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  1. 1.03 and firming. It's interesting to see how things are going back a century, re Ownership! Again becoming the domain of 'vanity projects' for wealthy cashed up members of the bourgeoisie! Mostly framed around 'breeding' tax breaks etc! Winnie has delivered well there!
  2. and even less staff for riding track work! hence Harness is a bigger game in the deep south!
  3. you have me down to a t..... and it can be rather frustrating attempting to base any bet 'on looks/presentation' etc when the pictures presented don't allow you to actually see all the horses in a race!
  4. Sadly you have summed it 'the politics' well! Interestingly! I bet! 1.05 all the key players for say last 25 years have been right wingers. The sensible ones understand what it means re Sunset Industry! (hence! the lack of effort historically from the Nats) others! are happy to pick up 'a dead cat', and can be heard (after throwing it down on the ground) "Did you see in bounce!!!" "There's still more life in it!"
  5. where on the list should it be? 😜 ps, are you as bellicose in person as you present on here!!!
  6. great picture coming through... lol! no sound though...
  7. I can't help but to throw in a Sneer!!!!! directed at the committee of this club! Would there be a more myopic club in the county!!! Note the crowd! or lack of it! You have reaped what you have sowed!
  8. a small technical thing: if you want to break anyone's post into smaller bits, what you need to do is to go to the start of where you want to quote, Highlight the text you to quote, that will then give you the option to click 'quote this'...
  9. i love punting into the small fields... so much easier... 🙄
  10. Origin of the phrase[edit] The complete paragraph containing Marx's statement of the creed in the Critique of the Gotha Program is as follows:
  11. I think around 1910 the D cup and the Auckland cup were both worth around the same prize money and both cities had the same population...
  12. lol very little about 'horse sales' do make sense!
  13. CWJ's winning $alute was the highlight for me!!!! $$$$
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