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  1. Just another bullshit charge. Lacks any common sense. Cannabis stays in the system and is detectable for up to 42 days since the last joint. Even if he had been stoned the night before it would not have impaired his judgement or ability in the slightest. Just rubbish.
  2. What a waste of space huge Glenda is. Professional bludger. When the going gets tough, bail out like the rat from a sinking ship. Goodby Glenda, bring on the next one.
  3. Dog farming was always going to end in tears. Instead we have an NZGRA and their corrupt bover boys funded from pokies, the RIB, turn a blind eye to the concept that mass production of dogs by one or two people was good. This in my view has given ammunition to the woke left that will not or never be satisfied until all animal sports are completely eradicated.
  4. Yes Lad, isn't it good knowing you do not have the serum, I refuse to call it a vaccine because it is not. You are now the lion in the paddock of sheep, and what a wonderful feeling that is.
  5. I will quantify that by saying, my money was on the short priced favorite. It was a Gp race, and sometimes risks are worth taking Unlike other dangerous rides where a jockey elects to take a needle eye gap where they go between two horses which can be bad, this ride he only had to go between one horse and a plastic forgiving rail. This in my humble opinion looked much worse than it actually was. In summation, my thoughts are great ride.
  6. Catching a cold or passing one now negates our armed forces. Deary me, this may be the last ANZAC day that they turn out for. Maybe the Cubs and Scouts could go in their place.
  7. Well, thanks chief, took the time to read the above report and followed through. Put a $30 bonus bet on Not an Option at 28's plus 5 of the Quin. Spot on Mike Moroney.
  8. Nothing will change until we get rid of the scum that now inhabit parliament, Labour, National, ACT, Maori party, Greens. They are all the same, scum, bludgers, liars, corrupt rats. Hopefully a Freedom party will rise out of the ashes.
  9. I reckon Forbury you are better off catching it, and thereby acquiring natural immunity which has been shown to be 27 times more robust than the poison. I am not making this stat up, studies from Israel and other reliable countries have come up with this figure. Plus your immunity lasts for at least several years, could be for life, yet to be known. Speaking for myself, unpoisoned, I am actively seeking Covid as quickly as possible to have it before winter sets in. To this end I go maskless everywhere. Have even applied for and received a mask exemption. This latest version of covid is very mi
  10. I was there. I was at the front with the red hat that had Trump written on it. Today Hagley Park Moorhouse Ave with signs 12noon to 1pm. If passing toots are appreciated.
  11. You have my sympathy Wait. Anybody that allows total strangers to inject them with an unproven genetic body changing potion, that the science via Anthony Fauci preaches needs help and understanding. Suggest you dive deeper in your research on mRNA tech and come to understand that once in you there is no going back.
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