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  1. Few more 0c trotters that raced there stormy morn, alias armbro, Hano direct, pointer Hanover, to name a few,
  2. May have been sturgeon amusements, if so still going today, the catch cry of that gruff gravel voice, hotdogs hotdogs, or even hi ho my name is Joe, get your lucky number, usually ended with bad luck Chief here's a mackintosh, those were the days.
  3. They certainly did can remember old trotter waipounamu, I think that's the spelling.
  4. A dwarf went to the doctor the other day, asking the doctor if he treated little people, he replied yes, but you'll have to be a little patient,
  5. My wife said we'd been married for 26 years, to which I replied, you only get 10 years tor murder.
  6. Crickey they didn't let the grass grow, here today gone tomorrow, business over loyalty I guess.
  7. Maybe a double edged sword I guess, but don't see a lot sense in coming so wide especially getting around the corner at speed, hard on the horse, you lose alot of ground and most of the time are no better off, interesting debate all the same.
  8. Yep agree, possibly over confident, you do see that quite often, can be different result when a horse from the 3 back has to come around you as to opposed to traveling inside you, with an uninterrupted run, I thought in the early days jockeys were told never to let there horses drift off the rail.
  9. Interesting I took one that drew one at 1200m start, went back as its general racing pattern, last on the rail at the turn, then rider hooks off the rail to about 6 wide,I know probably looking for a run but to be fair lost about as much as it made, whatever happened to the days of the rail being the shortest way home ,and riding for luck, at the end of the day far better a horse running home on the rail than working extra by racing wide, and having a tough run.
  10. Sorry to hear that frieda, hope he or she makes a full recovery, looks obviously deceiving, hard enough getting one to the races, let alone having one getting injured, hopeful our boy might get there one day is 7 now, and has a couple of very patience owners, they do say patience is a virtue, we live in hope.Good luck with your team.
  11. I thought the racing was good there today, interesting reading the stipes report on The Growlers run, rider saying horse needed more moisture in the track, virtually the same comment as his last race, guess the old story punter beware, just wondered why he would race again in unsuitable conditions.
  12. Raise the flags doing very well in Australia on the jumping circuit, and only get better with age, as for The King he stand down south to, one of the Dennis horses I think,
  13. Or even a few less owners and horses, be a real shame to lose our human rights, but the way the world is heading it wouldn't surprise me, who knows what the effects the vaccine could present long term, certainly an individual's choice.
  14. The days of Eric Percy commentating, or did he just do Nelson, that long ago, makes one feel old.
  15. Anyone remember the horse surprise trooper, his race at reefton in a maiden was quite incredible, didn't witness it first hand but seen a replay, the horse lead by what must have been 200m meters plus, Reons call was hilarious, as the closing pack reeled him, quipping he was down to a walk, then a crawl, oh he broken up, would love to see replay again, must be in the archives some where, for the record finished 3rd.
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