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  1. Pitman


    I think you mean treble
  2. Pitman


    I trust that PC will have no bearing on safety here. The safety of horses and riders is way more important than that!!!! I don't want to believe that decision makers are going to be embarrassed over this venue but it is looking increasingly like it
  3. Pitman


    Where will they race? At home, Greymouth or Reefton? I think it should be Reefton, best track on Coast with good facilities. I hope decision is made early enough so that alternatives can be organised. I have seen photos and videos of Kumara track and it doesn't look good.
  4. Pitman


    Do you really think one day at Waikouaiti can be that influential.. By the way I don't believe for one minute that they have ever had close to 10,000 at Waikouaiti- not my figures. But maybe 2000 to 4000 and I have been coming here for over 35 years
  5. Pitman


    So this year they must have made a lot more money than 10 years ago and still had a WONDERFUL CROWD good work!!! 10000 for free equals nothing 2000 @ $10 equals $20,000 I know which day I'd want to be counting the cash
  6. Pitman


    Is angry another word for the truth and you don't want to be told, then thanks. Another stirrer with no skin in the game hiding behind a nom de plume, who are you?
  7. No, at least four more years, I think
  8. Pitman


    Because we base there for the circuit!!! Is that the answer you want to here. Or could it be that it is hugely popular with the public and always has good on and off course turnovers. Actually it has three starting points, but don't let the truth get in your way.
  9. Owners are always welcomed and invited in for refreshments as they were today There is a coffee vending machine permanently in the room at a cost of $2 per Cup not your Queen St Latte type but still used and appreciated
  10. No industry background You obviously don't know me. Do you mean no formal training. Free tea and coffee were available in trainers hut as it is everyday. I think globally every day act locally always!!
  11. Whilst the trials were held on a very well presented course proper horses were despatched from the training tie up stalls. This was due to prior booking of facilities in the members stand area. I don't, nor did my owners who attended, have a problem with this. Far better to run trials on the best track in the area rather than not - just because you can't get a feed or drink. I went Couplands and bought savouries, sandwiches, donuts and drinks for my staff, it wasn't a drama. Trials videos with commentaries were available on the NZTR site within 15 minutes of each trials being run. A yep doesn't describe how well the trials were accepted and run. Thanks Jim Langan, Tim Mills and CJC you have our stables and our owners thanks and appreciation.
  12. They do a fair amount of testing out of competition, but I guess they only test the major races.
  13. The useless ones are those that constantly criticise behind computer screens and when given the chance to be involved and make a difference do nothing and tell pork pies!!
  14. I'm the same they've rung me three times I asked the bloke if he knew who he was talking to, never heard of me. That's who they employ now from bottom rung to top brass they have no idea and even less interest in their customers. That's why people bet off shore, had a winner today 16 in to 8's here 30-1 in Aus apparently!!
  15. Pitman


    NEWMARKET Thats where I am you sick so and so. I think if Felaar is set for the NZ Cup by Steve Marsh he wins it. As for your comment re donkey fields in the South Island you obviously don't know much about NZ racing. We very rarely race outside Feature or Premier days and there are more donkey fields in the North, there must be there's a hell of a lot more race days. Besides I think if you can figure out how to read premiership stats the stake earnings of our horses show that supposed (by you) "donkey fields" can be very rewarding FYI
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