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  1. A few (misguided) influencers on here https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/119704872/billionaires-among-the-full-list-of-donors-supporting-nz-first
  2. I have my suspicions that the Greens would have not supported Peters land grab provisions of the Bill anyway but with him pulling the plug (haha) on the rebates for EVs I am sure that is definitely the case now.
  3. Mark D

    Absurd RIU

    Can't spell but can see into the future RIU @riuorgnz · 3m Auckland GRC 1st March 2020 - AUCKLAND CUP. UTHOR BALE (4) - The RIU can confirm that a review of the decision to stand down this greyhound for Failing to Pursue the Lure in its heat has been lodged with the JCA and will be heard on Thursday the 27th February.
  4. Mark D

    Absurd RIU

    And they can't spell but to be fair to them it's probably the insidious autocorrect (American based) at work Ashburton TC - Race 3, which was stopped by Stewards, has been abandoned as the field had raced for more than 1000 meters.
  5. Mark D

    Absurd RIU

    Why is it that the RIU continue with the absurd practice of 1. Take a pen reading at 6.30am 2. Have rain before the start of race 1 3. Review the rating after race 1 after the punters have done their dough. Matamata downgraded two rating grades after the 1st race
  6. Yip Barry you're being negative again
  7. If I was actively involved - And I'm not - I wouldn't be relying on the select committee process as it can be "managed" by interested parties but contacting every individual MP pointing out what a travesty this Bill is.
  8. Aaah good old Murray Blue! Remember the time he had a court case against NZTR and he told rthe Court that they (NZTR) planned to take away the racing club and he was told "you're dreaming"! Agreee with everything he said and there should be a long line of people hanging their heads in shame starting with Winnie.
  9. Not a good sign but just to keep Barry happy its happened before. February/March have always been a time when the horses racing have been low but I can't help but think that it has been exacerbated in the last few years by the "programming" of the big races at Ellerslie at this time of low numbers. RaceInfo Meetings Meeting News Avondale Races Cancelled Meeting News Avondale Races Cancelled Due to a lack of horses the Avondale Races for Wednesday 19 February have been cancelled. A Mdn 1200m and Mdn 3YOF 1400m (Pearl Race) have been added to the Counties programme on 27 February. NZTR and the club are open to dividing a further race at Counties if necessary.
  10. Mark D


    Positively negative Barry. I post the truth whether that is positive or negative. You delude yourself
  11. Mark D


    By the looks of Barry's posts - in the bar alongside him
  12. Mark D


    Your memory is failing you Barry
  13. Mark D


    Looks like Te Rapa has the same issue today - more camera angles than spectators it seems
  14. Proof again (as if anyone needed any other the the breeders and the nutters at the NZTR) that trying to keep horses In NZ by offering stakes at the Group and listed level so far out of proportion to the income that they generate (subsidies) does not work.
  15. Plus I think most races aren't actually sponsored anymore. The naming of the race is usually associated with some barter/contra deal involving having a function at the races. Given the people involved and their conflicts of interest I would suggest that the Club would be a net loser on the deal.
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