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  1. Agree with all you say. I would go even further and say, this Labour Gov is the worst in history and will sink this country. They have mishandled the virus completely, have failed on every promise they made, and are made up of radical commies and tree huggers.
  2. Because at the time they had no authority to to take one. I was a dog trainer. It was 11am in the morning before the start of racing. I was not drug affected or had been drinking. It was 2016. I proved my case that they had no authority under the rules of racing at that time, Greyhound racing rules. But after spending many thousands of dollars on a very expensive Law firm in Wellington the RIU managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat in that they were able to by pass the rule of the Greyhound Racing Ass through using the 1908 Incorporated Society Act. The Judge hearing the case had no opt
  3. I told the RIU when they attempted to drug test me to get f#cked. End result 12 months outed. Pleaded not guilty and went through JCA hearing, and because they rorted the whole affair was found guilty. Had the option of taking it to the High Court, but cost would of been $30,000 plus, so decided to retire after 30 odd years as a LP. They will certainly use my case in any sentence handed out. [ RIU vs J Goode ]
  4. Yes, they sent me email telling me i will need to get verified again if i wanted to be able to withdraw. Now that i remember, they asked me to photo my Visa debit card blocking the middle 6 digits and to send it via email which i did. Within about 15 hrs it was verified. Freephone for Sportsbet is 0061 8 8989 3000
  5. I started with Beteasy 2 months ago. Went through all the verification hassles as you do only to find Sportsbet have taken over. Had to repeat verification process again for Sportsbet, but did find it wasn't too hard. Just photographed my passport and sent it as an email. Had no trouble ringing them on their free number of which I used several times. They sent me many emails letting me no about the takeover including the link to the Sportsbet app, had no trouble downloading it onto my android phone. I'm a shocker when it comes to technology, and can barely use my smartphone, but did manage wit
  6. Have joined Beteasy and backed Trump. Beteasy is now being swallowed up by Sportsbet, so in the coming days Beteasy will be no more. All Beteasy accounts will transfer to Sportsbet. My first bet on Trump was at $2.60, he's now down to $1.95 and falling. Am impressed with their service and ease of navigation.
  7. Mmmmm, nothing surprising here if my experience with the TAB help desk 0800102106 last week is anything to go by. Had the misfortune last week to have a scheduled power cut 2 days running, so had no computer to be able to have a bet, so rang the help desk in the morning to get the Jetbet code for the meeting I was interested in having bets at. As I live in a rural area it just wasn't practical to travel the 50kms to my closest TAB agency to manually place bets. So after explaining my situation I asked for the Jetbet No for the Addington dogs. Answer to keep it short, no we are not allowe
  8. After reading this thread I have come to the conclusion jelly fish have more spine than the above poster. For goodness sake man, grow some balls.
  9. Thanks for that Newmarket, joined Beteasy this morning and put 1st bet on US election. Will try racing bets next. Still trying to work out all the bonus bets, not sure how it all works, but have 7 days from opening account to solve them.
  10. Rang Tui at the TAB help desk this morning on how to place a bet on the US election. No help there, Tui says no betting available on NZ TAB. So after informing Tui that this phone call is being recorded for evidential and references purposes, I went on to ask if she could advise an overseas bookmaker or betting site that I could access for the purpose of having a bet on the election result. Once again no help there as not allowed to make recommendations on any organization that may assist. In fact most unhelpful. So my request to Bit of a Yarner's is, can I join an Australian betting organizat
  11. I think you should go and record it, and then post it on here so all those outside of Auckland can be privy to the proceedings. Sounds like it will be great entertainment. Would go for sure if I lived handy. Go on pretty please.
  12. The Victorian hospital system is underwhelmed. They have many spare beds. They will need to get to 1500 cases a day before hospitals are put under pressure. At the moment they are only getting 400 a day. So a full lockdown is not needed as yet.
  13. aquaman

    Mark Beeson

    Clearly the fault lays with the Racing Idiot Unit. Failed to do their job when allowing meeting to go ahead without second lure driver as required under the rules. They have a bad habit of subverting rules to suit themselves. Before a meeting goes ahead, they the RIU are required to check all boxes are ticked as per the rules re safety of track, and proper people are in place to conduct a race meeting. They have clearly failed on this occasion. If Mark is to be dragged over the coals, then I would expect the RIU and Club to be dished out the same treatment.
  14. Agree, crap bet, they win you lose. They shave the odds to make it impossible to win from this bet. Wouldn't go near it with a barge pole. Even on the money back bets they shave 50 cents of the odds compared to Aussie prices. I always compare them by checking odds on Supatab Australia and find the odds always less by about 50 cents.
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    test ???????
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