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  1. Never knew he was a mainlander? I knew a family from school, but no Geoff. Thanks
  2. And neck chops as well, I casserole those. I included those in the chop count, which were cut a bit thinner for cutlets. Hj
  3. That body gave me 4shanks, 2legs, 2 shoulders and 48 chops. Hj
  4. 16.? It was 10.95 kg. So you can work it out. Hj
  5. Haven't heard anything about Geoff in years. He and aria names always popped up but nothing for years? Anyone know? Cheers Hj
  6. Yeah I grew up getting the cheerios as well. I've always had an affinity with butchers, my next door neighbor was a butcher as well, a very funny man. My mate sold his shop about 10 years ago, he used to do the cheerios back then. Hj
  7. I used to do home kill 30 years ago, lambs and pigs, penned for few days to relax them before throat slashed or a. 22 bullet to the head. Templeton butchers did my hams. Cheap as chips. Hj
  8. I'm certain we had flaps rolled and stuffed as kids, bloody good. Hj
  9. We always went there cup week. And I always took notice of the horses just because I do. I've never seen any "skinny " horses at any time. I hope it's not true. For everyones sake. Hj
  10. Last time I was there, Sunday before cup day we went for lunch, the place was open but no-one about despite us calling out. About 4 years old.
  11. Horses picked up from kaikoura due to neglect? From donegal house. On stuff earlier today. Hj
  12. I have venison backstraps in my freezer, my son is the only one close to me that likes it. Wild venison. I'm not a fan. Hj
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