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  1. I can't be bothered watching another one of BS FB live , but did anyone watch it and see if they gave any context around the newly created position?
  2. Trivial matters for an industry awash with cash like the NZ racing industry! Be a real shame if over this period there is less grass track racing & more of this AWT, still can't stand watching it just so darn boring , despite my improvement in "positivity" through my self improvement audio tape course.
  3. Is there many meetings scheduled for the Spring/Summer months ? Be interesting to see how the noms are then I'd have thought.
  4. NZTR are Conducting a Survey .... LMAO! https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/racing-staffing-crisis-as-immigration-nz-rejects-experts/DXSF6TV6ZK3APWH4ZSEXZ2SJLA/
  5. NZTR have a plan , so dont worry! They'll report on her every more when she is over there , so we all can loveracing!
  6. "Fairy Flash" what is your prediction for distribution over the next couple of years? Will they beat this years , I mean actuals not budgeted figures?
  7. I will but I'm picking I can give the last 7 chapters a miss , as by the time I get to them my enlightenment will come from NZracing return to glory!
  8. So long as we are all "positive" and really really concentrate hard when we make wishes for the industry , I'm sure everything will be A.... Ok! Well back to my Tony Robbins Audio collection!
  9. Good on you "Fairy Flash" for predicting the obvious! Like I have said a gazillion times before , if distributions can't improve based on the cuts this lot have made to the industry then nothing ever will, cuts however have a way of concealing the future in any industry, racing will be no different - so hold onto your fairy bread and enjoy the ride. Miserable??? ....hardly I'm rubbing my hands together in glee its not long now till my slow slugs can run around for $12k midweek!!!
  10. Dont worry their solution will be to get rid of all racing in the area in the future. BS is clueless to its value & believes itll all get replicated somewhere else.
  11. https://loveracing.nz/News/33866/SpecialresultforSharrockinOpunakeCup.aspx
  12. I differ somewhat in that I believe the problem is those who employ them into these roles are the real problem. You only have to read De Lore article to understand what an absolute farce the entire process has been, not to mention no one knows why we need this role in the first place, same way this organisation does everything no analysis,no reporting , no consultation just something they believe is the right decision and worst of all no outcry. If this industry actually made decisions based on facts , unbiased consultation and without favour it would be in far better shape than it is now
  13. Well he is certainly odds on now with the latest appointment.
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