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  1. Guess that good racing and stakes over there are tough to win, haven't follow all of his team, have they the track conditions to suit, his team prefers the soft stuff.
  2. You missed one of the best, Durban Cheif won two dominions and was first New Zealand horse to win at his first ever start in America, was that good made the top trotters in the book un hoppled heroes, not to many win two dominions, first one controversial as beaten a narrow margin by recruit, but recruit galloped over the line and was relegated much to the disgust of his connections, I think from memory went on to win 32 races in America, not to many can boast those stats, out of the ds mentioned.
  3. Don't forget the mighty trotter that won two dominions that also started with D
  4. You hit the nail on the head there, and those figures are just ambo staff, imagine how many staff across the board in all industries due to mandates, but they don't seem to mention these numbers, when there short of critical workers, poor nurses still on the bench, mean while remaining workers are pushed to the extreme to cover.Sad state of affairs
  5. Fair call, has just bought back a few memories with one I was involved with, and yes easy to get frustrated with others deciding for you, I was always of the opinion they raced him to much, and on unsuitable tracks at times, gave him 4 starts in 6 weeks and then a 2500m race leading into the New Zealand cup, was surprised he actually stood up to what was asked of him, but alas it came to an end with tendon issues, main thing he went to a good home and is enjoying his retirement.
  6. Why would you, would seem a waste of time and money, or are owners in a hurry to get them to races
  7. Isn't the case of winter horses for winter racing, 99% of the time we know what winter conditions bring, some will be well suited some not, wouldn't you base your plan on which ever conditions suit your horse.
  8. That is correct, horses had to win at Westport then Reefton and then on the all weather track at greymouth, started at 20k I think and may have dropped to 10k at some stage, hunter is correct, Wilbur win trained by bill Cummings I think, and Steven John by the J Rodgers from memory, but do stand to be corrected, was many a year ago, just like the first ever triple dead heat also at Westport.
  9. I can recall seeing a clipping from an old newspaper paper, allakasaam here I am, I can recall following one of her progeny, just on breeding, it won one race from memory, but was a long time ago.
  10. I think armalight may have won her first race on the grass at Westport, back in the day, also our mana.
  11. Shad


    Have to agree with that comment, I said exactly the same to my wife, even before lockdown hardly any patrons attended.
  12. Agree racing looked good there today
  13. Splodge which slipped under my guard on Sunday, also by roc de cambes, nice win fresh up.
  14. Thought I was on a winner with elusive empire, till casino princess arrived, very impressive win that was.
  15. Certainly not, not a criticism on my part, just the runners they have supplied over the years, will leave a big whole for sure.
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