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  1. Great win by Line Up too. Top front running drive by A Butt, paying $30! Nice collect
  2. What a rider, go Kozzi. Watched first 3 races today, you could tell after 200m they were relaxed and in a good position, all his first 3 winners were gonna win 300m out. Just shows how bloody poor the rest of them are.
  3. Think it may be commingling issue, i see funsabai or whatever it is, some early races abandoned, yet later races resulted? Some crazy divs yesterday.
  4. Was he also an Author?
  5. I see Earl had him out today. Didnt pay a div, might watch race later. Saved me dough again
  6. But seriously, is there anybody that uses an Iphone, mine is an Iphone8, that is having major issues with this site. Will only show me first page of threads, slow as to load etc.
  7. Hi. I am i the only one using Iphone on this site? It is getting worse!!
  8. Eric percy, forgot about him. Did Kevin Payne have the tab in dunedin?
  9. Thats sad, forgot about him
  10. Would be interesting to see where some have gone? I know a few have passed away, some retired, but what has happened to the others? Kevin Payne, sacked by racing board, what is he up to? Alby Gain?
  11. Well done brodie on your recent winner? Seems a handy horse
  12. Hey Mardi, or anyone else that knows anything about aus bookies. I see a few months back that sportsbet & beteasy now have same owners, which i think betfair aus are involved with beteasy too, i may be wrong, but if that is true, that is a strong relationship. One thing i will say, last couple of months i have noticed the lack of promos offered by aus bookies, in fact there are now more promos from nz tab! Are the bookies hurting in aus? Any info would be welcome, also those that have aus accounts have they noticed change in promos? Cheers
  13. This seems a legit post on FB.
  14. It seems he is in a stable condition, no pun intended. In some ways, he was lucky it happened with so many people around to take care of him, had it happened to him while alone in his tractor on his farm, outcome could be very different. Good luck to him, hope it turns out ok
  15. I see garrick also posted he showed no signs of life for 20 mins?? Wow if that is correct that is very, very serious. Good luck to him with this, he is a real nice guy, one of the games real gentlemen
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