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  1. That's interesting, completely different to what the experts on here are saying!! The same experts that have not ever seen a polytrack
  2. Overall Outlook On All Weather Racing All Weather racing continues to thrive in the UK. We can only see more all weather courses being added over the next few years. Yes, tracks like Southwell and Wolverhampton may have some low-quality racing but overall with the success of the All Weather Championships and some top quality racing at Lingfield and Newcastle you have to say that all weather racing will only continue to grow. It might not be to everyone’s tastes, but we will continue to see one or two all weather meetings daily and especially during the winter months. In terms of tradi
  3. Leased shares available 10% shares $100 up front then approx $300 per month Plenty of good racing in Canterbury including NZ CUP WEEK message 021701205
  4. A very good summation of what is likely to happen. Why people are so uptight about this is surprising Down south they have been told 32 meetings per season is projected, that might be too many.
  5. We were told the new Polytrack does not require irrigation by those doing Cambridge
  6. Ok At the moment our training tracks are plough, sand, small sand, cinders, and numerous grass tracks which most days the number nine (pacework) and a galloping grass is used patched and maintained IF AND WHEN the AWT is built all these tracks go so does therefore the daily maintenance of them, which is quite substantial. Do you understand so far?! We will then have an AWT galloping grass and sand Do you understand this. FREDA can confirm So a huge reduction in tracks used and maintained daily We will also have the course proper that will not be used for win
  7. One thing I can advise is I asked Tim Mills this morning re track fees and it is their intention that these will not rise just because of track alterations but of course inflation may cause an increase, that’s fair
  8. The Air NZ. Airpoints will be put to good use if we can ever get out of NZ again Didn’t like Bali, loved Singapore spent a few days with Bridget and Stephen Gray very good people
  9. My apologies I did say that but let’s put it in the context I should have said “ I’m sick of traveling when we can have more racing at Riccarton” and that’s what I’m looking forward to in the future
  10. If you are referring to me Who said I don’t want to travel he who hides I enjoy travelling as much as anyone, but I also enjoy racing at Riccarton - home base where hopefully 35 to 40 meetings a year will be held in the future England, Japan, USA, Qatar, Australia (East and West) Bali, Langkawi, Penang, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur are some destinations I have been to in last 18 months no I don’t like traveling! Even been to Cambridge, Auckland, Hamilton, Queenstown, Wanaka, Invercargill, Gore, Bluff, Timaru, Ashburton, Kurow, Riverton, Waikouaiti, Cromwell, Dunedin, Hanme
  11. They are still awaiting answers, to the very same questions that people keep asking. The meeting was so the engineers could give their presentation and people were better informed. Disappointing that more of the antagonist didn’t attend
  12. We have worked horses on polytrack and I have witnessed plenty of horses that have.
  13. I agree and I wish that happened here We are well down the pecking order locally Our main training base is our own property not Riccarton I certainly am not a mate of Tim Mills nor have I ever trained for him that’s his prerogative
  14. As I have said before I had a good talk with Jon Gosden when at Royal Ascot. He supports polytrack racing and training and he is one of the best When we had Enzo’s Lad at Hong Kong and Newmarket I saw first hand the use of various tracks. Something most who comment on AWT’s here have not been able to do. Chief can you put up Gosden’s record on AWT and Turf again then we can see his support for both
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