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  1. To give John and the shot putter some credit,at least they were clever enough not to even pretend they knew anything about, or had any interest in, racing. They always looked a bit bemused that an industry they knew nothing about would want to employ them to run it.
  2. I could probably free up a day a week to take on the job, as long as it didn't intrude on my weekends. An interest in Racing may count against me, I see that isn't considered necessary at all.
  3. You seem to have wandered into the wrong conversation.
  4. It is the same in any SI pub: staff masked, customers not.
  5. All of these flash new races are starting to detract from some established group races. We are seeing some pretty ordinary fields going around in some of the group 2s and 3s especially, and even some group 1s. I pressure the Invitation isn't a group race since it is invitation only. There may need to be a culling of some existing group races as these new races are group races in all but name.
  6. There are some pretty ordinary jockeys in the North as well. There are certain ones I would never touch, based on one or two shocking rides. The Southern ones are probably getting more opportunities than previously at the moment because the northern ones can't readily travel South. I hope they are making the most of it.
  7. He certainly rode it like the best horse in the race. I am very impressed by Prebble every time I see him interviewed after a race. He must be one of the best spoken jockeys going around.
  8. I thought the same when Harlech hit the front. Even Two Illicit couldn't keep up in Qld and wins easily here.
  9. Hard to know what the alternative is. We are probably lucky to have the ones we have. It is hardly an attractive live-style. What other occupation do you face the possibility of a month or so with no earnings if you make a split second mistake doing your job? A rugby player keeps getting paid if he gets banned for a month or so. If you are in the SI you only have one race-meeting every couple of weeks, unless you want to make a 16 hour round trip then you might get one meeting a week, often with only 7 or 8 races. And then whenever there is the occasional decent meeting a NI jockey will pop do
  10. I just saw that. I always liked her on trackside: classy lady, seems to know her stuff.
  11. Well, he was a $1.20 shot in a five horse race and he finished 3rd to last, so something caught him out.
  12. I must admit I had never heard of race form.
  13. I suspect no one cares anymore. Doesn't matter to the club what their fields are like as all funding comes centrally regardless of results, so no incentive to strive for a great raceday. Trainers should make better use of the system as they do up north.
  14. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I wouldn't rate Melody Belle in that company. You have to rate horses based on who they are beating. I can't recall too many champions that Melody Belle beat.
  15. Sadly, they all used to be good tracks back in the 80s. Bloody mess now.
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