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  1. And only took near on 2 years to get down to 4, hardly warrants any pats on anyone's back nomates 8, JJ Flash 0
  2. Thanks Noodlum PM me Mikie
  3. Mikie


    Have knees, will grovel Translation: I know I have been caught out and can’t back up what I post so I am going to sulk for a week until new threads push this one out of sight
  4. Mikie


    FFS Brodie You have made multiple efforts to squirm your way out of owning up to what you posted You started off by saying the CEO “made silly decisions off his own bat...without consensus” Uou were wrong so now you have said he introduced a Rule, he initiated a Rule, he was for a Rule; plus Chief helps you out with he drafted a Rule and he consulted with the RIU about a Rule Move on, Chief has already pointed out that the Board approved the Whip Rule Still waiting on the list of decisions that the former CEO made “off his own bat” that you consider dilly Admit i
  5. I’m absolutely crap tipster Never listen to me again Mikie
  6. Well, I’m crap so far Mikie
  7. Mikie


    My opinion is that the Whip Rule has nothing to do with the debate What's my view Chief? What view have I expressed? I can't see where I have offered any views whatsoever so I'm confused Can you tell me what view I have expressed? I have just asked Brodie to give one example (ok, I asked for a list) to substantiate his posting Mikie
  8. Mikie


    The thread, or debate, wasn't about the Whip Rule That was something Brodie introduced trying to bluster his way out of what he posted and was asked to back up Mikie
  9. Mikie


    If you didn't agree with him then you must be the best wing man around because you sure fooled everyone Where has he been personally attacked? Do you count me telling him that he is posturing after he deflects the question 6 times "being attacked" Do you think me telling him he is "being a dick" as "being attacked" Wow, the bar is low for Brodie isn't it? Mikie
  10. Mikie


    I don't need any help Chief There was no personality fight whatsoever. You will see from all my postings that I have never attacked Brodie before (I did once correct his misuse of the word reign as opposed to reign) so there is no trolling as he has suggested It is not a case of he said, I said either so don't chuck that in and confuse the issue It is simple, Brodie made a statement as though it was fact, and he can't substantiate it, nothing more If he had said that he was unsure of Mr Rennell's abilities because he was CEO when a lot of decisions that Brodie didn't agree
  11. Mikie


    FFS now you are rephrasing it again Now it’s “introduced” Chief tried to help you out but you are just becoming irrational now For the last time post a list of things that Mr Rennell brought in “off his own bat” ie that the Board did not approve You were the one who made that statement Mikie
  12. Mikie


    If you had bothered to read my posts you would have seen that there was no reason to do any research I quite clearly stated that it wasn’t the Rule we were debating, it was Brodie’s statement about the CEO bringing it in (along with other decisions apparently) off his own bat I also never said that the Board”did it all”, I said that the CEO “didn’t do it all (off his own bat)” What was the point of your input anyway? I asked Brodie something (7 times I think) and he still hadn’t answered the direct question Did he need your help? Mikie
  13. Mikie


    Why not? Because I already knew That's not the point The point is Brodie posted a statement that he now can't substantiate, nothing more to it than that Mikie
  14. Mikie


    FFS I am not saying that there was adequate consultation or whether or not Brodie doesn't have a point I already knew who drafted the Rule but that wasn't my question I am saying that Brodie stated that the Rule was brought in by the CEO "off his own bat" ie without Board approval That's wrong as you have helped out with I have asked Brodie for a list of things that the CEO brought in "off his own bat" I haven't had 1 so far have I? If you feel the need to help Brodie out that's fine, but it doesn't alter the fact that he posted crap that he can't back up, and it
  15. Mikie


    You answered the question The Board approved the Rule Therefore it can't be added to the list I have asked Brodie for, which was decisions that the CEO made off his own bat I don't want to know who drafted the Rule, I don't need to know who pushed it, I never asked any question about consultancy. These are all things that Brodie could have said. He didn't Mikie
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