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  1. Anecdotally, there were a surprising amount of people who voted for Peters 'because he saved racing' [ ?? ] and, because he was perceived to be a handbrake on policy. And, of course, because he was going to go with National. Don't forget those donations from some in the 'black hole of Waikato' who supported wholeheartedly the installation of the allweather at Cambridge so their horses could be prepared more easily for their Australian campaigns....all paid for by the PDF and money gleaned from flogging off the assets of small clubs.☹️
  2. Freda


    Good point. There used to be the Challenge Stks at the Midsummer meeting ( end Jan/Feb) and then the Champagne Stks at Easter....not to mention various handicap 2 year old races throughout the year. Not forgetting the McLean Stakes early in the season and the DJC Champagne on Boxing Day. Now everything has changed, the McLean has long gone, the whole structure is different. We do have those couple of 2 yr old races now, at Riccarton, before the Welcome, well targeted this season by young Daniel Miller. But it isnt easy to attract owners with smartly bred youngsters, the opportunities are definitely reduced. Management seems to be reactive, not proactive.
  3. Given the interest in racing of the average Kiwi....on the bottom.
  4. I'm afraid so. I can't see 'racing' getting much if any traction with the scrambling coalition dramas. I see some calling for a strike, others, a sort of organised 'disobedience' stopping short of a strike. I can't comprehend how, even if all the factions could be syncronised, a strike or similar at this time would have the slightest value to us as a whole.
  5. Yeah....it has been said before - by much better brains than that possessed by moi - that punters' losses are what drives the wheel. Without an increase in what punters are prepared to lose, there will be no improvement in revenue, other than what can be snagged from the taxpayer and increased levies on betting. How the closure of Reefton, Stratford, Gisborne[ or Wairoa ] , Riverton, Kurow, Timaru...etc, etc... is going to suddenly increase the spend of the Kiwi punter is beyond me.....and as well, the pissed-off locals and holiday-makers are not likely to sojourn to Riccarton or Hastings or Dunedin.
  6. I heard that his submission was excellent. I also heard that Jan Logie [ which will surprise a few ] appeared very well informed, and asked good questions.
  7. It's a disgusting way to treat animals....can't help thinking that there's a message there somewhere...
  8. No, it's not great to laugh at anyone's expense. I felt for the poor guy, having had my shoulder partially dislocated recently with a very similar face-plant - and getting run over by a horse as a result. Not fun.
  9. The subject himself has, on several occasions, berated those who think taking the law into their own hands is acceptable. Don't break the law, he has said, work to change the law if you don't agree with it. A case of practice what you preach?
  10. I'm afraid I'm a traditionalist....what's wrong with the ' Sir T Classic sponsored by........'
  11. Can we not just agree that this industry that we all profess to love, is dogged by management inadequacies from starting practices, integrity matters, to jockey/trainer tuition, track preparation, programming, funding, etc, etc....and maybe find an INTERESTING topic to debate?
  12. Which, if I put the brain in gear and think about it, that's kinda what Mardi has been saying about our situation in reverse....
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