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  1. Until today. Time to reset the counter.
  2. And a previously restricted punter ?
  3. Will be 1700m A few meetings ago they ran all the mobiles over 1700m. I think they called it a Speed Meeting. And since then 1700m has been a thing. Not entirely silly.
  4. How does thread ownership work ? To partially quote The Galah It seems so "Pompous"
  5. Tiger Tara, Smolda, Elsu and (Our) Maestro.
  6. Hamilton .... More Than You Expect Assuming ones expectations are very low
  7. Master Mood and Kevin Williams Skipper Dale Monkey King
  8. Knows bugger all, sitting in mid field at best.
  9. I am feeling like a spelling bee phenom. But I won't push it so I am announcing my retirement from competitive spelling effective immediately.
  10. Stanley Dancer and Peter Wolfenden
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