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  1. You don't seem capable looking too far. Waller originates from the area along with his wife and some staff. He has had good results with NZ clients and horses which to him would be more important than initial stake money.
  2. The eviction coinciding with the All Weather track seems more than a coincidence. Therefore I'm merely speculating that the stables are needed in order for either Chris Waller or Te Akau to set up shop. Therefore merely a commercial decision and lets face it either of them setting up would be a boost to CD racing.
  3. There is propaganda everywhere not just Maori. I note Willie Jackson also complaining. Willie Jackson ✔@WillieJLabour I was on Marae this morning dispelling Māori Party propaganda again. They are claiming that only 2% of spending is going to Māori in the Māori Health area which is total rubbish.
  4. Look at Wellington. The government has hired an army of propagandists pushing forward various agendas. Matariki day should have been a celebration day whereby organisations such as Otaki M.R.C doing their bit. Yet I saw numerous instances it being used for propaganda mainly by the well paid Wellington bureaucrats.
  5. As you have mentioned the key is the local community. If the sole Maori racing club in NZ (Aotearoa) can't come up with something for the day then something is wrong.
  6. The disease is right thru racing. Take a look at Otaki tomorrow. Having had an absolute overkill of Maori propaganda this year I would have thought Otaki Maori Racing Club racing on Matariki holiday would have at least a race named around Matariki and make the day special. Instead the same old racenames e.g. Riverstone Cafe, Chris Ruten bloodstock, Harcourts Otaki etc. I doubt anything planned. No initiative at all.
  7. From TAB..... We're writing to let you know that TAB Royal Oak is closing its doors on Sunday, 26 June.TAB Self Service Kiosks are available at Arthurs Bar in Onehunga.Your nearest Full Service TAB Stores are at the Auckland Trotting Club at Alexandra Park and Mt Roskill TAB. You can also bet online using your TAB account through tab.co.nz or the TAB Mobile app. *********************************************** Now I don't have a problem with TAB's closing but I do have a problem with management creaming millions "managing" non existent services. e.g Trackside Radio. With all the
  8. They have been asked several times. e.g. https://www.stuff.co.nz/opinion/127288595/time-for-nz-government-to-stand-up-against-us-overreach-on-assange
  9. Lawyer Jennifer Robinson spends time with her father, horse trainer Terry Robinson at their Berry property. Ms Robinson returned to Berry this week after spending the past six months defending WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Picture: ADAM WRIGHT
  10. Would they do something if Assange was a New Zealander? By playing the meek compliant role then Australia can treat us like sxxx thats why they send over the 501's and look at the problems we now have. Speaking out against the USA and UK is actually appreciated by the populations in those countries. Then again the "blues" beating the reds is probably more important in New Zealand
  11. Shocking news. Its now war by progressives around the world. The lady key in Assanges defence is daughter of leading Australian country trainer Terry Robinson. Art Cadeau one of his successes. Perhaps racing people around the world can come together with support.
  12. Lets just replace RSN “Trackside Radio has been pivotal in showcasing and promoting thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing to generations of racing fans and punters and I’m keen to ensure that it remains the station of choice into the future."
  13. Open minded on your "analysis" What I can't understand is if Saundry is such an expert on radio where was he when consulting with the TAB was required. The other possibility is was he compromised with connections to SENZ or even RSN whereby allowing one of them to buy up the frequencies?
  14. “RSN has been pivotal in showcasing and promoting thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing to generations of racing fans and punters and I’m keen to ensure that it remains the station of choice into the future." H'mm thats Saundry in Australia. What a hypocrite.
  15. I note Bernard Saundry has been appointed CEO RSN Radio in Victoria. Is this the same Saundry the "great believer" in radio who failed to raise a murmur when TAB disposed of AM/FM radio. RSN is both online and AM. AS the racing legislation requires TAB to consult with NZTR and other codes on important decisions I had verified proof that no formal consultations had taken place. So I complained to the Racing Minister and my complaint went directly to him. However the response showed complete naivity just basically saying TAB can do what they like. However after going to the minister it was
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