to put a small amount on to influence their tote dividends.They get way more $1.00 place dividends. Given some bookies pay out on the 2nd best of the 3 totes over there its simply a way for manipulate the potential payouts. They can't lose really if they take for example $500 a place on a dog,and they put $150 a place on 2 of the totes that would be enough to make the dog only pay $1.00 a place.
  2. There is more to it than what you say. I'm convinced there is a deliberate attempt to undermine betting on the tote,and instead promote betting on fixed odds. Why else would trackside tv hardly ever show the tote dividends in the last few minutes.They only show fixed odds. There can be no other explanation for it. Once again this is a decision made my morons. There is absolutely no reason why they can't show both,yet they don't. Its unbelievable really. If your betting on the tote you have to sit in front of your computer and look at the tab website and watch the tote dividends,and that can be a time consuming process as the website is so slow in updating the dividends.
  3. I went to the local tab today and deposited some money in a couple of accounts. I decided to use their self service terminal to see how long it took. Well to put 17 notes in,it took 7 minutes. Incredibly slow,just lucky no one was behind me. About 1 minute of the 7 minutes was used up when it refused to take one of the notes i put in 4 times. It was one i had got straight from the bank,couldn't understand why it was not accepted. I confirmed the time from the 2 tickets i got back. And this is the way of the future. Does the person who has made the decision to transition to self service machines in the next 5 years at racetracks, have any idea of how it will slow down betting. There is only two logical explanations.Either it is a strategy to discourage people going to the races or the people making the decisions are morons. Or perhaps its both.
  4. To be fair,Dunn is driving well. I'm tipping the $1.35 shot in the next to get beaten I'm not a fan of N Purdon as a driver ,and think he should never be paying anything so short. I'll go for crackerbrie.
  5. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Anyone associated with the "cole " greyhound kennel surely is tainted with the live baiting scandel,how can they not be. That must include those that worked for him and said nothing and the owners who continue to support someone who is charged with serious animal cruelty.. Ineffective administration has kept him as their glamour trainer. Given Cole is still dominating the greyhound sport, previous administrators of that sport can hardly come with glowing references. Trackside keep interviewing cole before each race at wanganui tonight. I just can't work out why they do that. It just is a reminder to not back on the CD dogs.
  6. Who would buy one off the all stars? Your never going to improve it. Did it look sore? They have an awful lot of their better horsesend up going sore. Thats happened to about a dozen of their best ones this season. Mind you another dozen replacements just come in. One i have been watching in aussie is smoken bye. The former kerr trained horse has been a flop for its new connections. If i was an aussie i would look at buying southland horses.
  7. I agree with the comment about making the last fence further from the finish. They don't have to reduce the number of jumps,just don't put the last one within 400m of the finish. You mention your not sure whether the harness industry have a re homing programme . They do promote life after racing. They call it Harness Education and Rehoming Opportunists.(HERO). I have seen the Markham family from methven promoting it and have read about Jackie law in canterbury rehoming over 600 and brenda middleton in the waikato re homing over 500. There are several others who do a marvelous job.
  8. Basil,i have been thinking you appear to believe that having a monopoly has been the major factor which has lead to the poor performance. That's where we differ. If they had no monopoly/had a competitor they would still have performed just as bad . Its the people who have been running it in recent years,making the stupid decisions who have been the problem. That is whats needed changed. That has been the problem. Monopoly or no monopoly ,the cause is still the same. We don't need a monopoly to recognize previous poor leadership and decision making. You also seem to work on the assumption another competitor would be better. That's not a given either.
  9. We will have to agree to disagree. No own goal at all. The point i was making in the example i gave was that both businesses suffered big time for a couple of years as far as income went because there were not enough customers for 2 companies. One went broke in the end. IF you think seeing the tab go broke is good for the industry then we will have to disagree. I still don't understand why you can't see having the already small betting pools cut in half will only discourage betting.
  10. About 15 years ago i worked for a company that had about 40 in the workforce,and about 30 of them bet on the horses . Most of them have now retired or passed away. Now days,,the same company still has about has about 40 with a lot younger average age,but only 3 would bet regularly on the horses,and 3 occasionally. Thats why i always say the focus on attracting punters should be on the people over 40 as that is where the customers come from. The first workplace i was in was a govt department of about 12 and they ran a betting syndicate and everyone participated and took an interest. I even remember the boss lady used to let me finish early if there was a local twilight meeting. mind you that was over 30 years ago. There is no doubt interest is waning. I think the lack of free to air tv and no exposure in the local paper has speed that up. and now they have taken away the radio. Reading the previous posts and everyone seems to be looking at the negatives. If people within the industry can't start talking in a positive way,then why would anyone not currently involved want to take an interest.
  11. Just as a footnote to that. It was the incumbent business that won out. How did they do it. They simply got rid of the people who had got them in mire with their poor decision making /leadership,and replaced them with people who made smart decisions. The core product never changed, just the new people who made the decisions were smarter.
  12. What i am saying is you are describing our tab/rita as a lazy fat monopoly. I don't agree that is the reason for their failing. I believe they have tried to remain relevant. They are not doing things over and over. The reason they have failed is simple. They have made incredibly dumb decisions. The people who made the changes had the best intentions but weren't up to the job. In an attempt to stay relevant they made changes that destroyed their customer base and drove their customers away. Taking away their monopoly or not,either way they will fail unless they make the smart decisions,and not the dumb ones. Now rita has new leadership. They have to look to the future.The government with the bailout simply put a band aid on the problem,as evidenced by the cuts announced that are sure to hurt the racing industries income in the future. I think they need a cash injection from government greater than they received. Without it they will limp to a slow death. The government is far better off getting revenue and tax from the betting and employment with such an investment. Unfortunately the idiots who ran the tab in recent years undermined the merit of such an investment,nevertheless it is needed.. You give the farming subsidy in the 1980's as an example. Fair enough.I will give you an example of a small business i am familiar with. That business ,in a large part because of their own poor decision making,got a competitor in a market that could only sustain enough income for 1. So they fought it out,eventually 1 succeeded,the other failed. But while that scrap went on for customers the income of the 2 competitors was significantly impacted. So really its a no win situation in a lot of ways if you are the racing industry.
  13. O.k. i stand corrected there in respect of overseas bookmakers. Obviously things have changed in the last 12 months. I'm a bit sceptical of the 80% australian on line claim. And besides 80% of what? It may be next to nothing if they are getting say 3 c in every dollar invested whereas they could make at least 12c if the betting was done on the nz tab. RITA always talk about the racing industry in press releases like that. My point there is there PR often seems to be trying to placate the racing industry by making out it is the sole focus of such deals,yet we know the sports betting side of that would be a major part,and what % percentage actually goes to racing and not sport. And the other thing about that is. Why are we still being told that it is the leakage to overseas operators that is hurting the returns to the racing industry. Is that a fabrication if they have these deals in place,or are the deals not what they are made out to be.
  14. I know nz was only a little fish as you put it. Still effected the 800 punters that bet here regularly. I agree the turnover does'nt seem much. John allens figures in a news article,mind you we know he exaggerates a bit or in this case probably underestimate.. Really the point is about generating income for nz racing ,and how much profit is lost to overseas bookmakers.
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