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  1. many thanks curious. how serious in your opinion for a bookmaker would taking bets on completed sports matches be, hours after said matches finished, be it either knowingly or unknowingly and not informing punters in the coming days after the event? or would we expect it to just be one of those things we should accept from gambling organisations we trust with our money and take it no further?
  2. who would be the ombudsman or regulator say of the T.A.B.? who holds them to account?
  3. sorry gman, was meant to quote Ranga but picked up your quote by mistake, so had to edit.
  4. brodster would never sell his soul to the devil.....he told me that at your fish n chip shop in ashvegas Ranga!
  5. probably swap it for a few muskets and a barrell of rum!
  6. that would kill any profit. just looking up online the great history of the club 113 years.....the grim reaper has no sentiment.
  7. free speech and opinions (unless they agree with the brown nose gang) not welcome on the dark side lol. thank goodness the chief lets us have our say on boay so we can discuss these matters.
  8. Aaron's great grandfather from America is responsible! handed down through generations..
  9. that's a bit of a red herring happy
  10. yes I think it was Murray, I completely forgot about that phrase
  11. tit begs the question ....who alllllllllllll dressed up blah blah blah.....what would Aaron's nick name for brodster and Ranga be?
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