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  1. Can't believe that Marlborough have lost their dates for next season,yet Nelson get to keep theirs.Would love to know the reason for Nelson being kept and Marlborough losing their dates,not that it will change anything,but sucks arse.
  2. Yip would of been one hell of a story if Kozzi had managed to get the premiership,tho he wasn't helping himself much before the lockdown happenend,was getting suspended and spending lengthy amounts of time on the sidelines.I guess July will be helter skelter,but will definitely be harder for him than his North Island counterparts.
  3. Probably not silly to throw Jason Waddell's name out there as well.Will definitely be a sort after spot once it becomes available.
  4. Not sure if it's just me or not.But whenever i've watched a race from Oz,have always noticed that when they go to hit the horse with the whip,they never seem to take their hands off the reins to give the horse a hit.Compared to here where you clearly see their whip hand is off the reins,over their it seems much different.
  5. Mardy


    Not much has changed for me.I'm lucky that with me working at the hospital here in Blenheim,that it gives me some 'normality',but then once home it's pretty much just staying home,unless it's a supermarket trip or my partner and i walk the dog.Am missing the local horse racing,but i guess the Aussie racing is giving me something to look at lol.Stay safe all.
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