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  1. Surely trying to evict him from the stables and refusing to accept nominations for his horses are two separate things? And two quite major things. Sounds like there must be something behind it all. Now that everything has gone public surely the parties should reveal what this is all about.
  2. Melody Belle, and even Avantage, tend to indicate there is still value in black type, even if it is weak black type.
  3. No respect for tradition these days. The Parliamentary and NI Challenge Stakes recently were an embarrassment. Imagine if you had a photo on the wall of your horse winning those races 30 years ago. Visitors these days would think "what's the big deal?". Most of that Kiwifruit Cup field wouldn't have got a start 30 years ago and none would have been competitive. I remember very clearly the year Quasim beat Watch Officer. Lots of other good winners too. Ironically, many horses are doing quite well in the current enviroment. They are getting to race in quite weak fields for reasonable s
  4. Interesting to note that while minimum stakes are going up a massive $2,000, to $14,000, open class stakes at industry days will stay at a princely $15,000. When you consider that the SI can often go three weeks with only industry days wouldn't you have thought they could have tossed a few grand into open class races at those meetings. The extra $50,000 being pissed away into the 2,000 Guineas could have boosted every open race on industry days in the SI by a couple of thousand for the whole season. It all seems like an incredibly cynical approach. Basically saying they can do whatever th
  5. Don't panic, the 3yo classics are all rocketing up in stakes. As soon as trainers realise that, the flow of horses to Aussie will stop. If only they could double the stakes for the two sweepstakes I doubt any horses will leave these shores again.
  6. Riccarton may not have a paramedic, but it does have an AWT, which Flemington doesn't have.
  7. I did realise it was open to all comers, but because they have such big gaps between races and because they don't run maiden 2yo races as lead ups these races tend to just attract maidens.
  8. He did beat a couple of handy NI types in each of his wins.
  9. I would never criticise any club that manages to get a sponsor for every race. Most city clubs should be embarrassed by Otaki's effort, so good on them.
  10. It is certainly very unusual and appears to be very unfair on the SI. I can only assume that the rationale is that in the NI it is only second tier horses that race on the AWT and this is a special occasion for the battlers. Whereas in the SI there are virtually no opportunities away from the AWT so horses are forced to race on it anyhow and therefore there is no point providing any additional incentives.
  11. Since you mention 2yos, interesting to see another 2yo race catering solely to maidens for $30,000 at Riccarton. Only one official maiden 2yo race in the SI all season, and that's the first race of the season when they are all maidens anyhow, but throughout the season they keep running $30,000 races that only attract maidens. I wonder if they have thought of doing what they do in the NI, you run endless maiden 2yo races and then they all come together in the better staked races. Its called a racing pattern in most other countries.
  12. I just happened to be looking through some upcoming programmes. There hasn't been any real detail announced regarding the trumpetted stakes increases and I have been intrigued to see what they might do with the 3yo classics. I always thought the temptation must be overwhelming for them. I see the 2,000 Guineas is going up $50,000 to $550,000. What on earth is the point? $50,000 just pissed away into a race that doesn't need it. It won't keep a single extra horse in the country. It won't attract a single extra horse to the race. The 1,000 Guineas incidentally is going up $100,000 to $400,0
  13. There is really very little difference between the horses that contest each grade of racing in the South, and even in the North most of the time. They are pretty much interchangeable. In this case the ones who wanted firm tracks went to Oamaru, as did the ones who wanted a local racemeeting. The most revealing thing about racing in the SI this week is the programming incompetence it exposes. At this time of year there are a lot of 3yos winning races. Would you not have thought a 3yo race at Riccarton might have been a good idea? Look at the Creswick Stakes at Flemington last Saturday, a
  14. They actually think it is great business practice to close down as many outlets and racetracks as possible. They think they are doing well. In a few years time when we are down to just Ellerslie racing a couple of times a week and one TAB outlet in each major city the great industry thinkers will consider they have saved the industry. They must look in total bewilderment at Countdown and Bunnings and McDonalds opening branches everywhere. I'm sure they think the people running those businesses have no idea.
  15. Well done Diego today. Winning the last four races. I'm sure four wins on a day has been done before and possibly even four in a row, but how often would they all be at such good odds. Not a favourite between them.
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