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  1. Seriously, mate, you need to chill out. It's not worth getting so heated up about a teeny topic like this. I know the government is useless and the country is heading for disaster mate. We all know that. But there's nothing you can do... tick tock,,, what will be, will be.. . It will all be over one day... Until then chill out, relax mate.
  2. Look my old mate, you know that I usually support you and I know that you are generally on the mark. Good on you for that mate. But seriously mate I think you are wide of the mark here. Have you been smoking hooch?? LOL Mile racing is great. Yes, the starting point is not brilliant but than can be negated if the field was reduced to six to eight starters. OK I know you will say they are not great betting propositions. That's a fair call mate, but again I disagree. If we had a proper futures market money can be made. You can see a nice filly ticking along nicely, this race suits her. Earl
  3. I'm not sure HP, probably like the All Blacks if they continue with the present management crew and outdated ideas four or five years. I think it could be saved but it would need some innovative and forward thinking planning... not sure if that is around up there now?
  4. Something definitely needs to be done mate or it will be gone by the end of the decade. Could be too late to save already?
  5. Stanley Rio an underrated horse that doesn't get the recognition he should because his record is outstanding. Unfortunately, for him there were a lot of very good horses in his era to overshadow him.
  6. I think you make some good points, mate. I seldom bet at Auckland or watch races from them so I cannot speak with authority on Alexandra Park. I have been there quite a few times but that was last century. I haven't got an issue with right-handed way of going because I think most sensible well trained horses can handle racing either way. But it seems to me racing has become boring at Alexandra Park as it seems to have a front-runners bias these days. Seldom do you see horses roaring home out wide these days. Back in the day that used to happen at Auckland. The only horse I can remember ma
  7. All true but I think Bolt For Brilliance has gone to another level. I am ambivalent about handicapping G1 races. It worked back in the day because then were six or seven good horses in the field that could win. Today, that's not the case with in NZ at least C5-6 slow coaches getting a start in the NZ Trotting Cup. WTF? Back in the day when handicapping existed you had to win ten races to get to Cup class to even get a start in the race. Frankly, I don't think a 10m handicap would make much difference to Sundee's Son or Bolt For Brilliance. Pacers could be different with Copy That
  8. Global Flight is from the Jenkins breed that has left good horses. I am not surprised the horse has improved in Australia. Jenkins is a fine trainer of trotters but his driving is not good costing his charges plenty of wins and his horses are often poor beginners. His daughter Amber is a better driver than her father. So if you buy a Jenkins horse you know that it probably can be improved often considerably,.
  9. My old mate Brodie is being a bit harsh mate. There wouldn't be many better than Blacks A Fake, a pure Australian product Fake Left from a Vanston Hanover mare. He won four Interdoms and just beaten in a fifth. Trained in Australia of course by Natalie Rasmussen who now trains in partnership with Mark Purdon in NZ. I think NZ is the winner for her coming here. Majestic Cruiser must be No. 1 or No. 2 best pacer in Australasia at the moment? He'll be very dangerous in the Interdoms later this year.
  10. Thanks mate. It's been a great carnival. Young Cameron Hart has a big future in the game. Majestic Cruiser I like that horse, I like his style of racing, not many horses with a sprint like that these days mate! He keeps coming... I'd love to see him at Addington for NZ Cup, he'd be a royal show. Yes, you are right about Australian trainers giving young drivers ago. Matthew Craven uses the juniors and he doesn't need to because he is a good driver himself. As you last night Taleah and before her he had the lovely Sofia Arviddsen driving Group race winners. It's been a great carnival
  11. Correct and obviously cheaper but horse also of course is not as well trained or as fit as it should be. Feed, vets, fuel etc all the same regardless of quality of horse. Yes, his daughters help out and Kendra has a junior licence but she has few drives now. She hasn't made the grade as a driver and not likely to get outside drives. I am not sure why Miss Gill hasn't been successful as a driver because she is a very accomplished equestrian rider. Strange? As I have said before mate, the present handicapping system suits some trotters. The full proof and consistent earners like The Bloss,
  12. It would often cost more to train the slow horse mate. If they are any good the trainer is often happy to take a share in the horse. If it's really good the trainer will have a share but the training will be included in share deal, other owners of a horse like this pay less than an owner of a slow horse like Gotta Ticket. Lunacy mate!
  13. We've discussed this, mate. Alchin is a great trainer, one of the best in Australasia, but his driving is not of the same standard. Yes, young Rixon will handle him well. That's another thing I like about Australian harness trainers there give these young drivers a go. You've got young Rixon and the likes of young gun Hart. That's why I like Majestic Cruiser to win for the young guy. Over there top drivers get a chance despite their age, here the likes of Sarah O'Reilly, the best female driver since Natalie Rasmussen, gets few drives and even fewer group race drives. Crazy~
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