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  1. No Hornby club?? It's a big one, or Avonhead?
  2. Ill give you one scenario, I had a good horse that was set for a race, this is what I heard, trainer told driver go to the front, keep the front, and sprint at the 400. You have the best horse. Because my horse was about 6/6 in the betting no one gave it a thought, until the start when the driver went for the lead, the driver said after the race that he said to the leading driver, I'm going to the front as he was alongside the leading driver. The leader said I'm not handing up,the driver of mine said to him,I going to the front, the leading driver said you better not hand up.! Leading driver
  3. I only back trotters that have form, not rodeo performers. Breakers need to go back to workouts. Cj is honest and one of the good guys IMHO. These younger trainers are another matter.
  4. You deal with the wrong people. There's a reason they're in Australia.
  5. Based on horses I've sold to ozzy. Where do you get your figures from.?
  6. Lol, I had no say in it. It just happened in front of me. I was kinda shocked tbh.
  7. 20k would be my pick to buy the horse.
  8. My trainer had two horses in the one race, my horse was slightly better than the other. I was there when the trainer instructed the other driver to give my horse cover and which he did, mine sat in the 1:1 most of the trip. I slipped the other driver a hundy. is it illegal to do that? I always felt sorry for the other owner!
  9. Paying good money, fixed at 15s, anyone else backing it?
  10. Hrnz are nil at the best of times. Stems from rennells arrogance and laziness. I guess it just continues with the new broom that doesn't sweep. Don't expect any answers. I heard one trainer had his licence cancelled because he criticised them openly in the media?
  11. I would blame the guy who had its head for letting it drift back, Robbies not the most aggressive driver either. Maybe p lamb needs to retire.?? i dunno.?
  12. My horses were given plenty of practice and at the workouts for standing starts and also following the gate. I don't know who trained this horse?
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