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  1. It seems quite possible and quite reasonable that you would take a different approach to the bets you take in a one day punters club compared to a long term betting strategy.
  2. There seemed to be a reasonable crowd but you are right it’s progressivly dropped down in crowd number. I don’t think it’s been very well marketed at all in the last few years. It’s also now on a long weekend and a week earlier than a few years back. I also don’t think the 3 Saturday’s formula works. The Saturday Monday Saturday formula worked much better.
  3. Personally I think the possibility of a labour green majority is slim. Remember NZ First has been seen as a sensible moderating force. I think middle New Zealand will be scared by the prospect of only those two and some of the centre votes will drift over to nz first or the Nats.
  4. Neither can I when you look at some of the pools.
  5. I was looking at the UK fields on the tab site earlier and noticed how little money there was in the pools. I have just had another look now and the TAB is showing them as being abandoned. Does anyone know why they have chosen not to take betting on any of them? Is it lack of money in the pool or related to the commingling issue?
  6. You didn’t answer or address my question.
  7. Can you not see the potential for issues if it is left to staff discretion rather than a blanket policy?
  8. Was it Brodie’s Mum by any chance?
  9. Worth a try Brodie especially over summer when there’s no rugby on tv. Also agree it seems silly to have no meeting on Thursday but two on Friday. Think your on the money with this one.
  10. The simple way to resolve this would be for you both to post your selections prior to the race for an agreed period would it not? I have respect for anyone who is prepared to share there knowledge and put there neck on the chopping block by posting there selections.
  11. Without wanting to get into the debate, Barry did post some selections for a period of Christmas last year that were pretty successful profit wise.
  12. Spot on Barry, you have hit the nail on the head. Aside from a few handfuls of days a year when there is a bit of atmosphere on course why would you want to be on course let alone pay for the privilege I happened to be in Hawera for there Saturday race day last year, reasonable numbers in the members and plenty of people in the public area doing anything but betting or watching the races, in fact most were at a dance party under the stand probably completely unaware what was happening outside.
  13. Is this somehow related to racing? Or are you just having a rant? Not judging you just curious.
  14. I don’t think everything is Rosie at all and you make a valid point in your last paragraph.
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