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  1. The CD numbers have been dwindling for a long time. Just a few years ago There was a 12 to 15 race mixed grade meet on Monday at PN. There was a 15 race low grade meet on Wednesday at Wanganui. There was a 12 race high grade meet on Friday at Wanganui. Even with all those opportunities, there were still heaps of non-tote (tier 2) races being held to keep the dogs going around the track because they weren't getting starts. I believe what we're seeing now is the carry on from the RIU's ex-top dog's indiscretions & corruption, ignoring his favoured trainer's mi
  2. Yankiwi


    I wonder if GRNZ will stick to their guns or allow this to be swept under the carpet. Also part of rule 25. 25 Minimum vaccination requirements 6) Unless GRNZ determines otherwise, a greyhound must not compete in any Event within seven days of the date it was administered a vaccine. Best can scenario, they get their jabs this afternoon & can be available to race next Friday.
  3. Plead guilty in the end. Lawyer must be loving it. What a waste of $. Penalty reserved for a couple of weeks. https://racingintegrityboard.org.nz/decisions/non-raceday-inquiry-written-reserved-decision-dated-10-march-2023-alysha-waretini/
  4. So what's the GRNZ infrastructure manager been doing this last month or so? https://www.grnz.co.nz/catch-the-action/15388/stewards-report.aspx 1). Following race 4 the lure arm was broken with a replacement lure required.2). There was a lure malfunction during stir ups for race 6. Track staff identified the break and advised stewards the issue could not be rectified and, due to the lure arms not being transferable between lure carriages, no other replacement lure was available to continue racing with the remainder of the meeting subsequently abandoned. Track staff later identi
  5. Haven't ever seen this before either. Both the #3 & #8 are lucky to be alive after race 1 at Addington today. Click here for full replay
  6. Out with the old profile pic after many years and in with the new.
  7. I agree John. This dog is full of confidence & drive. I know that Know Keeper has won oodles of money in the past, as many other dogs before him have. He's well known for having superior stamina which has been easy to see. I've seen heaps of dogs with bravery (probably too much for their own good) going around the track. But what he showed yesterday if far beyond any of that. He showed track sense & intelligence by a greyhound in ways that I've never witnessed (or even imagined) before. Well done Gary Cleeve. I know I'm not a very positive person with anything to do with
  8. I suppose looking at a 18-month DQ isn't enough for young Ms Waretini. Seems she got in some sort of argument during a swabbing from the first race. Picked up another trainer's dog in the catching area & threw it backwards. Also possibly assaulted Mr. Grant after the race meeting. The GRNZ board needs to hold a meeting immediately and stand down this person, even before her penalty for the Meth charge is announced. Her actions today, especially in race 12, were atrocious. 1). An investigation was opened and adjourned into the manner in which Handler Miss A Waretini
  9. https://racingintegrityboard.org.nz/decisions/non-raceday-inquiry-written-reserved-decision-dated-23-february-2023-lisa-waretini/
  10. Boxes 1 thru 5 - 19 lifetime starts. Box 8 (alone) - 19 lifetime starts. Dog has won 6 races - 4/15 from middle boxes (3,4,5) - 2/32 from the outside boxes (6,7,8). Why does this dog keep getting drawn outside?
  11. No comment on today's run from me. What I will comment on is Chch's 645 starting box being unfair. Obviously, the lid for the inside dogs is opening faster than it is for the outside dogs. It's time for the CGRC to weld a bit of reinforcement to the lid to keep it from flexing & put a bit of white paint on the repairs after it's been strengthened to make it look pretty again.
  12. Back to Welfare. Not that long ago, GRNZ introduced new weight rules as one measure to increase welfare in the code. One of those measures was given an emergency suspension today, as it was discovered to be inconvenient. https://www.grnz.co.nz/News/2994/Emergency-Amendment-to-the-Rules-of-Racing Since this measure was unanimously put in place, it makes one wonder if, since 3 of those members are registered trainers, if they abstained from the vote due to conflicts of interest. I'd sure like to get my hands on the minutes from the meeting to find out which members stoo
  13. The cost for nomination of a dog is $0 in over 99% of the races.
  14. After watching the replay, my take is that it was field shy. It didn't want to push on while getting passed both on the inside & the outside after the jump. It was full of run after the final turn.
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