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  1. Oatham .....career flunky imo.
  2. Good record,a dirt tracker...not sure that is an appealing proposition.
  3. Hey Joe...I have lived in Qland for a number of years...from Ormeau,Loganholme to Gatton... your anecdotes are not reliable statistical..fact.Comprenez!
  4. maybe ,maybe not...bumbles has never heard of any of ...them,and I imagine a number of Kiwis haven't either.
  5. Filed under ...'delusional drivel'.
  6. Just replace 'take central Govt control' with 'give control to the few ,to exploit the...many' and you have the Natz manifesto.🙃
  7. Not sure when Bloggs became the 'end of story' expert. I would have thought a googly eyed, master debater like you would provide a meaningful...link. Mind you ,it appears your debating skills consist of ad hominem attacks and the did/didn't ...'method'.
  8. There is abundant evidence and proof that Ardern is leading the country. You display your comprehension deficiencies on a daily basis-JB did not endorse your premise.
  9. Oh twin peaks now! I most definitely understand 'evidence'...you seem to confuse it with....'proof'...they are different.
  10. ' "This is also the first chance we have had to really expand on the Gold Coast "famous for fun" message in New Zealand with television commercials, digital advertising and extended print space to show that fun means different things to different people." Mr Winter said the campaign will run from March until June. It is common knowledge that the number of Kiwis holidaying on the GC and in the pacific islands surge when it is winter in NZ.
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