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  1. Very good...a 2 legged lamb is always good value innit.🤪
  2. Be fair to say...if Foley had just kicked the ball out...The AB's would not have won the Bledisloe or the Championship....fizzer got..lucky.
  3. Aussie commentator -Freedman?-observed more than a decade ago that NZ Grp1's were not worthy....of that status. He is proven right time and again. Nothing wrong with being realistic.Professional yearling buyers discount NZ Grp performance,albeit something is better than...nothing.
  4. New World is far and away the most expensive supermarket imo.
  5. Capt Cook-' the name ‘Mount Egmont’ to honour the Earl of Egmont, John Perceval, previously first Lord of the Admiralty. While he had supported earlier voyages of exploration, Perceval had retired by the time of Cook’s first voyage and had no direct connection with it. He died before learning of the honour.' That's why a colonial peer with NO direct connection to this country.
  6. Embrace /accept/....semantics...'That is the definition of heritage isn't it. ' I said Maori heritage.....Maori heritage is ever present and everywhere in this country.As I said it makes NZ unique...something to cherish.People are using Maori language more and more. Changing names like Mt Egmont to Mt Taranaki,Mt Cook to Aoraki...and so on reinforce our unique identity.These are good things.
  7. Kiwis embrace Te Reo because Maori heritage is what makes our country unique. Differentiates it from all the other former british colonies.
  8. Too much information.Good luck..anyway. Does Hj stand for...'hand job'?😆
  9. I could wax on about anything and how would you know? You can tell me how you wonderful you are...go for it!
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