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  1. donated some bed slatts to them too . that's why the railway sleeper pile has gone down
  2. I try fined the post that says your friend was a stipe . gaff
  3. pretty bad when your a bully at the under 10s footie .bullying the coach and parents saying give the ball to my grandson or else lol
  4. what pathway should he take Dave? your stipe friend what pathway is he thinking?
  5. why was the product air supply remove from the Hrnz website 2hours after the RIU went to the property .you could buy it on line and use it race day
  6. a lady trainer was warned by RIB that the main on her horse was too short .and she asked why and was told we are hair sampling now any shorter it will be 5k fine
  7. RIB have a rule that you cannot cut a horses main off as they hair sample for drug testing .so are horses not racing with tails nowadays .
  8. this van Beynen should be sued saying he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol what a pack of lies
  9. more staff more spending by them I guess it is nearly xmas time
  10. starting to sound like the under taker
  11. really more like a real stuff up late notify trainers
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