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  1. That’s your view and you are entitled to it One thing I don’t do is complain about stake money, never have I believe the money available for feature, premier days and group and Listed racing is okay. We do have options and we do not race that many horses at low key low stakes industry days That’s our choice and our owners understand that No point complaining if you have no issues Take Ashburton last week industry day (3 runners 2 first start maidens and a R65 horse) Tomorrow great stakes feature day we have 12 runners, hopefully we may win a race
  2. Lighten up!! It was said in jest because chief keeps going on and on and on about Riccarton and the facilities we have
  3. There are 19 meetings in SI during May June and July not 17 as you suggest 13 Oamaru and North, 6 Wingatui South You are correct in regards to Riccarton 6 on AWT, 3 on turf Ashburton (1), Timaru (1) and Oamaru (2) are only day trips from Riccarton and North Canterbury I have never said that the numbers are there, but what a great training and trials facility.
  4. I have stayed away from posting on this site for several weeks but can no longer sit back and not comment on some of the rubbish that is posted on here My understanding is that Riccarton will run three feature race days next winter on the AWT including the middle day of the Grand National carnival Jump racing will still be on the turf 2022 race dates April Ricc 2/7 Ascot Park 3 Ashburton 6, Riccarton 9, 23, Riverton 16, 18, Timaru 28 May Ricc 3/7 Wingatui 1st, 27 Riccarton 5, 7, 19, Riverton 11, Ascot Park 15, June Ric
  5. I was not bagging Pam merely making the comment that three horses who obviously didn’t show anything earlier at the meeting turned those runs around, DRAMATICALLY as can happen in wet tracks.
  6. Good thing the connections of Pearl Davone (beaten 15L 1st Day, last), Goodanya (10L last), Rosie Glow (24L 6 of 8 didn't have the same thought
  7. Thanks for the kind words chief I have no intention of discussing your post other than to say as per usual you have taken it negatively Goodbye please remove me and ban me I’ve had enough of your shit
  8. It would be good if a share holder came on here and advised what they end up out of the sale, which interestingly was no where as much as Princess Coup bought several years ago. $45k a year wow you don’t have much idea, every trip across to Australia would be close to $20k at least with travel, accom, race fees etc Insurance alone on $1m would be close to $40k I think Jamie has done an outstanding job placing his good mares.
  9. Of course it is how many $15k races do you think will be run on AWT?
  10. chief ANSWER THE QUESTION when was the last time you stepped on the course proper at Riccarton? I am there most mornings Personally I think there is nothing wrong with the track when not irrigated close to race day Prime example was when they couldn’t irrigate due to broken pipe. That is the best the track has been since first day of NZ CUP CARNIVAL The CJC plans don’t worry me to the extent it obviously worries you I have never said I will not race on the AWT just that we prefer to race our team at feature and premier days, we will run some maidens on it unless there is a
  11. Don't know about that we already have our own property with a track on it, we don't get any subsidy for having that!
  12. Not necessarily, they are going to be industry days only, our stable and our owners prefer to target feature days racing, have a look at our stakes money won.
  13. No it hasn’t it needs firm underfoot conditions
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