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  1. Chief I tried to e mail you. Can you e mail me please Hj
  2. Stopped watching goowin and the nark o conner years ago, so it doesn’t effect me. Pair of tools. hj
  3. The beach boys are travelling well, I wonder if the blood spinning is being done out there ? Rumour or not? hj
  4. Both faves of mine, I had mares by both of them. Bred to sires from albatross mares was a golden cross. hj
  5. Another day of mute on the remote,that girl really gets on my nerves. Give me Peter early or anyone else. Hj
  6. Not so early as discussed but smooth fella had a huge impact on sires here, and latterly damsire, and Vance hanover raised the stakes as well, Vance hanover mares were exceptional as well. sorry, it’s later but I thought they needed a mention. Hj
  7. From senz to some other crap channnel. hj
  8. I actually changed the channel the other day, couple guys loud mouthed and talking shit. No interest in the races. Name dropping was all I heard. hj
  9. I have an awesome pic of cardy winning the free for all with the grandstand burning behind him half way up my stair well. 63 from memory ?? hj
  10. Related to Neill Hamilton? hj
  11. That was my sons argument, remember thalidomide? hj
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