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  1. some of those country class ,grass trot meets...were diabolical from a punters perspective...the trotting standing starts were the biggest lottery in NZ. Harness could probably survive and thrive with 1/2 dozen tracks max imo.
  2. plumbing new depths in crummy excuses....'She did say that. I'm not going to connect the dots for you as you are obviously lazy and selective '. ?
  3. 'which has split opinion among experts.' 'Experts' always agree to disagree.This is early days. The best experts will emerge later....they may be confused with 'I told you' Capt Hindsights.
  4. Chief Running Bare....has now morphed into a magician....and...vanished!?
  5. I just had a brainwave.With all this talk of helicopter money being dished out,the Gummint should give everybody with a TAB a/c as at midnight 12/05/2020 $1000 to bet with! What a great stimulus this would be.You could of course only withdraw winnings.( maybe set at at least $200.)?
  6. It could be a 'system' worth trialling.That is unless you have developed a winning one...already.?
  7. 'Let alone the 80,000 deaths that our PM touted.'...making shit up Chief-citation needed.
  8. Thank goodness you're around to educate...the ignorant.?
  9. Funstar is proving to be very good,but not another..Winx.
  10. As far as knowledge of TB's goes he was always shown up by that Luke bloke years ago...and didn't like it one bit. He thought he was a big star but no one outside racing knew him from Harry Shitbags.
  11. Racing is a passionate sport,overseen by(well paid) passionless people.?
  12. doubt whether that data will be regarded as 'good' by the Chief! If the horses I back could run as fast as the Chief,I could have retired years..ago.
  13. If you knew anything about the Mad Butcher franchise you can understand that for years it has been a shrinking business model. Leitch's son in law took it private with an IPO valuing the business at 40mil plus.Inept management and rinsing franchisees meant even though they worked their guts out they were lucky to earn minimum wages.As the decline accelerated the same guy bought the business back for 8million.Investors stiffed,store owners/butchers stiffed,suppliers stiffed...how unlucky can you get! C19 had nothing to do with this tragedy.Don't know whether you are aware but 10 kiwis
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