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  1. And as well, immigration is notoriously slow and difficult to deal with, months ago would still be too late IMO. As for stallions, I don't mind racing colts, but serving stallions a whole different ball game and one I wouldn't even consider.
  2. Probably not much to gain in rehashing old wrongs. I don't think anyone charged with making decisions does so with the express aim of injuring or killing people. Yet that is the end result of stupid or ill-thought policies. We see it all around us, every day, it's just lucky, I guess, that is most cases the consequences aren't tragic as those discussed above. Planes, racetracks, mines, aren't in themselves malicious entities. But the decisions made in and around them can have catastrophic results. If stupidity was a hanging offense, there wouldn't be many of us who wou
  3. Definitely too little too late. Track riding another role not now on the skill shortage list, many stables are struggling for experienced riding staff, as well as the stud sector with their requirements.
  4. Didn't Messara favour NZTAB outsourcing/partnering with Tabcorp or similar.? Economies of scale, huge exposure, all that stuff?
  5. No it doesn't. Te Akau bases at Riccarton. It is a good while since they had a satellite stable at Rangiora, with ( most recently ) Neill Ridley and Lance Robinson overseeing the horses for Mark Walker and Jason Bridgeman. Since that practice ceased, the tangerine team is incumbent at Riccarton from September.
  6. Yeah... $40k for MAAT horses? you'd think they would be swamped with entries.
  7. Was wondering that myself. As was pointed out to me by a member of a particular committee - 'it's easy to spend someone else's money' ....in this case, ours.
  8. Think you might be right. Leo Oliffe? Now the Oxford Terrace firm is going to bug me!
  9. Would it be surprising, though? We know that viruses can mutate very quickly - the changing makeup of the influenza virus being one we are all familiar with.
  10. Yes, I can remember going in to an accountancy firm in Oxford Terrace to get the fields.. The name Oliffe comes to mind, but may be mistaken there. Warren Barberel was another early secretarial model I think.
  11. It must be real cos everyone is getting excited 😆
  12. When I was at When I was at school a CEO was a bloody secretary.
  13. What does a COO do that a CEO doesn't?
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