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  1. Oh cmon Chief, what about Bernards facebook posts? they are WFA material, Cox Plate stuff, be fair.
  2. Sadly you need intelligence to do that, sadly it's missing, sad to say, it's a sad situation.
  3. Is Peter Foster the auditor by chance.....if you don't know who Peter Foster is, try google.
  4. I'm moving all my horses back to NZ.......it's going to be a utopia.........
  5. Thanks Freda, at least a ceiling is applied, however, if the winner is exported I fear the hcper here will look at the opposition the winner beat and apply the hip accordingly. Chatting to a metro trainer, he said same, as soon as we hear more here I'll let you know.
  6. I could have said Ratings WTF.......I'm confused, [not hard] I see trainers are running 60 rating horses against in some cases R90's.........and so forth.......way out of their ratings bands........so that will surely stuff your chance's of winning a few? would it not? Done though desperation I would have thought, and in some cases thwart any chance of selling the horses onto Oz ....not Asia I realise that. The handicapping and Ratings system have been a joke for years, but this is just mind numbing........I have no idea how the Handicapper in VIC/NSW/BNE will fathom all this, a 2 win horse thats won 15/16k arriving into Oz and being assessed as an almost open co horse as it beat a R90 field.....it makes no sense, why not go back to class racing, like we used to........it's not rocket science, and good luck to all the poor owners and trainers that are now up against the wall with the firing squad at the ready! Fuckwitism is the growth industry of the 21st century.
  7. Any truth in the rumour it is being replaced by a dwarf throwing comp somewhere on the Waterfront?
  8. By the way, are they funding the Karaka Squillions this year? You know, the race where they steal 500k of the industries money to prop up their mates big gig? x 2!!! How they got away with that for years is beyond me, did everyone get caught up in the moment?
  9. Politely, surely there is a legal eagle who would pro-bono an assistance in dissecting all this........an owner, who pays their trade at the bar......surely?
  10. I'm going back a wee way, but the poster was a regular who berated some poor bugger for saying same as you....called him out, but why? The bastards ripped off the punter for years, not bookies arseholes, they couldn't frame a painting never mind a market.....give em heaps I say, but deaf ears, while the head honcho's stay there on sickening salaries they have no credibility, we know it they know it, bet up with the Aussies/Poms......at least it's competitive and a service provided.
  11. You've said it all, but not enough!!!!
  12. Gee, on the rat cafe there is a bloke saying shame on you, thinksters like you are killing the tab he says, deserter he says.......fair weather sailor is the insinuation,..........aren't they lovely those people? You were done over royally by an inept bunch of arseholes that couldn't rig a one ticket lottery.......good on you, until they show some transparency and fiduciary responsibility tell them to go f%^k themselves.
  13. There must be no self esteem in that RITA place, even the cartel must be nervous and that's saying something.
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