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  1. I remember in early 2000’s there was one on a Saturday that was for a million dollars. From memory it was reasonably well publicised and there were all sorts of people that you didn’t normally see in a tab takening them. Rugby and League pools was another one that use to attract interest when the jackpot got up there.
  2. Both debit and credit cards incur that silly free don’t they? I am guessing a bank transfer doesn’t.
  3. I’m the same, I keep getting the deposit $20 and we will give you a $10 bonus bet when it’s actually pay $22 for $20 credit and a $10 bonus bet.
  4. Will they get rid of there silly credit card fee if that’s the case?
  5. What percentage do you consider us to be operating at Brodie?
  6. I guess it depends what you consider operating Brodie. Is a restaurant that’s doing take aways consider to be operating? I would assume so even though they are making nothing like they would if they were to open normally. I went down the main road of a town near where I live today and the only things not operating were the library a hair dressers, $2 shop and a dentists. Most of the offices would be working from home the retailers I saw were open but you couldn’t walk into the shop you had to order at the door.
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