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  1. I think they are all group races mate that's why early Fixed Odds? Don't know why they can't do the other races at the same time as it is the same horses racing each week? I agree with you most of the races not worth a bet but I do think that Race 7 at Alexandera Park is interesting. I think I can see the winner, Highgrove will be favourite, but too short for me but there are other promising young trotters in the field, including young Purdon's Mystic Max, Nairn duo El Conqueror and Masterly, Rakero Blaze and American Muscle all capable of winning it. That's the race I will be targeting mate!
  2. To be fair the horse did look better at Ashburton. Perhaps it was the wet track? I agree that she probably isn't a racing proposition unless someone works her out? I don't understand some of these owners mate. They spend thousands of dollars on these slow horses, for example Gotta Ticket. Why? It's costing them thousands to race a slow, uncompetitive horse. I don't understand mate, they could go to the yearling sales and buy a yearling for the money it costs to them train, feed, pay vets of the slow horse. Crazy.
  3. I think you are being a bit harsh on Mr House. Plodding team? He's wins more races than most trainers. He also uses top drivers on his horses, Blair Orange, Sarah O'Reilly something other trainers could learn from . Yes, most of his horses are in the middle gradings and that is why some are hard to follow. The grading system is difficult, I don't understand it. There are races with rating 35-48 that's quite a spread. Back in the day, there were more horses, and there would be plenty of C3 horses, for example, to have a C3 race. Today, that is not possible except on rare occasions - P
  4. Quite right mate. See Gotta Ticket another frequent offender was given another warning at Rangiora today after galloping for no reason and checking triailling horses.. How many warnings has this horse had? Why is it still racing?
  5. You're right mate. But, to be fair, harness is far easier to make the money. I steer clear of those gallopers mate, there's some crooks in that game and form hard to follow. If you piss on the track some can't handle it, others love mud. it's a raffle. Not for me.
  6. I get your point mate but there is a lot more racing in Aussie. Here they should be able to get the odds out the same day the fields are published, surely? I mean it is the same horses running around week after week, slow grass track horses, mostly and up north small fields and same horses each meet. Do the TAB even need the bookies? Surely, the whole process must be able to be done by computer these day, mate?
  7. I agree it's hopeless mate. The bookies need replacing. They should be able to get odds up far earlier than they do. The day before, or even on the actual day, is not good enough. They do offer good odds occasionally, mate. Nines for Mabalene last week was over the odds... thank you very much. Generally, the odds are poor and not worth looking at. There are some interesting races as Auckland tonight but I only watch.
  8. A reminder of how good Roydon Glen was... made topliner Comedy Lad look second rate in the 1984 NZ Messenger Final.
  9. Roydon Glen winning the Great Northern Derby... one of the best performances you will ever see...
  10. https://harness.hrnz.co.nz/gws/ws/r/infohorsews/wsd06x?Arg=hrnzg-Ptype&Arg=RaceVideo&Arg=hrnzg-RacehdrID&Arg=295588&Arg=hrnzg-rSite&Arg=TRUE I have been critical of Mr Williamson in the past but his drive on Idealism in the Southern Country Cups final at Ascot Park, Saturday, was perfect. That is the way you drive the best horse in the race, well done Mr Williamson. But he was given specific driving instructions from strike-rate trainer, Alister Black. Mr Black said: "Williamson’s brother Brad landed a Diamonds Day treble including a victory in the Southern Countr
  11. TAB really cutting back on services mate. And surely they can find a better tipster than the so-called Shark. He's toothless and useless. Today he picks Rightazz, a $1.60 shot. WTF? But I guess the horse did win, generally his tips are well down the track. What is the point of tipping a horse like Rightazz mate? We all know it would win that race, set for by strike rate trainer A Black. The Shark should be sacked.
  12. Regan Todd trained the horse for its sole placing but he clearly didn't want it in his stable and returned to Chmiel. I don't know what the future holds for her, mate. She should not be racing. Poor breeding poor so probably no reason to send her to stallion either. Frankly, looking at her dam, 1 win in over 50, don't know why that was breed from either. And her traits will probably be passed on to any foals she has, fillies at least? Perhaps, equestrian is her future a patient rider would probably sort her out. Retire her today.
  13. Yes. I believe the mare has had enough chances. Broodmare paddock for her.
  14. I agree the horse should not be racing as she is a disaster waiting to happen. Last night, she played around at the start and then broke for no reason disrupting trialing runners. Fortunately, Gerard O'Reilly's experience, cool nature and excellent hands managed to bring the horse under control immediately, something Chmiel couldn't do the week before, and he eased her out of it. Another day, another driver... BANG!! I see she has two trial twice satisfactorily after last night's effort. WTF? Penalties like that are a waste of time. It is so easy to find a weak trial field that she can j
  15. She galloped for no reason tonight but at least Gerard O'Reilly managed to control her and pull her out of race. Will she be given another warning?
  16. Captain Crusader... get on now!
  17. Once again on the money, mate. Why do we have stipes these days? What do they do except handout ridiculous fines on a whim? Good grief. Lizzie Richter should have been stood down after her last performance. WTF? Ridiculous. The mare has a history of doing this. This is where we are so far behind the U.S., Canada and Australia. There if a horse did what she did it would be out until it had trialled satisfactory two or there times. Here what happens nothing. So in the past two weeks we've had the stipes blatantly ignore three frightening incidents. Le Pole Dancer checked Gerard O'reilly ho
  18. Yes, weak field. Stephs Boy will win a couple more, the rest will probably be in the same grade next year!
  19. Slainte has won its last two trials. It won a trial in August 2021 and must have been put aside. It is reasonably bred and the mid-canterbury boys like a punt so understandable why it is short. Follow the money mate. Wait for a few starts when odds have lengthened then it'll win. Get on mate!
  20. And chief claim about the Orange horse was well passed Ready I am before fell is a red herring. Of course the fall would not happen instantly and Orange well gone not surprising as probably travelling 35-40km/h! Physics! Ready I Am stumbled and looked to find it's feet but then the weight of sulky and driver being thrown forward it was unable to stop the forward momentum and went down. The question to be asked is: if Orange had not taken the gap would Ready I Am have still fallen due to Prince Teka and Aquille? I don't think the horse would have fallen in that situation as room to take evasive
  21. Yes, on the money again mate. Prince Teka being shoved sideways into the path of Ready I am was the main contributor to the fall. Philippa Wakelin would have been able to angle away from the Townley horse if Prince Teka was not there. It is a joke decision.
  22. Davis

    The Race

    I didn't back him Gamma, but not surprised by the win. Great drive Gerard O'Reilly. The Falcon ran third in the 2021 NZ Derby behind Krug and BD Joe so he is no slouch. G&J Dunn to quinella this year's NZ Cup with Laver and The Falcon... get on early!!!
  23. It's a joke mate. The stipes get more lenient every week. It's mind-boggling, mate. Last week it was Le pole Dancer that knocked over the Gerard O'Reilly trained and driven Bettor Be Sharp, three times. Stevie Wonder could see the intereference but the stipes couldn't. Now, this week, we have a horse being killed because of dangerous interference and nothing done. Will someone have to die before action is taking on this sort of driving? Stipes wake up before someone is killed.
  24. Davis

    The Race

    Did too many cooks mix up the tonics? 🤣🤣🤣
  25. Some of them will go well. At least House always puts good drivers on, take note fellow trainers.
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