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  1. Gonsta..I was shocked to see such a successful owner/trainer team suddenly breakup. Made a call tonight,and told that he had recently totally disrespected The Legend,who has just passed,Ray Adcock. Other Issues also that I won't repeat here. It would be my prediction that Daniel Lane won't train another winner this season!
  2. Announced this morning that Greyhound Racing at Hatrick Raceway,Wanganui IS SUSPENDED IMMEDIATELY. GRNZ has made this decision in consultation with The Racing Integrity Board,amid ongoing safety concerns around the Wanganui Track.
  3. Well Gamms,it's been 12 weeks since you floated the idea of claiming Sabrage @A$9000 Have done a review to see how he has performed since! Has raced 7 times:2wins/3seconds/1third.Prizemoney A$13,852 Racing again tomorrow,shooting for a hattrick. Ironically his regular driver in all these races has been Brendon Barnes,whose skills in the sulky have been questioned on here recently.
  4. We shall get to see what difference a week makes! Next Thursday Night Meeting Sept 16-Originally Scheduled Auckland Trotting Club at Alex Park. Now Transferred to Cambridge Raceway-Meeting still run by ATC,with their usual Stakes.
  5. Pretty good damn memory you have Gamms. Racebook Form from down south was 00060. Maybe Brodie got wind of this and $unloaded$. Silky Sue only had one more career win 10 months later at Masterton,so Jim Smith's plunge was certainly well placed.lol
  6. Cheers Gamms. The GN Derby $150k following week was WON by INKY LORD/2nd Captain Lee/3rd Happy Hazel/4th Redcliffe Pass/5th Little Buckeroo I have dozens of cartons of all my oncourse racecards/best bets/friday flash etc,but kept in storage. If NZ Lockdown continues much longer,may have to seek them out,and have some trips down memory lane.
  7. Whereas many attend Racetracks solely for love of The Horse,my mates and I went for love of The Punt. Alex Park during 1980's,The Voice Of The North Reg Clapp and No Trackside.You could count the meetings we missed on one hand. ATC operated Oncourse Only Jackpots,last six races.This usually only attracted smallish pools,and thus was frequently not struck. When it reached around $15k,3 mates had a syndicate and I went solo.We both had different combos with 5 winners,but still wasn't struck. Opening Pool was now $30k & I suggested we should combine. Well,New Pool rea
  8. Karrots,Not Quite. Cambridge Minimum Stake Last Season was $8k for a full 12 horse field. But this reduced by $160 per each non starter!
  9. Karrots,Sheryl incurred the wrath of Stewards at Addington on 20 June ,using whip with more than a wrist flicking motion,suspended 2 months 21/6/21 to 20/8/21 inclusive. As fate would have it,her horse here Franco Hoffman ran 2nd,the winning driver being her Twin Sister Cheree. At his following start,Franco Hoffman went on to win,this time also driven by Cheree Wigg.Sibling Rivalry is alive and well.😄
  10. YES Chaser,I remember a meeting last season at Hattrick,(Friday Night!)when the Cole Kennel won all races on a TWELVE RACE CARD.
  11. Hi Gamms,ironic you have made this observation. Have you also noticed that Danielle Hill has driven winners for Tim Vince/Sheryl Wigg during 2020/21. They sent across their R59 5yo Pacer SIMON (4 NZ Wins) to South Australia. Racing from stable of Jake Webster,Simon ,racing mostly around Globe Derby,recorded 10 wins in 12 months,doubling his career earnings. Danielle Hill was in the sulky for 4 of these wins. Simon has since transferred to your 'neck of the woods' this year,racing from the Ron Sallis barn. After setbacks,has yet to succeed after 3 Albion Park runs,
  12. Hi Karrots,welcome back.🤩 I have been enjoying Combo of Olympics & Queensland Winter Carnival at Albion Park.(including following Gammalites Musings) Yes,after The Wigg Team was late scratched by Order Of Stewards a couple of weeks back,She was told Her Trainers License would be suspended pending an Inquiry. Therefore her Racing Team were transferred elsewhere immediately. However,with initial test results not showing any irregularities,Her Trainers License is still valid. Steven Reid/Simon McMullen look like they have kept the promising maiden.
  13. Yes Enteebee.I wouldn't go spending tonight's Prize Money from Gettn Wiggy Withit just yet!
  14. I have been told,NOT RUMOUR,that the tests have revealed only negative results. What did they expect to find in a tumeric based health boost mixture! What IS RUMOUR,the samples taken may be sent further afield,to Hong Kong Lab,in an attempt to reveal anything that Local Lab did not find! I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a Stuff Harness Retraction!
  15. Yes Gamms,as you can deduce,I was there each night in 1975 yelling myself hoarse for Young Quinn.(and still have the oncourse Racebooks in storage) There was a Tour Group from Aussies standing by my regular spot,so it was a matter of who could yell support the loudest! Ironic you mention the Messenger Winner of 1978 Locarno,as the runnerup was GERRY JUNIOR,trained & driven by CHARLIE HUNTER.🤩
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