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  1. Couple of things. TAB marketing has to be separate from operations. In retailing you can't have the operators at the teller deciding who should have a free bottle of wine for being a good customer. In this case the intentions of TAB were naive in the extreme. You just can't have certain customers getting special odds excluding others. Thats what leads to corruption and as I've pointed out I just can't see how an auditor could pick out this sort of carry on. Secondly I feel BGP were being used by the "publican" down out the viaduct. Clearly his egotism means he's got to get back
  2. Clearly a pricing miscalculation by the bookies. Their error was not taking into account the million dollar stake money. In low grade racing where there are two $2 favourites the last thing a trainer wants is a gut buster going head to head. Thats why often one favourite is ridden up front whereas the other is ridden for luck coming with a late run. So the stats for those types of quinellas are skewed. In this case a quinella price of $1.70 probably right therefore fair to say BGP gifted $30,000 on top of the other perks.
  3. USA have recently legalised online sports betting. Maybe the TAB thinks it can jump in on the action. Or perhaps there are Americans with funds lying in NZ Banks. I suspect the TAB is quite happy to turn a blind eye to American money laundering but being over zealous about New Zealander's activities give the impression they are in line with American regulators. Speaking of USA can someone tell me of what interest is some Russian politician over in Russia under arrest for 30 days yet Julian Assange imprisoned for the same offence for 30 months in England and nothing said. Nannia Mahuta is
  4. So far only 2 horses have been subsequent winners from those using the track for trials. Ripper of a Dream and Our Wonderland.
  5. It will be interesting to see the size of crowd at Te Rapa on Wednesday. 11 races and almost 200 horses entered. That's the equivalent of a couple holiday crowd meetings that have been sacrificed. It also means the direction racing is headed. All downhill. If just half the owners attended it would make a respectable crowd.
  6. I used to see Kings Romance doing trackwork. The elderly guy who owned him loved a big punt. Distinctly remember one morning Malcolm Smith crowing how smart he was putting an apprentice up freshup which meant most punters thought he might need a run.
  7. Interesting Kings Romance never won the Telegraph. Having seen every Telegraph either in person or TV since 1963 I would rate Sharivari as the most notable. Since the race went WFA I get the feeling the quality of the winner has diminished. Always thought Enzo's Lad winning twice was a fluke.
  8. Apologies. Made a bit of a blue. I thought Well. Anniversary was this weekend. There should be some link between dates and availability of summertime sponsors. Of interest the list below. Note nothing from Education sector or Rugby/League or other sports outfits ALL SPONSORS SINCE BOXING DAY. +More Hawkes Bay Mile ; Hast 24/7 Security Solutions Ltd ; Plym A+ Driveways ; Plym Ab Lime & Aaron Cranston Bldg ; Rivn Aberdeen On Broadway ; Awap Alex Hayward/Noel Wafer Pow Mem ; Kuma Allens United Paeroa 3yo ; Taro Alleviate Administration Hazlet
  9. Todays Wanganui meeting throws light on the incompetence of those running racing. 10 races, mostly capacity fields, plenty eliminated. I have always thought January is the month for getting the public off to the races mainly by having meetings in exotic locations. Instead judging by the lack of crowd at Wanganui this is supposed to be another "industry day". What a waste of asset. January dosen't require large fields or many races per day. Just needs plenty initiatives to make the day. e.g. by adding barrier trials to the days menu. Wellington Anniversary day used to feature Trenth
  10. With all the various options, events, odds etc its so easy to slip an anomaly through. I just can't see how an auditor could pick up some corruption where the bookies conspire with a punter. Many moons ago I mean many I worked for the auditors of Wellington Racing Club. We went to considerable effort to see the late payment and lost ticket payments were above board. It was just win,place, doubles for a days racing. It all boils down to the fact the bookie system is of no benefit to racing, Thats something Hong Kong Jockey realized from day one,
  11. Update on this thread. The Commerce knocked back the Sky sale now Sky crying poor. Hate to think how much has been siphoned off racing with its involvement in all these deals. https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/123870836/ageing-sky-tv-trucks-imperil-sports-broadcasts
  12. Here is another reason why TAB is s***. A dividend may be rounded down 9 cents then when there is a dead heat it could be rounded down another 4 cents. Thats 13 cents lost i.e. a rounding on top of a rounding.
  13. According to Photo Lynx instructions the camera settings need to be altered during the day when sun shines behind the camera. The resolution can become murky when a light color is against a light background, What I am saying is because Platinums white streak is so small it hasn't been picked therefore the difference of losing or dead heating. You can see the white streak on Platinum's nose below
  14. The point I'm making is that the white portion of PI's nose is further along therefore it would be in line with SYB. Now I don't know how photo finish equipment works but if several frames go into deciding the colour of one pixel then the final result seems biased against white. If the equipment is powered by a slow computer then daresay the final pixel color could well remain as the background.
  15. Trace Patinum's head from the noseband up to its eyes. Where the white diminishes but still exists the computer says stuff that we'll ignore it.
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