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  1. Zed in his early stud career must not have left many winners or no one patronized him, as he was posted to a hack station down south, to serve station mares, no sure how long he was there for but made a come back when the winners came along, he was a along side st reims who was also on the same station, and think st reims is buried there.
  2. Shad


    Seem they don't want the small successful clubs where the turnovers are good and the big crowds have a great old day, they rather their boring metropolitan meetings where hardly an buggar attends and the atmosphere is lacking, just crazy, there that dumb.
  3. Be to much for an old fella like me, could give me a hard attack, or worse a stroke.
  4. Adds a bit of spice to a days racing, a friend invited me to a nudist camp for a weekend, I replied I can't go, I've got something on.
  5. There's another racing at Trentham on Saturday, bit unlucky its last start to, as for the fella on the roof, they wouldn't be able to pin anything on him.
  6. Very handy mare Jane again by Beaufort sea, and trained by John Parsons, was out of a tidy mare Mary Ellen, certainly a tidy family and left quite a few winners, oh the memories, out of curiosity what track was it.
  7. Westport fields were the worst in along time, yet still managed 137k oncourse, and probably over 1 mill total turnover total , I would say many clubs would envious, with those figures, looked a good crowd at Nelson, survival of the fittest these days.
  8. I do enjoy the grass track racing, those meetings they actually have a very different vibe and usually get a good crowd, addington seems to have know vibe to me, and hardly anyone bothers to attend, those Sunday turnovers would make interesting reading.
  9. Yes some of those Sunday meetings are not even worth turning the TV on.
  10. I find addington racing quite mundane and boring, never bet there, way to many meetings, never looks like there's a crowd there except the odd feature meeting, give me the mot or the grass at rangiora any day, very overrated for me.
  11. Anyone know the turnover for the kumara races.
  12. TV news tonight article on the down turn of the cinema, I must be physic, was well after my post, I guess some will be more popular than others.
  13. And no ones goes there much anymore
  14. 50$ at Welly cup apparently.
  15. The drums were beating for sure, after the reefton debacle, I thought the outlook for kumara was very grim, but very happy the track handled well, and they had a very successful day, guess the way things are now, two out of three ain't bad,
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