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  1. 2 in jewels after the derby plus the horse is unsound
  2. the dope smoking was on horse transport to the jewels tv one news Riu were dealing with it so were are results of this??? you go on about performance enhancers and Riu go on about nz testing is world class and McGrath stable has never had high tco2 readings so you have a ego as bad as the grim stoner
  3. so why are you Riu so biased then ??how are you getting on with your two dope smoking stable hands galah ?? about time they had clean out at Riu and got rid of all the dead wood starting with the prime lamb should gone to the freezing works years ago
  4. was that before you had a 15 year drought when training yourself Dave????
  5. arse hole would some you up jj flash or is it Gregory Paul HOWELY
  6. no one goes to Timaru trots ..timaru people only go to Geraldine meeting in November because it is there Christmas at the racers meeting to get on the plonk
  7. rangatira told to leave the room on day two
  8. so mark gill and Murray pash are south of the waitaki drrrrr don't think so
  9. should be not such thing as Riu should be run like hrnz did in the past
  10. did steal that off Westview the man with the killer look lol
  11. you want to see his gay yellow one
  12. did you mean red headed prime minister??
  13. more race meetings for nelson booby
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