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  1. Where is that post over there? Had a quick look, couldnt see it. Mind you, hardly eber look over their now
  2. Hey Matt & Andrew, Tell you what guys, it would be great if you could add a ...BLAST FROM THE PAST! Just a quick couple of minutes of a harness champ from the past, I am sure some club, pub or what ever would sponsor it. Would get the older passionate types involved on facebook too. Well done, good luck.
  3. Not looked at any nz racing today, wont get a cent from me. Rosehill & Flemington start soon, got money in aussie accounts, life is sweat. NZ TAB should have looked after me in the past, because now me, and heaps of others, are gone. Somebody post NZ racings turnovers, will be funny.
  4. Good job both of you, well worth watching. With Trackside radio gone, its a pity that a local radio station couldnt give up a bit of time for racing discussions, harness, dogs & sport. So many still listen to radios, you would think something could be done.
  5. I see the novelty side of it, but why? Clearly below average nags, why not put them claimers or amateur races? These sort of crap fields do nothing for the game, with so many more meetings at Addington, the calibre of horse racing their is getting worse each month, even in warmer months.
  6. You know what, only a few months ago we had Mark Mac, greg oconnor at gallops, harness meets. They were top class, funny, informative, and a great duo. That was good for racing. They have gone, as plenty of others too, and Trevor Wilkes & Rozzo stay?? Hardly gonna attract new blood, boring as bat shit.
  7. No reason why one person could not call the dogs from one setup. Over in a few seconds, no reason why caller can not just call first 3-4 after jump, pathetic that they go back thru the field. Odd time i bet on them, not often, i mute. I can see, so no issue.
  8. Look nothing against Rozzo, I just question him being employed ahead of others. Its clear they want to start from scratch, but if he is the future, we are in big trouble. He should be in the past.
  9. Thanks Mark, Hang on in as long as you can.
  10. He should go, they have moved on many that were good, no need to keep somebody well past their use by date.
  11. How the fuck has he managed to keep his job?
  12. Not on NZ racing. Stuck to my guns, TAB are getting zilch from me.
  13. Well, anyone excited about Puke races today? I bet turnover is not too good, I watched a few, but wont get any of my dough with that shit track. Horses dropping out after 300ms, very funny.
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