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  1. you will not be chasing dawn around Auckland now
  2. pivots are good to irrigate Seadown crop farms
  3. can't tell half the story so tell every one the full story delightful dude
  4. better to use k lines than a pivot to water a track
  5. well he is the head of hrnz so should be allowed to voice his comments to the Riu just like you making comments to the Riu ...
  6. you would stick up for a mate ?? media don't they love making up stories just to sell news papers
  7. any horses name starting with magical will bleed you dry
  8. your out of control on your posts and Mikie has hit the nail on the head here was me thinking your were a decent person about time you said sorry to you no who
  9. shartin voted US horse of the year great for putting nz harness racing on the world map and could lead to more sales to the US
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