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  1. That is a good question. Are Forbury having to meet turnover figures? Hard to do when people can't bet what they want. Maybe the turnover figure should include the amounts refused by the TAB to get a real indication of turnover.
  2. You are very kind thinking the 'suits' had a theory. They just chuck dates on a calendar each year and hope for the best.
  3. After the review earlier in the year which will be reviewed with another review by 3 business consultants the 'plan'will be revealed and no doubt reviewed.
  4. Very disappointing. I break all the time.
  5. Dear Dougie, It is going to be a wild day in the wind at the Mot, especially now all the trees are gone! Here is a guaranteed winner right up until the start of the race. I have gone for Aristocrat in Race 2 at 11 and 3.50. It has been going races at Addington and then ran what I thought was a really good race at Methven after sitting parked for the majority. Gutsy effort considering the track. It is off the unruly but began like a bullet at Methven. Very good each way bet in my book
  6. No money came for it when I backed it at Methven but it opened at 7 today and got backed in. Tomorrow could be the day.
  7. You are very correct. I like how there was a wide ranging review which has been followed by regional reviews. Farce (my only word to describe all of this)
  8. Anybody want to pick the holes in this article? Geraldine rapt with reprieve 25 September 2020 , News The Geraldine Trotting Club says it is determined to make the most of the decision allowing it to host a meeting at its Orari course in November. As part of a wide-ranging review into racetracks around the country Orari was originally left without a meeting at its home track in the 2020-21 season, with their one and only meeting to be transferred to Methven. Now, TAB NZ has agreed that the Geraldine Trotting Club, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, can
  9. Rusty has probably slapped himself into tomorrow....
  10. But that would require real effort and time and the excuse would would be they don't have the resources they used to or they working their way back into the show as they were off air so long. The biggest problem is it is a monopoly. No one criticizes HRNZ or the TAB because they are all in it together. These people are not prepared to stand up for the industry and are just the rah rah boys. Cushy.
  11. Twilight Bromac is in the weakest race it has faced. Place money not bad.
  12. Me too! Any idea what it is Dougie?!
  13. Phil Holden being asked real questions but one has to look after the sponsor!
  14. Still no official announcement of Geraldine getting their date back. I thought it would be newsworthy. I would love to be a fly on the wall at HRNZ and the TAB. Someone is making decisions that can't be popular with all. Farce.
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