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  1. rubbish got beat by better horse on the night . R.M NOT A STONER of 25years ago . how come he drove it the next week then
  2. champion trainer is ELMER. RANGATIRA how many group 1s has he trained?
  3. im on the money . lol your sources is fuking lier
  4. that's not true can graze horses and wean foals
  5. good to see Steve Dolan with champion filly .top trainer horses always look good . good on you Steve
  6. bet that one has your blood spinning LEE . how many of your woolly friends can you fit in a majestic transporter
  7. you seem to know a lot about sheep Kane aka jj flash . do follow Brodies sheep or do you just like old gummy ewes that fartoomuch
  8. do you mean the ex starter Peter lamb
  9. what's the fine if you lose your compass
  10. I heard an RIB member was using his police powers to bully the people at the under 10s footie
  11. Inca has always been load bullshit from day one
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