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  1. Oh we agree on that, there are half a doz attrition trainers over here doing very well, whoever said you can't make money off training fees is a fool, or under a rock........I was charging 45 bucks a day at Flemington back in 88, you know there are some poor buggers charging not much more now? They shouldn't of course, and how on earth do they survive? whilst there are trainers up north charging 100+ and couldn't teach a nun to pray.....IMO of course, but hey, that's how it goes.....
  2. Ooh, I don't know, I think strategy is a major component,........you might need to rethink that. Maybe not the southern man.
  3. Very interesting to read John Bary's comments re the HB Guineas being moved, seems they are catering to a select few! Good onya boyo, one trainer who speaks the truth, the downfall of NZ racing will be pinned on that select few in the years to come, it needs louder shouting, however, if any other trainer with gonads bigger than marbles decides to shout, then there might be hope, some hope anyway, but it's getting awfully close to doomsday.
  4. Divisions they called them, chaotic was more apt.
  5. Went to the barrier one day at Waverley, 1200m maiden, about 15 of us went first and we were put into a paddock next to the barriers, another 15 came around and they loaded them in, off they went and then in we went.......where on earth did we get all those jocks from?........and most could ride as well......except me.......ye haaa.....circa 1969.
  6. Oh, cmon, we've been down that track, Wogs? do you know what that means per chance? I bet you don't, When I arrived in Oz in April 1973, I worked in a factory and rode work in the morning, I worked with a lot of Yugoslav ladies, lovely women, they couldn't understand why there were referred to as Wogs......it was actually Wops, that was the derogatory name given to Italians, Greeks and Baltic/Mediterranean immigrants.......Wogs was the derogatory word for people of colour, as in....Golliwog......I hope you are now au fait Mikey. Oh by the way, it's Freedman, my next door neighbour for 5 y
  7. Thankfully most Roc de Cambes that cross the ditch win on all surfaces, and not all are stayers either.........
  8. Perusing the fields for Saturday one is alarmed at the semi-absence of the once mighty Pike stable? Only 3 runners in the Waikato on a huge day and only 1-2 at Taranaki? This time of the year Tony is usually full on........Te Akau have huge numbers, even dwarfing the entries/acceptances Waller perpetrates on SYD racing, in all my life I've never seen a stable dominate numbers like TA.....the maiden 1400 is an example, at least Waller holds up some races in SYD, although a few trainers I know personally dodge Waller as they can't get the jock they want. I can't remember Pike being so low o
  9. I know it's past your bedtime over there, but........I'm referring to the demise of racing in the south, mainly HQ, Riccarton, the state of the track, the training tracks other than the new toy, and all things shit.....the grandstand, the insurance fuck up, it's becoming like Trentham, soon the crowd will be, trainers, owners, jocks, strappers, vet, barrier staff and the three drunks and the P addict that have been sleeping rough in the urinals........and the two old ladies at the Tote windows.........and maybe the junk food purveyor in the van of old.......shall I go on. Lets not count the
  10. IMO for racing to survive firstly, then grow at Riccarton THEY do need to shout loudly! Pitty has a son, he's the future, or the hope of the side, not Pitty, I'm way older than him, but his son and the other stable that has numbers need to shout and gather support FFS.....I do fear it's too late Brian, no doubt there are people who wont stand behind those two, that's life, whether it's petty jealousy or small mindlessness who knows, but it's got to where it is because of one thing....Inertia! For Gods sake, shouldn't everyone stand shoulder to shoulder, forget differences to achieve just
  11. And just to add to a very poignant post, where on earth is the trainers association on this, that rabble of paper tigers, sycophants, call them what you want, Chris Wood was the last straw for me, although he sprukes he 'left that mob', his written acknowledgement complimenting the good job Saundry did was insulting and reflects on the different attitudes shown by the north in comparison to those suffering most in the CD and the South. The industry is divided, and it shows, I don't understand how the large Canterbury stables did not show strength and a united front? maybe it's the age di
  12. Geez TC I can't agree with that, this years foal crop is the smallest ever, as much as I detest the breeding cartel, without breeders there are no horses, and to maintain a healthy foal crop you need buyers, one begets the other......black type is every breeders hope, its what keeps most going. I along with most of you fear for NZ racing, the administration has let us all down, the buck stops at the top, they wont take the responsibility for that though, so the misery is compiling, sadly.......
  13. If spin was an olympic sport that mob would be Shane Warne's.......
  14. BTW, the stallion just keeps getting winners, she's a sprinting Roc, but he got a winner the day before in NSW over 2000, Payne had two full bros in MEL and they knocked up winning races in the city, IMO the most underrated and versatile stallion on the roster, if he had of got the mares those hyped stallions got, god alone knows where he would have gone......the stratosphere perhaps?
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