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  1. Seems days 1 and 2 are on a par with previous years in terms of clearance rate and well up on median price. Some good news then for...breeders.
  2. Wild Night is 5's for the HD....Legarto is 8's for the Australian Guineas and Wild Night is 26's...(not on the radar?). WN is 6's for the NZ Derby-all NZ TAB futures.
  3. I don't think he had many precocious..2 y.o's....and the quality of mares he received was ....🙃
  4. You are easily confused. I think Zed stood either free or for $500 originally. Btw 20 yearlings sold for $1mil or more just at the MM Sale.
  5. I guess 1)-you are not au fait with the real money spent on stallions these days as opposed to wishful prospects,2)-Zed is just one example...there are plenty more. verstehense?🙄
  6. Oh dear....please produce your evidence regarding punting claims you ascribe to....me!
  7. May have to wait and see if indeed this is 'genius'. Easy to get ahead of yourself in this..game.
  8. Not at all...I'll spell it out for you....you can still buy a stallion pedigree relatively cheaply...NZ's TB breeding industry was founded on it. These days ,people want to see black type performance. FYI...Zed has a stallions pedigree..Zabeel/Emerald Dream by Danehill-Grp1's everywhere. Comprenez?
  9. Clearly a fan/ramper-' Anyone who had the brains and balls to send mares to Embellish, at $4000, is a genius. Ellis deserves credit for sending around 20 mares - and is already reaping the results.ðŸĪŠ
  10. ' You can't buy a stallion pedigree cheaply. Unless you were Paddy Hogan 50 years ago.' Wrong you still can...Zed has a stallions pedigree....you also need performance on the track.🏇
  11. Legarto is in the Australian Guineas...should give a line .Good luck in the Herbie Dyke.
  12. Can't find Wild Night in Oz 3 yo feature markets? Golden Mile is no Anamoe.
  13. 26million spent on trying to change the..flag...be balanced!
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