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  1. Top marks Steve for answering us keyboard warriors. It is refreshing to get the trainers perspective. The dog in question obviously has stacks of speed as it displayed in making up a ton of ground before losing interest and taking the leading dog out. All trainers get dogs like this and its heartbreaking knowing they could be anything, but alas, unless their heart is in it, all the ability in the world is not going to win races. In days gone by, trainers would use methods that are unacceptable in todays world to straighten them out, and even this failed most of the time. Your team is going so
  2. It needs GAP, not the spelling paddock, just my observation.
  3. Before I start I would like to say, I love my dogs, but I am being sickened by watching dogs seriously breaking down. As if thats not bad enough, we are subjected to Trackside sanitizing any incident like the viewers are morons. They Trackside have obviously taken a leaf out of the NZ Greyhound Ass and RIB handbook on how to deceive the viewing public, by burying anything that may portray them in bad light. The RIB until recently use to omit dogs that were euthanized in their stipe reports simply by just stating, dog referred to Vet end of story. They are all complicit in being dishonest and m
  4. I take with a grain of sand anything stuff have to say. From past experience, you can assume the opposite to be the truth. It will come out with the wash whether this is all about activists or animal neglect, I suspect the former.
  5. I do, and its now difficult with RT telly being removed by the wokes running Sky.
  6. Its not a health and welfare issue as far as the dogs go Honestjohn, it is a problem for the humans tho. But it should not influnence the viability of dog racing. Just my view.
  7. Do not know Howard Scott, but feel sorry or him. I think he was hard done by getting two yrs. He made a mistake, something we are all guilty of. For mine, this is the reaction thats been created by the racing industry caving in to a small vocal minority of zealous tree hugging idiots.
  8. How are you watching the tennis. I cannot get it on Sky like I have in the past.
  9. US Open second rate without the champion Novak. Agree about Williams. On another subject, hasn't Sky Sports crashed. Only thing it shows these days is Womens Rugby and surfing. I shall be cancelling my sports with Sky.
  10. To Mighty5, you better hope its fake news. I do not need to hope.
  11. Do you mean, she had the intelligence not to be poisoned by the jab?.
  12. aquaman

    Parker v Fa

    Who wins, Parker or Joyce?, any opinions.
  13. Terrible choice, an abject failure from harness. Was in charge throughout the blue magic doping and turned a blind eye. Greyhounds go from one disaster to another with their choice of CEO's.
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