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  1. At karaka. Savabeel colt 200 k and also lot 296 missed the amount, last one was bought with bro Barry as well. Good thing?? Hj
  2. DE just paid 300k for a savabeel. Lance in buying mode as well. I don't get the girls leading the horses around, the horse is an athlete, some of the lead girls aren't. Lmao Hj
  3. Balanced? Like you with a chip on both your shoulders. Lol Hj
  4. I knew the flag would never change. Hj
  5. Spin, that's a laugh, buckteeth has a massive amount, the most ever. They paid 18million to add guys to come up with be kind, FFS. Hj Hh
  6. Thanks for that, I'm a fourth generation Labour voter until about the time Jim Anderson got shafted. Then I changed to national. Being in business for nearly 30 years they served me well. I'll prolly give my ticket to act this year. Hj
  7. BTW listening to Bryce Edwards Hipkins and that trans guy sepalony have stopped saying aotearower, and refer to It as New Zealand. They know the countries had a guts full. Hj
  8. John Key steered us through the gfc in 2008. If grant had the purse strings they would still be having meetings. Do you know grants dad did time for theft as a servant?? Hj
  9. Along with the most of nz are sick of her buckshot she spun, the people see through her, well, the intelligent do anyway. Are you a third generation Labour voter? I'm really interested. Hj
  10. mate and I were walking down manly beach about 25 years ago when he spotted two chicks topless bathing. He said watch this, he walked to them and asked the time. I laughed for hours. Hj
  11. Saw the Algeria one, Just watched fall of the tsars in Russia, stuff I didn't know, the world's an amazing place. Hj
  12. Apparently he does it every year, it amused me, people huh? Hj
  13. I like to have both sides of the information out there. Al Jazeera has some good short docos. Hj
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