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  1. Just get vaccinated, the anti vax types are bloody stupid.
  2. No big money tonight, so many purdon favs beaten …
  3. Hi All, I assume today’s meeting is on the grit, not grass? Thanks
  4. NZ pools on betfair always poor, mind you if you like Aus harness & gallops & sports, you will get good odds.
  5. So come on, what’s the goss. So Purdon is back training again??
  6. Only racing on the Monday at Addington, best decision really.
  7. Right, come on. They need to make a decision today, so come on let’s have the news. confirm it will be at Addington and what the options are.
  8. Come on guys, I look at heading, NZ Cup and Dominion and expect an exciting thread, this is all bullshit.
  9. Hopefully HRNZ make the call early on, so many can cancel bookings etc. The Kaikoura club could do ok out of it if addington takes the meetings, with plenty of dining options with no limits, many would take up that offer, as long as prices not too greedy, if they are, will go to pub and bet with sportsbet
  10. Wow, wonder what cup week will look like this year, this COVID nonsense is a joke
  11. Yeah, 4 of us just cancelled too. A shame, feel sorry for the club. But no way will they race at kaikoura this year, no time to plan or get horses to track. Who would have thought, no cases in sth island for ages, go figure, I’m 😡
  12. Where did you hear that?
  13. Both pretty good nags. Will win at short notice, just have to factor in the driving skills when looking at odds
  14. Wow, the Tomlinson girls butchered a couple tonight, both were getting perfect runs early, but slow to react. Zsahara and Mighty Reactor, will win soon once drivers give them a chance. And no, I didn’t bet on them tonite.
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