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  1. Well, I am sitting in the car, dodging the wind with 3 races to go. I assume many didnt turn up because of the wind, which is a shame, as for the first 5 races there was little, and it had just died down. The crowd is the worst I have seen, in fact I have never seen more than one person at a TAB window, Which is my main point, now that we finally have phone coverage at the Mot, are most people, including me, just betting on devices? I expect the cubs oncourse turnovers to be slashed from previous meetings.
  2. What shit fields today, its a shame when you look back at the Hannon from years gone by.
  3. He needs low alcohol beer that is low carbs, then he would have been sweet!!
  4. Well, after 5 hours on live chat, 3 hours waiting on phone, seems I do not need verification. Seems they are going away from credit card deposits, had to use visa debit? Dont see point really, same bank, which i transfer when i deposit with CC. Must admit, even including the NZ Tab, that would be the worst customer experience i have ever had, by far. Lets see how they go in the future, otherwise I may be leaving SB
  5. Hey Aquaman, did Sportsbet contact you to get verified? Also, have you got that free number, i have been on hold for 30 mins today, still cant get to talk to someone. Just elevator music, and some tosser saying i have moved up the line??? Not too impressed by this
  6. Nobody even told me i need to be verified, that is the worst part. Still waiting on phone to talk to someone
  7. I was initially Beteasy Customer, now Sportsbet. Mikey you are probably already Sportsbet customer, so you may be alright. But if you were a Beteasy customer, i would try and deposit & withdraw, see if you can. They gave me a free $25 bet initially, then another $25 bet after i told them their service was poor, made money yesterday with their bet return every race rosehill & mel, plus another 8, so 26 all up, that was good. But trying to withdraw yesterday, and the hassle live chatting with people obviously swamped, is no fun and bloody annoying. They are contactin
  8. Well what a joke. I have given Beteasy a real plug the last few years, but since it merged to Sportsbet, its been crap. live chat is terrible, obviously have so many punters complaining, so must have 20 or so punters to each customer service rep. Spent 1 hr trying to find out how to get app on iphone, finally found out, no app, only android?? Would not let me deposit, seems i need to be verified again, FFS , they told me it would be an easy transition??? Now i can not withdraw, because my card is not verified??? Yet they let me deposit same account?? Really pissing me off, seem
  9. Wow, Beteasy was great to bet with, but now they have merged with Sportsbet, its a disgrace!!
  10. Not sure why they can not let people park in car park & social 2m distancing? Its not like you are all inside. See thousands in malls, what am i missing
  11. Thanks, thats a bummer. Oh well, least it is still going ahead so can watch on tv
  12. Great news that Methven back next week. But looks like we will still be under Covid Level 2, so what will that mean for punters? I am dead keen to go, in fact first time since lockdown am i interested in a race meeting!!!!!
  13. So how did the lady train 3 winners, if no licence?
  14. Forgot to add, If you need help with beteasy app, let me know. I find it user friendly. As i have mentioned, only negative i have, is the charges that get taken out when i withdraw. If i withdraw about $300, usually around $280 gets deposited. If you withdraw more, it evens out more with nz vrs aus exchange rates. That is the only negative, I love the bet return options on a sat, sometimes 8, 10, or even 15 once👍
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