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  1. In 1997 I found myself in the same situation which happened at Auck on Sunday. I was in the first heat for the Silver Collar with Aqua Floss. She was the favourite in box 1. The lure stopped after running 350 mtrs. Floss was leading and going to win. They the Club wanted to draw the two that were going to go through from this heat, Floss incidently was the favourite to win the final from memory. I kicked up merry hell and explained to the committee, I had traveled many miles for this event, and thought it grossly unfair it should be reduced to a raffle. I managed to convince them the proper thing to do was to rerun the heat after the last race as a non tote for the advertised stake money. The connections of all runners were given the choice to rerun or pull out penalty free. Only one dog pulled out. All dogs were returned to the kennel block where they waited until the last race was run. Floss lead all the way in the rerun, and went on to run 2nd in the final to Gotta Cruise. This in my opinion is what should of happened in this instance. They have probably hamstrung themselves by becoming to cute with their own rules, ie so many mtrs on one day garbage. Nothing surprises anymore.
  2. And could a bunch of old blackmen, or yellow men, or bitsa men done any different. Whats the skin colour or race got to do with the subject at hand?. No on second thoughts do not answer that.
  3. Success rate is high after live kills, but tends to taper off once dog realizes that its just a rort chasing this stuffed cosmetic not even real skin.
  4. That maybe so, but I would expect those that represent racing, ie Clubs, NZGRA, NZTB, HRNZ, to be making submissions trying to get as much for racing as possible. Not sitting on their asses letting it all happen as seems to be happening.
  5. The racing bodies and clubs are yet to join the dots between punters equating to income, so the fact that small things like the changing of the constitution within the TAB to favor sports betting over racing is of little concern.
  6. If past history is any guide, I would think not.
  7. Yes, a trainer can get a raceday standown recinded if found the Vet has made a wrong prognosis, which does happen from time to time. Example, bitch in season, then found not to be, or pain somewhere after a race, then you get home and recheck next day, and its all gone, these things happen, and Vets are not infallible. The rules allow for a second opinion, and standowns can be shortened or overturned altogether by representing the dog to the Vet. In the case of this dog, I agree with Yankiwi, it should of got a holiday because it clearly turned its head, but because it got lucky with the Vet detecting what was probably an historic injury, it escaped the penalty it was due. I do not see anything sinister in this, but rather the dog and trainer got lucky on this occasion. If the Stipes were doing their job, this old historic injury should of been noted. The dog will probably do it again, so the need to be aware of the history.
  8. Yes, i'm afraid the more the NZ TAB lose customers, the more they take out of the pools. This is their answer to declining turnover, just take more out of the pools. NZ is now at the stage where the takeout on quaddies is 26%, as compared to our cousins across the Tasman where its 22%. This is just one example.
  9. If the Gracilis was a historic injury, which I fully expect that it was, why didn't that same professional vet detect it prior to it starting the race. Obviously the dog was checked prior to kenneling & then again just prior to the race, right? It wasn't an issue prior to the race, so why was it an issue after the dog played up? Obviously it didn't effect the dog while running the race. Favouritism I suggest. I have to disagree on this statement above Yankiwi. Race day Vets are responsible for vetting a huge amount of dogs in a very short time, maybe only a minute on each dog. The vetting procedure has time limits, ie 1 hour. The best that can be accomplished in this short time frame is only a basic and obvious check, toes, demeanor, gait approaching vet table, eyes, nose etc. I would never expect a vet to detect an historic injury as described in this case on a pre race vet check, unless something tipped him off such as approaching the table with a limp. So to my mind, this dog getting through the pre race check is not an issue. When a dog is checked after the race by a vet, there is no time restraint, and a much more thorough examination can be carried out. Just my view on it.
  10. Correction, I was under the impression Dyna Diode was just starting career, I now see its had 33 starts, so that puts the head turning in a different light for me.
  11. After watching that race I have to say, what a tremendous effort by the winning dog to be headed, come again and turn its head, and then go on to win the race impressively, all this with a torn gracilis.muscle. Must say though, not the worst case of head turning that we witness on ever frequent occasions from around the country. My opinion, because dog was only just starting career, a warning could have sufficed. I do not believe the gracilis played any factor in the dogs victory.
  12. aquaman


    Did you notice the whimsical turnover without the co mingling. Went to have a quaddie at Flemington until I noticed no co mingling. Rang the help desk to enquire whether the takeout rate will change on the quaddie now that it was not co mingled. My worst fears were realised when after going to his supervisor he informed me it would now be 26% takeout as against 20% if co mingled. Is it little wonder NZ racing is going down the gurglar.
  13. Yes, I thought the track played very fair with winners coming from all angles. Well done to the committee with what looked like a highly successful day, good crowd too.
  14. The more bet types when confronted with a small betting base is tantamount to shooting the pie with a shotgun splintering the pools ever lower, thereby creating a lesser incentitive to betting. How hard is that to understand. Morons.
  15. You know Chief, once upon a time I followed domestic gallops all the time, now I only bet on Victorian gallops, and the odd bets elswhere in Aus. It was the quality and takeout difference that weaned me off the domestic product, and I bet I am not the only one.
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