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  1. Polytrack seems reasonable racing thus far, can't see why punters view it with trepidation. A decent (cambered) surface in Winter makes for better racing for mine. Maintenance through Canterbury's Summer months may be an issue.
  2. Isn't it ironic that the applicant on the charge sheet a Ms G. Morrow is a nobody, an irrelevant non achiever of no consequence yet one B. Herd is/was a former multiple Group 1 winning jockey and one of a select few to have ridden in excess of 1000 winners in NZ. IMO the RIB have fuck-all to do when they go after someone like Herd... riding track work.
  3. Stormy Seas, originally Southland trained but Australian trained when 5th in 1972 MC.
  4. With regards to the youtube video , it's the usual pretentious claptrap from Mills. Old Millsey waxes lyrical on how the Polytrack will cater for greater participation but he fails to see that when John Parsons and Michael Pitman are gone there will be insufficient horse numbers to hold an 8 race card! And why didn't old Millsey make an effort to fix Riccarton's atrocious asphalt roads whilst Fulton Hogan had their heavy machinery on course???
  5. Fuck me, I'd have thought a Good 2 in May would be like going from boiled lollies to Queen Anne chocolates. Until racing is returned to the control of its participants (like it once was) there is no hope.
  6. Wasn't he a chariot man? He may have been an exception but every Ben-Hur starter I've seen has been diabolical.
  7. I see old Millsey's looking for another starter, didn't Boof Pelling cut the mustard? Why doesn't old Millsey have a go himself? The last decent starter in NZ was the former Otago man, Allan Mckay.
  8. Didn't L. Cropp win three premierships whilst on the rocket fuel ???
  9. Yes, formerly NZ RACEFORM. An excellent must have publication for jockeys and serious form students back in the day when print media was king. Those guys were the real McCoy when it came to racing journalism, R.I.P Stuart McGrail.
  10. Les Muirhead and Bruce Craik, both fair and reasonable men. Imbeciles at the wheelhouse of this game should be exposed and made an example of, jockeys (and most other license holders) don't deliberately break the rules. A good stipendiary steward should show discretion when peoples livelihoods are at stake, Veronica Algar has no idea.
  11. Yes, heard that story. The stipendiary stewards of that era were fair men who would often turn a blind eye to minor rule breaches and they would never go after you multiple times per day they for the same offense. Half-baked twits like Miss Veronica Algar wouldn't be in the same street.
  12. Probably knows how to whip cream, shouldn't be allowed within a bulls roar of the judicial room. I would refuse to front at any hearing Algar chaired and I've had a lot of experience in that room !
  13. An example of the damage half-baked, self important pricks can inflict on professional jockeys when given the opportunity. The jockeys (collectively) should take action against this top-heavy judiciary and boycott a few race meetings. Since January Miss Veronica Algar appears multiple times as the applicant in whip arraignments on RIB's website, seems the majority of her time is spent reviewing video footage in search of whip violations. It's a travesty that Algar (a woman with limited practical experience) has the power to obliterate the livelihood of license holders at will. All li
  14. Double Century lost the AJC Derby on protest to Dulcify but won the Sydney Cup in a hand canter and ran second to Kingston Town the following year. A hell of a horse... Double Century.
  15. Therefore the holy water (P-fizzzer) isn't working. I'm currently writing a book (titled CHAGS) about how I evaded covid, herpes, AIDS, gonorrhea and syphilis.
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