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  1. Freda


    Yes, Reefton, the buck always stops at the top. If some wally comes into my stable yard and a gate is found unlatched, and a horse has repaired to the hayshed to feast overnight, it is still MY FAULT. The systems were clearly not robust or foolproof enough. So, to airily say, oh, nothing to do with me, just doesn't cut it. That happens a lot in this neck of the woods, but I won't go into that any further for now.
  2. Freda


    Ok, good point. Just omit ' apparent insidious' from the post if you like.
  3. Freda


    God only knows...but [ to bang a drum that is already well used ] the closedown of Hokitika is another travesty. If there WERE specific track issues that needed remediation, the Westland club had both the finances, and the will, to do the work itself. It didn't need to call on 'industry' funding, like some bigger clubs have over the years. The decision was made and that was that. I have had some communication recently with Bruce Sharrock - and to give him due credit, he has replied to each and every one. A different animal in that respect to his predecessors. I mentioned the ap
  4. Is Beaudesert the closest? or is it the only track that is prepared to allow outside gallops?
  5. Freda


    Thanks, D. He certainly left his 'A' game at home last time, but yesterday showed more of what we have come to expect of him, and the track was very good. But there were few attendees; Granny Clampett's double barrelled shotgun could have been discharged, quite safely. As for 'every two weeks' for the next few months, bloody hell, they needed three months to get the blasted thing right after November.
  6. That's a bit of a cultural sidestep..🙄
  7. It performed with credibility too.
  8. Freda


    How much of off course? or does the bulk funding scenario remove any percentage-based payout?
  9. Freda


    Yes..and, although better brains than mine have worked out that attendance isn't necessary for overall betting, I can't for the life of me see how interest in racing - and the horse itself - can be served by not having people on course. Labour Day down here used to have not just Rangiora, but Gore too, with the Gore Guineas. All gone, the results of decisions made for 'the greater good' ...or not. Going back more than a few years, I can remember Timaru [ for one ] opting for a Friday - I think - rather than the more traditional Saturday, because the funding policy at the tim
  10. I don't think they bother too much with the country WAY further south either... and clearly, they don't care.
  11. Word is that more than one or two are not happy to shift.
  12. A bit off topic, but - why the move to Cambridge for NZTR ? How is that supposed to help the industry?
  13. It was announced at the races yesterday , there were hollers, fist pumps, even people dancing ! [ a few glum faces too ]
  14. Plenty of critical thinkers predicted exactly that. I'm pretty sure they are not super happy about being right, though.
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