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  1. David has health issues with vertigo
  2. Mrs Catherine Butt is the brains behind the organisation. Beach training facilities was her brain child; they must collect plenty in rent weekly?
  3. I think there are a number of horses that would fit the bill. Trotters I can think of are Bright Glow and Prince Teka. Horses like those two would not need much work mate. As they race almost weekly, sometimes twice a week, they would not need much work probably just a couple of days jogging between races to keep fit. I think one thing most of these type of horses have in common is that they are one-paced battlers that need the right run to win. They don't win often but usually honest and pick up a cheque frequently.
  4. I agree. The background shots of the track look terrible. an overgrown wasteland, weeds and wrecks. The smelly mudflats not too scenic either.
  5. Davis


    Investing and finding value in G1 races works for me...
  6. Davis


    Mate, I disagree with most of this, all though I hear what you are saying. Group One races are great and you can find value if you look. A few recent examples. ace mare Amazing Dream paid over $19 winning on the Gold Coast, twice. Laver paid $19 a place when third in jewels. Gerard O'Reilly's filly ran third in jewels and paid $7(?) a place when third in Jewels. There are many other examples too. Group One races offer real value if you open your mind and study closely.
  7. It might be OK if they ran a proper futures market for the races. I doubt our TAB bookies could manage it. But that would be ideal for those who go to trials, follow breeding etc. Then you could get on early at good odds for a two-year-old you expect to be better at the end of the season. I think with a decent futures market it would be possible to find real value. Cambridge probably better for a top 2 or 3 yo colt even mare if like Betteors Twister, Amazing Dream types, as sure of inside draw. I mean how could you beat the likes of Purdon's Azura who is likely to draw one? Race over. I d
  8. Rangiora as quick as Addington? Get real mate. No way. And the meeting was on the grass track that was dead. Every horse has a chance at addington if good enough. Not so at Rangiora with many horses not getting runs in the home straight.
  9. You seem as dumb as Rangatira Gamma. I know that Ms Rasmussen did not drive Shan Noble. My comment was a general observation that is all. Natalie had two winners on the night. Someone brighter like JJ understood what I meant. Have you been on the grog? After these two ridiculous comments from both you and Ranga I now understand where Karrots is coming from...
  10. I know that. Thanks for your illuminating input as usual.
  11. Plenty of money down south mate and they love harness.
  12. That Shan Noble is a smart horse. He should win plenty this season? Once again, the lovely Natalie Rasmussen shows the pretenders how to drive.
  13. I made plenty last year on Cup Day, hopefully a repeat performance this year!
  14. Enjoy your break mate and keep looking for value!
  15. Yes, the partnership M. Purdon/H. Cullen resumed on October 1. Natalie and Mark will resume full partnership early next year I think; Cullen returns to stable foreman.
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