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  1. that's a bit of a red herring happy
  2. yes I think it was Murray, I completely forgot about that phrase
  3. tit begs the question ....who alllllllllllll dressed up blah blah blah.....what would Aaron's nick name for brodster and Ranga be?
  4. nice one happy, one cryptic clue sorted....I'm sure half the comentators don't know the real meaning either, these terms are just passed down. I remember reg clapp never (in my memory) called "the chair" or even "death seat" he just called it "sitting in the death"
  5. the chair, I guess refers to (death) seat...just the word chair replaces seat.........and "in the van" doesn't make sense to me, i always think of the gaurds van on a train but that was always the very last carriage!
  6. the tip was a sweetner to get me to go down to George Michael Tuesday's,. .. I asked if happy was going but brodster said you only enjoyed Freddy mercury Friday's! plenty of tips on offer at said certain nightclub. ..apparently!
  7. in the brodsters defence he did pm me a tip when we were on the darkside, it was flamboyant (the horse not Brodie) a sure thing for a place he said and from memory it paid $3.5 and ran 3rd....and he did pm me before the race!!!
  8. Ranga are you doing the p.r and marketing for Cruz night club?
  9. lanes ace r1 $10 in a field full of uncertainty for Sam ottley
  10. I always thought our mana won it as well?
  11. certainty not my memory of him ravioli, great caller with a brilliant sense of humor.
  12. a more suitable partner to fulfill happys needs....although the mature girlfriend does make a good cup of tea!
  13. are you making reference to Mr sunrises mature new girlfriend?
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