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  1. Maybe I was harsh on Chief, I take it back. But come on, if your a driver in front you shouldn’t be able to choose who you let out from behind you before passing lane. And, to be honest this does happen all the time, each week you would see it happen. Maybe I am negative on the game, but look what it is delivering at the moment, it’s a terrible look, most fields are poor. I suppose being a punter for years I just put up with it, but not anymore.
  2. Your a little simple at times, one reason I stopped posting on this site, and of course the bundle of adverts which is a joke. Let me say it again, here’s 2 scenarios and believe me, they happen all the time. 1- A horse begins to tire, has horses on its outside so the trailing horse has nowhere to go but get carted back. This happens, have no issue with it, thats racing. 2- A horse begins to tire, but driver knows stablemate or mate behind him. Will do everything he can to let the inside runner through, rather than wait for passing lane. It’s crooked shit, it annoys the h
  3. Fair enough, each to their own. I am not sure the drop back system helps too much, I see no point in some runners going around for the hell of it. 20 years ago we had great fields, from C1 to OC, those that didn’t make the grade got sold or retired, or maybe end in a can☹️ But maybe they need to concentrate on the better horses, increase stakes for good horses which will make it likely they stay in NZ. Need to keep people excited with NZ harness, sir castleton vrs basil Dean, Royden Glenn vrs preux chav, hands down vrs delightful lady etc, etc. The game is getting stale, and t
  4. That’s a silly question Chief? If your leading a race and starting to fade the inside line of horses will get carried back by tiring runner. What do you think should happen,shunt parked and 3 wide runners wider so trailing horses get a run before passing lane? Needs to be more action taken on this, it’s a sham that needs sorted.
  5. I see Mickey Mouse on his crazy FB post saying he is getting out of Harness to concentrate on Gallops?? i am surprised he has lasted this long trying to win races with his plodding team, I for one think it dumbs down races. 20 years ago we never had so many crap races, what good comes out of it. Poor old owners paying top dollar each month on training bills, hardly any pay their way. i usually avoid betting on races that his team are in, run hot and cold far too often, and hard to read the race. Good luck Micky, but I think you will find it just as hard training 50 start mai
  6. You could look at races each week where this sort of thing happens. i am always amazed at the obvious ones, when the leader is battling and comes of rail to let stablemate or a cuzzie bro a clear run. Stipes never pull them up. Sadly, unless the money is up, the main players in the Canterbury Area are all mates, they allow Dunn & Orange to dictate a slow pace without challenges, for the obvious results. We have the most boring Harness Racing in Australasia in Canterbury, unless of course, the big money is up, then not surprisingly you see the tight racing.
  7. Come On TAB, On live racing, you have the numbers down the bottom telling us first 3 places during race. What’s happening, whoever is doing it at present must be blind, they are always wrong, then when they past the post, more numbers pop up with divs, sadly mostly they are wrong too? WTF
  8. Back Dance Till Dawn next start. Obviously just out for a run today, settled last, stayed.
  9. Three Sixty another one to watch. Masa has been totally unlucky last 2 starts, I feel sad for the owners. If it was my nag that would be Masas last ride on horse. One to watch, this thread is all about horses to watch.
  10. He won last race, luckily I backed up😳😆
  11. Thought this horse was a good bet today, took into account the riders lack of ability when sorting odds. Sadly, didn’t expect a ride like that, what a muppet. Hey Pitty, anychance you can post on here once a better rider hops on and I will get back my dough. Good news is, horse looks pretty good.
  12. More like mince dinner tonite, another $2 shot finishes out of the first 4 at Addington😆😆
  13. Hope nobody’s offloading on the Purdon runners tonite. Remember the golden rule, only punt them when the big moneys up, then they can race 3 wide the trip and still win. Otherwise, when no moneys up they race like tonite.
  14. Wow, this guy must be the unluckiest driver ever on the Purdon Red Hot Favs!! Bollinger galloped hopelessly as fav twice, now Franco mac got beaten??
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