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  1. In the old legislation the pool sizes had to be displayed. That included oncourse even prior to computers. With so many more pools these days its imperative the pool sizes are displayed at all times including resulted races.
  2. Couple of new bugs. Quite often I end up with unwanted bets in the betslip. Example if i put say $2 in the win and send it off next time I will end up with No.2 sitting in the betslip. Have already sent off incorrect bets. THis has only started happening in the last 10 days. Secondly I don't get any fluctuations using a low res screen even though there is plenty room. Started happening only when they changed the font.
  3. Now he is constantly on the radio with guys like John Banks, Hosking, Garner, Plunkett all staunch National supporters desperately trying to give National some traction. I agree some of the venomous rants against various people on Channel X would have been distressing to the children and family of the person he targeted.
  4. Its a continual pattern of putting up on Channel X posts without any regard for the consequences. The way I see it if its not the Grace Millane outcome then more than likely someone else. About 13 years ago he accused the then Racing Board CEO of sexual molestation in the workplace. One could go on the list would be a mile long.
  5. NZHERALD "He will appear in court for sentencing on August 27, where Jones indicated Molloy would apply for a discharge without conviction."
  6. Gendall has been around for quite some time. No way he was going to put up or be outsmarted by self a appointed smart a***. Just to put the record straight. The heading of this thread gives the impression I was banned on Channel X. Actually I have been unbanned. The tribunals decision has been devastating on Molloy. Don't believe the "I'm not worried" bit. The money not the issue but credibility yes. The word is it won't help Molloy's breach of suppression order hearing.
  7. You have to scratch your head reading the Te Akau website. So far they have had 5 winners at Singapore and each one of them have had the comment "first four or place chance with a bit of luck". If they ever got confident about a horse hate to think by how many lengths it would win by. Plus to the website. Minus to the tipster.
  8. To be on the safe side my advice would be to blank out SLB post if he has requested it.
  9. Don't know why you have to worry. Now I'm thinking LM obviously has plenty spare cash and given previous exploits of absconding or trying to abscond with personal info then hiring a hacker to get into emails a distinct possibility. SLB a few months ago couldn't figure how Molloy knew his personal circumstances. Nothing would surprise me.
  10. I doubt Leigh would have released personal info. If the email address is the same from 6 or 7 years ago then obviously Molloy has retained the database. That in itself is an offence don't know if criminal or civil. Another scenario is that LM has access to Channel X member database also some sort of offense.
  11. I was going to contribute to the thread SLB started but its gone. Not only Molloy banned from racing but I have been banned from Channel X for replying to Michael Pittmans post. Here it is. 16 hours ago, uneasy said: All the best tomorrow Leo. I know at times you have upset many people including me BUT this charge against you takes the cake, if people were funding from their own pockets I have doubts this charge would ever have been laid let alone get to a hearing. I also know that over the years you have done a lot of good in assisting many people who have needed you and your knowledge, they appreciate that and will support you. 👍🏻 ------------- I agree with most of what you are saying. But there is another side to the story. What about the number of people Leo has turned away from racing. You have a high profile and following in racing so Leo won't denigrate you. That's not the case when Leo thinks he can get away with it here on Channel X. He has admitted he enjoys digging into someones background, twisting it and unfortunately people due to his racing and business involvement people will believe him. i.e if Leo says it then it must be true that seems to be the theme here. That's the problem. There is no right of reply here on Channel X simply because the moderator will not allow contra Leo postings. Take the case of Sunline Boy I won't mention his real name but persecution of him has persisted for well over a decade the last posting a particularly vile one which even the moderator saw fit to remove. About ten years ago I got together a bunch of Leo's postings and submitted them to NZTR. No one took any notice but when their own CEO was denigrated oh how quick they reacted. Had the problem been acted sooner then the industry would have been saved many thousands. Leo himself could have been saved a significant 6 figure sum. If the problem is not solved now it will persist with more wasted dollars
  12. No you may be wrong there. At least the real Midget has a brain. Have to laugh tho whenever there is a negative posting on Molloy the moderator steps in with a hint like "easy to hide behind a username". Offcourse hiding behinds ones mate good name seems OK.
  13. I've always wondered how its possible for a horse to grow another leg when its a heavy track. Then it hit me. They don't gain one they lose one. I used to ride a small horse all over the place and was amazed how consistently it avoided potholes and such like. Turned out a decent wet track galloper. Perhaps thats one of the key elements of a wet tracker.
  14. The Mrs B refers to Michelle Boag. However the Mr X doesn't always want to be disclosed so lets just keep it a secret. Now the Mrs B and Covid data leak with the intention of harming the government was just too devious to be credited to Mrs B. Not so MrX. Being neighhbours and both wanting to crawl up the National Party staircase therefore a natural marriage and shall we say plotting.
  15. If there is some truth in what Leo is saying (and that is no ones business but yours) then how did Leo obtain the information. Thats the 64 dollar question?
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