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  1. I don't have much sympathy for studmasters. Whats wrong with encouraging,training,rewarding New Zealanders.
  2. Rather intriguing article. Anyone have experience? https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/447774/nzta-manual-change-causes-headaches-for-horse-truck-and-motorhome-owners
  3. High salaries are self defeating. Lets say you or I have a good idea to advance racing. We approach a body say NZTR or TAB with the idea and it is considered good. Then because of the need by management to justify their high salaries the idea becomes their idea and the original instigator is left high and dry. So the net result is people with good ideas keep them to themselves.
  4. I've an open mind on this. So could someone answer the following. What are the tertiary qualifications.? Does the person possess a MBA? What are his skills, qualifications and management experience within IT? I ask this question because predominantly the "operations" of racing revolves around expeditious use of IT. What legal qualifications are possessed?
  5. My legal contact tells me August 2nd is the date for Molloys appeal hearing. Now I don't trust Auckland lawyers. If there is money floating around anything could happen. Even to a point the Police don't put up a good opposing counter argument.
  6. Listened to a race at Forbury and inititially thought it was an Aussie race and commentator. Thought the call was excellent. Then blow me down it was Kevin Payne can't remember if his name was Kevin Pain. Clearly seems to have changed his style with less screaming. Something Justin Evans could take on board.
  7. In the eighties going to Dargaville was bit of an adventure. First time i think I lost a hundred but thereafter never came off the course without a $5K profit. Even some of the locals I got to know wanted to know what I was betting on. Recall in the eighties there still wasn't a Trackside so seeing the videos of the trials in particular was a huge advantage per the tote. Plus the dates of Dargaville came at the height of seasonal trial form. I believe Dargaville racecourse is used for Northern Fieldays. There should be a formula whereby the racecourse is maintained for two meetings per ye
  8. Sounds like they are up and running now with a revolving promo. Not a mention about racing. Saundry or the Jockey Association must make the point that...... JOCKEYS ARE SPORTSMEN/WOMEN TOO. The level of fitness, training, expertise and competitiveness is much higher than most of the recognized "sports" on offer. The SENZ commercial clearly doesn't acknowledge this fact. Off to a poor start.
  9. SENZ purchased the same number of frequencies in Australia for $7m. Here in NZ they paid below $1M and I daresay a few freebies thrown in. Now the SENZ people know more about radio that the TAB but fact is that any advertising revenue rather than coming back directly into racing goes to private concerns. On top of that NZ racing will no doubt be required to fork up and pay for promotion. I'd like to know what the deal was with the awards promotion. No doubt free air time for the naming rights. I see Saundry is all over SENZ and how great they are. Perhaps he could judge them after they ha
  10. Not really. Its the industry that has been slammed. Radio was a cog in the wheel. Removing it makes the wheel likely to collapse. The whole formula of paying high salaries is killing racing. Those with the salaries mostly have little experience or real knowledge of racing. It also prevents enterprising ideas being injected into racing when the single most inefficient aspect is the entrenched salaries. There could have been a host of innovative schemes possible with radio but then oh... that would show up the "executives" as clueless.
  11. So far no trial has had more than 8 starters. You would have thought they would have given a test with 12. Chief is right the scratchings are a farce. They could have been declared 8.00 pm tonight that still gives trainers time to see if horse is "eating up". You can't blame track conditions for scratchings.
  12. The Aussie's just loved Vo Rogue. In some of these races he led by 20 lengths. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h59ofp_9KBM
  13. The Act stipulates consultation with codes. That means written fully documented consultation.
  14. Your argument only enforces what I've been saying all along. i.e. there should have been more consultation with the codes. Now if you look at the code CEO's you see they are cozy with the TAB heads. e.g. Glenda Hughes, Gary Woodham both ex TAB whilst Bernard Saundry in the same building and too close to Australian interests. Obviously if the racing Minister following on from my complaint makes enquiry from them they will quickly back up the TAB decision. However my investigation showed there was little consultation or interest.
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