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  1. Thanks mate - one more question for you. In my business, I need to pick winners otherwise subscribers are not happy (most aren't in it for the longhaul, so value goes out the window. Therefore, how do you find going against the horse you think will win, because the value isn't there. Do you find it difficult? I never used to bet against the horse I thought would win the race, but now I find myself going against my original thoughts quite often, based on market moves, track, bias etc etc.
  2. Mardigras. Let's say you price three runners at $14's and they're paying $28. Do you back any of them? You do back them all? If you priced the favourite at $2.20 and it's paying $3.20, what would be your entire strategy for this scenario?
  3. Nothing about barriers either, right?
  4. Something you find funny, Leo?
  5. ATA - do you believe you need a database to be a successful professional punter? I believe both of them said yes, but I know a lot of pros who don't use databases as the be-all end-all of punting. Also interesting how one of them exclusively bets on Victorian maidens. You wouldn't see that every day, but sticking to what you know best is always a great strategy.
  6. Great to listen to as I sit here doing the form. More pro punters need exposure, especially to the general public, who think we are down at the local TAB all day every day.
  7. It's also funny how you give them attention when they're clearly trying not to attract it upon themselves. Who's the real attention seeker here, Barry?
  8. Get On is a great show. Features good personalities and professional punters, unlike our show. The First Call is just so boring, uninformative, and not worth watching even for recreational punters.
  9. I would happily bet on Catalyst @ $2.50. He's facing some tough types but he has the x-factor.
  10. Standing up for what? Is he going to reveal the details of every killer with name suppression? He's not doing any of this for good, he's doing it to soothe his god complex.
  11. It will likely return this Sunday as the Group 1 action gets underway
  12. Wasn't the murderer on a separate rape charge? Do you think the jury knowing this information would have a positive or negative affect on him getting a fair trial? They are given name suppression for this very reason and Leo played god, now he has to reap the consequences. He really should mind his own business.
  13. It's an awful show and makes you want to scratch your eyeballs and do a Van Gogh and cut off your ear. I don't think we need a review show. The racing here is boring enough, let alone watching it again.
  14. Exactly... He needs serious mental help and this is just another try for attention/help. I won't be giving it to him, quite the contrary, but maybe who's left of his family could try calming him down.
  15. You are kidding right? You think Leo is getting a harder time than the murderer? I guess the murderer will count himself lucky as he rots in prison for the rest of his life. Good grief.
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