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  1. You are off in a tangent. If you read the job description there is nothing about knowledge of racing. Please confine yourself to the topic.
  2. Looking at the photo the first impression is there is no banking around the turns. The Cambridge track appears a success but can't be compared to Riccarton. The jury is out.
  3. They need Des Coppins to steady the ship. There was a format once on Radio Pacific combining racing with old gold songs. Seemed a winner.
  4. The 8am-10am show this morning was just terrible,terrible, terrible. OK the phone connections were cracking up but surely when and if they get a trainer on why does Michael Guerin have do expound his theories all done thinking he his talking to a 5 year old child and when the trainer finally gets an opportunity to talk the phone cuts out. Even then they only ask the trainer about one or two horses and miss the winners. They seem to want to interview ex sports people who have an interest in racing. Some lengthy interviews in the past good but not on a Saturday morning.
  5. The TAB supplies the form pdf's directly for printing. Makes it a bit awkward filling the spaces so quite a few blank spots. The old Informant did rely on some Australian form input but it just would be totally uneconomical for Raceform to maintain their own database. Don't know how the $700k is treated but if you add the advertising, point of sale, form content etc its got massive TAB involvement.
  6. JJ, I really have to query what your connection to racing is. Chief is quite right. The publication has had significant support from TAB and offcourse is the main retailer. As I have pointed out the publication is heavily flawed so maybe the support TAB has been giving is off the mark. THe last issue I got some weeks back had Dennis as the editor again. By the way whats up with this Dave Archibald who makes a habit of jumping in on legit URL addresses such as Raceform and racingpost.
  7. Psychological as much as practical. I would envisage offices with the backdrop Ellerslie racecourse. Joining with Auckland Racing club the creation of a Racing City. i.e. 7 day coffee bar, racing museum, other offices (pity the breeders left) (pity so much land sold) perhaps a racing type mall with shops, mini video cinema (TAB tried it) i.e a place all racing enthusiasts can meet and do business 7 days a week not just raceday. e.g. ownership syndicates, education rooms. On the practical side Ellerslie racecourse is handy to airport, yearling sales, major sponsors, Trackside studios, many
  8. JB..... agree with all you are saying. They all talk about change however for 20 years on forums I have been saying the way to quick start change is transfer NZTR head office to Ellerslie racecourse. I cannot remember once anyone wanting to engage in that discussion. Seems a forbidden subject.
  9. Dennis Ryan does a valiant job but has got it horribly wrong. What is needed is say a $3 publication with plenty small adverts, just basic fields and links to detailed form such as qrcodes. Included can be sports stories. A cheap cover not the heavy high quality one. Even a $1 publication whereby the retailer keeps the whole $1 would be possible. The whole idea is to massively increase circulation benefitting the advertisers. Without the detailed form the publication would have a higher shelf and not be already obsolete when late delivery occurs.
  10. Round one looks like a knockout. Hopefully any abuse from now on is in the banter category. All I can say its an expensive way gaining some appeasement. Congrats on having the guts.
  11. I can see your position. After more than 12 years of vile personal abuse from Molloy you wish to appease the abuser. From Molloys angle its certainly not a good look as the abuse over that period has been detailed. Hope you bear that in mind and don't get swayed. The abuse you have suffered has also been noted in quite high circles.
  12. Well then choose YOUR charity. The BBM fits in nicely with the bully's operandi. Most similar restaurants have embarrasing amounts of left over foods so rather than have negative feed back its best to send it to charity and get some positive "feed back". I have some queries about BBM as well. Probably a calculated gamble by Tim.
  13. Yes. Can't fathom why SLB hasn't thought it through. If the bully loses its "only a grand". Just like the $15,000 fine to the court he just laughs it off. Don't forget during the summer months after expenses he would have been pocketing 5 figure amounts nightly. Yet if SLB loses that would give the bully a big thrill seeing someone got sucked into his trap. SLB pull out of it now, Show some nous.
  14. Don't be silly, He seems to have sucked you into this holy than thou charity thing. Your satisfaction would be in getting the grand into your pocket. What you do with it is your business. He obviously can't stomach the possibility you getting the cash. Wake up. Play by your rules not his.
  15. I don't see any need to broadcast your CV because of Leo on the other forum. One has to chuckle at "scooby". The law says that moderators should take down material they believe is false and defamatory. As for the Tamaki gathering supporting is not necessarily organising somewhat technical definition. Notice that LJM is linked to offshore trusts. Not a good look for a "mayor"
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