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  1. At the end of the day, it's the RIU & the JCA that are letting all three codes down. Participants are always going to do what they're going to do. The burden of upholding integrity lies directly on the RIU & the JCA. But it seems that just about every time something happens that breaches any of the three codes rules, the RIU & the JCA close ranks and protect the participants. Yes some instances get heard & a token penalty ends up being imposed, but in doing so INTEGRITY is getting thrown out the window. This match (race) fixing was well apparent to even a novice to harness races like myself. It was referred to the RIU by the crown's legal system to deal with. So how did they deal with it? So now the guilty person can't drive for six months. From what I've read, the person doesn't drive that often anyways. The guilty person can still train. He can still punt. He can still fix another race simply by instructing his driver to do what he had done previously. As costs are costs & he's only been required to repay part of them. What is the penalty in real terms that's been handed down by the two entities charged with upholding integrity? Stuff-all. We have taken into account Mr McGrath’s good record apart from a prohibited substance breach (as a trainer, long years ago), his personal circumstances, as mitigating factors. We would have imposed, in addition a significant fine, but we have been mindful of the financial impact the costs orders – which had to follow will have on him as the proceedings have been, from inception of the charge, protracted and expensive to him and the RIU. What about the punter's "personal circumstances"? Thank you RIU & JCA. This has just been another example of how you're letting the codes down which will ultimately help lead to all of their demises.
  2. About as far from integrity as there could possibly be. A $11500 penalty for "costs" is about than what was profited by those in the know from the actual race. To my eyes a complete farce. Not a deterrent from a future occurrence whatsoever. It'll happen again & again if the odds are viewed as... We'll fix the race & win $10K. If we get caught, we'll have to give the $10K back. Really? Boy am I glad I gave up the racing punt years ago!
  3. Good spotting. The #3 looks like it might have pulled a Gracilis muscle for a few strides in the first corner & didn't even get a mention n the stewards report.
  4. https://www.grnz.co.nz/greyhounds/profiles.aspx?AnimalID=32705 11/01/2019 - Just over a year ago. https://www.grnz.co.nz/catch-the-action/13369/stewards-report.aspx DYNA DIODE (1) - faltered around the first bend and failed to complete the race. Assessed by vet and found to have a torn gracilis muscle. Dyna Diode Rule 56.1 from 11 Jan 2019 to 07 Feb 2019
  5. The dog didn't bang it's leg. The dog won the race even though it only half heartedly tried. The dog continued on & was first to the lure. The dog had no noticeable limp while being walked away from the catching area for as long as the replay is shown, In fact it was happily wagging its tail. Seems to me like it thought it had a good day out on the track playing with its mates. If a human pulls a Gracilis during a 100m dash they don't go on to win the race, continue on jogging for another 30m in a slowing down period, then get interviewed for the next couple of minutes by a reporter standing straight up with a smile on there face. The dog wasn't injured during the race. The dog wasn't feeling pain immediately after the race. The dogs Gracilis muscle had no bearing on whether the dog pursued the lure or not. The dog ran a dodgy race which is against the rules & should suffer the consequence for it.
  6. Easy answer. If I was the trainer I would have happily accepted the Vet's decision, in fact I would have repeatedly thanked him. My problem is with the Vet. It seems that Mehe is the member trying to shift focus on the trainer, so maybe you'd like to ask your question to him. If the Gracilis was a historic injury, which I fully expect that it was, why didn't that same professional vet detect it prior to it starting the race. Obviously the dog was checked prior to kenneling & then again just prior to the race, right? It wasn't an issue prior to the race, so why was it an issue after the dog played up? Obviously it didn't effect the dog while running the race. Favouritism I suggest. So the dog had a historic injury. The dog was given a get out of jail free card. Today the dog can be taken back to a race day vet (if the trainers quick), re-checked, cleared of injury & be nominated for a start next Wednesday in Wanganui. Maybe that'd be enough to open up Godber's eyes and finally look within the RIU & the race day Vets they hire for integrity. That's where the focus is needed.
  7. Something is obviously not right. Who suggested "trainer"? That is your term. Maybe they should be looking at you. If anything, I hope Godber takes it further because either the Vet, the Steward or both of them have openly displayed an act of corruption. However I won't be holding my breath. Godber has repeatedly shown he's only there for the pay-packet or title & not integrity.
  8. I thought you might be missing me Mehe. I've never seen a dog that torn a Gracilis during a race be first to the lure. Usually they look somewhat similar to dogs that have broken a hock. If the dog has a torn Gracilis, then it didn't happen during that race. If the vet wasn't corrupt & had integrity, then the dog would have been charged for FTP as it should have been. Instead he took it upon himself to circumvent the GRNZ rules because of a favouritism or some form of pay-out, be it money or something else entirely. If that's not the case, then Trackside has edited the video to make it look like dog ran injury free after having suffered a very serious injury. Have a great day in your lullaby world Mehe.
  9. At what point the #4 tear a gracilis muscle during this race? https://www.grnz.co.nz/catch-the-action/13844/stewards-report.aspx DYNA DIODE (4) - turned it's head towards BIG TIME JONIE for 2-3 strides entering the home straight, without making muzzle contact, however did bump BIG TIME JONIE, shortly after. Charged pursuant with Rule 55.1(b) in that it failed to pursue the lure for the entirety of the event when voluntarily turning its head outwards. A post race veterinary examination was carried out which revealed right gracilis muscle tear with the failing to pursue charge not imposed, but required to complete a satisfactory trial. I suppose it's not really a surprise after seeing the corrupt lead steward & vets names at the bottom of the report.
  10. Yankiwi

    Court Day

    Here's the cheat & his crew having a moan some time ago. https://www.Channel X.co.nz/forums/index.php?/topic/46874-tab-cheating-again/&tab=comments#comment-392666 It was commonly known that Brendon's handle on the dark side was Nadzeya Ostapchuk. Now four plus years on it's interesting that Brendon & his cronies were calling the TAB cheats.
  11. Yankiwi

    Big time rusty

    Another trainer has about 50% more dogs & 30% more starts than the bigtime clan does. Why is it that his dog don't cramp up & fall in a heap on track? Tape on the legs? Weight variances?
  12. Yankiwi

    Big time rusty

    There must be some sort of god-like Vet somewhere in the CD. One that can determine that a dog has moderate muscle damage simply by reading the results of a blood test. https://www.grnz.co.nz/catch-the-action/13818/stewards-report.aspx Judicial report: Supplementary- Palmerston North greyhounds 23-12-2019- BIGTIME ALFIE ( L Cole ) after cramping bad and falling after the line was referred to the vet for blood tests to be carried out which has revealed moderate muscle damage with the stand down imposed for injury and a satisfactory trial to stand. I had always thought that a dog had more than one muscle. Bigtime farce...
  13. Yankiwi

    Big time rusty

    2- BIGTIME ALFIE # 2 race 8 cramped severely in the run to the line and fell on to the track was recovered off the track and was ordered to have a Blood sample taken for further analysis of the dogs condition and has been stood down to complete a satisfactory trial and to undergo a post trial veterinary clearance before being nominated for future racing. https://www.grnz.co.nz/catch-the-action/13812/stewards-report.aspx
  14. It must have something to do with this new imaginary rule. The first time one of the trainers breaks any one of thousand individual rules they receive a warning for it. ie: The first time a drunk driver kills another person they'll get a warning. If they go on to kill a second person in a subsequent accident then they'll be formally charged, but only if it was in the same vehicle they were driving the first time. If that's integrity, then they might as well throw the rule book away. Also this week ~ Auckland yesterday - 1). S Hunt was issued with a warning for failing to present the registration papers for ALENG (race 4). Wanganui Wednesday - 4). L Hunt was issued with an official warning per rule 44.8b after failing to present the papers for SMASH CHARGER in race 11.
  15. Yankiwi

    Court Day

    Coming to a courtroom near you... My Movie.mp4
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