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  1. Yankiwi


    I'm hoping the RIU is chomping at the bit, waiting for the SPCA's evidence to be handed over. However reality is starting to set in, that they will not be bothering to investigate the matter at all. The "nothing happened here" seems to be their chosen enforcement tactic.
  2. The TAB will never get another dollar from me. Channel X will never get another post from me. Both those decisions were made years ago.
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/national/spca-drops-charges-of-livebaiting-against-greyhound-racer/ar-BB16j6PR?ocid=msedgntp Sounds to me like the whispers I had heard that Cole had people willing to testify the animals were already dead prior to putting them on the lure arm would have been the reason charges were dropped. That said, I EXPECT the RIU to swoop in on him now and enforce justice for the entire greyhound community and its stakeholders...
  4. Why do you think he left the GRNZ easy chair? They had the audacity to get him in the office 4 days a week.
  5. Back in the day in the States, they had a "Twin Trifecta". They would pick two races on the program with one race separating the two (ie race 7 & race 9) where you had to pick the trifecta of both races to win the jackpot. So for each full unit trifecta winner of the first race (race 7) would be given a free voucher for an entry for selection of the second race (race 9). For example - A winning $24 box trifecta in the first race yields one voucher to select for the second race (similar to a $1 trifecta play). If you wanted target say 6 entries for the second race (to box 3 runners), you'd have to purchase 6 X $24 box trifecta in the first as in the above example.
  6. Yankiwi


    What I'm even more interested in, is what the RIU/GRNZ do after the trial, one outcome or the other. If Brendon gets proven either guilty or not guilty, the racing powers have some other very important questions to be answered. Lisa as the trainer of record? Accomplices in the photos? Brendon's got to be a goner regardless, in the eyes of the code. These code rule "afterthoughts" will show whether GRNZ/RIU have any creditability or not... If being caught red handed in photographic evidence and a trail isn't enough for them to enforce the "Welfare Code" in the way it's written to be enforced, then they might as well use the paper it's written on as loo paper.
  7. Yankiwi


    If Cole or his Lawyer actually thought they were going to outright beat the charges then you'd think they would have tried to push it through as quickly as they could, right? The longer it takes to get to trial the more time the SPCA has to compile further evidence, if they did have any doubts.
  8. Good point. Why let a potential new owner the truth of what they will be getting into before they take the plunge? Keep them in the dark full and of false promise until they're in so deep they can't get out.
  9. I haven't suggested you've said anything that needs moderating. I posed my question around some of the "human rights" issues you were talking about earlier in the thread.
  10. Fully understand where you're coming from Chief. My question was pointed towards Brodie, thus my quote from one of his posts.
  11. Is it fair that Mehe is on moderation in the forum & Brodie isn't? Not that I disagree, only just asking.
  12. Remember that you had said this Brodie. In a couple of years time she'll be leading the Harness industry into recovery. I fully preferred Phil over this current stone & I've already said I have no time for Phil.
  13. You'll never get any meat out of your new leader, you'll only get empty words.
  14. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/sunday/clips/release-the-hounds
  15. Well I hate to say it but in those interviews, Aaron actually sounded sincere and Glenda sounded useless, which I guess wasn't a surprise.
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