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  1. Re: Racing.com I was more meaning their live coverage, as opposed to the website. I agree, the website is below average. Mark definitely knows what he is talking about, but he had a very poor day last week. Prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt as we all have off days.
  2. Most people "looking to get into racing" are probably in the younger category. What's the biggest turn off for young people? Listening to older people who seemingly have lost the enjoyment factor of racing. That is why Racing.com is so much better. They have enthusiasm and a sense of youth (without being teenagers). Racing and betting is exciting to them, and they don't sound like a depressed punter at your local TAB.
  3. His calls the other day were very off. Lacked enthusiam, very slow in the call. I understand he was mourning the loss of his friend, but it was dire to listen to.
  4. Can't beat "Back to country level" despite the fact that it raced in the same grade and course last start.
  5. The TAB don't care about losing customers. They have obviously made no effort to retain existing customers, so why would they care?
  6. He's my uncle, but unaware of my work.
  7. There is truth. I lost one of my 5 jobs that I currently undertake. It was a job of less than 5 hours per week, so certainly wasn't a major loss! How he obtained that info is anyone's guess. I told one person, who claims that he doesn't divulge information to Leo, so unsure. I just wish Leo would confront me in person, as opposed to keyboard warrior style. The last time we met in person he asked me for tips... he didn't get any, that's for sure. The next meeting will go down slightly differently.
  8. Also - in terms of tipping - I never had a client base. Leo clearly doesn't understand the world of affiliate marketing, which doesn't surprise me in the slightest. The guy is clueless and has a $200 TAB weekly spending limit imposed by his family. I have been in touch with defamation lawyers, but seeing as I have no job (despite working from 6am - 8pm) I probably can't afford it. He is worth the time? Probably not.
  9. Where was that posted? I lost 'A' job due to Covid. It was providing racing tips for The Racing Post in the UK, which ceased operations. However, I'm more than comfortable with my other work at the moment. I guess Leo is 'getting back' at me for some jabs I sent his way in this thread. If Leo put as much time into my life as he did his kids, he might see them more than once a month. Was it an original thread directed at me? I must have missed it before it got taken down.
  10. Here's a question. Would you rather be alive and then die? Or not be alive at all? That's the situation facing racehorses. They wouldn't be born if it wasn't for horse racing, so which option is more cruel?
  11. I also speak my mind - but there's a distinguised difference between speaking your mind, and attacking anyone and everyone, because you genuinely think you're God. Also - just because you're involved in racing, doesn't mean you're good for it. He brings yet more negative press to the racing game - making us all look like upstart midgets with a god complex. He makes any non-racing person look at our industry and shy away. He's not good for the game. He's a great hype man for his bar, which I applaud him for. He somehow manages to get patrons through doors that are marked by bouncers on either side, even though the bar plays hits from the 80's and features mostly people over the age of 50. He sticks on though. Life hasn't defeated him yet. Lesser people might have given up, so something clearly drives him. I believe it's so he can use the phrase "impeccable sources" every week. But perhaps it's because, if he remains relevant in the media, his kids will be somewhat proud of him.
  12. I guess you're allowed to like anyone you want.... up until they try to derail every aspect of your life out of pure spite.
  13. Already been trained and broken in. Just waiting for my maiden start.
  14. I would happily take Leo on in a charity bash. But I can assure you... he's eating the canvas. You seem to be the President of his fan club, so let's get it sorted. All proceeds go to a charity of the winners' choice. Get other racing folk involved as well.
  15. Let's position Leo next to Tyson Fury shall we?
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