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  1. hesi

    Hate Speech

    A lot of debate currently about freedom of speech, but are there not laws in NZ(see below), about hate speech. Where does this sit with respect to the 2 current issues "New Zealand prohibits hate speech under the Human Rights Act 1993. Section 61 (Racial Disharmony) makes it unlawful to publish or distribute "threatening, abusive, or insulting...matter or words likely to excite hostility against or bring into contempt any group of persons...on the ground of the colour, race, or ethnic or national or ethnic origins of that group of persons". Section 131 (Inciting Racial Disharmony) li
  2. hesi

    Today is D Day

    Was thinking the same thing in respect to Pike River All barriers to progressing things were removed so that anyone who had expertise in the matter could be utilised.
  3. hesi

    Today is D Day

    Just one last group to go They are calling it the most difficult and daring rescue of modern times
  4. hesi

    Today is D Day

    Spare a thought, that as we write, the immensely tricky and dangerous operation is underway to try and bring out those 12 young boys and their coach from the flooded underground cave in Thailand.
  5. In view of the law professions current image problems, I thought this guy would be at home https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12062219
  6. Almost 6 weeks in and BOAY has made substantial progress, well beyond what anyone could have hoped for, but a long way to go still. New people registering, plenty of postings, online users going up each week, comps galore, links established with NZRB, The Informant and RIU I can recall in the first week looking with dismay, as maybe 3-4 people online during the day and 6-7 at night Any suggestions are welcome on 1. Where, what has been done already, can be improved 2. New features that people think might be a good idea For example, it would be my hope that som
  7. Lets try this Horses that ran at Te Rapa and Hastings that you feel had next up written all over them, or were unlucky or inconvenienced by the track or whatever. A bit of a spiel why and try to highlight the horse in bold I'll pin this thread and see how it all goes
  8. The other site appears to be down to almost dial up speed. Did you forget to oil the cogs before you closed the door Chief Stipe. Of course not, most of us know you have quite a few more morals and integrity than that
  9. Took your time, busy with the bulls? Easily the wittiest and funniest poster on RC
  10. You usually see the stipes querying the performance of a horse. But can't recall yesterday at Counties, so many riders offering comment on their horses poor performance VICTORY DRIVE (M Cameron) - Rider reported that the gelding failed to handle today’s heavy track conditions. CHEEKY BOY (M Du Plessis) - Rider reported that the gelding failed to handle today’s heavy track conditions. POKER FACE (M McNab) - Slow to begin (4L), rider reported that the gelding had not felt comfortable in today’s heavy track conditions being unable to quicken once placed under pressure in t
  11. Comps are great, but if you want a viable, alternative racing chat site, that - is professionally run - has professional IT support(no outages) - has many more features, with more to come, than the competitors - most importantly, won't tolerate sustained personal abuse - won't ban you if you criticise or disagree with the site owner Then please support BOAY by posting your views on whatever I know it's difficult, bit like a party that you turn up to with only 2 people there. But a bit of perseverance, and soon the uncool place becomes THE part of town to
  12. NZTR, you've slipped off the wagon again, no data since April 1 Believe it or not but there are actually people who follow this data
  13. He has a pretty good chance of taking out an Oaks this afternoon, but it must be a long time since he rode in Aus?? Is that a negative towards Savvy Coup's chances
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