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  1. Moved South a while back I think, but not sure where exactly
  2. My guess is he's gone because Justin Evans' salary was less
  3. I have a friend who started work as an investigator a few years back and he wasn't on a lot more.
  4. Came from higher up I believe - thoroughbreds effected just the same ......
  5. Because HRNZ made an order to that effect - and from memory stated that a breach of the order would be considered a serious offence.
  6. Let's wait and see if there are 97 Auckland trained horses nominated for the first June meetings in the North - I anticipate NOT! How can there be one horse ready to qualify in May when nobody's meant to be fast working?
  7. Hmmmmm - I recall the last "all mile night" only attracted enough nominations to make up 5 races (just)!
  8. Garrick Knight's latest tweet is interesting
  9. That just show's how outdated the HRNZ rules are - though I'm sure it would be argued that "inspector" and "investigator" are the same thing.
  10. 223 (3) Every Racecourse Inspector shall be entitled to enter upon the property of any licensed person and enter any building, room or place thereon used in connection with the training or breeding of horses when exercising their power under these Rules. Got bored so had a look - can't find anything in relation to your numbers 3 and 4.
  11. Unfortunately, if the government restricts travel between regions like Auckland and Waikato then I can't see either venue getting a worthwhile meeting off the ground
  12. Didn't know these guys had even opened yet? LONE STAR ALEXANDRA PARK 32 $150,000.00 07/04/2020
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