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  1. What you say makes good sense. But I can only see these surfaces ruining racing locally, for many reasons you have outlined and also because the governing body etc will do whatever they have to , to make these surfaces look succesful (that looks like it will include taking dates away from more established venues etc). If they don't work locally I can't see any exit plan out of them either. I find the racing boring and it has a somewhat cruel look about to me which isn't something I can entertain supporting. Of course I am only one person and their success or lack of
  2. Obviously a clash of personalities somewhere. Must be a heap of provincial tracks he can up sticks and go to ...
  3. Imagine if these pretenders running the industry put this much effort into actually improving the state of the industry as they do pushing this level of total BS! These charges are nothing more than a farce, both this case and several others.
  4. Huey


    Holding SI trainers to ransom with regards to options seems to be working well with the AWT fields today , few scratchings and a 6 & 7 horse field.
  5. Huey


    A 5 horse field and 2 x 7 horse fields on the Cambridge AWT today. Someone remind me how this was supposed to fix all the industry ills again?
  6. Never understood why this sort of thing isn't standard (I mean NZTR commit to a certain track surface , noms/acceptance times etc), its actually an example of something basic that could be achieved to make the industry work that little bit better, but its also an example of just how amateur the industry is .
  7. Rider situation still less than ideal though, that is going to be jumpings biggest problem going forward, bad enough on the flat.
  8. Maybe so with the rants, but Emily Bosson sure does her best to sidestep any controversy , it would be substantially better if there was some actual dialogue around the issues between the two of them , she looks like she is worried about losing her job and its just a really poor look imo.
  9. I'd love to see it return to former glories but look at Saturday - Manawatu Steeple 6 noms, Hurdle 7 noms. These fools campaigning the sport have contributed to its demise and want everyone to believe its as wonderful as it once was .... huh!
  10. The M report totally split the industry and the only good thing it really did was flesh out those with extreme levels of self interest into the open for all to see. Many of these with extreme levels of self interest will find out the hard way that the views contained in that report were never about bettering the local industry. I can't think of a single thing in that report that has worked out for the industry, the chopping up of the TAB has left service levels below what anyone ever dreamed of , the states of our tracks worse than ever and this report coupled with Saundry utterly
  11. I agree the foal crop is another barometer of how the industry is performing, as Curious says horses can come from anywhere to boost up numbers in our industry , but realistically who is going to be importing horses into NZ to race for our stakes , apart from the obvious. It isn't going to happen. So for me the foal crop indicates whether owners,breeders have any real faith in our industry as its probably the most affordable means of getting a horse available to locals outside of the obvious.
  12. What's most concerning about this article is that we have a guy whose leading the industry and his best idea for the recovery of the industry is to sell everyone up and put the proceeds on Term Deposit and have the industry live off that - seriously is this the best we can do? As we all know the money will get wasted by those running the industry into the ground, nothing surer!
  13. This looks like a sad outcome for the horse, from what I've read many are unhappy with this happening to her.
  14. Not only that, it's more likely the place a large proportion of staff and future industry participants will come from. But I liken our governing body to the types of people who think babies are delivered by storks , they have absolutely no idea what makes it all tick. But you cannot tell the likes of NZTR anything, there is a narrative in place and they will likely follow it come hell or high-water at the absolute expense of the industry.
  15. Why are they racing in the winter at a track that doesn't have a fast lane on the outside like Wanganui did yesterday for the umptenth time!
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