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  1. This has nothing to do Wandering Eyes. The role of Wandering eyes is obvious. The simple question that was asked was do you post on this site as Noodlum? 2 different posters alleged this with evidence. This is to do with you posting under other usernames on the forums and pretending to be someone other than Chief Stipe. True. You don't answer the above question. Oh dear, 😂 Thanks Chief. I appreciated your site and your work but this Noodlum thing doesn't work for me. I will make like a horse in a Lamb stand start and gallop my way out of here. No
  2. And you have the balls to put this up in the vent when you took down my original post in the harness racing forum which was was to say goodbye and say why I was leaving (namely you having multiple usernames - which is already known amongst posters) You moderate me because of it and only put up what suits you. This makes me appear like a nutter when it is in no context without the original post. You have hit a new low.
  3. Free speech does not exist in an environment where a person creates multiple identities with a voice when they are in fact just one - you. Do it. You think I am attacking you on your own site and damaging it so get rid of me. I am leaving but remember I am not some crazy poster you are moderating. I have contributed in an albeit very small way to the harness side of this site but you refuse to deny, let alone acknowledge, the illusionary nature of your site.
  4. You can do what Scoobie did to Brodie on Channel X and and take away my user name - change it to guest so my moniker no longer exists on this site.
  5. As long as it is about Molloy / Scoobie etc you can dish it out but you can't take it. I was more than polite when this started but you don't have the guts to say posters were incorrect about their claim of you being Noodlum then you shut me down when it doesn't suit you. Many a poster tell you how you defend Brodie, but you can't see it. Just like you can't see this situation. You just choose to be silent and that gives you away.
  6. You roll by your own rules. You don't reply. You live in a dream world where you spout sanctimonious crap as long as it suits you. Hesi and co are right about you.
  7. I look forward to the stipes report to see if they ask the questions about the tactics.
  8. Who gives the lead away on a $1.10 shot? No one, unless it is to a stablemate so you can guarantee you won't go 3 back. Fancy, then getting beat by it.
  9. The amount of money on the horse was very surprising considering the field. Even more surprising was it came into 3.40 on the fixed from 5s. Tough ask to win your first race against the likes of Evangalist and Pembrook's Destiny. As for the drive, he set it an impossible task.
  10. Put it all on Amazing Dream and enjoy your winnings.
  11. I have no doubt Brodie is restricted. I also have no doubt Brodie is (was) at the top of the TAB hit list because of his past performances where he took them to the cleaners on a consistent basis. This was validated years ago on Channel X in a discussion where his claims were supported by a very respected poster who knew of Brodie. I just think a lot of punters are restricted these days to varying degrees. It gets very frustrating trying to get a bet on sometimes and this is why I called Mick Guerin's claim out last week as a cash bet at the TAB does not entitle you to have the bet of you
  12. 2 races with 10 starters, the rest in single figures. But don't worry the All Stars are there so the real punters will turn up and turnover figures will be through the roof.
  13. Do you have the curtains closed while you watch Manawatu intently on a Tuesday afternoon? I worry for your sanity, which is a surprise since you seem a very rational person. 😀
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