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  1. As yourself my first encounter with Trentham was as a 14 yr old 1963 when Great Sensation won its third. Arrived with horse in tow for yearling sales just before the race. At the time I believed the crowd reacted that way for every race. The big trick for Wellington Cups was finding an unobstructed viewing spot.
  2. Nahayan cost itself the 1998 Derby by veering out. Been plenty since. Not sure its the screen but must be something. Several dislodgements as well. What's the story with Nahayan By Mike Dillon Is it pique or pain that causes Nahayan to deny herself the spot she could easily have as New Zealand's champion 3-year-old? The question has to be asked after Nahayan's inglorious display on Saturday. Her zigzag Derby third at least ruled out the contention her erratic running had been caused by Peter Johnson's whip. That leaves only inexperience or pain. After the 1000 Gui
  3. Good to see you are learning chief. Didn't I send out a question last year to the effect which race had the highest number of group winners and you couldn't answer correctly. Same trials.
  4. Before reading the above lead posting I had already complained to the feedback section of TAB help line about the idiotic splitting of Ellerslie and Nelson harness on the Trackside channels. Furthermore it appears there is a policy during the week of suffocating local gallops with greyhounds. She might be a nice person but listening to Pippa's long drawn out greyhound analysis is torture. Quite often greyhounds run deliberately late leaving hardly anytime to view 16 or so local galloping runners. As a result of harness and gallops being on separate channels I couldn't even name one t
  5. In the consultation document there isn't a distinction made between riding your horse or employing a trackrider. Not even a guideline how much a trackrider should be paid for a gallop. What the insurance factors are etc. Instead they focus on the idea everyone is a criminal until certified as not. The whole document is waste of time.
  6. Yes its incredible. I would have thought every effort made to attract hobby trainers. Instead possibly constitutionally illegal restraints placed on them. Many owners potter about with the odd horse then when its financially possible only then off to a pro trainer. I go along with the fact professional trainers employ apprentices and need support. But there are only a few that do that. Can someone tell of one local jockey who started with Te Akau and went through with them. Bosson started with Autridge before Autridge trained for Te Akau. Their record with local apprentice jockeys is wo
  7. Hope your horse went OK. Back in the day when I was owner/trainer it was much simpler not even a licence fee. THe clubs would send an account for fees including jockey. Right before a race I got a tap on the shoulder from the racing detective. "H..mm aah.. about these unpaid accounts" No problem I replied ... minutes later the horse won at 40:1. Phew!!!
  8. No gallop meetings on a statutory holiday i.e Tuesday. Rather odd.
  9. Have you nothing better to do than create personal arguments. I said "seems" which is an opinion. Or are opinions not allowed on "your" site.
  10. What are you going on about. One thing to be part of another to be financial partner.
  11. I can't see Richards going to HK is something special. Quite frankly he has been too successful for his own good and Ellis has had to pull every string to get him the HK position. I note that Mark Walker is a now a partner in the Te Akau operation and has found its time to move back home. So seems Jamie has been pushed sideways.
  12. With a few minutes to go TAB announced guaranteed $200k first four last race at Matamata. With such short warning no time to organise a deposit. Like to know how much the closing pool was and the amount TAB lost.
  13. Probably late offering any constructive criticism towards Mr Lee. One aspect is the screaming near the finish excepting in some cases e.g. "dream burst into reality" but certainly Justin Evans needs to be pulled up. Please "less screaming more style". Will get a bit tiresome towards the end of the holidays.
  14. Herald Article Kiri Gillespie By Kiri Gillespie Multimedia journalist A new school, an indoor equestrian centre, a destination park complete with a pump track and - potentially - a hospital are among options touted for the redevelopment of prime reserve land originally considered for housing. Tauranga City Council has today revealed seven options for future use of the 85 hectares of Crown-owned reserve land in Greerton currently shared by the Tauranga racecourse and neighbouring golf course. The options are the result of feedback from the community as part of the Greert
  15. TAB should never have got into any sort of broadcasting or publishing. TAB forte is fleecing punters. Instead the codes should have got together and created a standalone media and publishing entity. That would have included all sorts of specialists particularly advertising professionals.
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