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  1. You are a bit of a dumb dumb brodster. We get it u hate labour, the country is struggling for sure. Very few have disposable income for horses, which will only get worse. But i want you to give a solution on how christopher luxon can make nz great again. Im waiting .......
  2. She is super hot, id play with her. The country is f....d blame the last 2 decades. What makes you happy Brodie, Mikey is right!!
  3. You are completely bonkers Brodie!!!! You and the very few who have this view are the ones sick in the head ..... do us a favour and get a dose of covid you loser Oh im off out to have lunch at a restaurant something you idiots can only dream of
  4. Just read on hrnz an end of an era with David and Catherine Butt handing in their training licence and Davey handing in his driving licence too. Essentially pioneers in beach training, creating an amazing facility at Woodend. Good on them, they have bloody hard for all the success they have had. Davey made special mention of Dartaway, what a good horse he was. Back in the days you could keep good horses and place them in NZ without running into cup class horses. Hopefully they do something on the box seat for them, amazing how Davey never seemed to get the same accolades as his su
  5. Always a political under tone Brodster. Perhaps you will be happy with uncle fester leading the nats lol To call Sundees Son win in the dominion boring is like saying covid 19 is a hoax lol
  6. Wicked, cant wait. Races on the 7th of January in beautiful Nelson
  7. Im double vaxxed but is the general public allowed to attend races if we stay on orange
  8. Exactly right Ive been double vaxed and fancy double something else ..........
  9. Like previous governments for the last 40 years!!! Jacinda is sooooo sexy
  10. boobybec


    Anyone here what happened there?
  11. boobybec


    massive run from Krug!!!
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