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    • The Dunns have not got any top pacers. Classie Brigade is their best as you point out mate. The horse is consistent but is unlikely to win a G!. Henry Hubert is Ok but not really the type of horse to feature in G1 races.  There are not many up comers because many are sold, or sent to Australia to race. I don't blame them for either selling or sending to Aust to race because the horses have more chance of earning over there. The Tellers have some handy horses working through the grades. I think the stable is the one most likely to challenge the All Stars in the next two or three seasons. 
    • Hey Gammalite, I'm not seriously saying he'd beat any of the Blue Army in the NZ Cup. If FM made the cup field he'd need to go an extended unbeaten run. Even if he was able to do that he'd still start at long odds. I enjoy math's and gambling. Truth be known, with FM only being a 3 race winner it would be a miracle if he even made the field. Because I rate him highly, if the TAB offered me 300-1 on him to win the Cup today, I'd happily put a couple of hundred each way on him and then cash out on half my wagers when he starts at 25-1 and ride out the rest. Still be a very nice earner. You will know about the glorious uncertainty of sport.  I'm now in danger of looking like a fool at about 6.55 pm tonight
    • I don't like the look of it , some horses look very uncomfortable on it to me, much of that is born out by the spread of horses in a finish. For me I find it a horrible watch , love to see some wagering and see if punters are enjoying though.
    • Can anyone tell me where the case is for the postive to MDMA or has it gone away?
    • Com, on Walt ?? You are seriously picking something obscure to stop the ALLSTARS NZ Cup winning streak. ?? Zip, Zero, Nought, Buckleys and almost none I rate your chance .  Granted I got surprised by ' Copy That'  did stop the brilliant run of 6 Allstars wins in a row,  last year 2021 , so I lost my little investment. SELF ASSURED a clear 2nd on that occasion (thought he was a certainty)  as defending Champion without a handicap. (unlikely to happen again.. lol very likely SA win this year.) SPANKEM 2nd for the previous 2 years has come back in good order . Hope he goes close as always gives his best. My question for you (Brodie, Ranga or other) is " Why hasn't NZ's leading Stable got any chances in this race ??  The NZ Cup. Classie  Brigade still there ? as (Dunn;'s)  best ? as a 9 year old ? after running 3rd in 2019 . Now 50-1 ???  lol.... Where are their Up and Comers ? Or do they just do 'Big Trots' these days and leave the Pacing to Nat and Mark to keep gathering the wins ?
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