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  1. I queried Wendy Cooper of NZTA about this matter, apparently it is 'in the hands of the lawyers'.
  2. $66,000....a tad better than he would be doing here with one win and placings.
  3. Freda


    A nice piece about Diego on the LoveRacing site. Arrived in 2018, spent time at Te Akau, trackworking before shifting to Taranaki [ Wheeler ] then Christchurch. That'll be why he hasn't been on the radar much until recently. He is very well regarded here, make no mistake about that.
  4. The crossing keeper does have first-aid training ....but nothing else for a seriously injured person. Not his fault at all, he did the best he could given the circumstances. But the ambulances and their time-frames have been widely criticized in the general sense, and i don't think it is their fault either. Chronic underfunding as well as bludgers using the service as a cheap ride to hospital for a sore leg or toothache.
  5. Not exactly a racing topic, although I think relevant in this case..shift it if you wish, Chief. Yesterday a young woman had an accident during trackwork, resulting in a dislocated elbow, and compound fractures of her lower arm. An hour and a half lying on a very cold track until the ambulance arrived. You might say, why didn't she walk back and get a lift in someone's car? { I wasn't at the scene btw ] But she was in a lot of pain, and not coping at all. Seemingly getting up and walking was not an option for her, at that time. But, hell, just as well she wasn't bleed
  6. Freda


    Had a bit of a whip issue in the beginning, and spent a lot of time on the sidelines as a result.
  7. Conditions are SW & P .for the 2 yr olds.
  8. Freda


    Delightful young man...they sure can make riders in Argentina.
  9. You don't feel it's a Cunning Plan to make Oamaru look irrelevant so as to justify it's closure?
  10. Freda


    The eloquence and reasoning put forward in support was a joy to behold.
  11. Freda


    Just watch Ascot and dream, JB. Yes, good old blighty has provincial tracks, poor stakes, and battling trainers too, and the odd fk-up as well, like the blindfold left on....but when they present the best, it is just - well, the best.
  12. i was actually going to point that out...the sub-forums, that is. Never mind, some interesting dialogue.
  13. Freda


    Not as I am aware.
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