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  1. Spot on. Welfare & injury prevention have never been at the forefront of GRNZ's concerns. With their words they have been but with their actions it's been anything but. Once upon a time they put up a new plastic rail at Wanganui to help protect dogs from the actual rail. Nothing was done there after to any other tracks except removing some of it from Wanganui. Once upon a time at Addington, they put a new lure arm which reached out further from the rail. Why hasn't that been rolled out to the rest of the tracks? What happened to the camera on the lure arm at Palmy? Valu
  2. I thought GRNZ was picking up the cost of racing injuries or is that just for broken hocks so the dog won't get put down at the track? Nathan, I suggest you put in a claim with GRNZ for the cost you incurred due to the racing injury. You've done the right thing & should be compensated for it.
  3. Hmmmm, I thought now that being on notice we would see GRNZ releasing true factual information, not made up dribble & outright lies. Maybe the Racing Minister needs to be made aware of this thread?
  4. An unofficial premier to GRNZ new theme song, preformed by Neil Finn along with Fleetwood Mac in 2019, just before Covid took control of the globe!
  5. I hear you Nathan, Any doubters can read again the post I had made on another thread here on BOAY just two days ago. I wasn't wrong with my observation!
  6. Race #6 Addington yesterday. https://www.grnz.co.nz/catch-the-action/14693/stewards-report.aspx NONILLION (6) - glanced outwards momentarily then checked by HOMEBUSH ICE on two occasions early stages. Handler A McCook was shown the films with a warning being placed on the Racing Manners record of NONILLION. HOMEBUSH ICE (8) - ran inwards sharply early stages tightening SOZIN'S PRINCESS and checking NONILLION on two occasions. Tightened on bend losing ground. Assessed by vet and cleared of injury. Stewards deemed this performance unsatisfactory with HOMEBUSH ICE having to comp
  7. I beg to differ Aquaman. $2m might (and that's a big might) pay for the kennel blocks, lighting & a parking lot. Where's his rough estimate for drainage, track, lure, photo finish, tower, fencing, miles of underground electrical cabling, tractors, watering truck and/or irrigation? What about the land? With all due respect, Michael doesn't have a clue about what the costs associated would be. Why invest maybe $10m (a closer estimate than the dribble that spilled from his mouth) into a new build on ground that is proven to be moving? My estimate doesn't include the cost to pur
  8. So this is where the Racing & Welfare manager thinks his time is best spent. Wasn't it less than 3 weeks ago GRNZ was put on put on notice? Every time this joker opens up his mouth to speak, only dribble comes out. https://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/126406503/three-groups-compete-for-land-at-christchurchs-qeii-park?fbclid=IwAR2op7JbeQxN9TO2jsq1877AoSZCYeyK4MiA2SZ7cP2EyZRemdUd4jZ8db8
  9. https://racingintegrityboard.org.nz/decisions/appeal-decision-dated-14-september-2021-daniel-laing/
  10. A Steward has again proven they simply don't know what they are doing. https://www.grnz.co.nz/catch-the-action/14676/stewards-report.aspx The 3rd offence is supposed to be referred to the JCA which doesn't exist anymore (but have been referring to the RIB in its absence). The Stewards have no right in applying the $150 fine for the 3rd offence. The $150 fine is meant to be applied to a 2nd offence.
  11. I don't doubt you Jason. Question for everyone, if that's the case, how was Peter Lamb looking after the punters interests? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/racing-long-time-harness-starter-peter-lamb-sacked-following-chaotic-new-zealand-cup/YK4RYMCWPHZGJAWE2ARZDPNV2M/ Sounded to me the Stewards were looking after another Steward, right?
  12. Fully agree with Chief on this one. Stewards do not serve the punter. A Steward's responsibility is to enforce the rules of the code they are overseeing on the day. This should be done equally among all participants without any favoritism or bias. Anything other than that and they should be disciplined for their indiscretions. Unfortunately, that would mean integrity, at least at their level, was being upheld. That's something that is rarely or never seen within NZ racing scene.
  13. I've never sat in a sulky. I didn't watch the race. I don't intend on watching the replay. I didn't realize that you had to be a Harness driver to have an interest in the code or this forum. I know the feeling @the galah. I've been on that end of the stick before with him & it started to remind me of another forum I used contribute to about racing.
  14. Yankiwi

    Weight Rules?

    Oddly enough, it seems the rules allow for the referral to the JCA for minor infringement offences. The rules do not allow for referral to the RIB. Both those decisions should be quashed.
  15. Yankiwi

    Weight Rules?

    Non Raceday Inquiry - Decision dated 26 August 2021 - Kelly Lincoln-Papuni - RIB (racingintegrityboard.org.nz) Non Raceday Inquiry - Written Decision dated 19 August 2021 - Trent Agent and Kimberly Williams - RIB (racingintegrityboard.org.nz)
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