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  1. I am blonde, but what is that meant to mean?
  2. Couldn't resist having one more crack at Princess Jacinda. She can walk on water, most of NZ know this apart from white, older men who feel hard done by because they can't increase their wealth. Having the attitude "the country's fucked but I'm alright" mentality Make no mistake NZ is a very poor country. Wages are terrible, and the price of living is horrendous. It doesn't matter who's in power, my children and your grand children are well on the back foot before they even start out. Back to racing can anyone tell me why they paid Greg O'Connor to be in the studio last week? completely unnecessary. PS How good is Get On, Richo is a real hottie
  3. Yeah we will agree to disagree on this topic brodster. Besides bars are open again now, i feel like getting smashed. is there a horse to follow in the next couple of week?
  4. Brodster normally agree with you, but i don't on the above. Im not alone neither does most of NZ and the world for that matter. Tell me this, what did the nats do in 9 years of power? Created a so-called surplus. Helped the rich in NZ get even richer. in crisis in NZ and then even had the audacity to critisize Kiwi Build. Yes kiwi build was a failure but at least they tried to create more affordable houses. As for racing yeah nah, zilch, nada not a cracker, but right wing wankers pot Rita and Peters for attempting to change things The baby boomers who rubbish this government are a disgrace. We don't have a health system to look after mental health and sickness as it is, let alone a covid-19 outbreak. Pull your head in right wingers, as George Gregan eloquently put it 4 more years! In Nationals case at least another 3
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