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  1. aquaman


    Look at Aussie crowds and note the difference. Their racing is going north, ours is going south.
  2. They do, just watched one on the French in Algeria, also one about children being abused in Sth Korea in the 70's to the 90's at orphanages that were state financed using the children as slave labour. Did you see any of these HJ.
  3. My go to's are Fox, Al Jazeera, RT until the woke left took it down. BBC and CNN straight out propaganda and liars for mine. But everybody to their own HJ.
  4. aquaman


    For me it was minced beef because of convenience, but nothing wrong with rabbit if thats your choice. Sometimes I used dog roll rolled into a small ball.
  5. aquaman


    Short answer no Chief. When breaking in pups I used to use a reward like a bit of meat once they were learning to chase the lure. I would go to the trial track with pups unfed on that morning, tie on to the lure my own possum skin that was stuffed with a squeaker inside, have somebody slip them after lure usually into the bend and I would be there at the catch praising them if they chased hard, slipping the piece of meat as reward. Minced beef rolled into a small ball was my favorite.
  6. Tucker Carlson on FOX was scathing on her. Described her as a despot and tyrant. Don't watch CNN, mouthpiece for the globalists and everything that is bad in this world.
  7. Not quite, they copy the Aussie bookies, then shave off 10%.
  8. I think she actually believes she is popular with the masses. Saw a poll yesterday where at time of seeing it, it had 40,000 replies. 3 questions posed in the poll, yes resigning is good, no resigning is not good, and don't care. 75% voted yes, 15% voted no, and 10% couldn't care. I think it was a Herald or Stuff poll. Strange thing it disappeared almost as quickly as it went up.
  9. aquaman


    Shafted on a bullshit charge. Good grounds here to test the rule in a Court of Law. I realize Ron doesn't have pocketfuls of cash to go to the High Court, but Industry LP's could levy themselves and pay the costs for an action to a higher court and have the ridiculous thrown out.
  10. aquaman

    Opawa Glen

    Agree completely Yankiwi. They just make things up from copying others. The other beauty that they come out with is asking trainers to explain improved performance or bad whichever they are looking at. What a stupid question to pose. Are they not looking at the race that they have to have the trainer explain why a dog did this or that. They have all the visual aids, trainers do not. If I was asked that question by the Stipes as to why a dog id this or that I would say, ask the dog. Just thick really.
  11. aquaman

    Opawa Glen

    Fortunately it was a Macinerny runner.
  12. Must say is that all Ron O'Regan is guilty of, a dead frozen hare or rabbit in his freezer. What a fooken joke. Utter bullshit and crap. What have they become when they the RIU and NZGRA have pathetic rules such as this.
  13. When I got my license back in the 60's it was one car length for every 10mph.
  14. Are the jocks soft now?, just asking. Maybe time they sought other forms of work because NZ racing is being destroyed from within.
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