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  1. just wondering what you are expecting? 129 horses with an average field size of 12.9. Surely thats good. You say woeful stakes but every race is $7000 or over. The size of the fields shows the stakes haven't deterred anyone. As to racing on thursdays. Its a bit unrealistic to expect them to get a stand alone friday night meeting. The fields certainly look better betting races than the oamaru meeting a couple of weeks ago.
  2. While i don't go to the races often,i never bet on my phone and never will. Would not bother going to races at all if they had no on course betting. Besides,If your saying there is no need for on course betting outlets then your expecting all the casual racegoers who turn up at meetings like motukarara to have tab accounts. Until you can tell me the tab has statistics that say they do,i will continue to believe that taking away on course betting would be a dumb move.
  3. I just watched most of it. I skipped through some bits as i was getting bored and saw nothing of interest and don't know what all the hype was about. Maybe they have a limited budget,but why could they not highlight any of the grass roots participants. I thought the most interesting story last week was that of the Southlander who trained his first winner in tad lincoln.,decades after first trying. Or what about the clive herbert colours being seen in the winners circle again at cambridge. i don't think it was there was it? Surely one of these inspiring stories could have been given
  4. Mocking someone is not humour. Now your just being pedantic to muddy the waters relating to what i am saying. Your not interested in transperency on subjects like this. You know,your very good at saying i have said something,when in fact i have posted the opposite just prior to your post. You do it all the time. And what is it about this topic? You have a story on the all stars web site relating to the Oamaru scratchings,which suggests the two top nz cup contenders have sore feet and are being rested. Then 5 days later they run at a trial where they run an exceptional time,
  5. As an aside . I have always believed every horse in training should have a log book specific to it,kept detailing any treatment ,whether veterinary or private ,that it receives. It should be a requirement that every vet and trainer has to meet. The riu should be directed to do cross audits to confirm record keeping is accurate. If there is to be true transparency, honesty and compliance then everyone should accept this. It would to a greater degree of confidence from trainers relating to a level playing field.i This type of reply i think pathetic. With all that has gone
  6. Inferences or opinions. You can take it whatever way you want. For example the all stars never made any specific reference to spankem and self assured in the original article as being amongst "a number of all star horses will spend more time resting than racing in the next couple of weeks". Yet the writer of the article wrote it in such a way that it could be inferred those horses to be amongst those who were feeling the ground and had sore feet and would be briefly spelled. As hunter has pointed out. They went an extremely fast time today,all within 5 days of the writer inferr
  7. Firstly this article comments that the circumstances "will have tongues wagging". So that contradicts your comment about my posting about something that "wasn't worth commenting on'". The article is itself an acknowledgement of the apparent contradictory comments which have come from the all stars. When the article refers to" punters like nothing more than a good rumour ". Well maybe they should realise punters know when they are being fed spin,and that is how rumours start. That,and what i still call the claytons scratching rule,is why i have commented. Its good to see both thes
  8. Show me where i said i took exception to them being scratched.I couldn't care less about whether they scratched or not. The scratching rule is,and always has been a joke and open to manipulation and misinformation. This is just another example. I have posted about that for years now. No doubt you are quite happy to be fed information which is then contradicted within a few days. You only care and comment, along with some others,when you can have a dig at the riu because your upset that they dare enforce the rules against someone you know or like. Give me a break.
  9. Maybe. Maybe you can scratch and then line up the same day,or next day at the trials.So much for a scratching penalty if that is the case. Earlier in this thread i expressed my scepticism about the article relating to the all stars. No one seems to comment on stuff like this. Don't know what they others are afraid of,or who they don't want to upset.
  10. It seems the foot soreness which required a couple of weeks rest was not as bad as they said. Did they re check the x rays? Both spankem and self assured in at the trials 3 days after oamaru. How do the scratching penalties work anyway. I thought the 5 day stand down they got meant a 5 day stand down. Or is it a claytons stand down.
  11. On the contrary. I think harness racing is the most honest it has ever been. You won't find me hiding in the hedges of your trainer. Its too crowded in there.
  12. What about it. I have my own rating system and had marked both those horses down significantly in recent times. Even having done that they were rated the top 2 in what was a field with no form whatsoever. So no surprise they ran the quinella. Where did i ever say they were not going to train their share of future winners? You say wrong again. Just as you are about who i am. Was i wrong when i posted about the d dunn drive at forbury which later became the subject of official scrutiny, Was i wrong when i posted about 3 of the races that subsequently became the subject of opera
  13. Thought if anyone was to ask that it would be you. i see hunter has done the same. What do you think i mean? How about we approach it from a different perspective. You tell me why you think every horse from this stable has lost 5 to 10 lengths performance wise since lockdown? Whats your answer? The only exception from that stable is Watch me now who won last friday.However that is a horse who had won untested in its previous starts from a previous campaign and it was hard to gauge how good it was. Next week it may all turn around and be back to normal.But i'm talking
  14. Is that what you call it?
  15. Ray a heck of a nice fella,but had driven only the 1 winner in about 140 drives in the last 20 years. Yet it was still the plunge horse apparently.
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