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  1. The troube is they are following BS/NZTR pointless "venue plan" and the M report (well picking the parts they like i.e. the parts they wrote themselves or fabricated and thrust on the NZ industry) the damage has been done with those in mind and unfortunately there are still many naive industry participants out there who think both are going to create a more bouyant industry, when in my view they have both produced the opposite . NZTR should be kept as far a way as possible from producing any plans or reports or even commisioning them for that matter, they could turn the golden goose into
  2. Odds on youre wasting your time doing that report, the industry won't change it refuses to , the self interest that burdens its progress will only begin to dessipate once the writing is on the wall. I admire your enthusiasm but unless personnel are put in place that are vastly different than what we have had in the last 30 years there is no hope of there being significant enough change to make it all work, imo the change that is needed would upset the status quo/the current vision for the future/the M report and therefore just isn't going to take place.
  3. I agree and lacks empathy for anything be it trainer , owner etc beyond the Waikato.
  4. Yeah but do we have bookmakers or anyone who wants to bet on our product?
  5. Which is quite possibly what is going to happen in NZ , meaning wouldn't they be better to centralise things somewhere this type of thing isn't a threat to the actual survival of the sport?
  6. The biggest problem I have with all of this is that NZTR through their ridiculous Venue Plan have eliminated who knows how many potential venues for racing when things like this happen, its not just the mismagement of the Trentham track that needs a rethink its the entire utilisation of all available assets. Just look at the utterly ridiculous situation we had a few weeks back with a meeting being abandoned before a race was run to a track where the meeting was abnd after half the card was run, the leadership of the industry have no understanding of the mechanics of it , particularly the
  7. Yet another investigation , nothing is learned from them, therefore nothing is gained ... isn't it about time this lot got themselves investigated?
  8. Never happen, they jocks would quite rightly refuse to ride, not to mention the implications around the meeting called off.
  9. Wow that is incredible and therein lies the problem the incompetence and experience from above just flows down the chain. I've always believed racing biggest problem in NZ over the past 20 years has been it has never got personnel involved at an administrative level that are truly passionate or interested or experienced in the sport or at least in good numbers and at the admistrative level it just sends around the same small pool of administrators who merry go round those jobs, that has led to the downfall of it. Take your example of BS and horses galloping every day how on earth does an
  10. I heard today one senior jock described the track as the worse they have ridden on, now that would be saying something in this country.
  11. I think you'll be right on all accounts. I too used to get angry and upset over it all, but what I've seen in the last 18-12 months has made be realise racing has absolutely no hope of surviing let alone flourishing in NZ whether that be in the North , CD or SI. I give it 3-5 years at best as it continues the self mutulation model at every opportunity! THe whole thing will be like the European elitist model before too long at any rate , not good for its future in NZ.
  12. Yes I believe after a few races it was deemed unsafe.
  13. One of the issues is the geniuses have closed down most of the back up tracks or are in the process of doing so or alternative venues. That venue plan has worked wonders for NZracing! Too much self interest in NZ racing and its got us to this point, more and more of it to come as well. Youre right no one notices anymore when there is an abandonment, mind you does anyone notice when the races are actually on in NZ either?
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