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  1. I feel sorry for you lot, I really do. I'm not being facetious either, you've been shafted by an incompetent and inglorious bunch of shamateurs in charge of what was once a productive and respected industry. You trusted them, we trusted them, and look, look at what we/you have now. I don't have to suffer it physically like you lot as I'm offshore, but the end is nigh fo our remaining horses left there. If ever those responsible are hauled to account I would love to tell our story, a Royal Commission would do the job, the lying, the cover ups, the blame shifting, it's all on record, and I bet there would be a queue from the Cape to the Bluff with stories and complaints......in any case I hope like mad that it turns around for you all......we met some of the nicest people on the planet in NZ, including NZ's now oldest trainer I'm guessing with the passing of Barbara Blackie and enjoyed some amazing memories culminating with the breeding of some lovely fillies that are now in Oz, in any case, que sera, inshallah c'est la vie.......for personal reasons this is my last post, but thank you, from the heart....good luck to you all.......Bless......Joe.
  2. It's called tenure of employment Chief, or a boys club, call it what you will, but it all ends up the same.....no accountability and no way would you be able to run a LTD company like that!
  3. The elephant in the room, do you think the Hoi poloi in that building look up from their desks when the 'brass' walk by and think, ''Legends'' or, do you think they look up and muse......'.tossers'?........a Toyota Corolla to the winning guess.
  4. Absolutely, why there are no legal eagles with 'links' to grassroots racing doing pro-bono on this amazes me......or do they not give a tuppeny either?
  5. I mentioned militant action, well, although not quite, if all clubs followed WRC and invoked this mantra, things wouldn't look good for the Petone stooges now would it......how wonderful.
  6. Here's a question for you, how many of the Petone rable would gain employment in the industry in Oz? Inc Saundry returning? Mark Mac is struggling and he's a talent.......those without talent are better off to go down with the ship. Maybe JA will look for a gig, although he should have stashed away enough dosh to buy a winery down in Otago highlands with all the other corporate and entertainment B Grade celebrity drop outs.
  7. Saundry got a lot wrong, google him, his tenure in NZ will be long remembered, NOT.
  8. My last post Mardi, promise...on this subject.........I just write what I feel, based on my experience with NZTR/RB. The Racing Minister was the only person [IMO] that could have stopped the malaise.....if he had of had a nose for racing and advisors that were up to the job. Cleaned out Petone, much the same as the board of a major corp would do if their dividends went through the floor, and if they discovered that they were being fed porkies in the guise of the annual financial report. Once the clean out began, starting with Jackson and working through, Allen, Saundry etc the coalface would have had instant rapport with the Ministers office and morale would have gone north, so to speak, let's keep the north out of it....but you get my gist...... The outsourcing and subsequent comedy/tragedy that is the FOB platform, plus the general performance of the TAB, should have been handled by a consortium of local and versed professionals, TAB Corp love them or not, are the consummate professionals, NZ already pools with them through VIC/SuperTAB.......what happened was laughable and reflective of many of the racing boards decisions. Why I lay the blame at Peter's feet, the person previously in charge at the Beehive was incompetent, we all know that, Peters had at least some experience with racing, albeit contentious, his tenure now is arguably ineffective, the costs are mounting as is the borrowing. I mentioned sometime back, in the corporate world people would be in serious trouble for sanctioning the latest financial report and my feeling is, it wouldn't survive a forensic investigation. In summary, my passion was racing, still is, mostly in another jurisdiction, but I still have skin in the game there, for how much longer, I don't know....not long I'm guessing and there must be hundreds like me/us. The salary men and women in Petone, not all, just the incompetent and recalcitrant wont care, they will still wait for the eagle each month and swan around in denial, that how it works......shamefully.
  9. you're on the money there.......along with the traders....you can't keep exporting the best horses and think you are viable on a long term basis, especially when there is no tax on the export.....maybe if there had of been and that had gone back into the pot, at least that is something, albeit, small to offset the lost value of the TAB contribution the exported horses would have generated.
  10. Why hasn't that happened? Do you ever ask yourself that? The place is rooted, no one gives a fuck, if they did then racing would pay for it's self. Oh BTW, to answer your comment earlier, in fact NSW gov did in fact contribute, and that's a fact......try 139 mil, in exchange for the rights to the animated Trackside game, and they didn't force Canterbury to be sold either. That will happen, and another 200 mil odd will jump in. I know Kevin Green, he's been fabulous for racing, if only you could grasp the concept, you need a racing man in a racing ministry, listening to sycophants and all the coat tugging by arselickers, what sorry shitholes that Beehive and the Petone hot air ballon must be. It could have been oh so different, all it took was intellect and understanding of how valuable a solid and productive revenue stream racing was and still is in many jurisdictions.
  11. NSW is booming, why, because Kevin Green the racing minister in the NSW Sate Gov was well versed in all things racing, his politics aside, Kevin and a forward thinking Gov turned NSW on it's head....and they didn't need to acquire someone else's assets to do it.
  12. Attitudes like that is why NZ went from first world to third world, fossil thinking, get real.
  13. Let me add, root and branch reform, and to show an interest in racing full stop.......I'm a farmer he said......his words, the bloke was a bull shitter and a sycophant crawling up Key's arse........
  14. Joe Bloggs


    Fix this easy peasy, Saundry and his mates are going to fly down each weekend on working bees and drop in an all-weather......done!
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