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  1. Sounded like Allan Thomas calling at Eagle Farm today. If so he didn't miss a beat after 4 years of not calling
  2. Mark D


    To be fair to RACE (which I hate to do) this day is always going to be a disaster for them as the "industry" at the behest of NZB has had to start this Cup meeting a week earlier to accomodate the Ellerslie Karaka meeting being held on the Saturady when the Cup was usually run (for about 30 years at least). The very casual punter hasn't changed their routines to cater for this and likely never will.
  3. Mark D


    Anyone seen their 2019 annual report. Last one I can find is the 2018. I was just wondering if any money had flown through from the sale of the land that has now been developed for housing at the top of the 1200m chute. Houses have been sold and a work colleague is moving in to one this by now so the money must be coming in by now - surely?
  4. Butch has always been "all bullshit and jellybeans".
  5. Mark D


    As good as you're going to get Rusty - unfortunately. Nothing on the NZTR website
  6. Mark D


    Whata shitshow
  7. Just had a squiz at R5 - I take it the inside of the track has not withstood the rigours on recent racing?
  8. BTW Mick was very obsequious of Kerry Hoggard and the Alexander Park Apartments and look where that ended up
  9. So where does this appear Tommy?
  10. The "tremendously respected" phrase is one that should be deleted and replaced with something like "well liked" because that is what it is. As in most "sectors" and in particularly in the racing sector there are those who you "work" with, who you like, are your mates, have a drink with etc etc who you are favourably disposed towards (biased ie not impartial) who get the benefit of the doubt. There is no place for it - especially where health and safety are concerned.
  11. So is it the same for Kurow? Heard the tailend of Davey Mac saying it would be crazy to do away with it. Yip that's NZTR's modus operandi Davey. Amazing track for once a year.
  12. Good fields, good crowd, track in great nick - better close that down.
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