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  1. By making assumptions like that you're a bottom feeder, so on that note after some very pleasant years on these forums I'm a goner, to all those good buggers out there and there a good lot of you, I wish you all ciao, and goodbye.....and good luck.
  2. Don't drag us down to your level.......please......I'll only ask once.
  3. POC tax, the messiah, the salvation, the QLD TAB pools are sometimes lower than yours, thank F for the corporate bookmakers........the only positive is they are distributing the 'windfall' to raise stakes....a tiny wee bit, across the border they are going gangbusters........this Gov will implode should the integrity commission broaden it's powers and scope.
  4. May I add, the GM Racing BRC , is none other than Matt Rudolph, who was disqualified by our leading racing body ATC and yet is employed by the BRC.......that tells you a lot.
  5. Reefton, where do I start? There's been a succession of racing ministers here with no clue, nada, zilch, the admin at Racing Queensland is abysmal, BRC not much better, look at the Eagle Farm fiasco, when a deputation of trainers have to shirtfront management, all the indicators are there. QTAB holds are terrible, so the POC tax is the only thing holding it all together, the promises of GOV grants have been gong on for ever and a day......Labour has been in power for almost 30 years except for one term. Grace Grace is completely out of her depth, I bet she hasn't got a TAB account, the fi
  6. You could be right Doomed, the Chamberlain's came from Chch......I bet Lindy wishes she never left.
  7. I see the BHA has opened an official inquiry into Marks whipping Chief. Did he raise his arm above shoulder height? 2YO the video, is it on VHS?
  8. Waller closing QLD stable? It's more than a rumour apparently, even I've heard the rumblings, the prize money here in relation to the other states is terrible, the pre-race swabbing is almost non existent [just like NZ] and the integrity commission is in meltdown with all the corruption within the ruling party and it's Monarch will not answer questions. We must remember, Hawkes couldn't make it work and they were a massive op with stables in 3 states, QLD is morphing into NZ, there's not much difference, except we have warmer weather [much] and snakes, plenty of snakes, some with two leg
  9. Typo Chief, typo, it's Agistment, and how the hell did you get hold of that, it's on private property, Ive been violated.
  10. Speaking of consecutive strikes, anyone seen the video of Sir Mark flogging the horse teaching it to jump puddles? I'm not posting it, but its there, even on the front page of this mornings ''Express' in the UK, and it's going off on twitter. He's offered a feeble apology, but I fear it's going to escalate.........
  11. Unfortunately Rogie ended up with heaps of them, thus, end of........lovely horse, great pedigree, well performed in Japan, and got a Gr1 2400 horse and a fast Gr1 miler, are there better stallions, of course, but he is/was great value.......
  12. They have a knack of failing upwards NM, funny that.
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