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  1. Good to hear as regards yours. Fair enough.Sounds like you think yole may treat his horses like they are just a commodity.Yet,he still gets the most support from owners who race horses in tasmania. So what does that say?
  2. It may be realistic of how some owners/trainers handle things, but of course its not accurate to generalise like that. Is that how you viewed the horses you used to train?
  3. Looking at the ownership he seems to own,or have a share in 15-20 of them. So you could conclude that a large number of outside owners view him as the only trainer worth supporting in tasmania. So why do the bulk of owners support just the one trainer? If you could answer that then you may be able to draw conclusions. But your right when you suggest the betting public will rightly or wrongly have a perception as regards integrity,and that is always a major factor when punter support of support of tasmanian harness racing is considered,which can only lead to a decline. That
  4. I don't see this as a woke moment. It just seems to be addressing an area that has been lacking previously. As an example. A month or two ago a new poster on here asked a question along the lines of what union should someone go to if they are working in the racing industry and had an employment issue they needed help with,and also asked what union represented those who worked in stables. Yet no one had an answer for that poster. Racing is unique industry,with its own unique issues,and together with the common issues experienced in all other industries it should have someone specializ
  5. Are you commenting on what he said,or just expressing a dislike of him with no current material to use? Can you give some detail of what it was that you see as jekyll and hyde. And by the way,do you think hes wrong to say nz shouldn't look to change its name to aotearoa.
  6. Shame no video available,but in the last race at redcliffe last night they had two false starts. After the first false start the field followed the mobile around,and the starter had them in a perfect line as he let them go at the 2040m start point. However there was a problem,the race was over 1780m,not 2040m. A couple of horses did begin fast,but like the rest of the field were then heavily restrained. Another false start was called as they went past the winning post,with the mobile parked on the outside fence. Unfortunately when the race did finally take place,the earlier exertion
  7. So they late scratched a horse who was standing back from the tapes of its own accord ,because the horse beside it had slightly taken its line as they said go. So in the next race,why was shifty not late scratched. Surely if there was some consistency he would have been as Maui clearly was in the process of moving outwards when they said go,which resulted in interference. My point is whether a horse is late scratched seems to lack consistency. You could point out numerous horses that this happens to every race day.Does it only apply to favorites?
  8. Yes i watched that. The stipes over there have opened an inquiry and adjourned it.I would imagine a long holiday coming. From what i've seen of her driving,i think it was just a dumb as drive,and she was actually trying. I've seen a lot of her driving,and she would have to rate in the worst 2 or 3 tactically over there. If you follow queensland harness racing it would probably pay to follow her horses once they put her out. She must have had a break a month or so ago as all her horses came into form when she wasn't driving,but its gone back to shaking your head stuff now s
  9. You have a good memory karrots. Yes i did back it,was an ideal race for it,although also backed gliding bye in the same race.So a nice profit without it being too much as the price it only paid $4.70. I think katherine in the last today is the one to back. Its much better handicapped today,so lets hope its driven to take advantage of that. Also jimmy cannon looks a winner if he goes away,but that is a risk given his manners. Maybe the home track might help like last time he raced down there. Gammalite said he was having a wee break while doing jury service.
  10. Andiamo. Failed to be competitive yet again,4th time in a row. Finally given a warning,but how is this horse not stood down? Its had more breaks than a 15th storey jumper yet still can line up without having to trial.
  11. That is a relevant point. Whether she couldn't or wasn't restraining is unclear.But compare it to the horses that ran 3rd and 4th and were beside it when it started galloping,it lost no ground for 90% of its gallop.
  12. No,but what relevance does that have to my point even if i had. There wasn't even an inquiry. Thats the thing i can't get over. How can they confirm it straight away. You can guarantee they will put something like it galloped 149.999999 metres in the stipe report now i have raised it on here, but the video doesn't lie.
  13. Eillish hall clearly gallops for over 150m shortly after the start. You only have to look at the track markings to see that.The rule is you can only gallop for 150m. Whats going on. This wasn't even close. Its there for anyone to watch. Its not like it was trotting rough. It was in a full blown gallop. What competent stipe could not see that. That decision would have to be as incompetent as i have ever seen. Its so obvious,yet they missed it.
  14. The topic is about blue september which is specific to male drivers. no blue horses.
  15. Your view of the cameron drive is fair enough,like some i just don't agree.As i have said earlier,hes a driver i've always had confidence in,still do. I think hes always out there to win.No ones said hes not. You do highlight how lucky we are to at this point in time to have such a high level of integrity within the sport. It hasn't come without some feathers being ruffled, but from licence holders to those who oversee enforcement, things are pretty good. Lets hope they can be maintained.
  16. Banks peninsula have just announced an all male race at their up coming meeting,with the intention of highlighting this cause. They will have 6 of the 10 driver ambassadors competing,but have shown good sense to have only the 1 in the blue colours,and another in the white prostate colours. The rest will wear the trainers colours. This is a good promotion,and well thought out by those who have arranged it.
  17. I did watch B barnes on sabrage. I also followed his price on the tab ff and betfair. He was a noticeable drifter at different stages. I guess the tab had not received the support his form said it should get,and on betfair some were happy to lay him at 6 and 7 to 1. So that tells me punters either didn't do the form,or they were not surprised when the horse give up a nice position on the outside,and instead went 3 back the fence,with the leader having worked overtime for the front. He's very average tactically,so who knows what he was thinking. Idon't think we can sure with him.He drives
  18. So lets just recap for you,chief exaggerator. So j teaz explained that the number of drives a driver has is one of the key considerations when penalty is decided. He explained ,because Cameron has few drives,the penalty may be as much as 3 months. I pushed the like thing on that post because it explained the reasoning behind penalty lengths. I had earlier suggested he should get 2 months,but also said D ferguson got 3 days for a similar drive. So that to you became j teaz and the galah demanding 3 to 6 months,and you posted that's what we said. What a plonker. And who's schumac
  19. Maybe you explain your comment first,because you seem to be on both sides of the argument.Seems to be the start of another merry go round.
  20. Your at it again chief. Making out i said something when i haven't.Where have i said that an unresloved issue related to harness racing. And can't you make your mind up. When you say 'asides from being no ones business whatever those issues were,they were unrelated to harness racing".If you believe it was just to take a break,why post that.Maybe you should criticise yourself,that way you have both sides covered.
  21. I agree with brodie. Cullen taking over was always a situation that many believe there was more to than just taking a break. So many contradictions and there still is much left unexplained. The resumption of the original training partnership has played out pretty much as predicted now they have obviously resolved all the reasons for the original decision. Cullen seems happy to have been the public face when they wanted,and now seems happy to have played his role and return to his previous position.No doubt they will look after him for being so loyal. But i'm with brodie.
  22. I had been there a couple of times about 1980,lines of 15-20 people at all the betting windows 10 minutes before race start,many being shut out of getting a bet on. Huge crowds in stands located up the straight before the winning post. I went there 20 years ago.Three people in the remaining stand before the finish.I then went and stood near the winning post and that was a poor viewing spot as seemed to be lower than track. Thats my memory. Then went and watched the next few in grandstand near finish,but noted very few of those in attendance had any interest in watching the races when they
  23. Well you know it is i that has said brendon barnes is not a favorite of mine,I still have that view,but thats just my opinion.Each to their own.Of course i have referred mainly to his father and brother. While there have been many race videos that have seen me form my opinions, I have previously specifically given 4 race videos that i suggest should be watched. If you haven't watched them,then you won't understand why i said what i have. I was reading a couple of articles about the brothers recently. One said their grandfather played tennis for australia. Another that seems to be 12 mont
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