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  1. So how did the reference to other racing jurisdictions(as per your OP)impact on costs?
  2. Yes. Bit like sporting coaches and players I guess.
  3. How has he poached horses? Owners flock to successful trainers.
  4. ' The breeder and original owners of Verry Elleegant are to sell their 20 per cent share in the champion mare following confirmation she is to be transferred to France to be prepared for a European campaign. “We’re not happy and we will be looking to sell out of the mare unfortunately,” co-owner Nick Bishara said on Friday morning. “The Ellee syndicate was never in favour of going to Europe, basically on the back of what Chris (Waller) felt - that she’s probably got one more prep in her and to go half way around the world might be a risk if she doesn’t come up.
  5. He has an audience of people incapable of...thinking for...themselves.🤪
  6. She's a great mare ,but time will catch up with her and the Arc looks like a mountain too big to climb imo. Based on her clashes with Addeyeb,I can't see her matching the elite level of the Arc field. Be happy to be proven wrong.
  7. If you think about it, promoting the provincial scene is a good strategy. The big clubs have big expenses and their return on assets is poor. With mediocre numbers attending most city racedays and the reality of online betting, boosting provincial racing would give a much needed boost to regional economies.
  8. In the end people have to make rational decisions. Younger participants in the industry will increasingly vote with their...feet. The risk/reward ratio does not add up for riders or trainers. Everyone sees it and no one has any remedies-the market here is just too small.
  9. Are you the same person today as you were at 17?Get real.
  10. When you find facts 'ambiguous' it becomes a futile exercise.
  11. The rock of the Natz is of course Gerry Brownlee....'fitness'...personified...although to be fair only Ann Tolley and Paula Bennett from the Natz needed lap belt surgery in recent ..history!😁
  12. Clearly you have no idea what a communist is. You are probably a pensioner who was fed a daily diet of 'reds under the beds' and has no no capacity to form an objective view on political...expediency.😜
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