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  1. Good on Pete for giving his dogs a stir up with the Cambridge resident rooster. Would of done exactly the same myself. No harm to the rooster. Just harm to the touchy feelie idiots that feed on crap. Get a life morons.
  2. Further to the above, you may as well have virtual racing, and cut out the horses altogether.
  3. All weather tracks are boring, and only suit compulsive gamblers.
  4. Punters are the beginning and the end as far as racing goes, and punters do not like all weather tracks. They can of course run for ribbons.
  5. Never mind 1, the whole lot should be chucked out, its a fooken hoax.
  6. You lot are welcome to him, and as Clarkie suggests, take the other bludger Hughes while you are at it. New nothing about dogs, let alone wagering, but sure was an expert at keeping a chair warm.
  7. So sad to hear of Mikes passing, trainer of the great Spadeworthy and many other good dogs. Your wisdom and humility will be surely missed. R.I.P John Goode.
  8. Never mind, John Allen says more bet types will fix everything.
  9. I see M Dore as the only positive in the ranks of the NZGRA. He is not in the same boat as Hughes whom would be much better utilised in the womens refuge.
  10. Its a garbage rule thought up by the underworked, overstaffed, sausage roll eating employees in Petone. Take the dead out of it, and it improves dramatically.
  11. If I had time I would give you a full explanation, but in short, the wankers in Petone changed the rules whilst in lockdown regarding welfare. Then put the onus on the busy trainer to scratch the dog, when in reality the wanking useless overpaid overmanned creepy RIU should of notified the Club that as a result of the dog falling at its last start it has a mandatory standdown for 5 days. Once again the wankers in Petone, yes the bludgers that stand around all day thinking up new rules, and further encroaching in trainers responsibility's on how they train their dogs are at fault. The NZGRA have a long history of bringing in new rules and then failing to gazette them according to their own rules, and then surprise, expecting the plebs to know about them.
  12. Yes, now greyhound punters have to put up with the worst caller in Mark the gattling gun, whilst the best like Jason Teaz get the shove. It just makes no sense, but does indicate just why NZ racing is fooked. Its all about feathering your own nest, and the wrong people pulling strings. Have nothing personal against Roso, but his calling is second rate, unlike his tips which is his forte. Trev should of gone to pasture as well, he's had a good innings, and a younger bloke should of been given an opportunity.
  13. Agree with all the above. Why is it so hard for our stupid Gov not to realize the obvious. They should of employed a few farmers to handle the response. The university educated virologists are downright dangerous.
  14. I would of secured the borders much earlier, locking up any visitors or residents coming into NZ. They should of rented paddocks and filled them with campervans and placed security around them. I would of backed that up with Hotels motels and filled them too. Secondly, I would of had built field hospitals in parks, and rented empty buildings and fitted them out with respirators and beds to accommodate any surge. Thirdly, I would of tested tested tested, traced traced traced, and all positives or possibles locked down. Forthly, I would of ring fenced rest homes, and encouraged those at risk, ie health issues and advanced years to stay at home. I would of encouraged social distancing and kept the economy open.
  15. Yes, pretty obvious to us out here, but not to the Racing Idiot Unit. Hard to believe dog got away with it, clearly turns it head final bend.
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