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  1. This time last year I quite enjoyed the comp on here. One of only a few I've entered. PJ i.e Peter Jenkins has disappeared of the face of the earth and wasn't it Maria who did a power of work doing the results. I'm prepared to write a short routine to process the results if there is demand. So whats happening?
  2. One should be careful about sub judice. After all two wrongs don't make a right. The way I remember events Leo Molloy didn't just put up a link or just the name. He put up a photo of the murderer as well. I was surprised the post stayed up for long even after other people commented it was against the law. There is another issue. If a social media moderator doesn't remove an illegal posting then what is the liability? A smart prosecutor will subpoena internet records if a moderator did access the site. As Molloy's posting was visible for at least 12 hours one could suspect that was the case.
  3. H'mm don't know if they will let you on the jury Chief. They tell me the inmates at Pareparemo hoping those Bluff Oysters are shared out.
  4. Racing is worse than that. Most punters have less knowledge than bookies then multiplying their disadvantage over several reinvested races over the day the net takeout far exceeds 55%.
  5. Winning a national premiership looks great on a CV for Asian racing. Does anyone know how the allowance system works in Australia? If he has the premiership wrapped up come June/July I am sure Waller will be begging for him to go to Aussie if he can claim.
  6. There may be something to do with Trackside automatically taking only one channel feed from Australia. That means where there is a split there is no one at studio to switch to the other channel. Can't understand the logic taking all these USA, Korean and Japanese races.
  7. Yes I agree lobby to change the law. However in some cases evidence is suppressed and leaking information is the only way to get some justice. Evidence in the Grace Mullane case was not suppressed and justice was running its course. Wikileaks although acting in violation of some countries laws is acting to seek justice and that would appear the difference. Even so vote for "prick of the month" goes to Scott Morrison. Off on overseas vacation whilst Australia burns.
  8. This guy is setting racing in NZ alight. The Tapanui Cup drew as good a handicap field one could expect. It also produced a classic ride. Shades of Lance O'Sullivan and Moreira. Disgrace how NZ Racing and Trackside can't make these races special. Instead straight after the race TV off to the greyhounds to watch a dog having a shi?.
  9. Three stallions dead in not much more than 3 months. Coincidence? Certainly needs some sort of independent enquiry. At least a full explanation.
  10. Are you referring to the 63 yo.? If so just take this in. No one is above the law. Don't like the law then make submissions. What we have got here is an individual who for 15 years has been one of the internets worst bullies. The personal insults have carried on even after being relieved of almost $200K. Most of us haven't the time or resources to challenge him. He has made a mockery of the internet laws regarding privacy and just common decency. Now he figures that he is on a populist agenda which will create publicity. Thats the style go with popular agenda and marginalise others. I guess thats what people who frequent drinking or dining holes thrive on. Makes them feel special by denigrating a minority. The classic method employed by bullies. I have watched with dismay the antics of this 63yo for long enough. The guy is smart and he has got all the standard rhetoric. You people are "non achievers" you people are "jealous". you people are etc etc. But quite frankly he is just a child.
  11. Now I do recall a man on the other channel deliberately revealing the name of Grace Mullane's killer. Probably in the range of 63 years old. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2019/12/grace-millane-murder-man-charged-with-breaching-killer-suppression-order.html
  12. Digital doesn't need to be all the way. Internet and print media can exist side by side. Example quick form lookup using QRcodes. Certainly anyone doing internet research still likes the basic fields in front of them for written notes or just remembering the horses. Trying to duplicate the form database on paper is futile. There may have still been a few diehards ten years ago ignorant of the internet but only a few now remain. Those turn and finish Friday Flash photo's were dynamite and still are as a means of remembering a video.
  13. Sounds like the same as Sunline. Traumatic laminitis is caused by repeated physical trauma to the feet during e.g. endurance riding, driving, or jumping on hard ground; it can also be caused by overenthusiastic hoof trimming. Severe lameness in one limb will cause a horse or pony to carry excessive weight on his other limbs, which may cause laminitis So alert your veterinarian as soon as possible if you detect one or more of the following: A strong/bounding digital pulse. ... A hoof that's hot for hours. ... A distorted hoof shape and/or unusual rings. ... An increased heart rate. ... Too little—or too much—foot lifting. ... Apparent stretched and/or bleeding laminae. ... A shortened stride. The most recent research shows that high levels of insulin in the blood directly precipitate laminitis. Adding all this research together means that not only must we be careful not to feed horses prone to, being treated for or recovering from laminitis a diet that could lead to a carbohydrate overload in the hindgut, for example one containing too much starch, but we must also be careful to avoid feeding a diet providing too much sugar in the form of, for example, molasses. Whereas we used to consider that because molasses had a high glycaemic index, that is it was virtually all digested in the small intestine and absorbed through the intestinal walls, it did not reach the hindgut unless fed in excessive amounts and therefore did not pose a major risk. It is now evident that sugar levels in the diet need to be minimised in order to avoid a rise in insulin levels.
  14. With John Allen out of the picture I doubt TAB will be having functions down at the Viaduct. If they are then its worth investigating as why should NZ racing pay to line pockets of those locations. A few in house drinks is all that is needed. Those with long memories will remember the so called opening batsman being disparaging about David Ellis. Maybe from his angle now finds its not wise.
  15. With the 5 and 6 being indistinguishable on the web site I have been super careful, Today No 5 Golden Dash at Singapore looked easy way to double money. However Golden Win was No 6. Sure enough made the mistake.
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