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  1. To think all this developed from trading in goats, camels, and slaves.....
  2. Overall - and I am strongly critical, generally, of this mob - there are some promising initiatives. From the perspective of a southerner, it is pleasing to see Riverton down to be retained, it's a great track and would have been a huge loss. The concept of series racing, such as AWT championships, country cups, Champions' day etc, while hardly new [ being old hat to many other jurisdictions ] would have to be a positive. But, for Country series racing, there has to be a sufficient number of country tracks/clubs left.! The fact that Timaru is retained [ for now ] is a plus, as is
  3. At the risk of playing devil's advocate - what, exactly, should any govt 'do' for racing? Our govt ( not just this one, previous ones too ) subsidise our industry to the tune of some 150 mill p.a. I respectfully submit that it is racing itself which has led to the situation it finds itself in now. Those who wail ' look what the govt does for racing in Aus ' would do well to remember the adage ' be careful what you wish for '. Yes, racing does receive millions from state and federal coffers...but not as much as is collected in taxation, duties, and betting licenses. They
  4. Ah.. no, you're not. Bloody hell stakes for jumpers were 20k 5 or 6 years ago...what did that do to stem the slide?
  5. Good comments. However, if you know Chris at all, you should realise that he is the most unassuming, laid-back, easy going guy you could find. He very seldom criticises anyone, and being in the spotlight embarrasses him hugely. He is not the right person for teaching. One-on-one, you will get an opinion. Not in public though. My former partner [ R.J ' Mouse' Mccann ] was a competent rider in his time, lazy and unmotivated though, but well able to hold his own in any riding company. He gave up, not through weight issues, but because he got sick of trying to ride races aga
  6. Terri puts any rider on notice that Lisa is the stable elect whenever possible. I suspect there is some financial incentive for Lisa, but I'm only speculating. Krishna Mudhoo works for the stable, but knows the score.
  7. Certainly not racist, CC...many of these young people are my friends, but a more inept bunch it would be hard to find. I think Kavish Chowdoory has improved - used to let his rides roll all over the place, but he seems to be better lately. He is at least strong, and I thought his ride on Royal Wings competent. Waited, and waited more, before asking her to stretch out and she responded well.
  8. Just a silly question - the sum moved to be paid to the 'Board' - does that amount go to each and every member ? or is it divided amongst them all?
  9. I'd say more than one or two. I've got a delightful clip of a wee girl doing a cross-country course on her Dartmoor pony, just gorgeous to watch, hell, some kids like that to start with, and there might be some talent unearthed. Don't know how to put it up though, and it's not racing related anyway. As for the tutors, I can't comment about Harry, but there's nothing doing down here. And it was popular when first started. The C.D has Kim C., doesn't it? what does she do?
  10. Just brilliant.! And the kids all looked the part too...!
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