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  1. The stated 4 weeks but with a rewrite of what Level 3 and 2 are. The government are flying blind (as they have been the whole time) as they come out of this so will change the criteria of the levels to suit what they need. They will get people back to work which is vital but keep the demographic groups such as the elderly shut away and schools closed. No gatherings etc and social distancing as far as possible.
  2. Scientists don't know much either. To facemask or not facemask? You would think it would be simple really.
  3. Must be heaps left. They let boysgetpaid have a fun day out on Saturday betting as much as they wanted. The TAB exposed themselves good and proper to large losses with their preferential treatment in a time when they are looking for government handouts and are in a time of 'crisis'
  4. Looks like the TB (BCG) vaccination protects nations from the worst effects. NZ doesn't need to compare itself to Italy, France, Spain, UK, USA etc as those scenarios are not going to happen here. Japan, Hong Kong, China etc seem to be our benchmark.
  5. Yet for all the accumulated medical knowledge gained since the start of time the medical profession can't even agree to whether wearing a face mask is benefical of not.
  6. They have. The Board and executive management team have taken pay cuts and a significant number of the organisation's staff are voluntarily taking leave, while in some cases we've had to ask staff with high leave balances to use them. If they want to trim excess I suggest to forget the jewels in 2021. Trim all the stakes of big races in 2020/21. Keep the stakes for lower grade horses the same as they are the bread and butter of the turnover.
  7. Patronus Star wins the WA Derby last night. Last run in NZ was a second to Queenofdance at Marlborough. These transformations of NZ horses when they hit Australia is breathtaking. $200 000 race! No wonder they sell so easily. I see Paul Court had Mach Da Vinci in the race too. Will we see Paul Court train a horse in NZ again?
  8. Garrick Knight's tweet below and some information from the HRNZ. Pretty interesting stuff. Corona might do what RITA couldn't and finish a few places off. I am presuming the minimising of costs is not having TAB staff travelling far and wide so centralising into 3 or 5 tracks will do that? I hope it is just for the winter. Not sure what Yesberg means by his one track tweet. Just Addington? At least he has faith in the executives to make the right decision which is admirable considering they seem not to be able to make any good decisions in the eyes of many. Even Fitzgerald who has few good words to say about them agrees with the concept. If Addington were the only track in the short term that would be ok and I suppose you would have 2 meetings a week there? Will we be back with the failed concept of a few years ago of low key meetings on a Tuesday will we not? There is no need for more than one track in the North Island. That is obvious and it would be interesting to see if even one track could be filled. Forbury, Manawatu, Timaru, Oamaru and Cambridge might all miss out in the upcoming months but, again, as long as it is not in the long term then it is ok. I just hope the powers that be don't get carried away and turn the industry into a colourless and repetitious factory churning out race after race after race like North America. All this just goes to show how precarious the whole state of racing is. I can't believe the TAB has no reserves of money. I don't hear the casinoes crying for handouts. And I thought Auckland was the only house of cards. It seems the whole game is. HRNZ: As you may know, RITA suspended consultation on the 2020/21 draft racing calendar last week and this week, in conjunction with the Codes, we have started working on developing a revised calendar to take account of the impact of COVID-19. This calendar will have the overriding objectives of minimising costs and maximising revenue, underpinned by a continued focus on animal welfare. We’re at an early stage in finalising a revised calendar and no decisions have yet been made. But we expect the reality is we'll be racing at fewer venues to achieve the desired outcomes. This will require difficult and at times, unpopular decisions, but the alternative is stark.
  9. Never bother looking at the Thoroughbred racing but Tauranga caught my eye on the TAB site as I moved to see the Rangiora fields. It has only 7 races, and then, with a further look the fields are tiny and Tauherenikau is not much better. Who would bet into that type of racing and who would attend? Like the trots on the grass up north in recent weeks, who wants to see 6, 7 or 8 horse on a massive galloping track? So is North Island racing screwed in general? A punter could not help but be drawn to Rangiora with its full fields and the odds on offer and there isn't even the need for an amateur race ? Methven with its inclusive programming will offer another great days racing on Sunday. Without question, harness in the South Island is better placed than anything else in the country. Gallops might as well close up shop and go buy a few sulkies...
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