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  1. Wonder what they would like to happen to make it bigger and better. Easy words to say.
  2. Can you explain that fully? Was the racetrack being turned into school grounds?
  3. Surely, they would have gone back to the club and said do you want your regular days?
  4. I thought it was the most willing racing I have seen for a long time. Same slow horses at most meetings gets tedious...same fast horses at most premier meetings gets tedious too. At least, the races at Blenheim were highly competitive on the whole.
  5. Well done to Whitesocks. Nice to see it get a win. The All Stars pair were off the planet enormous coming home like they did.
  6. I semi agree, I have little love for the RIU but I also realise there are a few trainers and drivers out there who will put their own gain ahead of the industry. The trainer kept lying to ramp things up though didn't he?
  7. The report reads like they have gone after him. Interviews and a visit. 13. Mr Ydgren asked Mr Dolan if he had any concerns about the swabbing of the horse after the race yesterday and he said he had none. What a question to ask. Mr Dolan must have felt he was boarding a plane overseas. Did you pack your own backs? Fair question when the horse is under your name but in the care of others.
  8. Red Herring was a distant second after sitting in the death chair outside 'the Anchovy' in the van on Flame Lady. Whip, blinds and plugs untouched.
  9. But it is still starting so must have got sorted lol. Opened at 41s.😮 Odds out very early today. Annoying!
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