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  1. you do know who actually brought in the Minister of R in the first place??? when you look in the mirror, what sort of igit do you see looking back!
  2. lol! technology was the winner in d town... unlimited fast as fibre and landline at $80 a month = Brilliant! 😎😋
  3. General admission: $20.00 Ascot Stand: $70.00 Garden Party: $59.00 Cavallo Club: $90.00 Silks: $119.00 prices for Karka night at Els..... how does Trentham stack up with this sort of thing?
  4. As a person with a interest in 'racing history' etc that causes pangs of nostalgia, but in my rational brain I know it doesn't actually make much difference with my punting! if anything it should actually help!
  5. Murray Fish


    ....please don't talk about the elephant on course!!! 🙄 or was that not on course?
  6. at least when Ned Kelly Robbed you he had a Gun... NZTAB do it with a sneer...
  7. yip, that be my tip! Re Betting in general: I'm always amused regarding our ever struggled with 'cognitive bias', with betting, I think we attach some winning logic to some historical wins! when I first started betting it was into very much into local pools! who had limited information! I still so recall being at Addinton (early 70's) and the Odds would get put up the Main Tote Board, NO ONE knew what those odds would be! you had then 35 minutes to change them! to finish with a Tip before the race!!! I Bet I Enjoy the NZ G1 Today! Regardless of whom wins! lol! Though I do have one in mind!
  8. I would love to have seen the 'logic' behind going this way???
  9. To be honest, my style of betting has changed where the races like this have not been that attractive! often if there has been a horse which appeals! then it's way under the odds.. give me WFA or set weights for 3yr etc... re NZ Handicaps, they more and more offer le$$ interest! gone are the large interest in always trying to find the winner of the 3200 races... esp Auckland Cup and races like Railway... way gone now...
  10. tick... lol! you should be more tolerant and enjoy him sitting at the table! $omeone has to be losing... 😜
  11. should the jockeys have to share how the will tactically use this info?
  12. wow... how could that happen? I would have to admit I use to really like being oncourse back last century for those meetings!! A track where you thought a good horse could always win! It has seem that the crowd numbers were not that great, watching from the tv???
  13. A suggested goal for you this year... try and really focus on actual needed criticism on 'things racing'. I'm 100% sure you would curry favour with more if you go down that track. ps. Mardi, you got some good stuff
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