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  1. That of course has everything to do with a lack of options , manipulation of the programme and little if anything to do with an enhanced level of enthusiasm for racing on them.
  2. The programming should never be an issue, it should be easily and efficiently remedied but it's the apathy, ignorance and just plain stubbornness of our leadership that will more than likely see that area as a continued issue. However the AWT as a racing surface is always going to be an issue, you only have to look at the diminishing levels of enthusiasm for racing & trails on them. The real issue is they weren't what was needed in the first place, something was needed but it wasn't them.
  3. They'll get enough runners for races, perhaps something like you describe In CD vicinity for numbers. It of course doesn’t really matter what they get as it's xmas at the races with the emphasize on xmas , so long as the booze is flowing & a few races can go on in the background it'll be described as a success. Im of the view the problem is the trainers who support it take a short term view & in fact hasten their demise by doing so. No good will come of supporting these AWT surfaces , they are a ticking time bomb for the industry.
  4. What a divvy! Super well done!
  5. Exactly right, the venue plan was an absolute farce . Put together by a bunch of idealistic yet ill informed persons & was never going to work . Elements of the M report also need ignoring , racing needs to head back to its roots with regards to the tracks or it simply won't survive.
  6. This isn't an isolated case , its happened on numerous occassions now, so to suggest NZTR haven't had a role to play in this issue(abandonements) in the industry , borders on the absurd. Not only that , but their inaction and blinded viewpoint of how the industry should operate has more than contributed to this utter mess.
  7. According to the Ellerslie CEO , NZTR can't be held responsible for the track fiascos. Is he that delusional that he can't see it is the many iniatives,policies and planning(lack of) from the likes of NZTR that have led the industry to where it is today?
  8. Huey


    Ken Kelso on Weigh In describing the AWT as "White Elephants" ... surely not!
  9. But isn't that partly down to the poor mangement and utilisation of the tracks? Many of the venues have been over used due to extremely poor decision making at an industry management level, the venue plan springs to mind. Implemented by a fool who has since departed our fair shores , this was a plan that like most of the strategic initiatives at NZTR look great on paper but unfortunately don't play out that way in reality. What other industry would hold itself to ransom (i.e. refuse to use very good and capable venues and let them rot in the hope they can eventually be sold off) to t
  10. That's always been the case, only thing is they keep lifting the bar of incompetence to new rarified levels.
  11. Symptomatic of where we are heading as a nation, utterly despicable!
  12. Yes that has to be a very real concern for the industry, I guess it will be seen as a bit of a bonanza and the industry will act accordingly , probably across the board, the TAB heads back to where it has just been. I'm open minded about it all , but it just seems too good to be true and I think the industry needs to commit to a raft of changes to protect or sustain itself in the future, can't see that happening.
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