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  1. Yankiwi


    How can anything happen? The RIU never investigated the allegations. But for some reason, Brendon was warned off for a period by the GRNZ board. What did they know then (at the time they warned him off) that they seemed to have forgotten now? RIU & GRNZ credibility = ZERO, the exact same amount as they proclaimed their tolerance of animal welfare issues was. To the suits it's all about who's done it, not what has been done.
  2. Yankiwi


    GRNZ or the RIU didn't even go through the Cole property. They both stuck their heads in the sand when the images were first handed in to them. Once they had the images in hand, there were more worried who took the photos than what the photos portrayed. Because of their inactions, the images were then taken to the SPCA days later. If the RIU couldn't have brought charges in that case, what can they do? Welfare is paramount, unless inhumanity comes from a very well protected enterprise.
  3. Who's to say the punter that managed to get $2500 on didn't actually want to get $25K on, but was restricted to $2500?
  4. The RIU have proven time & time again, it's not what rule has been breached, it's who has breached it.
  5. Yankiwi

    What a Feat!

    Spot on! He will never gain my respect. What's even worse than what he has done, is the suits doing nothing about it. Creditability = zero for GRNZ & the RIU.
  6. C'mon Brodie, Happy wants you to be kind & that's what Cindy wants too! I sense a new trend starting, similar to one you've highlighted from Addington recently. 😄
  7. Romeo https://www.grnz.co.nz/greyhounds/profiles.aspx?AnimalID=32909 Two starts - Two FTP charges - Two serious injuries thus cancelling the FTP charges. A sickening display of collusion between RIU appointed race day vets and/or Stewards & a trainer.
  8. It appears there has been no change at the RIU either.
  9. Yes he has! GRNZ - as it's more likely he wont return.
  10. Brodie, it will be quite some time until this question gets answered. Phil only works a 6 hours shift every third day or something like that & there are more important things for him to be worried about during those long work hours. Order & consume morning smoko. Check emails. Look over the GRNZ website to see how well their going since he left. Order & consume lunch. Apply for additional board positions with organization most of us have never hear of. Those chores alone would make for a very hectic work day.
  11. If the RIU allows starts such as this one to continue, there' no sense in doing any form on the horses prior to the race. This race was more of a lottery than Lotto is....
  12. Isn't it the RIU's Stewards decision whether it was a fair start or not? They're tasked with enforcing integrity & there was no integrity if this was declared to be a fair start.
  13. Brilliance! I'm even more assured Phil will sort out Harness racing.
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