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  1. 'I had a reputation for quick wit, rapier style rebuttal and immolating my opponents.'...lol! Listen up...you rely on assumption,knee jerk reaction and avoidance ..that is your m.o...a neutral person only needs to scan this thread to confirm..you have NO game. Whenever I ask you for evidence,definitions on which you base your opinion...you RUN and swerve and resort to benign epithets ,typical of those displaying cognitive dissonance.
  2. Yeah right!You avoid evidence with a passion. You cannot sustain your jaundiced opinion and you resort to facile,subjective conclusions. I can see you never made the debating team....constantly repeating the same empty refrains is not a basis for informed discussion.
  3. some examples to back your allegations would be good. You should quit while you're still standing! Go and have a...bet..you'll feel better.
  4. An academic!....But they go to University...Rodney taught you....indoctrinated you...well!Lol.
  5. Relevence citation needed-'Fortress NZ was first described and planned by Professor Michael Baker et al in 2018!!! Cindy bought it hook line and sinker!' Don't tell me you support ACT! 'bollocks. Serious headwinds headed our way'....not just our way...the foundations were laid with your adorable neo liberalism...'put'.
  6. Take some of your own advice. Key popped up with the handbook 'hermit kingdom' line the other day. Ex forex gambler and a one man wrecking ball for NZ. Global shocks are global are they not! NZ is as well placed as any country,better even. Told you,I'm no fan of Ardern.
  7. Still waiting for your definitions of Socialism and Capitalism and free markets. Btw the Key govt ran straight line deficits .It suspended funds for the Cullen Fund,tried to stymie Kiwibank,halved contributions to Kiwsaver ,neglected health infrastructure and basically kicked the can down the road regarding the housing crisis. No surprise to see Honky Tonks turn up as Chair at the ANZ and Simon Powers at Westpac. For the few at the expense of the..many Natz 101. As for NZ Govt indebtedness it is modest compared to most OECD countries. Purchasing private assets suppose
  8. Doubt I'm contradicting myself. FYI...Cuba which has been subjected to crippling sanctions for over 50 years has a very modest economy. It does however have one of the best health systems/stats in the world. 120Billion is an exaggeration,as is the term 'printed'. The Key Govt borrowed 80 billion because of the Christchurch earthquake and the GFC. That credit has to be repayed with interest to the ex Key cronies on Wall St. I know which remedy I prefer.
  9. Is that a sustainable business model? Maybe higher wages would help!
  10. Wonder why farmers welcomed it then. You in favour of the U.K opening up strategy...the economy is more important than lives! Hows that working out for them?
  11. If you want to split hairs...the empty houses situation occurs in Vancouver. Their remedy ,which is having an effect is a levy originally 1% ,now I understand 2% on properties empty for 6 months or more. When you import over 300,000 workers annually aside from an extra million immigrants in the new millenium,that affects availability too. I am amazed that we have to import filipino farm workers.Something majorly wrong there!
  12. TBH...farming is not my forte,but common sense would suggest that allowing widespread infections would have an extremely negative outcome .
  13. I have tried to use my own words...what political cliches have you noticed?
  14. Tell me about the benefits of de regulation and point me to where free markets operate.(if you can). Solutions revolve around capital gains(as nearly every country has)and disincentivising property as an investment class.Houses are for people to live in. The FIRE sector is ascendent and a parasitic in its societal ramifications.
  15. You just defined a crisis! Scrutiny...?the historical average was the cost of an average house was around 3-4 average annual earnings. It is now categorised as 'average household income and currently 9-10 times,albeit that figure is 2 incomes!
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